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  1. Johnny Cash has died

    I just wanted to add my name to the long list of people who greatly admired Johnny Cash and loved his music. He will be greatly missed and, as Kris Kristofferson said, it is hard to imagine that we will see his like again. As others have mentioned, he transcended genre and, more than just a country music singer, he was one of the most important artists of the 20th century. Anybody who does not have any of the American Recordings should pick up at least one of them, listening to the last one now is a pretty moving experience. I just watched his final interview with Larry King on CNN and was very impressed by his humility and integrity. Goodbye Johnny and R.I.P.
  2. London Jazz Recommendations

    There is also 'Pizza on the Park' in Knightsbridge. What is it about pizza and jazz? I beieve Claire Martin will be there next week.
  3. Soundtracks!

    Another great soundtrack is "Taxi Driver". I even like the snippets of dialogue.
  4. Greatest Finds

    Picked up a sealed copy of the 2cd conn series Byrd/Watkins "Transition Sessions" for less than $10 in the HMV summer sale. Pretty good price I thought.
  5. Favorite movies?

    brownie, I agree. Mary Astor is fine in 'The Maltese Falcon' even though I don't find her particularly attractive by my early 21st century standards (Lauren Bacall on the other hand was gorgeous). The movie itself is, for me, one of the all time greats and maybe the finest film noir ever made. Bogart, needless to say, is his usual magnificent self, surely he is the quintessential noir actor. Speaking of Bogie, choosing my favorite movie of all time is very easy, as others have said it has to be Casablanca. Apart for a cast made in heaven there are so many truly memorable scenes and it seems at times that almost every line of dialogue from the movie has entered into popular culture.
  6. What's your BMI?

    Normal. It's nice that at least one thing about me is normal.
  7. Happy Birthday, Wayne Shorter

    Happy birthday Wayne. Without a doubt my favourite living tenor, and maybe composer too. Still disappointed that I was out of town for the Tokyo Jazz Festival last August when he appeared with Herbie Hancock.
  8. Rooster's new avatar!

    Rooster Ties, congratulations on becoming the first 'Master of the Groove'.
  9. CD stores in Kyoto?

    Big Wheel, be sure to contact me before you come to Japan, I would be happy to guide you around the used stores of Tokyo. That goes for anyone else on this board too.
  10. Secret Listening Pleasures

    A very recent secret listening pleasure is Roger 'King of the Road' Miller. Does he qualify?
  11. Spotted: Bottoms Up! JRVG

    For what it's worth, and in case anyone is heading this way, HMV Japan is currently selling a wide range of JRVG's at 40% off in the summer sale at its Tokyo stores (and presumably elsewhere in Japan). Thus the prices are 1500 Yen or $12.
  12. Curiously interesting rap/pop/rock stars

    Rooster Ties, the first Macy Gray album "On How Life Is" really is very good, well worth picking up. Some great, catchy soul songs and a wonderful voice, in a strange Billie Holiday sort of way. Highly recommended, and it is not a genre I listen to much either.
  13. The single artist you listen to most

    Like Chaney, Sinatra is probably number one. Not only do I listen alone, but whenever we have visitors he is always in heavy rotation. Also Trane and Miles and constant companions.
  14. ANOTHER Who live album?!?!?

    DrJ, I think you would do well to follow your own advice and listen again to the four studio releases of The Velvet Underground. As rock albums, they are at least the equal of anything else recorded in the '60's, IMHO. The critics just might be right.
  15. Another Ebay Alert

    Brad, I received the same e-mail and two additional ones all purporting to be from Ebay. I forwarded all of them to as I do now with any e-mail claiming to be from Ebay, whether I think it might be genuine or not. You really cannot be too safe; even the properties of the e-mail addresses would make you think they really were from eBay. I also finally changed my user ID so that it is no longer my e-mail address. Hopefully that will help. Anyway, as you say, people really should be very careful and never give any information in response to an e-mail. Just go to the website.
  16. Although there are a couple of fairly recent greatest hits compilations, it seems that neither of them contain "Abonimable Snowman in the Supermarket". It is probably true to say that there is no inprint CD containing this song although "The Beserkely Years" should not be too hard to find. Ever since seeing Jonathan live in England in the mid '70's I have been a big fan. His outlook on life is definitely somewhat unusual, eccentric even, but he is a wonderful writer of strangely evocative and powerful songs. I think he deserves the box set treatment.
  17. Tenor Saxophone Poll

    Very easy poll for me. Coltrane by a wide margin.
  18. underrated Jazz Messengers discs

    Does anybody have the OOP 3CD set on Blue Note 'The History of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers'? I saw this used for $20.00 and, in the absence of a more comprehensive Blue Note box, it seems to be the best overview available. Any thoughts would be welcome.
  19. Do you like Doo-Wop?

    I have always really liked the song "Maybe" by The Chantels. Actually, I like a lot of their stuff, AMG describes them as 'rock'n'roll's first great female group'.
  20. What is your all-time top sax ballad?

    "Alabama" is an excellent choice. I would also choose a Coltrane ballad but there are so many great ones. Today I will go with the Coltrane/Ellington version of "In a Sentimental Mood".
  21. Well, this may sound strange to some, but I would love to have produced Frank Sinatra recording an album of standards with the John Coltrane quartet.
  22. Just in case I'm ever nominated....

    How about starting a box set of the month thread, beginning with the Miles 1965-68 set.
  23. "Literate" Put-Downs

    George Bernard Shaw to Winston Churchill: "I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play, bring a friend, if you have one." Churchill's reply: "Cannot possibly attend fist night, will attend second, if there is one."
  24. Still having difficulty accessing this site, all other sites however appear to be working fine.
  25. Happy July 4th everyone!

    Well, it is now the early evening of July 4th in Tokyo and thus time to celebrate with a few alcoholic beverages. Of course, being English, I will be lifting a glass to the wisdom of my forefathers in granting independence to a young America in 1776.