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  1. Charles Mingus Sextet Live in Rotterdam 1970

    I have had and keep that double DIW cd. I buyed it maybe 15 years ago for the very same Medjuck reason: no Mingus music available from UCLA (Music Written for Monterey, not Heard...) 1965 to this 1970 concert, due to pretty likable health problem of the bassist. The sound is really good compared to the last live recordings he had made. I remember an impossibly frantic version of OP (aka The Man Who Never Sleeps, Oscar Pettiford).
  2. Jazz albums reissued on CD by Atlantic Japan

    Yes, I own the first CD edition I had back in 1993 (if I remember well the year). In the Beauty Is A Rare Thing box there are only two ensemble tracks from Jazz Abstractions, Criss Cross and Variants On A Theme Of John Lewis (Django). The original have two more pieces.
  3. Is Paul Bley Retired?

    A b s o l u t e l y true. Just, truth is it's the other way around. Listen to George Russell's Jazz In The Space Age (1060), Sonny Rollins' Sonny Meets Hawk (1963). Jarrett himself -as others- took inspiration from him.
  4. JLH reissue plans

    Sure but try getting a copy. I did it, two cds Vol.I and II. Had it from japan many years ago. Pretty essential solo Blake performances, true.
  5. In 2011 I discovered Billy MItchell, his few recording, mainly two Xanadu sessions, via my passion for Rufus Reid and his Perpetual Stroll cd, a fine Sunnyside session with Kirk Lightsey. I found by chance Rufus performed in a Billy MItchell's session recorded six months later that cd, with a gorgeous version of his Perpetual Stroll composition: De Lawd's Blues (Xanadu 1980; w. T.Flanagan, B.BAiley, J.Cobb and Reid by the way)). I listened to it an hundred times around while jogging and driving to work (my main occasion for accurate listening, nowadays), copied that damn rare Japan cd edition to some friends: An absolute, absolute gem. As it is the saxophonist's previous Xanadu session Colossus Of Detroit. Then I had some of his early recordings w.Al Grey, Thad JOnes, his only previous album 'This Is B.M.'. His Xanadus remain the greatest pleasure I had musiclly in 2011, with a few others.
  6. is Billy Mitchell of the 80s the same Billy Mitchell of the 60s

    Not particularly, to me. Nice picture, thank you. After some months I still often listen to his Xanadu 'De Lawd's Blues' and 'Colossus Of Detroit'. What a great, soulful and strong sax player.
  7. Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

    The 2009 Black Jazz records 20 cd Japan I had this very expensive Japan edition because I'm a kinda compulsive/obsessive for completist compilations (I know, I'm in good company here). I decided after some readings stating short lived Black Jazz as very close to Strata East (wich I long love) and some YouTube tastes of their records (by Eric Reed, Henry Franklin, Walter Bishop mainly). As many of the Japan reissues this is really an accurate and satisfying edition ( japanese-only booklet apart). Webster - Rowles - kessell - Edison... 1957 LA sessions masterpiece
  8. Dave Brubeck & Carmen McRae: Tonight Only!

    They did already..... in Japan, where I had this very in 2007 attracted by Carmen singing Take Five. This is why I will look for 'Tonight Only'; thank you for the clue.
  9. Sam Noto

    Act One is a favorite of mine. It is very good. In fact, I may go and put it on right now.
  10. Two nice Shelly Manne albums from 1967

    I started to love those two cds as soon as they appeared. I lookd for Perk Up later, because it has the same group of Jazz Gunn. After some classic Manne, at the times of the university I was really in love with his drumming and his groups (More Swinging Sounds on OJC, 2-3-4 on Impulse!). And I still am.
  11. Arthur Blythe - Illusions

    Wellcome aboard... It's a great record, really on the level of Lenox Avenue Breakdown. As said ALL Blythe's Columbias I know have great music, strangely overlooked. I love them, and I am insanely fond of these japan cd edition. If only they had produced In The Tradition too!
  12. Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland

    I had that as soon as it was available. 'Blowing The Cowebs' or the like was its title. The most unpratical cd edition ever, kind of a long black hard-paper box... I am really happy for this 'Golden Eight Encore'; always liked the original Blue Note album, CBB's first if I'm not wrong. Maybe these are recordings from the early years of the band. Edit: "All the tracks, taken from the second of the May 1961 Golden Eight recording sessions, are now released for the first time, with liner notes by Mike HennesseyThis reissue is great news for the jazz-loving community. The multi-national Golden Eight ensemble assembled by Gigi Campi featured Kenny Clarke and Jimmy Woode (USA), Francy Boland and Chris Kellens (Belgium), Dusko Gojkovic (Yugoslavia), Raymond Droz (Switzerland), Derek Humble (UK) and Karl Drevo (Austria). And it was the forerunner of the legendary Clarke-Boland Big Band. Seven of the eleven pieces in the album are distinctive originals by Boland, the remaining four tracks being devoted to classic standards.The album opens with You Dig It, a brisk, marching blues by Boland with sprightly solos by Dusko Gojkovic, Derek Humble (in Parkerian mode), Karl Drevo and Kenny Clarke. There follows the Arthur Schwarz/Howard Dietz ballad, Alone Together, written in 1932 for the musical, Flying Colors. It is taken at a lively tempo and has Raymond Droz playing the melody on alto horn, followed by solos from Boland, Drevo, Humble and Woode." Good enough for me. Hennessey is the writer of the fine, only Kenny Clarke biography 'Clook', an enjoyable jazz bio long OOP I had some years ago.
  13. Henry Threadgill

    Now I follow you! Verty finely expressed, congrats and thank you for the inspiring insight.
  14. Charlie Haden and Fire Music

    CONGRATS! That was my first thought too. Congrats; envy.
  15. Threadgill and Air

    Apart from the unreleased X-75 session, I have all the music in one form or another ie CDs, CD-Rs & LPs. It's music I keep returning to and I'm really pleased to see it available again. I have all the cds too, even the CD-R edition of X-75 part 1. At DMG New York they said it was sold them by Threadgill himself. Anyway, I long waited for this Mosaic as I did with the great Braxton one. Ordered mine a few days ago, and just received shipment confirm today.