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  1. As someone pointed out to me when I mentioned the same problem........you don't! Thanks for the help.
  2. and the 'On The Corner' box.. As for me - I currently have 4 Mosaics in the mail, an 'On The Corner' box and a 'possible' Amazonion Monk. Oh ... I forgot about the Monk. I've got one of them on order too. I certainly want it to materialize, but it wouldn't hurt in the least if I didn't get it for a bit.
  3. Really pleased to hear that. My set is still sealed waiting to be enjoyed.
  4. This place costs me way too much money. I was going to let this go, but I changed my mind and just ordered a set from an amazon seller since Dusty Groove is currently out of stock. This period of Joe Henderson isn't usually my favorite, but I figured for the price I would give it a shot. Now ... where do I fit in the listening with the Mosaic sets I just bought??
  5. Jazz Icons Second Series

    I am in total agreement with Ken's recommendation. I should add that I found the price per DVD way lower when you buy the box (and if you get one you'll want them all, anyway). You're right. You can get a pretty good deal on the set, plus you get the Bonus DVD. I have the box sitting at home still sealed as I haven't had the time to watch anything yet, but I'm really looking forward to getting into it. For that matter, i'm still loving the first set.
  6. You're right. At least as far as the website is concerned. Looks like they have now changed the website. I just got a shipping notification for 2 of the 3 sets I ordered. The Hodges is backordered.
  7. I don't know what happened. One minute I was looking at the Mosaic website, and the next thing I knew I had the Hodges, Wilson and Turrentine sets in my shopping cart! Well I couldn't just let them sit there -- so now they are on their way to me. I really hadn't planned on purchasing any this year ... Hope they're all as great as I expect.
  8. Yeah, that's generally what I've been doing and it works out pretty well. I've still got a few days to decide Ah, the Turrentine -- forgot about that one. How do you like it? (See, the list is just getting longer! )
  9. Gerald Wilson, Buddy Rich, Lou Donaldson and Dizzy Gillespie are on the list (as are, perhaps, the Count Basie, Duke and Eldridge). I have the Gerald Wilson & the Duke. The Wilson was possibly the most surprisingly delightful Mosaic purchase (despite what any complaints about the last disc of '60s rock songs, which I don't really mind.) The players are outstanding, love the arrangements and though I don't have audiophile equipment, it also sounds outstanding. The Duke is essential. I already had a good portion on the old Columbia releases, and feel no need to gush over it. Yes there are many alternates, but one can always program/reburn/skip/put it on a harddrive around that if need be. My ever changing wish list also has the Gillespie, Eldridge and Basie bouncing around at different positions (fighting it out with the Jazztet and other sets) and I haven't ruled out the others you're considering. Having read many of the Mosaic threads I think the Diz & Basie are getting high marks, and while a couple of folks have expressed stylistic problems with Eldridge most praise the set (namely JSangry.) I think in the end you can do no wrong, so go with what interests you the most right now. If you play the "order before it goes out of print" game, the Hodges has been around a long time, but I profess no expertise in predicting these things. I agree. You generally can't go wrong with any of them. My problem is that I usually can't rule anything out -- even when I think I have, I always start thinking about it again (the Joe Pass has been on and off my list several times). I also don't have a huge (based upon what it seems many on this board seem to have) individual CD collection, so often I have very little if anything on many of the box sets and I am tempted to get it all at once. I do tend to have a stronger leaning toward bop/hard bop and more contemporary big band (contemporary in this case meaning generally post swing-era), but I like everything. I guess if I go with the "buy the older sets first" model, the Wilson and Hodges would be next up. As we've seen though, the oldest set don't necessarily always go first. FWIW, I have the Jazztet set and, as you no doubt have heard countless times from others, it's excellent.
  10. Gerald Wilson, Buddy Rich, Lou Donaldson and Dizzy Gillespie are on the list (as are, perhaps, the Count Basie, Duke and Eldridge).
  11. Any thoughts on the Hodges set? Too many great sets to choose from!
  12. Anita O'Day Verve/Clef Sessions Disc 6.
  13. What's next on your YourMusic.com queue?

