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  1. Shipping delays

    John, have you ordered anything from NoBusiness lately? I want the new Sam Rivers release but have held off because I fear brutal delays...even before COVID my NB orders could take a month. Also holding out on the new Horace Tapscott (DarkTree in France), but I'll probably chance this soon.
  2. Slowness of Mail Order

    My pandemic orders from Squidco (media mail as noted) have taken weeks to go from NC to upstate NY. Seemingly because they get routed through the infamous Jersey City hub. Maybe it boils down to the configuration of the hub network and possible weak links therein.
  3. PM sent on OJCCD-081-2 Gigi Gryce Featuring Richard Williams The Rat Race Blues ‎(CD, Album, RE, RM) $7
  4. PM sent on Andrew Hill: Pax (manufactured for BMG) $12
  5. Strata Records

    Looks that way. Vinyl apparently sold out. https://www.bbemusic.com/downloads/cjq-location/
  6. Whither Moms Mobley? With an "O"?

    Or at least Brian something. Definitely a Brooklynite, and back in the day some of the cognoscenti addressed him as "Brian". [Added] After googling, yeah, probably Berger. As much as one can be sure of the identity of anyone posting on the Internet. Someone on this forum once theorized that Clem/Moms = "Gio", the prolific Amazon reviewer whose reviews of Renaissance polyphony CDs I've often read. I consider that improbable but hey, it's the Internet, so by no means out of the question.
  7. I was in the neighborhood Tues. 6/16 and stopped in w/o warning. I was the only customer, the proprietor and an assistant were at the front desk. I had a mask on, they had a box of disposable gloves from which I took a pair. Only had a few minutes to shop before a business appt., but they had lots of inventory and I found 3 interesting used CDs, a big purchase for me. The shop is too far away (over 1 hour drive) to merit a special trip, but I wouldn't hesitate to revisit if nearby on a weekday. I'd avoid it on weekends or when lots of customers might be expected. The only sour note: neither the proprietor nor the young assistant wore masks. That's not wildly outlying behavior in my area (rural Ulster Co., NY). For instance, I declined to enter a barber shop today because the barber (sole proprietor) didn't require an appointment and had no "mask required" or "one customer at a time" signs on the front door. But most merchants wear/require masks.
  8. I've never been able to secure a copy of the MacDonald book . I have the Combs book, and it's quite good, but there's quite a bit of musical analysis that might go over the head of some readers (like me). Reading Combs, it's evident that Dameron was a highly enigmatic personality and biographical details are difficult to come by.
  9. [Emphasis added above]. I gotta admit that I drifted away from BOAC in recent years for more or less the "same-y" reason, so to speak. But since moving away from NYC area almost 20 years ago I've had to rely on recordings rather than concerts*. I actually found these performances from homes/studios way more compelling than traditional concert venues (and of course recordings). *Just in the case of Rzewski, for instance, I have great memories of late '90s performances of De Profundis by "Red Fred" himself @ Jazz Gallery and Coming Together by Eighth Blackbird (as best I can recall ) at Miller Theatre. I won't miss that one!
  10. Yeah, Conrad Tao's playing of the Rzewski was tremendous. New name to me, but he deserves serious attention. Thanks again for pulling my coat re. this event. Wish I'd caught more of it.
  11. I'd only heard recordings, which were cool, but her stuff live is a completely different experience!
  12. Thanks for posting this, I just noticed and tuned in (7:20 PM EDT, toward the end). I very much liked the little Pamela Z (electronica) I've heard, looking forward to her, the Rzewski piece and Terry Riley.
  13. America unleashed

    Back in 2016 (well pre-election), based on how the campaign was going, I purchased and read Hannah Arendt's The Origins of Totalitarianism. It wasn't a wrong decision.