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  1. I gifted my 3 CD set to my uncle who is a big Lee Morgan fan.
  2. PM sent re: Joe McPhee Po Music Linear B hat ART CD 6057 $20 COUNTS AS FIVE ECM1562 Gateway (Abercrombie/Holland?DeJohnette) Homecoming rear insert trimmed $4 Bill Carrothers Duets With Bill Stewart - FDM 37002-2 $7 COUNTS AS TWO Patneaude, Brian Riverview WEPA 0209 digipak $3 Joe Morris Colorfield ESP 4056 digipak $3
  3. I collect of lot of unreleased live recordings and have never seen this personnel on a Rollins performance.
  4. Fire Music - Free Jazz Documentary

    I will probably be in NY Friday and I am tempted to go see the film. Oops ... just checked ticket availability ... unfortunately sold out for my preferred time.
  5. Kimbrough

    It does not look that way. I went ahead and ordered. I have been listening all day while I work.
  6. McPhee/Melford/Mehldau

    PM coming on: Harold E. Smith - Mike Kull - Joe McPhee - Trinity CjRecord Productions ALP214CD $5 Joe McPhee With The Bill Smith Ensemble - Visitation 2 versions Sackville Recordings BXH 034 $6 McPhee, Vandermark & Kessler A Meeting in Chicago EDM 80008 $7 Trio X AIR: Above and Beyond CIMPoL 5001 $8 Joe McPhee Quartet / Contemporary Improvisational Ensemble – Underground Railroad + Live At Holy Cross Monastery UMS/ALP226CD $14 Myra Melford • Marty Ehrlich - Yet Can Spring ‎(CD, Album) Arabesque Jazz AJ0154 $3
  7. I just ordered Asha, Washington Suite and Treasures.
  8. I never heard of Lloyd McNeill before today. Streaming Treasures right now on Napster. The first track alone is enough to convince me I need to pick up some of his music.
  9. I don't think it is scheduled to be published until January 2022?
  10. I pre-ordered and had access to some of the tracks before the full digital album because available today. Listening to the tracks performing Andrew Hill compositions right now. Fascinating. I have always been a fan of Braxton's "jazzier" work, including his interpretations of the standard repertoire. It is a lot of music to digest, but I am glad I ordered the box set.
  11. Received mine yesterday.
  12. I did not pre-order, but I did get a shipping notice yesterday that my copies of the Redman and Curson discs have shipped.
  13. In May of 2020 I contacted Ab Baars directly to ask about the box set. He informed me that it was sold out and he did not have any copies. Gawky Stride is only available digitally.