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  1. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    I have and recommend the first three. A fourth is scheduled for November 15. http://nobusinessrecords.com/archive-series-volume-4-braids.html
  2. Shorty Rogers Mosaic At Last!

    Wow. Seems like a great buy! With booklet and box?
  3. Happy 100th Birthday Charlie Parker!

    Yes! I think the puzzle's pretty well put together. Among other answers are CHARLIE, PARKER, YARD, BIRD, VERVE, ORNITHOLOGY, ALTO, BEBOP, RARA, AVIS, HEROIN and LIVER (ouch). And much of the cluing is Bird-related. [Not overly worried about spoilers - only once before did I post a link to a puzzle on the forum, and that one got zero replies. ] I acquired a taste for British cryptic crosswords early in this millennium.
  4. For me it's purely inertia. I have a decent sound system based on CDs (gave up on vinyl about 20 years ago and no longer have a turntable). Going to downloads would involve purchasing a hard drive (or maybe 2 incl. backup), researching software (maybe purchasing, depending on research), purchasing a suitable DAC to play the files through my sound system, and then ripping/cataloguing my CDs. I'm some combination of too lazy / cheap to do all this. I hear you on "safety". I occasionally drop and scratch CDs, long ago gave up on lending them out because of damage, and have had discs rot.
  5. I sold a lot on Amazon 10-15 years ago, but stopped because my selling slowed down and it became too much of a PITA. Then the terms started getting much worse. I stopped paying attention and wouldn't even consider it now.
  6. Happy 100th Birthday Charlie Parker!

    The Independent (UK) has a Charlie Parker themed cryptic crossword today (8/29) https://puzzles.independent.co.uk/games/cryptic-crossword-independent/#!202008 It's a difficult one.
  7. I am still buying jazz CDs but feel I may be one of the last of the dinosaur holdouts. Over the next 6-12 months I expect to go digital. It's a matter of getting off my ass, doing the research on software, hard drives and DACs (I still want to play stuff through my stereo system), and spending money on same. I'm not so much into older jazz, however, so probably wouldn't be a big buyer of your listings.
  8. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Thanks, the Cor Fuhler looks very good. Have to agree with you on the austere nature of the catalog...I saw the names Beuger and Frey (familiar from Wandelweiser and Another Timbre) up near the top and didn't have the patience to explore further.
  9. Mike Westbrook

    Thanks everyone. I went for Metropolis, the Swedish Citadel and the Turtle Marching Song + reissue. All in stock from US vendor.
  10. Mike Westbrook

    Thanks! Any opinions on this one (or earlier releases of same)? Early (c. 1969), but appears to be something I'd like.
  11. Mike Westbrook

    Thanks! I'd already seen good reports on Metropolis. The studio recording of Citadel/Room 315 is indeed hard to find, but a recent release of an earlier live recording is available and looks promising:
  12. I think the Brignola On a Different Level (with Kenny Barron, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette) is outstanding and on a different level from his other listed titles.
  13. Mike Westbrook

    Recently heard my first Westbrook recordings, On Duke's Birthday and Westbrook-Rossini. Greatly enjoyed them and would like to explore more. Looking for recommendations, preferably of releases with some chance of US availability. Thanks. Didn't see many prior threads on MW.
  14. Much the same sentiments here...Excited about the '75, "meh" on the '64.
  15. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Thanks for the recommendation! But reading the back cover, I saw "Cadence" and "Rusch" all over the place, thought "...didn't I read some things about Bob Rusch?", and wound up feeling a little queasy. I dig both musical principals, not sure I'll put the recording on my wish list.