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  1. I saw that too. It shows the Savory collection as being delayed until April as well. I don't have any information but would be interested if anyone else does. Going to be a very late Christmas present hahahahaha.
  2. Uptown Releases 2017?

    Looking into it, according to Peter Losin’s site, there’s a version of Now’s the Time with Bird from October 1, 1949 at the Bluebird Inn in Detroit that is/was scheduled for that release.
  3. Uptown Releases 2017?

    That’s the one with the unreleased Charlie Parker song on it right? Something like Detroit Jazz before Motown.
  4. New Soul Station XRCD Blue Note - out now. Sounds great!

    That was true at the time of the post but since then those 4 titles have come back in stock (Soul Station was out of print too but has since returned). So if you were considering purchasing a copy of one of these from a second-hand dealer for more than retail price, this might be a better option.
  5. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    A few days ago I went to buy this one. It was there the night before but gone that day. Hopefully everyone except me that wanted it got it before that happened!
  6. I know the email from mosaic said last chance for this set, but now it’s really showing on the last chance list and not running low list like it was earlier today.
  7. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    From what I've noticed this is exactly correct. I've bought about 15 of them so far. Comparing the sound to the samples of the blue note masterworks they sound the same to me. Also, they all have the bonus tracks that were only available on these editions. Not definitive proof, but compelling.
  8. I was just wondering the same thing. How many times are the Japanese going to release some of these albums? As someone still new to listening to jazz there's a bunch of these I don't own, so if there's anyone with mastering information I'll probably get some of them as long as they're done decently.