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  1. hat [now] ART

    I own and enjoy that one, though it's not "essential" IMO. Ditto for the Stefan Wolpe piano disc (fan of the composer). Not high on Schleiermacher who's a frequent pianist on the label, but I agree w. the Soviet avant-garde piano suggestion above. I think the Galina Ustvolskaya piano sonatas are awesome, but have not heard the hat [now] Art recording. If the price is right... Pi-Hsien Chen (her Schoenberg recommended above) is excellent IMO; her Boulez disc is probably good if you like that sort of thing (I enjoy her Boulez/Barraque on another label), and there are a few others by her I haven't heard.
  2. hat [now] ART

    Not at home so can't take inventory, but I really like this one: And off the top of my head, all the hat [now] Art Morton Feldman discs I've heard are recommendable. Of course, many alternatives to the above are available.
  3. Will see this shortly when it arrives in the area.
  4. I actually saw him sing in an obscure 1982 German film Dear Mr. Wonderful ! Not sure just why I saw it...I think I had (1983) just moved to NYC, discovered the Film Forum cinema, and that was playing.
  5. BFT 189 link and discussion

    Track #6 with oboe fascinated me. Based purely on the Philly hint, the group must be Catalyst? Highly interesting personnel, but I've never heard them . Will take some more work to identify the tune. OK, East by Catalyst; originally on eponymous 1972 Cobblestone album, found a clip from the 32 Jazz 2-disc compilation. Odean Pope on oboe! Thanks for the enjoyable BFT, my first participation.
  6. Sam Rivers on Rivbea

    I already ordered this, waiting for shipment to arrive. [Added 12/9] It's here!
  7. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    OK, I participated in the latest and was able to identify 1 tune. In past lurking, I often felt there was 1 I could have gotten (but never any more than 1). I'm not tech savvy but found the download straightforward, so will likely take part in more BFT. Thanks.
  8. BFT 189 link and discussion

    #5 is Bloom, from One of several Jamal recordings I own; got into him after purchasing Drum Dance to the Motherland on this forum based on felser's recommendation... Drummer Leroy Lowe is pretty much unknown to me, though he also appears on Jamal's quartet album Dark Warrior (with Dyani on bass and Charles Tyler (!) on alto/bari).
  9. BFT 189 link and discussion

    I'm thinking Khan Jamal (partly a guess, knowing felser), but don't have time to research right now.
  10. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    I often lurk the threads, but don't have the erudition to be competitive in guessing.
  11. Happy Birthday Felser

    Happy birthday!
  12. Marion Brown: Porto Novo

    Dusty Groove e-mailed me announcing they have Porto Novo in stock.
  13. CONTEST: 2019 GREY CUP

    My "oddsmaker consensus" forecast of Hamilton 50 is taken (I see Hamilton favored by 6 with over/under 50.5), so I'll go Hamilton 45. Needless to say, my method has never been successful.