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  1. Softly as a Morning Sunrise

    Dianne Reeves also sings it very well on 'I Remember'.
  2. Recent pick ups

    Tokyo has great used stores which also sell new outlet CD's and, apart from HMV sale time, I tend to buy almost exclusively from these. In the last 2 or 3 weeks jazz purchases include the following with prices converted to US$. Louis Armstrong Mosaic 6 CD's ($60 used) Paul Desmond Complete RCA 5 CD's ($35 used) Branford Marsalis - Footsteps of our Fathers ($8 used) Eric Dolphy - Far Cry ($4 new) Wynton Kelly - Kelly Blue ($3.50 used) Chick Corea - Return to Forever ECM ($3.50 used) The last two have a few surface scratches but play fine and I am pretty happy with all of the above.
  3. ebay craziness redux - the return

    Somebody bought the 4CD Shorty Rogers Mosaic for $400 from this seller using the 'But It Now' function. $100 per CD plus shipping seems a little on the high side to me.
  4. Organissimo BB

    Pretty much agree with all of the above. This board is definitely the closest thing around to the old BNBB. I too post at AAJ but don't really enjoy the vibe for some reason. This place seems friendlier and more welcoming.
  5. 'The Thought Gang' by Tibor Fischer is a hilarious black comedy, just take a look at the reviews at Amazon. Everyone I know who has read this loved it. Laugh and learn philosophy at the same time.
  6. 5 Favorite Conns to recommend

    Good to see all the votes for 'True Blue', but, excellent as it is, 'Back to the Tracks' is even better, IMHO. This is tough, but my top five at the moment are: Tina Brooks 'Back to the Tracks' Bobby Hutcherson ' Patterns' Jack Wilson 'Something Personal' Hank Mobley 'Slice of the Top' Pete La Roca 'Basra' I suspect 'Etcetera' would be there if I could find a copy.
  7. Donald Byrd

    From what I have heard, my favourite Byrd as a leader is 'Free Form'. As king ubu mentioned however, that has a lot to do with the presence of Shorter and Hancock.
  8. Another question about Blue Note Conns

    I have the Connoisseurs of 'The All Seeing Eye' and 'Green Street' and I know that these were both reissued as RVG's. I think as a general rule, the older the Conn the more difficult it is to find. Of course there are exceptions.
  9. Nina Simone died

    Good article by Mike Zwerin in today's IHT:
  10. Jazzbo, P.D. and RDK, thanks for the helpful comments. I own nothing that is on this set and scandalously little Louis anyway, so I will pick it up. The price, used, is the equivalent of just under $60 which I think is quite reasonable for an OOP Mosaic.
  11. Hardest Blue Note cds to find.

    Speaking of Stanley Turrentine, does anybody know whether 'Dearly Beloved' is considered hard to find on CD?
  12. More dumbass worship of MJ

    Lakers fans are amusing in their myopia. I still remember MJ running rings around Magic in the Bulls first championship season. MJ, quite rightly, was voted the ESPN athlete of the century and and vast majority of unbiased basketball fans would say Michael Jordan is the "greatest ever". Not even any doubt.
  13. Most interesting/favorite 'Herbie Hancock' BN

    I confess, I also voted for 'Speak Like A Child'.
  14. Most interesting/favorite 'Wayne Shorter' BN

    Wonderful as they all are, 'Speak No Evil' gets my vote. Definitely one of my all time top ten Blue Note's.
  15. 80's videos

    J. Geils Band 'Centerfold' was definitely very popular in the early 80's. Personal favorites are Bryan Ferry's videos for 'Don't Stop The Dance' and 'Slave To Love'. I used to really like Culture Club too.
  16. So who gives you a jazz high?

    Assuming we all agree that Sinatra is indeed a jazz artist then, the band that most gives me a high would be, oddly enough, The Velvet Underground.
  17. Wayne Shorter - Alegria

    I was looking at the Japanese version a few days ago and there were no extra tracks.
  18. Late era Joe Henderson as a sideman

    One 90's recording featuring Joe Henderson that I really like is 'For The Moment' by Renee Rosnes. For me, this CD has a real mid-sixties Blue Note vibe.
  19. Jazz, by day or by night?

    For me, anytime is just fine. My wife, however, insists that jazz is night music and refuses to allow it over breakfast. Afternoon seems to be o.k. though.
  20. Congratulations b3-er. Just registered. I guess that like many others I am looking for something as close as possible to the old BNBB, with the same cast of characters. I hope that this proves to be that place and so far so good. Good luck. John