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  1. And the entire history of the board will provide an amazing portrait of the sanctimoniousness of others.
  2. Alvin Queen micro-corner

    Can't say I've ever heard this one. But the name 'Fred Pronk' makes me smile
  3. I can't speak for a 'Missouri whooping' but in Australia I guess it would translate this way...that Pitt was 'gonna punch the shit out of the sad ****'. At the very least.
  4. Grady Tate Has Died

    No vocals. But is this ONE HELL OF A GROOVE!!!!!!!
  5. What About Jazz "Earworms"?

    You shouldn't have let him get away. He may never be seen again.
  6. The Grant Green documentary is available for viewing on Vimeo.
  7. After 37 miserable years my team finally played in and won the Grand Final GA. One of the happiest day of my life on Saturday!!! 100,000 people there. I couldn't get a ticket to the Grand Final, but got to go to the Preliminary Final, it was nearly as good. The 'Tiger Army' was reborn!!! It's been a double blessing this weekend. Winning the Grand Final, and the Grant Green documentary appears on Vimeo the next day!!!!!!!
  8. I went to the Vanguard and Smoke on the same night when i was in NY in April. I was intending to go to Smoke but it was a total fluke I went to The Vanguard. I was strollling around and looked up and saw the Village Vanguard sign. I just had to go in and catch a set. Scott Colley Quartet was playing. I then went over to Smoke and lucked out as Bernstein was playing with Mike Ledonne. They seemed to play for a good while, but a young German kid eventually sat in on guitar. The next night at Smoke was the highlight though...Mel Davis on Organ and Marvin Horne playing guitar with a great sax player and funky young drummer. Now that was something special. It was like walking into a Charles Kynard album!!! The next night would have been very special as well, which was an 80th birthday gig for Mr Reuben Wilson, however I had to catch a plane to Mississippi and couldn't attend. i was very dissapointed about that, but I had no idea the Organ would be at Smoke while I was in NYC and couldn't alter my itenarary. Smokes a tiny little bar
  9. Schoolboy Porter

    Not quite guitar, but Wilton Felder, sax and bass. Although there is also Olu Daru, trumpet and guitar, Blood Ulmer, flute and guitar.
  10. George Adams, anyone?

    The two Adams/Ulmer Phalanx sessions on DIW are really special. Sirone and Rashid Ali on those. Very majestic. There are compositions by all except Rashid I think. Some very deep playing by George Adams on those. The DIW albums are 'chamber jazz' for want of a better term, while the band with Amin Ali and Calvin Weston above is a 'harmolodic bar band' for want of a better term
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Luxuriating on this newly discovered delight no end.
  12. The Bad Plus

    I resemble that remark. The Necks used to play annual sell out gigs at my local Rock venue in Melbourne every New Years eve. Not a small venue either. I guess they're also bit old hat now these days...
  13. The Bad Plus

    True. I guess I picture an audience that probably also listens to The Necks. Not that there's anything wrong with that Necks lovers!!
  14. The Bad Plus

    Knock Knock - Has anyone been essentialising me today? Essentialiser #1 No way...not me. Essentialiser #2 No ma'am, no way, not me either.