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  1. I made it to Newport Friday. I arrived a little later than planned and missed most of the Sun Ra Arkestra, but I did catch about thirty minutes of Tia Fuller, the Gary Bartz 50th Anniversary of Another Earth, and the Billy Hart Quartet. I enjoyed all the sets I did hear, especially Bartz.
  2. Joseph Daley - The Seven Heavenly Virtues

    I have the two original releases. A lot of compelling music.
  3. Elio Villafranca Quartet.
  4. I have it, but also have not gotten very far yet.
  5. Solid performance by the trio, but very limited drum soloing - only one or two brief understated solos.
  6. Louis Hayes trio with Dezron Douglas and Abraham Burton.
  7. Steve Lehman - The People I Love

    This is going to be released by Pi. They use Bandcamp for their digital releases. There should also be a physical CD released simultaneously.
  8. Hat Compilations of Marion Brown and Albert Ayler

    Thanks for the clarification. Glad I picked them up when they were available.
  9. Hat Compilations of Marion Brown and Albert Ayler

    I don't know how to determine a "viable CD release", or whether they would be considered bootlegs, but Juba-Lee was part of the Cool Music reissues a couple of years ago.
  10. After spending the fourth of July weekend at the Montreal "Jazz" Festival I am considering the possibility of going to Newport for the first time this year. My daughter has gone the past couple of years and enjoyed herself. If I go, I will only be able to make it on Friday.
  11. I spent the weekend in Montreal for the jazz festival. It was actually a challenge to find any "jazz" that I wanted to hear the three days I was there, but I was able to catch ticketed solo piano sets by Bobo Stenson and Kris Davis. As a told several people the Stenson performance was basically what I expected, but I was hoping for something different. Not enough variety in the mood for me - most of the set was somewhat sedate, but it was solid nonetheless. Kris Davis' performance held my attention a bit more.
  12. jazz at the atlas 2019-newburgh ny

    I have heard Darius Jones several times in the past couple of years and he has never said anything political during any performance I attended.
  13. jazz at the atlas 2019-newburgh ny

    I have seen that group several times, including once arranging for them to perform here in Hartford. Unless a conflict arises, I plan to attend.
  14. The Rob Brown group was the highlight for me. Picked up the new RogueArt disc while I was there.