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  1. 2018-19 Hot Stove League

    Not wholly off-topic: An interesting story came out about a week ago. Because of a dispute concerning the KC Chiefs' income tax, reporters were able to examine tax returns from 2008 through 2010. Some not-so-surprising conclusions re. revenue sharing, lack of incentives to win. The article also says that MLB has much less broadcast revenue sharing than the NFL.
  2. 2018-19 Hot Stove League

    Yes, I was thinking of promoting the best AAA clubs and demoting the worst of MLB. But it'll never happen, so just talk. And there are 2 AAA leagues (plus multiple AA and A), more complicated than the English football hierarchy.
  3. Now reading...

    My brother strongly recommended Herron to me. I read and enjoyed Slow Horses, mean to continue with the series, but keep forgetting. Once read a Herron non-Slough House novel (Down Cemetery Road), which was OK but less good than S. H. I liked Joseph Heywood's Woods Cop series, set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Series ended in 2011, don't know if Heywood is still writing. Bill James's (Welshman, not the sabermetric guy) lengthy Harpur and Iles series is excellent, but it's best to start at the beginning and I fear those books are hard to find. Two other long-running series I've always enjoyed are Lawrence Block's Matt Scudder books (NYC) and Loren D. Estleman's Amos Walker series (Detroit).
  4. I still get 7.74 euro price (I frequently clear my browser history - hint), but several items have apparently sold out. Not enough of interest to get me over the free shipping hurdle.
  5. 2018-19 Hot Stove League

    I know it'll never happen, but a relegation system a la English football, in which the worst teams get demoted to a lower league, would make the crappy teams try harder to win.
  6. 2018-19 Hot Stove League

    The Marlins a story line? In irrelevance, maybe.
  7. Clear the history in your browser, then click again. For me it then reverts to 7.74.
  8. Note you can select the language. When I view in English, it's Euro 7.74 per disc; when in Espanol or Francais, E 10.00 / disc. [Added] Then if I reselect English, back to 10.00! But if I clear my Internet cache and click again on the link at top of thread, 7.74 again!
  9. John Coltrane Prestige Box Set

    Big thread on this started a month ago.