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  1. +1. Simply great. I think it's an interesting choice but most of it has been available for some time. Maybe better audio? I'm always down for that.
  2. Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

    The only Mosaic box I bought in a store. All of the rest from Mosaic or private collectors. Not sure why it was there way back when. Mr. Cole can certainly play!
  3. Interesting. I was just doing the same thing with Freddie Hubbard's Straight Life and Jim Hall's Concierto. Both have aged pretty well. I do think Giant Box is pretty good and the earlier Grover on KUDU was pretty good as well. I may even have the vinyls around here somewhere. Sorry to hear that Sony doesn't want to release stuff to other labels. Still a fun topic to chat about.
  4. Greetings! Some sets I'd like to see... IMHO, the CTI releases over the years have been a multi-pronged disaster, generally speaking. Some in Japan, some here... most with lousy audio. Would love to see some of the following... Complete CTI Recordings of Hubert Laws (for that matter, complete Atlantic recordings as well - if you're gonna wish, wish big - rigghhtt?) Complete CTI Recordings of Freddie Hubbard (there HAS to be more live material!) Complete CTI Recordings of Joe Farrell Complete CTI Recordings of Airto Complete CTI Recordings of Stanley Turrentine (Hell, why not a massive box of ALL the CTI's?? I know, it would never sell but I'd buy one!) Others: Complete Columbia Recordings of Maynard Ferguson (I believe the Roulette box sold well... my guess there are enough trumpet plays to go crazy for this one.) Complete RCA Recordings of Buddy Rich Sure, mostly '70s stuff but hey, that decade has been overlooked. Perfect for Mosaic. Blessings!