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  1. Do you wear a watch?

    Yes, two. A Movado and a Swiss Army.
  2. As my father used to say, when you are slow, you blow. Yesterday I received the following email from my local independent retailer which survives primarily on used CD sales: Just received 14 Mosaic used Jazz CD Box Sets All 4-7 CD sets Art Blakey & Jazz Messengers 1960’s Lee Morgan/Wayne Shorter Vee Jay sessions Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orch complete recordings Gerald Wilson Orch complete recordings Phil Woods Quartet recordings Johnny Hodges Verve recordings Jimmy Giuffre Atlantic recordings Serge Chaloff sessions Duke Ellington complete Reprise Duke Ellington complete Capitol Jack Teagarden complete Roulette Jack Teagarden complete Capitol Bix Biederbecke/Jack Teagarden/Wayne Trumbauer 1924-36 We’re here Tue/Wed/Thur see you Bobby Hackett complete None of these sets were priorities for me when they were first released, or items I have felt compelled to seek afterward for a number of reasons. Nonetheless, I figured I might be able to catch a good deal on sets such as the Blakey, Woods, Wilson, Jones/Lewis, Shorter/Morgan or Giuffre, which I at least have an interest in. I spent time this morning debating whether to leave work early and researching reviews on the sets I might want. The store officially opens at 11:00, but the sole proprietor is usually there earlier. I thought about getting there early, but ultimately decided to get there when I knew it was open. I also thought about calling and asking him to hold a couple of sets for me, but I didn't. Both decisions proved to be huge mistakes. When I walked in the door someone else was at the register with two piles of the sets. He purchased everything except the Woods, Chaloff, Hackett and Teagardens. To give you an idea how much of a lost opportunity this was, I purchased the Woods set for $28. All of the sets were in like new condition and all were priced for less than when originally issued. I doubt he charged more than $40 for any set since I suspect he priced them all at around $7 per disc. He does not know the value of some of these among collectors, plus he does not like to price anything in the store too high. Oh well ... maybe next time.
  3. Wednesday night I caught the Ingrid Laubrock quartet with Brandon Seabrook, Michael Formanek and Tom Rainey in Easthampton, MA. Tonight I will likely go hear the sextet with Tomeka Reid and Mazz Swift added at Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT.
  4. Positone New Releases

    I thought the Sevian date was already released? I have owned it for months.
  5. Sylvie Courvoisier Trio Firehouse 12 New Haven, CT Sylvie Courvoisier (piano); Drew Gress (bass); Kenny Wolleson (drums)
  6. ambrose akinmusire

    The first time I heard Akinmusire live was with Mark Turner. I know Larry is not a fan of Turner, but I found Akinmusire to be a better foil for Turner than the trumpeter that regularly plays with him, Avishai Cohen. He brought more contrast to the group IMO. I have enjoyed most of the Akinmusire albums I have heard although I confess that the last quartet CD did not resonate with me as much. I saw the quartet live and it was a bit of a disappointment as well. I enjoy Akinmusire's playing, but my best experiences with him have been when there is another horn.
  7. I made it to Newport Friday. I arrived a little later than planned and missed most of the Sun Ra Arkestra, but I did catch about thirty minutes of Tia Fuller, the Gary Bartz 50th Anniversary of Another Earth, and the Billy Hart Quartet. I enjoyed all the sets I did hear, especially Bartz.
  8. Joseph Daley - The Seven Heavenly Virtues

    I have the two original releases. A lot of compelling music.
  9. Elio Villafranca Quartet.
  10. I have it, but also have not gotten very far yet.
  11. Solid performance by the trio, but very limited drum soloing - only one or two brief understated solos.
  12. Louis Hayes trio with Dezron Douglas and Abraham Burton.
  13. Steve Lehman - The People I Love

    This is going to be released by Pi. They use Bandcamp for their digital releases. There should also be a physical CD released simultaneously.