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  1. Live Streaming Concerts

    I saw that as well. Agree that it was well done. Also caught the Rudresh Mahanthappa Hero Trio Release Concert the same day. Wednesday Night series by Bar Bayeux started last night with Chris Potter Trio.
  2. Live Streaming Concerts

    Starting tomorrow through Monday, the entire 2020 Vision Festival will be live streamed.
  3. Live Streaming Concerts

    I caught most of both nights of the Kenny Barron. There were again some techical problems, but when it was working the video and audio quality were very good as usual. I think they just have alot of problems with buffering and other technical problems. They should switch to a YouTube format like Smoke and Jazz Gallery and other venues. There rarely seem to be any of those technical problems on that platform.
  4. Live Streaming Concerts

    I believe the overhaul was to put it back to the system they used before they attempted an overhaul last week. In any event I think the overhaul is primarily related to the ticketing function. The actual stream has been high quality each time I tried it.
  5. Definitely the so called avant garde. Each Chapter focuses on a specific year and artist, event or recording. Quick summary of each chapter: 1970 - Chris McGregor 1971 - Albert Mangelsdorff/Peter Brotzmann 1972 - Julius Hemphill 1973 - Martin Williams - The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz 1974 - Anthony Braxton Arista Recordings 1975 - Archie Shepp 1976 - Wildflowers, Sam Rivers, Loft Jazz 1977 - Derek Bailey 1978 - Jimmy Carter White House Jazz Picnic/Cecil Taylor 1979 - Art Ensemble of Chicago
  6. I have only finished the first chapter on Chris McGregor and the Brotherhood of Breath. If you have ever read any of Shoemaker's writing on Point of Departure it is pretty consistent with his style there. Informative and obvious that historical research was conducted about what was happening outside the music that impacted how the music was made. I will reserve my ultimate opinion until I finish the entire book.
  7. Ambrose Akinmusire

    I am not an old man (54 years old this month), but I confess to having been underwhelmed by his two most recent releases after really enjoying his earlier recordings and being very impressed hearing him live.
  8. Live Streaming Concerts

    Wasn't that Smoke?
  9. David Binney thoughts?

    I own six CDs Binney either led, or co-led, and I heard him live under ideal listening conditions at least once. I enjoyed everything I heard for what it was - very possibly due in some part that he recorded with some of my favorite musicians like Craig Taborn and Mark Turner. I did not feel compelled to follow him where his journey has taken him in recent years. Sorry, I don't think I can offer anything to solve the mystery for you.
  10. Claire Daly - Rah! Rah!

    Thanks. That at least confirms it is the same recording.
  11. Claire Daly - Rah! Rah!

    I wonder when this was recorded. I have a disc I purchased used several years ago with the same title that was self released on Daly Bread Records. It is stashed away in a box somewhere right now, but I do not think there were a lot of details included such as the recording date.

    Impulse purchase complete.
  13. This motivated me to purchase a few Junior Cook CDs. Although I have heard him on Horace Silver recordings, dates he coled with Louis Hayes and miscellaneous other items, I did not own any of his recordings as a leader. Spent the afternoon listening to Senior Cookin' (twofer including Good Cookin' and Somethin's Cookin') and now On A Misty Night. I also picked up The Place To Be. Enjoying what I have heard so far and even investigated other items in Cook's discography that I can fill some holes in my collection/listening with.
  14. Eddie Gale (1941-2020)

    My only exposure to Gale's music that I can recall was the relatively straight MapleShade release, A Minute With Miles. I do have the Cecil Taylor and Larry Young recordings he contributed to, but another artist to add to my gaps that need to be filled. It is a shame I only think about some of these artists when I learn of their passing and read the admiration that many have for them.