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  1. Lukewarm for Eldridge?

    Mobley in the ok category?? Oh well .... I always find it interesting how different people react to music. The Mobley is one that gets a lot of mileage for me. Tranemonk, I'm curious what it is about the Farlow that you love and why the Hodges didn't work for you. These are two sets that have been on my "possible purchases" list. Thx.
  2. lossless on the go

    I would agree with you. It is overkill for a portable. However, if you use lossless for a system at home, it's kind of nice to be able to use the lossless files for the portable as well, without having a second set of mp3 files. That's the only reason I use lossless on my portable anyway.
  3. Cannonball in Japan (Capitol 1966)

    No argument here. Not my favorite set by Cannonball by a long shot and certainly not essential, but based upon some of the AMG ratings I've seen, 1 1/2 stars just seems a little out of whack.
  4. Cannonball in Japan (Capitol 1966)

    Have to agree with Jazzbo on this. The sound is fine and the playing, while not earth shattering, is still good -- we ARE talking about Cannonball here! Bottom line is I definitely have other Cannon that I return to more frequently, but 1.5 stars is a bit harsh IMHO.
  5. lossless on the go

    I'm not certain about this, but wouldn't anything that reads WMA also read WMA lossless? You might want to check out the iriver products. I've got an older ihp 120 (20 GB) and have loaded Rockbox software onto it (free), and now I can load and listen to Flac files on the player. There is an Iriver forum Here . There is a ton of info and very helpful folks who know way more about the products and their capability than I do.
  6. Mulligan Concert Band Sessions Discs 3 & 4. I listened to Discs 1 & 2 last night. I've had this for a while and when I first listened to it I was luke warm. I don't know where my ears were at the time because upon listening again I REALLY like it. Just goes to show that first impressions aren't always reliable.
  7. Up with price reduction. Will discount for multiple CD purchase.
  8. Elvin Jones Mosaic

    Well, I wasn't going to do it, but I caved. Just ordered the Elvin set along with the JJ Johnson single. I generally don't like things that are too experimental so I'm not sure whether there might be a session or two that I find a bit "out" for my taste, but I generally really like Joe Farrell and George Coleman, among others on the set, so I figured there is probably more that I will like than dislike -- and Elvin is always such a tasteful player. Anyway, I'm looking forward to checking it out . I have my favorites, but I really haven't been dissapointed by a Mosaic set I've purchased yet.
  9. Up with current status and 1 addition.
  10. Clearing up some money Sale....

    Hey, thanks anyway for the attempt!
  11. Clearing up some money Sale....

    PM sent re: George Coleman: I Could Write a Book.
  12. cool_blue, where art thou?

    I bought a Mosaic Select set from him through the forum in early August, I believe and he seemed like a very nice, honest and straight-up guy. It took a little while for the set to get to me (about 10 days if I remember correctly), but that was solely the fault of the post office. All was fine on his end. His communication was very good as well. Hope nothing's wrong. Maybe he went on a long vacation. Hope it works out for you.
  13. LPs that have never made it into CD

    I'd love to see Richie Cole's "Alto Annie's Theme" on CD. There's a killer version of Jeannine not to mention a lot of other great playing.
  14. Sent you an e-mail re: Red Mitchell/Harold Land.
  15. I've got an extra sealed original OJC if anyone is interested. Send me a PM.
  16. Is it possible that the license to sell these are going to expire and that they haven't actually sold as many as we think?
  17. Conn500's Big Hospital Adventure

    A speedy and pain free recovery, Conn.
  18. Oscar P. Question

    Saw him last week. From what I could tell, I think he would hit a few notes with the left hand, but used it very little. And yeah, his set was mighty short. I think it is really physically demanding/exhausting for him to play these days, but every once in a while there was evidence of the old O.P. brilliance. One thing I did notice is that since he has to slow down a bit now, his playing seems more emotional than it had in the past.
  19. Charlie Parker: A Studio Chronicle 1940-1948

    So, to revisit this topic, what's the deal with the JSP set? It seems to be available everywhere in the US. I was thinking about getting either it or the Savoy and Dial Master takes 3 CD set. In either case I was also going to get the Verve Master takes set. Any opinions? Is everything on the Savoy/Dial Set also on the JSP set?
  20. Has anyone done a comparison of the sound of the Coltrane box against some of the individual sessions that are (or were) available as K2s? I purchased the box from the Concord sale but also purchased the K2s that were available (probably because I was in a hurry when I did it). I haven't opened any of them yet. I figure there may not be any need to keep the K2s since all of it is on the box, but if the sound is generally that superior it may be worth keeping them also. I know I could just compare them myself, but what fun would that be? Seriously, I figured I would get some opinions here rather than open the K2s because I might wind up selling or trading them and I figure it might be better to keep them sealed for now. LJ