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  1. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    How the hell do you sleep in a PO box? When Ann understands what I have done I may need to move there. I placed two orders -- #5551 and #5610 and have heard nothing except my initial confirmation. There seems to be absolutely no rhyme or reason as to how these things are being filled. My only thought is that maybe they have different people filling different orders and whether you received an e-mail yet depends upon how those individual people handle the processing. It's as good a theory as any!
  2. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    That sounds like good news. Just curious, do you know what your order number was?
  3. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    I asked about stock (don't know whether it was Melinda I spoke with, but it was a woman). She said it was too early in their processing to have any information about that (whatever that means). It sort of makes it sound like there are piles of CDs there and until they go fill your order and check whether there are CDs left in the pile, they don't know anything. But she was very clear that you won't be charged for something that they don't ship -- that's nice of them
  4. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    From the website's preorder sale, it seems that a number of them are indded being RVG'd. The question for me was at $3 a pop why not buy these things now (whether rare or not). I figure I might be able to get them later but will the increase in price really be worth the potential improvement from remastering? The answer for me, was no. Others, obviously, may reasonably reach a different conclusion.
  5. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    Good luck with that one! (we'll save you a place in the dog house, too. just don't forget to bring the beer!) She said 'at that price' I should go back for another round -- and who am I not to follow orders? Scout's honor! I got a similar response -- and so I did!
  6. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    Geez. 40 + for me as well as the Coltrane and Evans boxes. As good a time as any to really get my collection going. Now I'll need to take about a year off to catch up on listening.
  7. Would someone be so kind as to give me a brief "reissues 101" primer, so I can make some sense of this alphabet soup. I know the RVGs are the Rudy Van Gelder reissues, but I don't really know how all of these things compare and/or whether there are duplicates among the various reissues, etc. I've been listening and buying jazz for a while, but never really payed much attention to these things until I started frequenting the forum and saw all of the discussion. If there is an existing thread that I missed and that explains this, feel free to point me to it. Thanks!
  8. OJC, TOCJ, K2, RVG ???

    Thanks for the info. So ... is there any general consensus as to which reissues have better sound (I'm sure this is a dangerous question )
  9. PM sent on Lee Morgan, Sonny Clark and McCoy Tyner
  10. For those who use download services like E-music, Itunes, etc., do you often wind up buying the CD of something you check out initially as a download? I've been an e-music subscriber for a few months and, although I haven't purchased anything I have downloaded yet, I probably will soon. I was just wondering whether people generally use downloads for exploration or whether downloads are more typically used instead of buying the physical CD.
  11. I'm sure we've all been through this before: You buy a CD and it just doesn't live up to your expectations. Or maybe you really don't like something, but it either grows on you over time or you come back to it later and it suddenly sounds good to you. So, when do you give up on a recording? How long do you keep a CD or box set before selling/trading it if it doesn't grab you from day one?
  12. Making an MP3 Disc From E-music Files

    Ah. Should have figured that's what you meant. Sorry, I don't use Windows Media to create discs, but it looks pretty easy -- like you pick the tunes you want on the disc and then click "burn." But as I said, I haven't used it myself. I'm sure someone else has some experience with it.
  13. When do you get rid of a CD?

    Now I'm curious. Which Mosaic box was it and what made you decide to return it? -- unless there is some reason you would prefer not to say.
  14. Making an MP3 Disc From E-music Files

    E-music files ARE mp3 files. No need to do any conversion. Just download it.
  15. Google Checkout launches

    I don't see a google checkout icon... where should it be? Guy It should be just below the button that says "Complete Your Order"
  16. Google Checkout launches

    I just tried entering the code, it says: Even after reading this page, I haven't yet figured out how it works: http://checkout.google.com/buyer/tour.html I think it may only work in the US. When you go to CD Universe and put something in your cart and go to checkout, there should be a "google Ceckout" icon to click on. You have to checkout through there.
  17. This is great! . Unfortunately I can't always pinpoint which Select a particular tune is from. The good news is it keeps my purchase list somewhat smaller
  18. Our 43rd anniversary today

    Hey, congratulations!! I guess we have something in common. Today is my 10th anniversary, and I feel every bit as fortunate. I'm looking forward to the next 33 years plus!
  19. I'm starting to get a little more serious about filling in gaps in my music collection. Ultimately I would like to have a manageable size collection focusing on the styles I prefer, which will of course require a little experimentation into unkown areas. I subscribe to emusic, so I have been picking up some music through there, but I have trouble deciding how to go about choosing what CDs to buy next given the apparent endless number of reissues and new CDs. Sometimes I make a list of things that I think I might be interested in, based upon my prior purchases and maybe some reviews. Invariably I get side-tracked by some sale or a Mosaic going into the dreaded "last chance" category. So I wind up with a hodge podge. I'll purchase the JJ Johnson Mosaic, for example (which has great music), but little more of his music, or perhaps very little Coltrane or Bird. How do you go about your purchase decisions? Do you just buy what you think you'll like and forget about any kind of list or "core collection?" Perhaps you just buy everything I've been listening to jazz for some time and from browsing this board it is clear to me that there is a ton of music that I haven't gotten into yet. To coin a phrase, "so much music, so little time."
  20. It's interesting that you mention that. I've been thinking about getting the Art Pepper, Bennie Green and Carmell Jones Selects before the increase (plus the J.J. Johnson single while I'm at it), but have been debating the "music diversity" issue. This internal debate (which seems to occur frequently) is part of what prompted my initial question.
  21. Excellent advice. Thanks. And thanks all of you for your input. Intellectually, it all makes perfect sense. Buy what you like ... Try some new things out ... just enjoy the ride. I must admit, however, that sometimes it can become somewhat less than fun when I start thinking too hard about "should I purchase "X" Mosaic because "everyone says it's great", "there is music on it that you can't find anywhere else", and (oh No!) it's in last chance. Next thing you know, I've got 7 new CDs of [fill in the blank artist] plus a long list of CDs that I want to get from YourMusic, CD Universe, or some other place that's running some deal that I just can't pass up. So I go ahead and buy them too. Then I've got all of these CDs sitting around that I haven't yet listened to, a new list of "must buys," and a completely overwhelmed feeling. But the music is all so great -- how can you feel bad about purchasing all of that great music? Even if you don't have time to give it all a proper listen, at least we're supporting the music, right? I guess you gotta love it!
  22. Does anyone know if it is a violation of copyright laws (i.e., illegal) to rip (or otherwise copy) for one's own use a CD borrowed from a library (which presumably has been paid for with taxpayer money)? I know that there are all kinds of moral issues with this, and personally I believe in supporting the music and the artist by purchasing CDs or downloads, but I recently saw a thread somewhere that got me thinking about this and I was just curious whether the practice is technically legal.
  23. Ripping borrowed CDs legal?

    Seems like the issue is much more complicated than I initially thought. I think the issue of fair use, while referring in the act to the things that you mentioned above, has been interpreted by the courts in the US to apply more broadly than that. Clearly the Record Industry Association would say that the answer to my question is that such activity violates the copyright law. I found the following which I found interesting. RIAA CD ripping