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  1. Great price on Sun Ra -- The Eternal Myth Revealed, Vol. 1. (I was happy to buy it for significantly more.)
  2. I'm not an academic, but was browsing in a bookstore a few years ago, saw Wolin's book Democracy Incorporated, and said "Damn, I gotta read that!" Unfortunately, his prose was too repetitious and clumsy for my taste. I should read Chris Hedges on the subject, because I liked his Death of the Liberal Class. My constant difficulty with such pundits is that I consider human behavior too random and diverse to fit neatly into their grand theories.
  3. Well yeah, the text about "controllers" linked to in the original post had Gramsci (a big name in certain circles, esp. Marxist academia) written all over it. Various recent authors (e.g. Sheldon Wolin, whose book Democracy Incorporated I couldn't finish, and Chris Hedges, whose work I find easier to read) have discussed "inverted totalitarianism" and "corporate totalitarianism", which also seem related to the original post. I find all that stuff plausible on some levels, but shoehorning jazz into such frameworks feels a bit forced IMO.
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Mine arrived yesterday. Agreed on sound, better than other Strata-East CD releases I've heard (apparently the original LPs didn't have great sonics). Musically, this is more straight-ahead than Tolliver's later work.
  5. PM sent on Marion Brown -- Five Improvisations (B. Free) $10 Ted Daniel -- The Loft Years, Vol. 1 (Ujamaa) $10 Juma Sultan -- Whispers from the Archive (Porter) $5 Horace Tapscott -- The Giant is Awakened (International Phonograph) $15 Frank Wright -- Uhuru Na Umoja (America) $12
  6. Now reading...

    Posthumous, definitely the last in the Bernie Gunther series.
  7. Thanks, highly relevant comment...I'm more than fine with "outside the box" but often feel that electronic material doesn't age so well (hence the fence ).
  8. Any thoughts on the George Lewis box? I've been on the fence, but may take advantage of the current (see recent thread) sale.
  9. What music did you buy today?

    I don't usually go for multiple versions of big opera/vocal works, but this looks interesting enough to make an exception. Somewhat controversial recording with one voice per part and fast tempi. I like one voice per part in Renaissance polyphony, and clips sounded good, so giving it a shot.
  10. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    Agreed. I bought a couple of the listed boxes fairly recently and paid significantly more.
  11. In my experience, not all media mail shippers bother to provide tracking numbers.