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  1. The Rolling Stones at Soldier Field. Another "bucket-list" item.
  2. The Tolliver set is favorite Mosaic Select. And thats a great price for a relatively rare set.
  3. Blue Note - Vinyl Me, Please Anthology

    Pre-sale starts today...1000 spots available...$230 for six vinyl albums, access to social media Facebook site, access to three podcasts and..."some extra surprises along the way." Sounds expensive, elitist, and overly curated.
  4. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    Seen Van 3 times in the past 3 years...and tickets to see him in Chicago in April. He never really engages with the banter. But the band is tight and largely jazz/blues/R&B oriented. He remains, IMO, a total original vocal interpreter of whatever he choses to sing. Goosebumps, tears, and loud cheers are my physical response. The man somehow manages to weave some magic sort of soul that speaks to me at a deep, subconscious level. For me, the experience is worth 10 times the price of a ticket.
  5. How's the weather?

    It warmed up to -16 this morning but the wind has calmed significantly. 30 MPH gusts Wednesday brought wind chill to -50 during the day. Cabin fever is rising...looking forward to Monday when high is anticipated to be 51.
  6. what are you drinking right now?

    2008 Dom Perignon, 2008 Roederer Cristal, Jacques Selosse NV Substance, 2013 Cedric Bouchard "Roses de Jeanne" Borloree, NV Cedric Bouchard "Roses de Jeanne" Vilaine for New Years Day. Five great bottles of champagne, five pounds of king crab legs, rare beef tenderloin sliders and six very good friends. A very happy new year 'y'all.
  7. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    I like Van's latest "The Prophet Speaks"...but I'm still loving his double blues album "Roll With the Punches" a bit more. And my birthday present to myself in late April is tickets to see Van at The Chicago Theatre. Van in April, Stones in June...looks like a geriatric summer for me.
  8. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I also have only a marginal interest at the moment for the music. But if I have learned anything over the past 10 years of my odyssey into jazz, I will in all likelihood move in that direction and kick myself in the butt for buying on the secondary market after Mosaic sells though their limited run. Basically a no-brainer. "Sold!"
  9. Mosaic CD Sets For Sale

    PM sent on the Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter set.
  10. New server and increased cost...

    Donation sent. Thanks once again, Jim for all you do to keep this place operating.
  11. Paul Simon

    Lucky enough to have seen Paul and company last month in Chicago on his self-admitted "retirement tour". He is traveling with the six-piece "neo-chamber" ensemble consisting of string-trio, flute, clarinet, and trumpet. An interesting crossover from classical and pop on a couple of lessor-known Paul Simon songs. And he always has a kick-ass small brass trio to assist in those lively salsa accented tunes from the 70's. The voice? A bit weak and wavery on the first tune. But he settled in and seemed to grow stronger as the night progressed. A living legend who still seems able to bring it and enjoy doing it. The solo acoustic version of Song of Silence was worth the price of admission and managed to bring a tear to my jaded eyes. Dylan and Paul Simon are America's greatest living songwriters. See him while you can.
  12. Happy Birthday Stephenrr!

    Thanks...celebrated by spinning all four LPs of the Mosaic Bud Powell (better than I recalled) and a couple of Pappy Van Winkle rye Manhattans (doesn't get any better). Finally capable of filing for full Social Security. An "old-fart trifecta", I guess.
  13. New server and increased cost...

    Jim, a huge "thank you" for your behind the scenes contributions to keep this place up and running. Your time and money are appreciated more than you know. Of course we need to pitch in for the upgrade. Count on my contributions to continue on a more frequent basis. Happy New Year to you and yours.
  14. Last Minute NYC Music Options

    Thanks for the input...In for second show of George Coleman Friday night. Checked out the other options...between Fred Hersch Trio at the Vangard and Coleman. Happy to see a couple living legends. Both the Saturday shows look amazing, but I think Saturday's given over to Broadway. But you're entirely right about the abundance of current options.
  15. Tagging along on wife's conference in Manhattan. Any hidden gems this coming weekend: Friday Nov 3 or Saturday Nov 4?