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  1. Vision Festival 2018

    Sunday the 27th
  2. I am going to make an effort to catch the 5/19 show in Newburgh, NY.
  3. I have had copies of the radio broadcast for years. If I can remember I will look for the set list in my archives.
  4. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    From where?
  5. Taylor Ho Bynum 9-tette at Real Art Ways in Hartford. Taylor Ho Bynum – cornet, compositions Jim Hobbs – alto saxophone Ingrid Laubrock – tenor and soprano saxophones Bill Lowe – bass trombone and tuba Mary Halvorson – electric guitar Tomeka Reid – cello Stomu Takeishi – electric bass guitar Ken Filiano – acoustic bass Tomas Fujiwara – drums
  6. I already have my Firehouse 12 Spring Series season pass. So, unless an unexpected childcare conflict arises, I will see you on March 23rd.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I ordered from Downtown Music Gallery not long ago.
  8. Mark Turner

    Prior thread. Maybe this should be merged with the other.
  9. Mark Turner

    I am a big fan. I think you will find board members divided on Turner. Some of our more prominent members are bewildered (to put it nicely) as to why he is considered as influential as he is among younger saxophonists and regarded so highly by many fans. I have been a fan since my connect in the old J&R Music Store in Manhattan hipped me to his first Warner Brothers recording in 1995. In the days when I seemed to have more time I even compiled and regularly updated his discography through 2012 which was published here
  10. LF: Abdullah Ibrahim: Ekaya on CD

    I might be able to. Although it is set up, my turntable is not perfectly calibrated at this time. Even my non-audiophile ears can hear the difference in the sound quality, but it is essentially listenable.
  11. Mars Williams presents an Ayler xmas

    It's part of the Pioneer Valley Jazz Shares series which presents a lot of concerts in Western, MA. I may catch the Holyoke or Newburgh show.
  12. vinnie golia quartet

    Just pre-ordered a copy.
  13. Corbett v Dempsey

    According to the email sent regarding the McPhee: Asked which of his out-of-print records he’d like to see available again, multi-instrumentalist Joe McPhee’s response was immediate: The Willisau Concert! Recorded at the Swiss festival that gave it its name in 1975, it appeared a year later as Hat Hut B, the second of the new label’s great letter series. It came packaged gorgeously in a double-gatefold with artist Klaus Baumgärtner’s stunning pen-and-ink work on the inside and out and a little hand-colored Swiss flag on the interior of each copy. Returning to the music, it’s easy to hear why McPhee holds it so dear. He’s in absolute top form on tenor and soprano saxophones, ranging from the relaxed and confident Afro-conscious feel of Nation Time to areas of more diffuse and textural investigation. John Snyder’s analog synthesizer is brilliant and hyperbolic, a surprisingly hand-in-glove match for McPhee, not dissimilar to their collaboration on the CjR release Pieces of Light. South African drummer Makaya Ntshoko is the surprise element, a guest whose sensitivity and warmth are everywhere evident, even when he kicks the energy up a notch. Along with McPhee originals, this reissue includes a never-released bonus, their take on the classic “God Bless the Child,” a total heartbreaker. The CD has been designed as a facsimile cover of the LP, respecting the beautiful and original graphic work on this classic record. Never before available in any digital form, remastered from the original tapes, The Willisau Concert is restored to its place as one of McPhee’s masterpieces. The email announcement also states a couple of the other releases are also remastered from the original tapes.