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  1. Unheard Miles and Coltrane.

    Buddy Montgomery's time with Davis is documented on pages 186-189 or the Coltrane Reference. There were apparently gigs in Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco just prior to the Spring 196- European tour that folks are familiar with. There are references to the possibility of a tape from the March 4, 1960 San Francisco Civic Auditorium gig on pages 189 and 575. This is being discussed on the Wynton Kelly/Cecil Payne thread where Medjuck reported that he captured the Clyp audio . I got it too. Easy enough to record with Audacity. It's a needle drop with a fair amount of surface noise but the tenor solo on "So What" is as long or longer than anything from the tour. OTOH, Wynton Kelly's piano solo was either missed or cut out from "So What" and the second piece is severely truncated. outstanding find.
  2. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    Probably March 4, 1960, San Francisco Civic Auditorium.
  3. Mose Davis is alive and well and living in Atlanta, GA

    In the early 1970's, before the word "disco" became associated with TSOP, the hustle and leisure suits, there was a dance club scene in New York that heavily featured records from bands like Mandrill, War, Mother Night, Cymande, BT Express...and the Counts. "What's Up Front That Counts" got a fair amount play in those clubs. You would hear "Rhythm Changes" in the mix but the title cut was the kind of thing that got played later in the night for the hard core crowd when things got heated up. Props to Mose. Glad he's still around. If you communicate with him again, tell him that some of his constituents from back in the day are still alive and kickin', too.
  4. Past Daily Music Archive

    The link to the full jazz archive is here. My problem with Past Daily is that the archive is not in any kind of order, alphabetical or whatever. You can run searches on it or page through it. I've done the latter and it takes awhile...the pages come up slowly. The search function on the site is...clunky. The Rollins-Roach-Merrit Stockholm 1966 date I mentioned in another thread is on this site. I considered that to be a real find. I've not seen that date anywhere else. There's also an interesting date by the Blue Notes from 1964 at Rondebosch Town Hall in SA. The Blakey San Remo date is on youtube. There are, I believe, several versions including at least one with a lengthy introduction (in Italian) by the mc. The Booker Ervin date is out there on the circuit. No need to settle for iffy MP3's. Past Daily is not what I would call a go-to site but it's worth the occasional perusal if you have the time and the inclination and you've run out of other options for whatever you're looking for.
  5. Jazz Oracle

    10... The two alternates are part of the 35. 3/25/25 Piron's New Orleans Orchestra Red Man Blues Do Just as I Say 3/7/27 Louis Dumaine's Jazzola Eight Pretty Audrey To-Wa-Bac-A-Wa Franklin Street Blues Red Onion Drag 11/15/29 Jones-Collins Astoria Hot eight Astoria Stomp Duet stomp Hot Weather Tip Easy Blues All 35 tracks are in the JSP box set "Breaking Out of New Orleans 1922-1929
  6. Sonny Rollins and Max Roach

