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  1. There appears to be a similar treasure of resources from Juma Sultan's archives documented here...
  2. Chappaqua Suite

    I can't quite was a long time ago.
  3. Live gigs featuring Grant Green, Larry Young, and Elvin Jones?

    I'm sure I've read in notes, something to the effect that 'Green, Young and Jones' performed gigs together when they were in the New York area at the same time. Can't recollect the exact source. My first guess would have been the Mosaic Larry Young booklet. Otherwise, Lonnie Smith has stated Green's working trio around the time of the Blue Note Green/Young/Jones sessions was Green/Young and Otis' Candy 'Finch. Edit - yep. Page 1 of the Larry Young Mosaic notes by Cuscuna. "Larry, Grant and Elvin would work in the New York area whenever possible. Larry Coryell remembers moving from Washington state and running up to Harlem to hear them...." There is more detailed recollections from Coryell in various sources including his Autobiography if I remember correctly.
  4. Yes, the White Australia Policy was still in force until '75 when Whitlam introduced the Racial Discrimination Act to the parliament of so called Australia. Let it not be understated that so called Australia was the progenitor of South African Apartheid. Although perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, African American entertainers, both visiting and emigres, were treated much more inclusively here in the ensuing decades than the vilification and marginalisation Aboriginal people continued to endure.
  5. I always associated the second one with David Murray. Whether it was real or implied. My first Black Saint albums back in the day were David Murray albums, so it fits for me. What a great record label Black Saint and Soul Note were back then.
  6. Nonagenarian Jazz Musicians

    Yes. One of the most rewarding and comprehensive reflections I have encountered. Was a privilege to read. There is another similar comprehensive interview I have read with George Benson that shares a similar candid sense of depth, insight and warmth. I think it was an NEA Jazz Masters interview. There is this interview with Kenny Burrell which has some nice insights and memories.
  7. #NP:Make It Up!

    You're not the first person I've read to completely misunderstand this great record.
  8. Meat Loaf RIP

    I checked to see if Jim Steinman was still alive. Just so I could be sure.

    Coltrane Lite+
  10. Joke of the Day

    Ronnie Scott talking about his home town. The seagulls fly upside down. Because there's nothing worth shitting on.
  11. #NP:Make It Up!

    Herman Kovaks - Blues On The Boil
  12. #NP:Make It Up!

    You must have a mono copy.
  13. #NP:Make It Up!

    Just for the record, this is actually a studio recording with overdubbed applause.