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  1. Misheard song lyrics

    Well, I always thought that when Glen Campbell sang "I'm a Rhinestone Cowboy" he was actually singing "I'm a Nine Stone Cowboy". You have to be British to understand that one however.
  2. Greatest NFL Quarterback

    As a Baltimore fan, I voted for Johnny Unitas. As Mnytime voted for Dan Marino, I guess that means Joe Montana was your choice Conn.
  3. Mosaic Select Wish List

    I saw the "The Man with the Golden Arm" soundtrack CD recently in a used store so it is definitely out there. Also, king ubu, I agree, Sinatra was excellent in the movie, one of his best roles.
  4. Kevin, will you be staying in Makati? One of my best friends owns a few bars there which are worth checking out. Just ask the taxi to take you to "Mogambo" on P. Burgos Street. Ask if Nigel is around and say that John in Tokyo recommended you visit. No jazz, but pretty good music and food, not to mention a lot of friendly waitresses, or as they like to be called GRO's (guest relations officers). As for CD's, there is a Tower records in the Ayala Center in Makati which probably has good prices.
  5. Greatest Finds

    wulfman, thanks. As I live and work in Tokyo I tend to visit the Disk Union stores in Ochanomizu, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukero. Based on your advice however, I will try and get down to the Kanai store over the summer.
  6. Modern Rock - what do you like???

    I guess my tastes are a little mellower than Berigan's. Not really too familiar with a lot of modern rock but definitely like the following: Wilco Yo La Tengo Red Hot Chili Peppers Counting Crows Palace (Will Oldham)
  7. Greatest Finds

    Thanks Mnytime, I didn't realize that prices were that high on eBay. I understand the music is pretty good too.
  8. Greatest Finds

    Well, at lunchtime I was very happy to see the Jackie Mclean Mosaic sitting in a used store (probably the best used store in Tokyo, the disk union in Ochanomizu, if anybody is ever in this part of the world). CD's, booklet and box all appear to be in very good condition and the price was under $70, which I believe is pretty good, at least compared to eBay. I look forward to listening to this music.
  9. Mosaic Select Wish List

    I would love to see a Don Pullen Blue Note Select. Perhaps one concentrating on his recordings with George Adams.
  10. Who's Better?

    Wow, start reading a thread about Nascar and 20 or so posts later the thread has mutated into a discussion of quantum theory. Recently, I actually managed to read a book on quantum physics called 'The Ghost in the Atom' edited by Paul Davis. I have to admit it was not an easy read and I would not pretend to understand all of it but it is certainly a fascinating subject.
  11. I would love to see the complete "Crime Story" on DVD (I don't think it is available, but please corrrect me if I am wrong). Anybody else remember this series set in 60's Chicago and Las Vegas starring Dennis Farina and a wonderful cast of characters, all as tough as nails. Great music throughout and one of my favorite TV memories is of Farina walking through the rain drenched streets of Chicago at night as the Trane/Duke version of 'In a Sentimental Mood' plays in more or less its entirety. Also, I'm pretty sure Miles Davis was featured playing live in a jazz club in one episode. it also featured such actors as Kevin Spacey and Julia Roberts very early in their careers.
  12. Need recs for entry-level headphone setup

    Interesting debate. Given his credentials, I will definitely trust Mnytime on this one and be careful at the gym.
  13. What have you been diggin' recently?

    Paul Desmond. Bought the RCA box and have really been enjoying those mellow recordings with Jim Hall. Don Pullen. Picked up the Best of Blue Note CD as it was only $4 and am really very impressed. It is a pity all of his Blue Note sessions are out of print. I paricularly like the two long tracks with George Adams on Tenor. The final solo piano track 'Ode to Life' is also wonderful.
  14. Norah Jones - COME AWAY WITH ME

    I bought it and like it. More importantly my wife and friends all seem to really enjoy it and thus it gets played whenever we have company. That makes it the most listened to CD of the past year.
  15. I recently watched 'Witness for the Prosecution' on T.V. and thought Charles Laughton was superb. Great movie too.
  16. Your 'old slippers'....

    A couple that spring instantly to mind: 'Crescent' - Coltrane. Has a strange calming effect. 'Songs for Swinging Lovers' - Sinatra. Just makes me feel good (and young).
  17. CD stores in Kyoto?

    Sorry Big Wheel, I have never even been to Kanazawa. I will however post some Tokyo recommendations soon.
  18. CD stores in Kyoto?

    No idea about Kyoto but if she is going to Tokyo I could give a number or recommendations. The jazz selection is excellent and the prices surprisingly reasonable.
  19. Rock On Roxy....

    What a timely topic as I just bought used the 4CD box set 'The Thrill of it All' (beautiful box, highly recommended). Wonderful music throughout and all the studio albums are excellent in their own way. However I had to vote for the debut album as I still recall the excitement of hearing that music for the first time. It was so radically different to anything else out there, "Virginia Plain" was like nothing I had ever heard before. Definitely style with substance and my favorite 70's rock group, I have very fond memories of seeing them at the Rainbow in London in 1973. By the way David, I believe that an official double CD of the reunion tour will be released on June 3rd. There are also bootlegs out there.
  20. Poll: the quintessential Blue Note pianist

    Not my favorite, but I have always regarded Horace Silver as the quintessential Blue Note pianist, or perhaps more accurately the quintessential hard bop pianist.
  21. Rock On with Zep...

    Please forgive another sacrilegious post, but for me the two disc best of 'Early and Latter Days' is enough for me these days. Loved them when I was 14 though.
  22. Future of cds

    I think CD's will be around for a very long time, given how much money most people already have invested in this format. I don't really see anything replacing them in the near future. I see no reason why the rarer CD's should not increase in value and become collectors items, just look at the case of OOP Mosaic sets. Also, looking at eBay, it seems to me that the vast majority of vinyl today sells for very low prices, often significantly cheaper than the CD equivalent.
  23. Jazz Vocalists

    Neon, based on the fact that you love Frank, Nat and Louis, I would recommend giving the following singers a listen: Billy Eckstine Johnny Hartman Bill Henderson I think you will like them.
  24. I think they complement each other and I regularly refer to both, the book in the case of Penguin and online with AMG.
  25. Jazz Vocalists

    Neon, firstly I would like to say that I really like Norah and am very happy with her success. Regarding Cleo Laine, she may well be the most famous living jazz singer in the UK (go figure), but like the others here, I have to say she leaves me cold and you should in no way judge other jazz vocalists by your experience of listening to her. I agree with Jim and would say that you owe it to yourself to give Sinatra a spin. I have friends who really like jazz and others that don't, but they all enjoy listening to Francis Albert.