    I was wondering whether or not someone would reference the "Cotton Club" or the "Town Casino" or the "Continental Restaurant" in this thread. February 1956, Town Casino, Buffalo, NY 1) Introduction :52 2) Daahoud 6:36 3) Announcement and interview w/ Max Roach 1:09 4) Round Midnight 8:14 5) Announcement :38 6) Blues Walk 7:12 7) Closing announcement :50 Early 1956, Chicago 1st set 1) Untitled Blues (incomplete) 14:08 2nd set 2) More Than You Know (featuring Sonny Rollins) 3:50 3) Embraceable You (featuring Clifford Brown) 3:18 4) I’ll Remember April (fragment) 14:52 5) Wee Dot (fragment) 8:44 3rd Set 6) 52nd Street Theme 6:05 7) I’ll See You In My Dreams 4:54 8) These Foolish Things (featuring George Morrow) 3:17 1956, unknown location 1) I'll Remember April 18:47 2) What's New 3:50 3) Daahoud 10:20 4) Lover Man 6:32 5) 52nd Street Theme 6:18 April 28, 1956, New York, Basin Street 1) Waltz Hot 7:43 2) I Feel a Song Comin' on 5:17 May 16, 1956, New York, Basin Street (Willie Jones substitutes for Max Roach) 1) What's New 3:16 2) Daahoud 5:22 3) Sweet Clifford 5:37 May 28 – June 3, 1956, Cleveland, OH, Cotton Club 1st set 1) Introduction by Clifford Brown 1:29 2) Take the A Train 13:39 3) Introduction by Max Roach 0:39 4) Darn That Dream (featuring Sonny Rollins) 3:55 5) Intermission announcement by Clifford Brown 0:35 6) Nice Work If You Can Get It (incomplete) 18:51 2nd set 7) Jordu 17:26 3rd set 8) Introduction by Max Roach :44 9) Get Happy (incomplete) 22:21 10) Valse Hot (fragment) 3:43 June 18, 1956, Continental Restaurant, Norfolk, VA 1st set 1) Introduction 1:07 2) Just One Of Those Things 20:02 3) You Go To My Head 8:52 4) Good Bait (incomplete) 15:23 2nd set 1) One For My Baby and One More For the Road 4:07 (featuring Richie Powell) 2) Someone To Watch Over Me (featuring Sonny Rollins) 4:04 3) Announcement :51 4) What’s New (featuring Clifford Brown) 4:04 5) Announcement by Max Roach :38 6) These Foolish Things (featuring George Morrow) 3:38 December 10, 1956, New York, Café Bohemia (Kenny Dorham replaces Clifford Brown) 1) Valse Hot 5:50 2) I Get A Kick Out of You 16:06 December 15, 1956, New York, Café Bohemia (Kenny Dorham replaces Clifford Brown) 1) I Feel A Song Coming On 10:10 2) Daahoud (incomplete) 2:35 This is not a strict, chronological discographical listing because, for instance, the material listed from the Cotton Club did not come to me labeled as "sets". This is just the way it was grouped and this was the simplest way to list it here. Same thing with the "Early Chicago 1956" material. The Continental Restaurant material, OTOH, is two legitimate sets. The broader point is that all of this material, excepting the last two sets with Kenny Dorham, was issued on Philology in the "Brownie's Eyes" series and it has been subsequently re-booted on a variety of labels including RLR. I compiled it for my own listening years ago and I got 5-6 cd's out of it. Note that the "1956 unknown location" set is the Elektra/Pure Genius material. I think the Philology boot was after the Elektra issue. Also, the second of the Basin Street dates does not feature Max Roach. Willie Jone was the substitute. Both dates were issued on Ingo as lp's and then re-booted on cd...I believe on RLR again. But to the question at the beginning of this post, there' actually quite a bit of Sonny and Max on record. And don't forget Freedom Suite.
  7. Sonny Rollins and Max Roach

    Sonny Rollins, Jymie Merit, Max Roach November 1, 1966, Paris Will You Still Be Mine Medley - There Will Never Be Another You / Three Little Words (almost a half hour) November 6, 1966, England, Reading University, add Ronnie Matthews (p); TV show, "Jazz Goes to College" St. Thomas (just a very short introduction) Will You Still Be Mine (about 25 minutes) November 10, 1966, Stockholm, Koncerthuset There Will Never Be Another You November 11, 1966 Copenhagen, Tivoli's Koncertsal It Could Happen to You (about 17 minutes) November 12, 1966, Graz, Love Walked In, Jazz Connoisseru JC108 Lover (about 16 minutes), Unique Jazz UJ29 Poinciana (about 16 minutes), Jazz Connoisseru JC108 The Graz concert does indeed run very fast. I slowed mine down by matching the pitch of Nommo (Roach quintet part of the concert) to the "Drums Unlimited" lp. Nommo still plays faster thant the lp but the resulting pitches on the Rollins part of the concert sound about right. Lover, from the Graz concert, has been my favorite Rollins solo for a long time. The long medley from Paris is a spectacular performance from all involved. Recently found the Stockholm concert, which also has tracks by the Roach quintet. The Stockholm was a surprise to me but, overall, this stuff is not terribly rare.
  8. Archie Shepp photo

    Can't identify the bass player but this photo suggests the pictures might be from the Actuel festival. That's Zappa with Shepp.
  9. Down Beat Jazz Festival

    Yes. And the Trane set is the one with Shepp. Tape exists.
  11. File format

    Many thanks for this. Second or third time I've gotten a foobar recommendation. I'm on it.
  12. File format

    Has anyone encountered with the extension <.ape>? I've googled it and it appears to be a lossless format similar to flac but with minimal "platform" support. I received a file in this format and am looking to convert it to wav. There is an encoder/decoder at but I have no experience with the format or the software and am wary about downloading the app. Anyone have experience with this?
  13. "South African Jazz"

    Whew... Many thanks for this info, Dave. You are correct viz. MalwareBytes though I let my premium lapse. That's what initially alerted me to the problem, though. I'm going to follow your advice...and proceed with caution. Looking forward to hearing some of the material at electricjive.
  14. "South African Jazz"

    Following up on some older posts regarding the electricjive site, can anyone comment on their experience with mediafire? My malwarebytes explodes when I have tried to follow the download links, though I have done so much more recently than the posts that cited electricjive. Any comments or advice would be welcome.
  15. Cecil Taylor RIP

    Huh... Murray did talk about it here.