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  1. BFT # 157 Discussion

    You have listened very closely. Your comments show that. You have guessed Dave Douglas correctly on Track 2. Donny McCaslin is not on this Track 2. It is not Rich Perry on Track 3. It is not Paquito D'Rivera on Track 7. It is not Turtle Island String Quartet on Track 9. It is not Marc Ribot on Track 12. It is not Eddie Moore on Track 14.
  2. BFT # 157 Discussion

    You have provided some interesting comments. Your guesses are not right.
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Herbie Hancock: Speak Like a Child
  4. BFT # 157 Discussion

    You are correct. It is the Masada String Trio.
  5. BFT # 157 Discussion

    Very interesting comments. The music moved you at times which is good. Sorry but none of your guesses were right. For Track #9, you are right about Erik Friedlander. He is the cellist. You are not right about the other musicians.
  6. BFT # 157 Discussion

    It would be interesting to get your reactions to the music, even if you do not identify anyone.
  7. BFT # 157 Discussion

    I had more than one theme in mind. That is all I want to say about it now.
  8. BFT # 157 Discussion

    I like your comments. Track 1. I would not have thought of George Shearing with regard to this track, but it is an interesting comparison. Eddie Higgins is not on this track. It is from a later date than any of George Shearing's recordings. Track 2. I agree with the Blue Note feel. It is not Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter. Track 3. It is not Gerald Wilson. Track 4. It is not Jack Wilson, but I understand why you would say that. Track 5. Andrew Hill is an interesting comparison, but not correct. I like your comment about whole other level of intensity. I agree with that. Track 6. Insightful comments about the guitar. It is not a 1970s fusion date. Bill Frisell is a good guess, but it is not him. Track 7. You are making some excellent points. This is both authentically Latin and jazz aware. It is newer than any Herbie Mann. I think that Eddie Palmieri is still active, but it is not him. Track 8. I agree that this is very accomplished piano. Not Hilton Ruiz. Track 9..It is violin on top, not viola. Mat Maneri is a great guess, but it is not him. Track 10. You do not have the instrumentation quite correct. This is an unusual album though. It is not Richard Galliano. Track 11. That is an intriguing description of this track. It is not Gil Evans, but I can see why you would say that. Track 12. Not Dick Dale, no. Track 13. It is an exotica piece, and you have guessed right. It is a John Zorn project. Track 14. There is no guitar synthesizer on this album. It is not David Fiuczynski.
  9. An attempted commercial album is McCoy Tyler's 1982 album on Columbia, Looking Out. It has synthesizers, vocalist Phyllis Hyman, and musicians such as Carlos Santana and Stanley Clarke. It was not a commercial success.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Duke Ellington: The Ellington Suites
  11. *** SUN RA Corner***

    The Youngquist book sounds interesting.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Duke Ellington: Far East Suite