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  1. Nu Jazz Anthology

    Hi folks, Do you like Nu jazz? I created my very personal Nu Jazz Anthology by gathering tunes from these genres : Nu Jazz | Jazz House | Electronic Jazz | Electro-jazz | E-jazz | Smooth Jazz | Jazz Lounge Do you have something to suggest to complete this collection?
  2. Bluesy jazz ?

    Great songs! Thank you so much!
  3. Bluesy jazz ?

    Great! Thanks to you both.
  4. Bluesy jazz ?

    Hi all, I would like to know what's for you the best "bluesy jazz"? I mean a melancholic jazz who seems like blues. Here are some songs I gathered. I'm looking for stuff like this. Thanks a lot for your recommandations. Freddie Hubbard - Lonely Soul - A Soul Experiment Tony Scott - Blues For Charlie Parker - Born to be Blue Jazz Charles Mingus - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Ah Um Art Pepper - The Prisoner - Winter Moon (Remastered) Alif Tree - I Feel Blue - French Cuisine Horace Parlan - Oh So Blue - The Complete Horace Parlan Blue Note Sessions (2000 - Remaster) Jackie McLean - Love And Hate - Destination...Out! Stanley Clarke - Yesterday Princess - Stanley Clarke Kai Winding - Laura - Suspense Themes In Jazz Nicholas Payton;Dr. John;Dianne Reeves - Blues In The Night - Dear Louis Studio Musicians - Blues for the Weepers - Jazz Cabaret Songs Blue Mitchell - Park Avenue Petite - Blue Soul [Keepnews Collection] Donald Byrd - Cristo Redentor - A New Perspective (The Rudy Van Gelder Edition) The Viscounts - Harlem Nocturne - Single Version - Harlem Nocturne Wynton Marsalis - Indelible and Nocturnal - Standard Time Vol. 2: Intimacy Calling Miles Davis - Blue in Green - Kind Of Blue (Legacy Edition) Shelly Manne;And His Men - The Wind - The Vinyl Masters More Swinging Sounds Zoot Sims - Evening in Paris - Zoot Sims avec Henri Renaud et son orchestre Here is the spotify link :
  5. Jazz from the Middle East

    Hi folks, I collected some tracks from the arabic jazz world. A little taste of the Middle East through jazz sonorities... Please have a look and don't hesitate to suggest me missing tracks or artists : Thanks!
  6. Jazzy trip-hop mix

    Here is a collection of tracks exemplifying the essence of a melancholic night of solitude. Jazzy trip-hop/electro tunes filled with ambience and quiet mood. Perfect for a late night drive (or a solo night in). As the city sleeps, allow these tunes to keep you company. All suggestions are welcome!
  7. [Playlist] Femmes fatales & Detectives

    Thank you page. I will explore all your suggestions!
  8. [Playlist] Femmes fatales & Detectives

    Yes. But I don't like this song very much...
  9. [Playlist] L'heure du crime

  10. Jazz for the inky black stain of shadows once the clock get on the wrong side of midnight.
  11. Film noir playlist

    Yes. To be honest I understand the inconvenient of my playlist. It's not a "long string of one générique after another", but it's the repetition because every music is in the same calm mood with same instruments. But I like it so. And here are two other playlists more dynamic. L'heure du crime : Spy game :
  12. Film noir playlist

    I know it. You were kind and BBS too. Maybe I seemed offended but I'm not. ( I'm no so fluent in English, sorry). I only wanted to clarify my way of thinking and my approach about this playlist. The experience you speak about is very interesting, indeed.
  13. Film noir playlist

    Hey! Thanks for this good feedback. Actually, I'm not a purist. I didn't want to follow the jazz history or stay loyal to a genre in particular. I called my playlist "film noir" but what was really important for me was to create a dark/noir mood ; the one of the lonely detective walking alone through dark streets. I wanted to put some tracks together to inspire a long, lonely and melancholic ride. I agree with you, it's something out of my mind and my imagination (but maybe a collective imagination also) and who has never existed. I'm making another jazz playlist who will be called "L'heure du crime/the time of the crime" (excuse my French). Inside I will put other tracks, more frightening, more striking and more dynamic. It will be a different face of the "film noir". As I created "Femmes fatales & Detectives" with warm women voices. What is important for me when I listen to music is to see pictures, scenes and to travel through notes... I love music when it takes me for a ride. If you look to my profile picture, you will see a smoking cat who's called Blacksad and who is a character in a "noir" comic strip. And so, you would say : "oh! that's not correct, in a true film noir, there aren't speaking and smoking animals...". The creators took the genre's codes and did something else with them. As Alexandre Dumas once said: "Yes, I'm raping History, but I make so beautiful babies with". (Sorry for my poor English...) Yes "Ascenseur pour échafaud" and I put the "generique" in my playlist. The whole album is very good but I had to choose.