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  1. Yeah mine arrived yesterday. I preordered within the first few hours it was available and mine is numbered 2 thousand something which I couldn’t really care less about. I knew they didn’t go in exact order but I thought it was more in order than that. On the other hand I would love for them to have sold that many already. And for those who get tired of only hearing about shipping notifications: the first 3 Coleman Hawkins tunes are the only ones I’ve heard so far. I am astounded by the audio quality seeing that it’s from 1940. And each song is truly a treasure. To think how close these recordings were to being lost forever. Might take a while to get to disks 5 and 6 which are made up completely of Count Basie material - what I’ve been looking forward to the most. But so far I’m enjoying it and hope you all do too. Long live Mosaic!
  2. Yep same here. I figured it might take longer than usual because they don’t have extra pieces of this set sitting around the shop yet.
  3. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    I ordered it too. If you have a student or military ID you get a pretty sweet discount so it comes to 16 and change.
  4. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    I wouldn’t worry too much. As an Orioles fan since I was born in ‘85 (two years after their last World Series championship in ‘83), I’ve seen this happen every year. Yankees bring in the expensive big name players. They struggle a little at the beginning, then the mix between the expensive off-season signees and their always amazing farm system grown players start to gel and they end up grinding us and Tampa into the ground. I know it’s been a while since the Yankees have won the division outright, but I have a feeling my poor Orioles have squandered their last opportunity at making a real playoff push for many years to come. With the possibility of losing Machado (to the Yankees is my guess) and Jones this offseason, it’s probably going to be the better part of a decade before we might field a team that can compete. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the Yankees struggle. It does my heart good. But it never lasts.
  5. Very excited, mine arrived today! But while burning all the discs to my computer I noticed that I have duplicates of discs 3 & 4 and no discs 5 & 6. Just something to be looking for. I emailed Mosaic, so I'm sure they'll get it straight. I hope that its just a one-off mistake with mine.
  6. Congratulations! My wife got the email that it was sent to warehouse for delivery yesterday I think. Let us know what you think.
  7. I may be way off, but I remember most of the selects missing a disc. But as mjzee said, Scott has been super helpful to me so I’m sure he won’t mind helping you.
  8. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    What's happening with this release? The Amazon price jumped to 49.98 USD in the US. I preordered it a long time ago at the lower price, but it hasn't arrived yet and the tracking says there's been a shipping delay. The 8-11 days thing seems to me to be due to more demand than there is supply, but that is pure conjecture based on no facts by me. I know that almost everyone here has had these recordings from previous releases, but personally I've never heard them. I'm excited about it but not angry about the delay. I know it will arrive eventually.
  9. Well yesterday I made my pilgrimage of sorts to Stamford from Baltimore (about a 4 hour drive each way, not too bad). A great experience. Got to talk to Scott and Michael which was really nice. Turns out Scott and I are both Towson graduates which was neat to find out. He said they need more young people like me getting into the music (I’m 32, so not really all that young but hey thanks). I’ll also say there’s quite a bit more than what’s on the circulating list, especially in the partial sets department, so if you have the opportunity, do stop in. I ended up purchasing a copy of the Basie Clef/Verve set (amazing, listened to the first 4 discs on the drive back), the HRS sessions and an incomplete Earl Hines set. Would have bought more but cash is always tight with a young family. Scott said that this was all part of the master plan to keep the business viable and I think every single person that stopped in said they hope there’s still a long future for the company. He also said the Teddy Wilson set sounds amazing and that the preorders should be finished being shipped out next week which has already been mentioned on the board. Very excited for that one to arrive.
  10. Unfortunately it’s up to 29.63 from third party sellers. And 8-11 days delay from Amazon? I preordered at the relatively high amazon price months ago and they just sent me a notice it won’t arrive on time.
  11. Sorry, that was me. I edited my post. Because of a private message from a member here I was unsure if Mosaic wanted the list publicly published, and the last thing I would want to do is act outside of their desire. They are my absolute favorite record label as I'm sure they are for a lot of people on this board. J.A.W. posted the link with the available products a few posts up and I know from previous posts he is very careful not to put out anything Mosaic doesn't want released. So hopefully no harm no foul.
  12. Planning on driving up to Connecticut on Thursday. Maybe see some of you there!
  13. Thank you so much for relaying that information. Fantastic news. I can’t wait! That means we should have it sometime in the next week or so.
  14. *****Lester Young Corner*****

    For what it’s worth (probably not much), that is something I would preorder immediately no matter the cost.
  15. Thelonious Monk and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    Damn that’s cool! Thanks for posting here. Two great people who were about the best ever at what they did.