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  1. What's up with this release? Other than the link posted in this thread, it's impossible to even find it on the Mosaic website - which seems to be the lone place where the CD is supposed to be available in the first place! It's not listed under recent releases and if I go to the Charles Tolliver page, there's just a placeholder item listed and clicking on the link leads to an error message.
  2. Oh boy, I've waited so long for this to be released on CD, I might just accept those international shipping costs in this case.
  3. Joe Farrell

    I got the CD edition of the original Darn That Dream album: 1 Section-8 Blues 6:20 2 Someday My Prince Will Come 7:45 3 Sweet Lorraine 4:05 4 Mode For Joe 8:13 5 Darn That Dream 5:38 6 Who Can I Turn To 5:15 Would love to hear more from these sessions, but it seems the companion album was never released on CD: A1 Fun For One And All 3:00 A2 Blue And Boogie 3:40 A3 Around Midnight 1:20 A4 Epistrophy 8:30 A5 Come Rain Or Come Shine 1:10 B1 You Stepped Out Of A Dream 5:30 B2 Someday My Prince Will Come 7:00 B3 On Green Dolphin Street 8:20 The compilation CD mentioned above (also called "Darn That Dream") is missing three tracks from the original Darn That Dream album (Sweet Lorraine and Who Can I Turn To?, both solo piano pieces, plus Someday My Prince Will Come, another take of which *is* included) and three more from the Someday LP ('Round Midnight, Epistrophy, Come Rain or Come Shine), though those add up to just 11 minutes (only Epistrophy gets a serious workout, the others are below a minute and a half each). If the track listings on Discogs are correct, both albums together add up to a playing time of just 75:46 (and that's including both takes of Someday My Prince Will Come). Would be cool to see a complete reissue of this material!
  4. Just realized that Sony introduced their new "Jazz Connoisseur" series in March - looks like there are a few CD debuts here: > Stan Getz Featuring Joao Gilberto – The Best of Two Worlds > Helen Merrill – Parole E Musica > Phineas Newborn – Fabulous Phineas > George Russell– The RCA Victor Workshop > The Dave Pike Quartet – Pike’s Peak > Dave Bailey – One Foot In The Gutter > Chet Baker – Chet Is Back! > Ray Bryant – Little Susie > Gary Burton – A Genuine Tong Funeral (By Carla Bley) > Johnny Coles – The Warm Sound > Paul Desmond – Easy Living > Les Doubles Six - Les Doubles Six > Duke Ellington – Far East Suite > Gil Evans – Plays The Music of Jimmy Hendrix > Dave Grusin – Kaleidoscope > Lee Konitz – Stereokonitz > Jeanne Lee with Ran Blake – The Newest Sound Around > Lou Levy – A Most Musical Fella > Charles Mingus– Tijuana Moods > Pony Poindexter – Pony's Express > The Bud Powell Trio – Strictly Powell > Sonny Rollins – What’s New ? > Charlie Rouse – Yeah ! > The Sextet Of Orchestra USA – Mack The Knife > Martial Solal – At Newport ‘63
  5. Kenny Burrell's Verve albums

  6. Kenny Burrell's Verve albums

    Got the CD, excellent album! Sadly the discographical information is incomplete and doesn't list the extra tracks. Can you give more detailed information on this? Also, there are only eleven tracks on the disc (you list twelve above).
  7. Kenny Burrell's Verve albums

    Thanks for mentioning this - doesn't include it and so I never realized that this material had been reissued on CD in Europe. Managed to find a cheap copy right away, too!
  8. Xanadu Master Edition Series - Elemental Music

    Same here! Been waiting for an affordable CD edition of that album for a long time!
  9. Haven't seen this mentioned yet. This reissue is out now, featuring a bonus disc with about 45 minutes (6 tracks) of additional performances from the Prophecy sessions. Track Listing Disc 1 1:1. Bells 19:45 1:2. Spirits 7:53 1:3. Wizard 8:24 1:4. Ghosts, First Variation 11:18 1:5. Prophecy 7:13 1:6. Ghosts, Second Variation 7:06 61:39 Disc 2 2:1. Spirits 6:38 2:2. Saints 10:32 2:3. Ghosts 10:56 2:4. The Wizard 6:51 2:5. Children 9:05 2:6. Spirits (theme) 0:28 44:30 1:1: Albert Ayler, tenor saxophone; Donald Ayler, trumpet; Charles Tyler, alto saxophone; Lewis Worrell, bass; Sunny Murray, drums. Recorded live at Town Hall, New York City, May 1, 1965. 1:2-6, 2:1-6: Albert Ayler, tenor saxophone; Gary Peacock, bass; Sunny Murray, percussion. Recorded live at Cellar Café, New York City, June 14, 1964. All compositions by Albert Ayler (Syndicore Music BMI).
  10. "A Cannonball Adderley Presentation"

    Just going through this list again. Has it really been 10 years since I first posted my question? Haha! Anyway, I checked my CD copy of Sam Jones's Down Home and it doesn't have "A Cannonball Adderley Presentation" anywhere, even though Cannonball is listed as one of two producers. And while I don't have the single CD for the Dexter Gordon release (only got the big box set), the LP covers I found online don't include the "Presentation" line, either. I think all other titles in this series were released under the Riverside umbrella while the Gordon was on Jazzland, so it's probably not part of the series. Since the Sam Jones was already his third album, he probably didn't need Adderley's name to promote his album - and Dexter Gordon certainly did not, either. But I can definitely confirm the other titles listed above - The JFK Quintet, Budd Johnson, Roosevelt Wardell, Dick Morgan, Lennie McBrowne and Paul Serrano. The latter doesn't have the "A Cannonball Adderley Presentation" line on the cover, but it is present on the back cover.
  11. Olio - Various Artists

    Cattin' would be the Coltrane/Quinichette album, right? I have most of those, although I'm still hunting for affordable copies of Roots and Outskirts of Town. I think the Four Altos album (Phil Woods, Gene Quill, Sahib Shihab, Hal Stein) also belongs on this list, as does the Curtis Fuller & Hampton Hawes with French Horns album (which was in fact the other half of the Modern Jazz Survey "series" alongside what later became known as Dakar).
  12. Sal Nistico: HEAVYWEIGHTS

    Yeah, I saw that. Still don't feel good supporting the "PD pirates", especially seeing how expensive all those releases are. On the other hand, if the original label can't be bothered to keep the material in print, that does limit one's options quite a bit.
  13. Sal Nistico: HEAVYWEIGHTS

    The decision to drop a track of the Heavyweights album instead of keeping it intact seems puzzling. I get it, lack of space - but why not drop something from the bonus album instead?
  14. What to Reissue Number Two

    I would assume that Keepnews wanted to do another album that would've contained the remainder of the session (plus Hotline, I guess). Same deal as with the Yusef Lateef "The Last Savoy Sessions" that never got its companion set (which, as the title indicates, was quite certainly planned at some point). Which still hasn't seen an official CD release based on the master tapes, right? All I see are questionable editions that seem to be sourced from the LP.