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  1. Pianist Isaiah Thompson released an album dedicated to Buddy Montgomery last year that motivated me to check on Montgomery.
  2. I watched the documentary. I am far from a fan of his music, but I try not to judge it or the millions of people that enjoy it. If anything, I just say that it is outside my personal listening preferences. From watching the documentary it does not seem like he considers himself a "jazz" musician and the Kenny G phenomenon is as much a result of forces outside of him such as marketing and fortunate circumstances as anything else.
  3. Oliver Lake corner

    The OGJB quartet with Graham Haynes, Joe Fonda and Barry Altschul also made some interesting music. I was able to hear them live several times and the music was never less than provocative.
  4. Wadada Leo Smith's Great Lakes Quartet

    Ordered and on the way!
  5. Oliver Lake corner

  6. Oliver Lake corner

    All four have (had) very distinct and personal approaches to the music and sound, and the music of al four delivers absorbing listening experiences.
  7. Oliver Lake corner

    Agreed about Gallery.
  8. Oliver Lake corner

    I have been a fan for about as long as I have been listening to jazz/improvised music for more than thirty years. I have collected a large chunk of his discography and have had the opportunity to hear him live several times in various settings - including once when I was involved in presenting him. As the OP suggested there is a lot to go through. I have a particular fondness Impala with Geri Allen, the organ trio and quartet recordings, the Trio 3 recordings with Reggie Workman and Andrew Cyrille and the big band recording, Wheels. All of these have the right balance of structure/composition and edge/tension that resonates with me.
  9. I will take these: Sylvie Courvoisier-Mark Feldman Quartet To Fly To Steal Intakt CD 168 $10 The Great Jazz Trio Objects Appear Closer (4CDs- "KJLH —Kindness Joy Love Happiness," "Direct From L.A," "Milestones," and "The Great Tokyo Meeting.") TOT 14 $22 Elvin Jones Live at the Lighthouse Vols. 1 & 2 (no rear inserts) CDP 7 84447/8 2 $12 Charles Lloyd The Call (rear insert trimmed) ECM 1522 $3 James Moody and Hank Jones Quartet Our Delight (digipak) IPOC1013 $8
  10. Yesterday was an improvised set with William Parker (bass), Rob Brown (alto sax and flute), Joe Morris (guitar) and Jerome Deupree (drums) at Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT.
  11. I pre-ordered and received the disc last week. I listened to both discs the other day. I am a big Steve Coleman. Mostly favorable response to the initial spin, but I confess that I am not as wowed by the vocals.