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  1. Best Hammond Organ Clone 2017

    Hey Jim Thanks for you answer it was really helpful the budget is around 3000 euro and i really need a portable organ that sounds good/more close to the real deal ...if this is even possible.. i am between Uhl-Instruments X3-2 , Hammond sk2, the mojo and the viscound Legend live
  2. Best Hammond Organ Clone 2017

    I'm considering to buy new clonewheel. Cost apart - & just purely on sound quality - does an XK3C beat an SK (or XK1c) ? Does the XK5 beat the XK3c ? How does the Mojo rank against all the Hammond clones? i heard many good things about the Mojo but i didnt play one.. i currently have a hammond XK3C system which sounds awesome but its really heavy to carry it around ( 2 pieces) for gigs.i also saw some youtube videos about the Viscount legend keyb organ and i really like it. also the Uhl-Instruments X3-2 sounds really nice.any thoughts? which one sounds better?