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  1. Too bad. They were grooving hard. Very intense playing by Ford. There was a good crown in Old Lyme.
  2. They were in New Bedford Friday night and I think Dartmouth, MA before that.
  3. I think he still lives abroad, but this is the second time I have heard him live in the past 14 months.
  4. Saturday night I caught the Ricky Ford Quartet with John Kordaleski, Jerome Harris and Barry Altschul at the SideDoor Jazz Club in Old Lyme, CT
  5. Debating whether to take a two hour drive to catch Chico Freeman.
  6. Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom - Glitter Wolf

    I heard Boom Tic Boom live in 2012 when it was a quartet with Donny McCaslin, Myra Melford and Brad Jones. I enjoyed them live and have purchased a few more of their recordings, including the current disc (although I have not listened to it yet). I have not been as impressed with the expanded group, but I have not found them anywhere near as objectionable as those who responded negatively to the clip. I confess that my primary interest in the group is Myra Melford, which may be part of the reason that I am not as enamored with the expanded group. With that said I have actually found this discussion very interesting and would be more interested on the thoughts of this group as a representation of any issues with contemporary jazz (or I like Clifford's NPR-free Pi Jazz category).
  7. jazz at the atlas 2019-newburgh ny

    Thanks Cliff.
  8. Last night - Bennie Wallace Trio @ New Britain Museum of American Art.
  9. Trumpeter Ted Daniel?

    I was also at that festival in Montclair and have a very positive memory of the Moncur Ensemble. I confess that I forgot Daniel was in that ensemble. At the same festival he also played in an ensemble conducted by James Newton.
  10. Trumpeter Ted Daniel?

    There is also a recording on NoBusiness Records - Interconnection - that at least on paper was enough for me to purchase. I have not had an opportunity to listen yet.
  11. What music did you buy today?

    I ordered the DKV/McPhee box last week. Looking forward to receiving it.
  12. Earlier this afternoon, Sam Newsome Quartet with Cooper-Moore, Hilliard Greene and Reggie Nicholson at the Hartford Public Library. I have heard Newsome several times playing with Darius Jones, but this is my first time hearing him as a leader of his own group. Cooper-Moore was a bit of a surprise as Angelica Sanchez was previously advertised. Very creative approach and nice afternoon of music.
  13. Last night double bill with Joe McPhee Trio XL and Artists for a Free World (William Parker large ensemble) at Nublu in NYC.
  14. Jackie McLean

    That was excellent. Thank you. I live in the Hartford area less than ten minutes way from both the University of Hartford and the Artists Collective. Jackie McLean's legacy and impact on the Hartford community is undiminished to this day.