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  1. Chuck, I agree with you 100%. I certainly new what the deal was/is and had/have no complaints. It's a good deal even with the shipping in most cases. However, under the terms of the settlement of the class action suit (which, just for the record, I had no part in whatsoever nor was I even aware of until recently and after the settlement was reached), if BMG doesn't get a certain amount of takers, they are required to go back to those who did file and offer them more discounted CDs until the total value of the discounts in the aggregate/cost to BMG reaches a specific dollar amount (I don't recall how much off hand). It just seemed to me that if they are required to essentially give this stuff away at 80% off anyway there was no reason, moral or otherwise, not to take part. I don't condone actions of this sort, but given the court order it didn't seem to me that not claiming the discounted CDs would benefits BMG in any way.
  2. Just in case anyone had doubts, I just received confirmation that my 3 CDs that I ordered with the class action claim form were shipped! Total cost with tax came to $11.61. Not quite Concord prices, but pretty good -- and I didn't have to order another 30 CDs either!
  3. What music did you buy today?

    Picked up the following while on vacation: Gigi Gryce -- and the Jazz Lab Quintet Benny Carter -- Jazz Giant (K2 version) Sonny Stitt -- 12! Jimmy Heath -- Nice People Dave Santoro -- Standards Band II Phil Woods & the Festival Orchestra -- Celebration Phil Woods Quintet -- Mile High Jazz - Live in Denver Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz (couldn't resist replacing my old vinyl set -- found each of the five CDs separately and the book (no box) which cost me a total of less than $10 ) Andrew Speight -- Speight Cannonball Adderley -- Sophisticated Swing: the Emarcy Small Group Sessions The Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project -- Simpatico All but the last two were used at nice prices. Then when I got home, my second Concord order was waiting for me with another 30 + CDs. I've got a lot of catching up to do.
  4. Looks like there is going to be a Japanese K2 version of this coming out. I wonder if there is any plan to release this in the U.S. also. http://www.cdjapan.jp/detailview.html?KEY=VICJ-41461
  5. Box set playlists

    Thanks, Bertrand. Appreciate the info on jazzdiscography.com. I agree -- it would not be difficult or expensive at all to list the original track order in the booklets.
  6. I've been finding that while I like the concept of box sets and often enjoy the savings over buying all of the individual CDs, the shear size of many of the sets makes the thought of breaking them out a little overwhelming. I have slowly but surely been ripping my CDs to my computer using a lossless format and I would like to create playlists from my box sets to break them down into the original releases. Any previously unreleased material I could put in a separate playlist. Is there a simple/fast way to figure out which original CDs/LPs are covered by the set and then find the original order of tracks? I guess the booklets accompanying the sets will provide a discography, but the tracks are often in chronological order rather than in the order they were initially released. Aside from going to allmusic and looking up each individual album, is there a quick way to do this?
  7. For those of you who subscribe, the new box set (Stitt's Bits) is now available on emusic.
  8. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    Nothing, I don't believe. I was just trying to make a point that it (along with Soultrane) were gone from the sale and, as Bertrand said, nobody who has ordered them actually seems to have gotten it, but now it's back on the site as though it's available. Just seemed strange to me that those CDs were canceled from orders but are now listed as for sale.
  9. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    I didn't get Soultrane either, but both Soultrane and the non-20 bit Lush Life are suddenly appearing on the sale site again.

    Now you tell me!! That one along with the other Kenny Drew is on its way to me. Hope I don't agree with your assessment, but for $3 it can't be all bad. I'll have to check out Earthy on emusic. Thanks for the heads up
  11. JJJ is gone!

    How does this happen -- returns?
  12. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    I ordered the evening of July 12 (close to midnight Eastern time). No shipment confirmation yet. Will phone tomorrow. I suspect you will hear something tomorrow anyway. I received my shipping confirm this afternoon for an order placed at about 9:30 p.m. on July 12. They seem to be getting there -- albeit slowly.
  13. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    still with you brother. Ditto. First order scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Second order from Wed. evening still MIA.
  14. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    Same ones, I think. They just vanished for a while and seem to have shown up again.
  15. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    Has anyone noticed that they seem to have more CDs in the blowout section of the website again? They started with 225 Jazz CDs, went down to 212 and now its back up to 223. Also the Coltrane box was missing for a little while and now it's back.
  16. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    Kulu, I'm waiting with you. I placed two orders. The first: Order Number : 5551 Placed : 07/12/2006 13:17:04 CDT shipped: 7/17/2006 -- Not yet received The second order: Order Number : 5610 Placed : 07/12/2006 21:29:24 CDT (note: about 8 hours later) No shipping confirmation yet This supports Concord's statement also, but I find it difficult to believe that it has taken them 4 days and they still haven't gotten to orders placed within 8 hours of orders that have already shipped -- but who knows.
  17. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    Organissimo Jazz Gang. I like it!
  18. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    Nice, ain't it! Got that on a whim from emusic last month and liked it so much I ordered it as part of the sale. EDIT: I just noticed I was the 333 post in this thread
  19. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    I placed two orders. I received shipping confirmation for the first order which was placed Wednesday early afternoon. I have not yet received shipping confirmation for the second order which was placed on Wednesday evening. Hopefully tomorrow.
  20. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    The first of my two orders shipped. They canceled one CD -- John Coltrane "Soultrane." I wouldn't have expected that one to be a problem, but it really doesn't matter to me because the Coltrane box IS coming and that material is on there anyway.
  21. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    No one disagrees with the "patience" comment. I think we were just trying to figure out the processing. Concord says they process sequentially, but some members with later orders have received confirmations while earlier orders have not... That is all. I wonder if the "early" orders left "unprocessed" are orders by folks who questioned the free shipping deal. They might have put them aside to deal with after they have formulated a policy. Reasonable thought, but I'm not sure that works for my order assuming my order is still "unprocessed" (I received the initial confirmation e-mail but nothing else). I ordered Wednesday afternoon, got free shipping and never asked about it -- it was the only option when I checked out.
  22. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    Agreed. Seems as though those who have gotten e-mails regarding shipping are still the exception at this point. All the speculation is interesting and makes for good conversation, but there is no sense getting all worked up. I'm sure they were overwhelmed with orders.
  23. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    I ordered 51 CDs (with free shipping) Thursday afternoon and got the second confirmation yesterday. I ordered on Wednesday afternoon. 40 + CDs @ $2.98 (free shipping) -- no second e-mail yet. Ditto with a second order I placed Wednesday evening.
  24. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    Just had a look at the Concord website. If my memory serves me, when I ordered (Wednesday) there were 225 Jazz titles available. Now the site shows 223. Two items I ordered (Sonny Rollins Worktime and Art Pepper Smack up) didn't appear to be on the list anymore unless I missed them. Hope mine were already put aside