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  1. what are you drinking right now?

    2019 Dirty and Rowdy Skin and Concrete Egg Fermented Semillon...funky, cloudy goodness!
  2. What Are You Watching

    Amazon Prime...Upload...loving the humor and sci-fi attitude...watched seven out of ten episodes already.
  3. Wine pairings advise sought..

    With trout, I'm probably leaning toward a crisp, unoaked white with low ABV and nice bright acidity. Specific suggestions...Tablas Creek Grenache Blanc or Vermentino. Sicilian whites would also pair well... Another option would be Arneis from Piemonte. Sancerre would world as well, but Sauvignon Blanc can be a bit boring. By the way, your pizza looks amazing...I would probably pair it with a Dolcetto and Barbera. Traditional pizza wines would have to include Chianti Classico.
  4. Amazon stops here about six or seven times a far, no noticeable problems. I remember refusing for years to spend the money for Prime..I was an idiot (not the first time, nor most likely the last). Amazon Prime is one of the best bargains....ever. I have issues with Mr. Bezos and his attitude...but not with his service or his vision.
  5. what are you drinking right now?

    2014 Kutch Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay and 2012 Kutch Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir...wonderful opportunity to video Zoom taste with owner and winemaker Jamie Kutch tonight....the pinot was ripe and open...the chard was life-altering.
  6. COVID-19

    Starting to sound serious. Anthony Fauci testified today that very possibly 1 of every 3 Americans could get the virus. And possibly 20% of those over 80 or compromised could expire. I'm 68 and diabetic...not flying anywhere, not leaving the house unnecessarily, and thinking of blowing off concert plans for the summer (Elton John, James Taylor, Lady Gaga)!
  7. McCoy Tyner has died, aged 81

    Sweet peace much talent, so much love...
  8. Rest Easy Mom & Dad

    Hard to get my mind around two fundamental life losses so close together. Grace and peace...gather and hug the rest of those you love and share some stories-they always help.
  9. Best track you heard all week

    I'm sorry to admit that I've been totally oblivious to the music of Joe Henry. I've got the passion of a new convert. His new album, "The Gospel According to Water" is revelatory. I'm gobsmacked. Just bought seats to see him in Chicago in February and I'm so excited I can't sit still!
  10. Do you wear a watch?

    Addicted to the watch...just upgraded my Tag Heuer ( 6 or 7 years old) to an Omega Moonwatch....sorry...I'm a victim of conspicuous consumption.
  11. Michael Weiss All-analog LP reissue

    Also in for a signed copy. Good luck Michael.
  12. Once upon a time I thought multiple discs of Nat King Cole was overkill. Then I got the Mosaic Set at a decent price. Just pre-ordered the new Resonance LP set, and quite happy to do so.
  13. what are you drinking right now?

    Nice choice on the Tablas Vermentino...went through three cases of last years iteration. Probably my favorite patio/mid-summer quaffing wine of all time. My order this year goes in towards the end of July.
  14. what are you drinking right now?

    2016 Hirsch Vineyards of my perennial favorites.
  15. what are you drinking right now?

    I have a few K Syrahs from Old Bones, a Royal City, and a Skull...but these wines are mammoth. Two glasses and you need a nap. I have more stuff from Cristophe Baron at Cayuse than I can drink. And stylistically, I'm moving away from these wines. Even get to Chicago we can pull a few corks. I grew up in the Yakima Valley and lately I've been searching out Wash. Chenin Blanc for patio wines...someone 40 years ago planted Chenin Blanc in Washington for some reason, but I think theres only about 60 acres left. Bone dry, unoaked, and refreshing...reminiscent of loire chenin.