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  1. Saturday was a good day for live music. In the afternoon I caught the Bennie Wallace Trio with Matt Dwonszyk and Carmen Intorre at a record store appearance in Wethersfield, CT. I then drove to Brooklyn, NY to hear William Parker's In Order To Survive with Rob Brown, Cooper-Moore and Gerald Cleaver. Two very different shows, but both very good.
  2. The Music of the Legendary Hasaan

    I have it and agree that it s a strong release.
  3. I think the thread you are recalling was actually related to Greg Osby. This story just broke recently and does not appear to be significantly related to any teaching activities in college.
  4. Today's tenor players

    A few others that I make an effort to follow that I do not think have been mentioned. A couple of these hold my attention as much, if not more for their overall musical vision and writing, as opposed to their actual tenor playing. Geof Bradfield Josephine Davies Rich Halley Jimmy Halperin Fredrik Nordstrom Jason Robinson Troy Roberts Salim Washington
  5. Today's tenor players

    I don't know if he is actually touring, but he played at the SideDoor Jazz Club in Old Lyme, CT earlier this year. I also heard him at a record store in CT two years ago.
  6. Today's tenor players

    I enjoy many of the musicians already mentioned. This past Friday I heard James Brandon Lewis with his No Filter trio. Since hearing his recording with William Parker and Gerald Cleaver I have been trying to follow him when I can. I was not prepared for the volume the No Filter trio played with on Friday - especially since I was sitting less than five feet from the musicians. The electric bass player (Luke Stewart) overwhelmed the sound and it was not easy to get a good focus on Lewis at times. But I heard enough to keep listening. I hope to catch him in duo with Chad Taylor in December. Another younger tenor I have really been following is Brian Settles. He has been on a few Tomas Fujiwara recordings among others, and has two recordings of his own. He does not have a very high profile right now, but any chance I get I will listen to him. I don't think Rodrigo Amado has been mentioned. IMO he is one of the best out there. All of the SteepleChase dates are worth hearing IMO.
  7. Does he solo on the Duke Pearson recordings?
  8. Curious whether anyone else has given this a read?
  9. Vision Festival 2018

    Sunday the 27th
  10. I am going to make an effort to catch the 5/19 show in Newburgh, NY.
  11. I have had copies of the radio broadcast for years. If I can remember I will look for the set list in my archives.
  12. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    From where?
  13. Taylor Ho Bynum 9-tette at Real Art Ways in Hartford. Taylor Ho Bynum – cornet, compositions Jim Hobbs – alto saxophone Ingrid Laubrock – tenor and soprano saxophones Bill Lowe – bass trombone and tuba Mary Halvorson – electric guitar Tomeka Reid – cello Stomu Takeishi – electric bass guitar Ken Filiano – acoustic bass Tomas Fujiwara – drums
  14. I already have my Firehouse 12 Spring Series season pass. So, unless an unexpected childcare conflict arises, I will see you on March 23rd.