    Me too. Just received the same notification today. I figured it was only a matter of time
  14. Like the topic says, I'm selling 3 DVDs from the new Jazz Icons DVD series. XXXX SOLD XXXX Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers Live in '58 XXXX SOLD XXXX Dizzy Gillespie (2 Sessions -- Live in '58 & 70) Quincy Jones Live in '60 I bought these and watched the Blakey DVD. I liked it so much, I decided to buy the whole box set ... so now I have duplicates of the three I originally purchased. They are all new and sealed (I swapped out the new Blakey DVD from the box set with the one I had viewed so whoever bought it would get a new one ) $16.50 each (includes shipping in continental US). Pay Pal only please. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  15. Shane, really glad you're enjoying the set! If only my local snail-mail worked as smoothly as that Trans-Atlantic transaction. I purchased a Mosaic Select set from a board member several months ago and it actually took 10 days for me to receive the CDs from the date they were mailed -- and he was in the same State as me! Sometimes you get lucky, I guess.
  16. Help on some K2s

    Sent you a PM. I think I can help with Explorations.
  17. Have a few CDs from the Concord sale that duplicate music I have in some other form, plus a couple other things. Prices include shipping in the Continental US. Paypal only, please. New Sealed K2s -- $6 each John Coltrane/ Coltrane XXXSOLDXXX John Coltrane with The Red Garland Trio/ Traneing In XXXSOLDXXX John Coltrane/ Lush Life The Red Garland Quintet/ All Mornin' Long XXXSOLDXXX Eric Dolphy At The Five Spot, Vol 1 XXXSOLDXXX Other Dave Brubeck: All The Things We Are (w/ Anthony Braxton, Lee Konitz, Alan Dawson and Roy Haynes) Atlantic (excellent condition) -- $6 Charlie Parker: Bird's Best Bop on Verve (open, but in excellent shape)-- $5 John Coltrane: Fearless Leader Box (new and sealed) -- $40 XXXSOLDXXX Please send a PM if interested.
  18. Pm sent about Traneing In & Dolphy 5 Spot Marcus PM returned.
  19. Farmer/Golson/Jazztet Set

    Another positive vote here.
  20. Blue Note Sale

    I'll take the Grant Green. Don't want you to starve.
  21. Elvin Jones Mosaic

    I just got news that mine arrived today from Connecticut and is waiting for me.
  22. lossless on the go

    Claude, I didn't realize using Rockbox invalidated the guarantee (can't say I ever really thought of myself as having geek skills either, but your point is well taken ) . Obviously the guarantee was not an issue for me because my player is way past that stage. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, for me using FLAC on the portable is a convenience thing only. That's how I rip my CDs to my computer because hard drive space isn't an issue, so it's nice to be able to just transfer directly to the portable if I decide I want to take something with me. I also have many things ripped in mp3 (all of my emusic files are obviously mp3). I honestly never did a side-by-side comparison of FLAC files with a high quality mp3 -- I can't be bothered. I like good sound quality, but never considered myself an audiophile. For me, it's about the music. At a point I think all of this stuff gets a little ridiculous, but to each his own ...
  23. lossless on the go

    Not sure where you use your portable. I use mine on a train commuting and there is so much ambient noise, it's pretty hard to tell a difference in quality (hence the overkill statement). But for home use, or somewhere it's reasonably quiet, I use lossless. If you use your portable in a place where the difference in sound quality is discernible, then by all means go for lossless. Anyway, your question was whether you can have the benefit of lossless using something other than an Apple, and the answer is yes. Additionally (and I have no basis of comparison here so I don't know the truthfulness of the statement), I have been told that the Iriver players have superior sound quality to the Apples. If sound quality is your main objective with your portable, I suggest you check out several brands of players.