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  1. What Are You Watching

    I haven't watched Dexter since season 4. I read a spoiler-heavy review of the finale that said it was so bad it invalidated the entire series -- and that they now regretted watching any Dexter episodes at all. Harsh... ... but true (except for regretting watching seasons 1 through 4). The last three seasons have been contrary to the Dexter character from the early seasons. Season 5 was a disappointment, but from season 6 on it was an entirely different show. Also, they didn't have a clue what to do with any of the supporting cast. ---- Now watching Citizen Khan. I agree that "Dexter" had an unsatifying ending, unlike the amazingly effective "Breaking Bad" finale.
  2. The thing I find most interesting about those who are amazed that many very successful people didn't finish highschool is their assumption that doing so is a passport to success. Intelligence and ingenuity cannot be measured soley by how many years one spends pursuing a diploma, whether it's from a highschool, college or university. It's true that most highschool drop-outs are hobbled out of the gate. This is, IMO, because few prospective employers will give them even an initial interview. But, in the arts, creativity and talent are the measure. Commercially exploitable ideas are also valued much more than a piece of paper that tells us, really, not much more than that the person spent the time, not that they learned anything. The examples are, for sure, exceptions, but they certainly contradict the rule that without a diploma one is doomed to failure. Without intelligence, tenacity and a goal there is no success for anyone, regardless of how many years they spent in the educational system. None of the people on the list [You forgot Michael J. Fox, who dropped out of tenth grade, years later getting his GED] actually stopped reading, learning and paying attention to current affairs.
  3. Now reading...

    Just a suggestion, but I found a book that might be worth your checking out. It's "More Than Night - film noir and it's contexts", a history of the film noir genre. It discusses the inception of the genre, from the forties to the present and is really interesting, if you like dark themes, as I do.
  4. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    My record has the bottom picture, same track list, but on the London label. Thanks for giving me the options.
  5. What Are You Watching

    The dog figures in the plot, erwbol. Yes, there are some violent images, kind of like in real life. The series doesn't show them gratuitously, but if there were none, it wouldn't be an honest depiction of what the characters live with every day. Not for the squeamish or kids parked in front of the TV with no supervision, for sure. It is very realistic, unlike many police dramas on the air. No beautiful, buxom characters, with no discernable reason to have them there. No impossible action or feats of strength or impossible in real-life scenes that require a double, no special effects, etc. etc. etc. So, fasten your seatbelt.
  6. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Goodness! I do remember her as having twelve fingers on each of her nine hands. She always seemed too nice on TV in the late fifties. When is this stuff from, Patricia? MG I'm looking at the soft-cover, [London label] in surprisingly good shape and judging by the clothes she's wearing and the liner notes, I would say mid-1950s.
  7. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Double 7 with Winifred Atwell. Rags til Hell wouldn't have them on side 1 and Boogie Woodies til the cows come home on side 2. Winifred owns her piano!!!
  8. What Are You Watching

  9. What Are You Watching

    Good plan. Even though there are only 3 seasons, so far, I hope that they continue to explore this character. It would be a shame if this is it. However, he's still alive, as are most of the main characters, especially Alice, at the end of the last episode, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hope that wasn't a spoiler for you.
  10. What Are You Watching

    I've probably mentioned this British series before, but................... "Luther" IMO, is right up there, for quality, with "Breaking Bad." Stellar performances from every member of the cast, both main and supporting. Clever, involving plots that keep you watching each scene and caring about the characters. If you liked Idris Elba in "Wired", you will love him as John Luther. I recommend that you start at the beginning, with Season 1 and follow that with Season 2, ending with Season 3. Important to get to know all the recurring roles. Don't stop when they start showing the end credits because much of the summing up is done with short scenes, between the credits. Again, this, IMO, is one of the very best crime series I've seen for years, along, of course, with "Breaking Bad." See if I'm not right.
  11. My favourite Bob and Ray was the interview that Wally Ballou did with the farmer selling baskets of cranberries from a roadside stand. When Wally commented that everybody would be pleased to buy some to make jelly, jam, and other things, the farmer didn't know you could do that with them. His customers just ate them out of the baskets and, yes, they were "bitter as anything." Delivered straight, like all Ballou's interviews were, this was hilarious.
  12. Great Finds

    I'll see your beat-up jacket copy of Tubby the Tenor and raise you my guaranteed more beat-up jacket copy of Clifford Brown Ensemble featuring Zoot Sims recorded on Vogue in 1954 in Hollywood. How beat-up, you ask? There is a HUGE bite out of the front of the jacket and the entire thing is totally scotch-taped. I was not as lucky as you were with the record though. The last cut on Side2, "Blueberry Hill" is unplayable. HOWEVER, the rest of the record plays fine. Sometimes we just have to take a chance. $5 at Recordland in Calgary.
  13. My favourite David Frost bit was the spoof on a political campaign speech. He went on for a good 15 minutes and, as my mother would have said, "there wasn't one word you could take away with you." But, his cultured diction and his sincere delivery fooled the listener for the first few minutes, until you realized he hadn't actually said anything worthwhile. It was hilarious!! He was one of my favourite Brits. RIP Sir David.
  14. And nobody wept. I'm against capitol punishment. His life sentence + 1000 years would have been just punishment for Castro to have spent the rest of his natural life alone with his thoughts. But, he apparently chose to go early and who are we to deny him?
  15. What Are You Watching

    Absolutely agree Patricia. Ken Finkleman is a national treasure (Airplane II, Grease 2, Good God and a Fellini obsession notwithstanding!) Did you see his Good Dog - same character different environment? Different but I really really liked it. Then Good God - so over the top and (sadly, considering the topic) stunningly obvious. Shockingly awful. Yes, I did see "Good Dog" and it carries on with Finkleman's personality as a self-absorbed, picky narcissist. I loved it. The actress who plays his much younger girlfriend [Lauren Lee Smith] is also in another Canadian series, "The Listener, " which is into it's fourth season. The humor in "Good Dog" as in "The Newsroom is typically Canadian, understated and witty. My friend in NY was thrown off a little bit when there was no laughtrack on "The Newsroom", but laughed anyway. I agree with your assessment of "Good God."