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  1. Houston Record Convention

    "Finif" is also used.
  2. RIP Ben Johnston

    I just found out about his passing. Obit / article by Kyle Gann
  3. David Crosby tells great Coltrane story

    Going back to the original anecdote in the club...Did Coltrane know who Crosby was? Or was he just following some random long-haired doper into the bathroom?
  4. David Crosby tells great Coltrane story

    Back in '94 (the liver transplant brouhaha), Crosby's assholicity came off as so extreme that he became somewhat of a public laughing stock and was extensively mocked in the media.
  5. Agreed on trying here. I've pretty much given up on selling via eBay, Amazon; too much of a PITA. Maybe you could organize the collection into thematic subsets and offer spreadsheets to forum members, etc.
  6. David Crosby tells great Coltrane story

    Thanks. It might come around again, or I can rent it. Quite a while ago, when Crosby needed a liver transplant iirc, he came across in the media as an extremely, shall we say, un-simpatico character and I developed an aversion. Somewhat a fan of his Byrds era, less so of CSN(Y).
  7. David Crosby tells great Coltrane story

    How did you like the film? It was in my area recently, but I passed.
  8. George Handy

    Thanks for posting that. The Lees piece: yikes. I had already been appalled by Maggin's bio.
  9. I recently read Pettinger's Evans bio and believe there was mention of friction with Coltrane. But I've returned the book to interlibrary loan and can't look for a citation.
  10. Woodstock - How Much Were They Paid?

    I recently saw a film on Hendrix (Electric Church) which stated that Jimi was rock's highest-paid concert act in 1970 (date of the festival filmed). I figure he was right up there in 1969.
  11. Jazz musicians that played chess.

    Maybe Joe Henderson. There's a passage in Mark Stryker's Jazz In Detroit, p. 133: He [J. H.] also began to get a reputation as an odd duck in Detroit...Bassist Marlene Rosenberg recalled how on the road he once tried to engage her in a game of "air chess" without a board by calling out moves...
  12. rare hank photo! whos he jammin with!

    And John Ore, same source.