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  1. Very much agreed. I wish Kocsis had continued with piano rather than (or at least in addition to) switching to conducting.
  2. Jazz musicians who became expatriates

    Carmell Jones.
  3. This interesting 3-CD set has a lot of "early" (say, 1947-63) Feldman. Listening to disc 2: Durations 1-5 plus Vertical Thoughts 1-5.
  4. Goldstein's also recorded (2010) Feldman's For Bunita Marcus. I already owned another recording (H. Kleeb) at time of release and was not inclined to double up, so haven't heard it. But the recording was praised by (IMO) a reliable source.
  5. I've been kicking myself in the ass...On Aug. 10 there was a live performance of Feldman's For Philip Guston (the 4 hour piece) at an art gallery about an hour away. I didn't find out about it until Aug. 17. My fault, as I apparently passed by a promotional sign several times but failed to notice! This (Cage's One^5 + Feldman's Triadic Memories) is outstanding but long oop and likely difficult to find.
  6. Best track you heard all week

    Dexter, Body and Soul from the Mosaic Select (Keystone Korner, Sep. 1979)
  7. Kagel, Sankt-Bach-Passion
  8. Artificial Vinyl scarcity

    I gave up vinyl a long time ago and haven't kept up with events, but I get the strong impression the "vinyl resurgence" is very much demand-driven, independent of the "music industry". In my neck of the woods, vinyl appears to be a highly trendy hipster thing, and vinyl dealers are busy. No disrespect to longtime LP loyalists.
  9. Warning: Scelsi's music is definitely weird, and some people consider it crap. I've even seen him called a fraud of sorts - he used to tape himself playing on some kind of keyboard (I forget details) and have a trained composer transcribe it; there was an article by the latter entitled something like "I wrote Giacinto Scelsi's music" (again forget details). My favorite and best recommendation is this reissue of 3 discs originally on Accord: If you can find samples, play them really loud and see if you dig 'em...[Added: Here's a good sample: ] The Kairos discs above are pretty good IMO. I find Scelsi mostly about timbre and microtones. Some instruments / ensembles work better than others. I didn't care for his solo piano work and sold the CDs I had. Currently own only five all-Scelsi discs (the ones mentioned) - sold a number and can't find Canti del Capricorno so must have sold that too. Not planning to buy more. Periodically consider getting complete string quartets and decide against it, which may have been an error as a reasonably-priced Stradivarius reissue (with Arditti SQ) went oop.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Something I found in a closeout bin. Plus a couple of Lester Bowie discs (The Great Pretender, All the Magic! / The One and Only) from this box
  11. After a month of mostly Beethoven, in the mood for some weirdness.
  12. Well said. Instincts say "Run away" (a la Monty Python), but this is highly likely to have a showing at my local art house theater, so I may consider if trailer and cinematic reviews are good.
  13. Just recently picked up this set on recommendation; would not otherwise have considered it due to incomplete Sonatas. I agree that it's wonderful! Yowzah, Festetics on Harmonia Mundi's super-budget label! Will have to check Stateside availability...
  14. Charles-Valentin Alkan

    Can't specifically comment, but... Some 20-odd years ago (maybe as many as 22), when I started reading classical Internet forums, Marc-Andre Hamelin was recording truckloads of Alkan and there was a lively debate. Hamelin was specializing in finger-breaking works by "minor composers" (Alkan; Godowsky also comes to mind), and had a number of ardent champions. On the other side, many dismissed Alkan (and to a large extent Hamelin) in terms similar to those applied above to O. P. Far more of the people I trusted were on the thumbs-down side, so I never listened to Alkan. I bought one Hamelin recording, Rzewski's "The People United...", but much preferred Rzewski's own version so never tried any more. OT and FWIW, Nic Hodges (a pianist and name familiar to Usenet old-timers) made some specific and fairly scathing criticisms of Hamelin's interpretations (not of Alkan, but better-known composers) on either r.m.c.r. or r.m.c.c. (sorry, I forget which).
  15. Woodstock 50th Anniversary Releases

    I dunno, John...I live about an hour from Woodstock, and the Woodstock radio station has been replaying the entire event as it happened. As stated above in some thread (maybe this one; I'm too lazy to check), an awful lot of bad music (and many PA announcements, etc. that only the dedicated would care for) is included in those 38 CDs. Driving around the past couple of days, in a bit over 4 hours I heard a lot of stinkers, some mediocre stuff, and unfortunately nothing great. 10 discs would be more than enough for me.
  16. Thanks, I decided to stand pat. Had to replace my CD player because the laser was failing. Even though I just use the player as a transport to a DAC, that apparently seriously harmed sound quality. With the new setup, the UA Budapest sounds OK, no need for sonic upgrade (which I practically never do anyway).
  17. Houston Record Convention

    "Finif" is also used.
  18. David Crosby tells great Coltrane story

    Going back to the original anecdote in the club...Did Coltrane know who Crosby was? Or was he just following some random long-haired doper into the bathroom?
  19. David Crosby tells great Coltrane story

    Back in '94 (the liver transplant brouhaha), Crosby's assholicity came off as so extreme that he became somewhat of a public laughing stock and was extensively mocked in the media.
  20. Agreed on trying here. I've pretty much given up on selling via eBay, Amazon; too much of a PITA. Maybe you could organize the collection into thematic subsets and offer spreadsheets to forum members, etc.
  21. David Crosby tells great Coltrane story

    Thanks. It might come around again, or I can rent it. Quite a while ago, when Crosby needed a liver transplant iirc, he came across in the media as an extremely, shall we say, un-simpatico character and I developed an aversion. Somewhat a fan of his Byrds era, less so of CSN(Y).
  22. David Crosby tells great Coltrane story

    How did you like the film? It was in my area recently, but I passed.