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  1. The Leaders

    You are right. Intrigued as to the thought process.
  2. The Leaders

    They are not successor bands.
  3. The Leaders

    Although Eddie Henderson overlaps in both bands, the Cookers are not a successor. My understanding is that the Leaders were organized by Chico Freeman, while the instigator for the Cookers seems to be David Weiss.
  4. The Leaders

    Although they may not have equaled the sume of all the parts, or the expectations based on the caliber of musicians, I enjoyed the group. Yes more straight-ahead than expected, but solid. I saw them live once at Sweet Basil and was not disappointed. Don Cherry was the original trumpet in the band for a period of time before it recorded. Eddie Henderson and Bobby Watson replaced Bowie and Blythe in an even more conservative iteration of the ensemble.
  5. PM re: Ornette Coleman Virgin Beauty RK 44301 $5
  6. Grachan Moncur III Has Died - RIP

    A private recording of at least one set exists.
  7. I received my copy yesterday.
  8. Alto Saxophone/Guitar Duos

    I completely forgot about that one!
  9. Alto Saxophone/Guitar Duos

  10. David Murray - Seriana Promethea

    He and Jaimie Branch were guests on a Dave Gisler Intakt release. He has also mentioned several times in streamed concerts I have seen recently that he also recorded a new octet album, which is supposed to be released some time in the near future.
  11. David Murray - Seriana Promethea

    It has been a few years. He had a duet recording with Aki Takase on Intakt, and another recording as a leader, Blues For Memo, both recorded in 2016.
  12. Ricky Ford

    After many years, a new Ricky Ford recording. Still playing strong on these mostly concise tracks.