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  1. It is. Reissue/repackaging of previous releases (rather than new project), but well put together with beautiful illustrated hard-cover book. I'm no expert on the music, but performances sound good and critical notices were positive. I like Pierre Hantaï and was planning to get his 3-disc Scarlatti compilation when it went oop and disappeared. Have been waiting to find a copy. [Added - just found a couple, but am on purchasing hiatus for now....]
  2. Discs 4, 5, 6 - Binchois/Ockeghem, Ockeghem, Josquin/Compere/Brumel/de la Rue Yesterday: Late sonatas discs 7-9 +
  3. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

  4. I really enjoy this quartet cycle. Above is the recording I own and only one I've heard. Interesting...once considered buying this set but passed because it's just too big and I'd never listen to it all.
  5. COVID-19 Arts Repsonses Thread

    Next week's Metropolitan Opera nightly streaming is all-Wagner, incl. a Ring cycle Tues-Fri (!). Others will be Tristan, Meistersinger and Tannhäuser.
  6. COVID-19 Arts Repsonses Thread

    I originally posted notice of the Metropolitan Opera free stream that I obtained from other sources. FYI, I heard that there were glitches with the opening night (3/16) of the stream. Might not be smooth for a while.
  7. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Interesting British academic paper that is claimed to have influenced policy: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/media/imperial-college/medicine/sph/ide/gida-fellowships/Imperial-College-COVID19-NPI-modelling-16-03-2020.pdf Sadly, the USA is probably too intellectually backward to include such discussions in public dialogue or policy deliberations (good grief, look at all the non-Anglo-Saxon names in the list of co-authors - it's gotta be some kind of foreign conspiracy).
  8. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    FYI. Politicize this (or not) as you see fit. If you don't believe me, delete the post and sayonara. My brother is a doctor in a major city (3d largest in the state) in upstate NY. This is what he said in personal e-mail today: [in reply to "How's it going?"]: Crazy. Not a lot of cases yet but uncertainty and anxiety. The sad thing is that this illustrates how messed up our health care system is. The outfit that supplies our hospital with all personal protective gear was, until a few weeks ago, getting all of the materials from factories in Wuhan China. We have not gotten any of the results of the 250+ COVID tests and have just gotten the capacity to run the tests here today and capacity will only be about 100 a day. The hospital and country are running out of gloves, masks and goggles. Not a good scene. [in reply to "Damn"]: I'm not worried personally but we are so poorly prepared for something like this. Running out of gloves and masks in the US in 2020!
  9. Press release. Coronavirus-related. Posting this against my better judgment (single-digit views and zero replies guaranteed), but here it is.
  10. I was surprised by the graciousness and reasonable nature of the offer, given the Met's customary haughty behavior. In upstate NY, current Met simulcasts in cinemas and concert venues have cost significant $ to attend.
  11. COVID-19

    We should be thankful there are any Federal Govt. doctors and epidemiologists left. I assumed most had been laid off and "replaced" by a handful of ex-pharmaceutical industry lobbyists. That's been the recently prevailing "business model" for US Federal agencies.
  12. What Are You Watching

    Watching a video. Saw it live in a cinema (how long ago that seems!) upon release.
  13. I've stuck with this old one, but I'm a big fan of de Leeuw, Bijlsma and Beths and don't listen to Messiaen recordings all that often. I've heard the Quatuor live several times, though. Really should purchase the EMI recording with Loriod, but haven't gotten around to it...
  14. New previously unissued Horace Tapscott

    Ditto here. Loved Isoardi's other book (which included an excellent CD), but the e-mail indicates this volume has only 100 pages.
  15. Bird on Savoy, Dial

    I purchased the JSP box Charlie Parker: A Studio Chronicle 1940-1948 some years ago. This has minimal track duplication and cost isn't high. I don't know if the provenance is entirely kosher (JSP certainly appears to be a PD reissue specialist). Can't comment on comparative sound quality, but it doesn't sound outright bad IMO. Also bought the complete live Savoy. Definitely a legitimate issue. Can't comment on comparative SQ; certainly it isn't audiophile, but I didn't have high sonic expecations.
  16. Miles Davis on American Masters.

    I strongly remembered it that way, but it was so long ago that I Googled to check (granted that's not airtight). Found several book and newspaper citations, including one as part of David Johnson's Night Lights show. I listen mostly to earlier Miles and don't know when he dropped ballads from the rotation...
  17. Miles Davis on American Masters.

    I also remember that quote, but I think it actually went: Miles: "You know why I don't play ballads any more?", etc.
  18. BFT 192 Link and Discussion

    Wow, you bought that box...When I heard there were albums with Lester Bowie, I briefly considered the set, but concluded it was more than I'd listen to. Glad you enjoy it.
  19. Miles Davis on American Masters.

    I got the quote wrong. Here's an academic citation (!): In a 1986 PBS documentary on Miles Davis, the pianist Keith Jarrett said that Davis “would rather have a bad band playing terrible music than have a band that played what he played before.” But yeah, your comments pretty much apply.
  20. BFT 192 Link and Discussion

    I think track 10 is Ra, tune #9 here. That was the first Sun Ra album I ever purchased; Sound of Joy (track #9) was the second or third...But I recognized the original, not the '90s version...
  21. Miles Davis on American Masters.

    One Jarrett quote from that show stuck with me (closest wording I can recall): Miles would rather be in a horrible band, playing terrible music, than do something he had already done before.
  22. BFT 192 Link and Discussion

    Track 9 sounds like '50s Sun Ra, will take a bit of time to identify....OK, track 1 here. Plenty of other interesting music, but I'm unlikely to identify any; most is not in my usual listening wheelhouse. Will revisit in more detail and hope for ideas. Thanks for posting the BFT.