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  1. PM sent on mix of CDs from 2 threads: Curlew Live In Berlin (rear insert trimmed) RUNE 12 $7 Paul Plimley Trio Safe-Crackers VICTO cd066 $8 Paul Plimley Density Of The Lovestruck Demons ‎(rear insert trimmed) Music & Arts CD-906 $5 Booker Little (no rear insert) Bainbridge BCD1041 $6
  2. I have that Chess reissue. Agreed, it seems to include the Ramsey Lewis Trio. Was it Fresh Sound? I have a CD on "Jazz Beat" with Breakin' it Up and Burnin'. Breakin' it Up is a trio session, and the pianist sounds kinda like Barry Harris to me. OK, I see now. Fresh Sound had a different reissue, with Burnin' and the Argo Larry mentioned. I was confusing the Jazz Beat and Fresh Sound. Not that any of this is relevant to "Reflections on Jazz in the 1980s"...
  3. I've listened to all the discs. Agreed on disc IV, my favorite so far and the sound seems excellent (I'm not too picky in that regard). Disc I has by far the wonkiest sound of the set.
  4. New Jazz Festival Balver Hohle 11-CD Set

    I have two single CDs on B.Free: Hans Koller Free Sound Nome (1974) and Marion Brown Quartet Five Improvisations (1977). Both seem to be either live performances or radio broadcasts, but are oddly vague about recording site/venue: the latter merely gives a date, the former a date and "Cologne, Germany" but adds "From the original tapes in pristine sound". So bootlegging / piracy is possible, but I can't say for sure. I did recently order a box set from the 1970s (can't tell yet whether the order will get filled)...now feel slightly bad about it.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    [Hans Koller Free Sound Nome] I like it a lot. But I've only recently started to explore this area [Euro jazz-rock/fusion] and am no expert. FWIW, it's mostly live performances of tunes from Kunstkopfindianer, which oddly has the same cover art (1974, long before Hellraiser). You can find both albums on Youtube; I don't know about streaming services. They've been reissued on Be! Records, which may be a questionable operation (see the Balver Höhle thread under "Recommendations").
  6. New Jazz Festival Balver Hohle 11-CD Set

    I believe you are correct, it's a confusing situation. I have a couple of Be! single CDs. Like you said, they appear to just be distributed by Bear Family. I also saw some material on discogs indicating it's a bootleg label. But I wasn't aware of all the negative reactions.
  7. Damn, really surprised your order is still processing. I ordered much later than you (12/23), and will get it tomorrow according to UPS tracking (see above post).
  8. Mine shipped 12/30, expected Monday 1/3. A little spooked by sound quality reports, but will soon find out...
  9. New Jazz Festival Balver Hohle 11-CD Set

    If Oldies.com happens to have it at a decent price, there'll be free shipping.
  10. New Jazz Festival Balver Hohle 11-CD Set

    I'm thinking seriously about the Burg Altena International Jazz Meeting 1972-1973 and Born Free 12th German Jazz Festival releases. Super interesting but not cheap. Has anyone heard these? Thanks.
  11. Nonagenarian Jazz Musicians

    David Amram 91
  12. McCoy Tyner

    Also Hank Mobley. I recently listened to the Mobley '60s Mosaic and was mildly surprised to hear Tyner on some of the sessions.