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  1. https://hudsonvalleyone.com/2020/01/23/chico-freeman-plays-the-falcon/
  2. Apostrophe

    Interesting. I've never seen the definition given in that source, only the "classical" one. Quoting Wiki: In classical rhetoric and logic, begging the question is an informal fallacy that occurs when an argument's premises assume the truth of the conclusion, instead of supporting it.
  3. Apostrophe

    Not at all to me. I'm an old fart and grammar/punctuation stickler. Have always viewed (mis)use of apostrophe for plural as (no offense) a howling solecism and indicator of illiteracy. But then I still think "begging the question" means "assuming the truth of what was to be proven"...
  4. After decades of flagrant and condoned steroid/PED usage, we're surprised that baseball has a culture of Omertà?
  5. Barney Kessel

    I own more recordings with Kessel as leader than any other guitarist. Strongly agree on Feeling Free; that's the one I listen to most often.
  6. Booker Little

    Very strongly +1. And IMO BL would have excelled even more as jazz became more "thorny". Word.
  7. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Off-topic, but I agree on this. I have unpleasant memories of hearing (live and recordings) a bunch of "New Complexity School" classical works that were exquisitely notated showcases for "extended techniques" but came across as arid drudgery and tedium.
  8. Michael Wang - Bone of the Wang, Vol. One

    Funny title if nothing else. To continue the joke, he could have released the album on a 10" EP or something... (No disrespect intended. I'm not familiar with Mr. Wang's music.)
  9. They said it was going to ship. I won't believe it until given a tracking number which actually shows up in the USPS system. Not to harp on negatives, but dealing with Mosaic has become like falling into the Looking-glass World. I suspect your Feb. 2019 order simply got lost. Which brings to mind the Paypal gripe. I use Paypal with Mosaic because Mosaic's website has gone to pot and I don't trust their security. But Mosaic inexplicably, and unlike any other online merchant I can think of, charge Paypal immediately rather than when the order ships. I recently placed my first Berkshire Record Outlet order in 2 or 3 years. Berkshire is notorious for slowish shipping and being cranky about inquiries, e.g. the BRO website says "Don't contact us about order arrival until four weeks after the order is placed". BRO thoroughly outperformed Mosaic (order placed later and long since received), and only charged Paypal when the order shipped.
  10. [Mravinsky DSCH 8] Agreed!
  11. Ordered this set on 12/23/19. Just (1/12/20) received a notice that the order has "been forwarded to our warehouse for shipment." Stellar performance. I hope they actually ship the item ordered (that's been a problem in the past). BTW, I assumed Mosaic was busy and did not send any inquiry e-mails.
  12. Haven't heard much! Bought the box as a "speculation". I've attended performances of Dialogues des Carmelites, which I greatly enjoyed, and Voix Humaine, which I disliked but for non-musical reasons. Expect to enjoy Stabat Mater, ...Carmelites, piano and chamber works. There are a lot of vocal pieces, mainly songs, which I doubt I'll care for. But the box was cheap enough to be worth a try. I like what I've heard so far, mostly piano and 2-piano works. I'm somewhat of a Francophile when it comes to classical performances, but French composers are under-represented in my collection.