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  1. Thank you for sharing Chuck This one's in great quality as well. Trevor Watts shared a section from this performance as well (about 10 minutes or so) but it's wonderful to see it in its entirety, including John Stevens' introduction. Feels like a SME listening day/night for me!
  2. Controversial Food Opinions

    Yep but before you know it everyone's doin' it ...
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Bernie McGann - Playground (Rufus Records)
  4. Controversial Food Opinions

    I've seen them crack open a raw egg over the just cooked pizza, so it's still kinda runny. The bacon went in with the pizza at the start and so is almost dust at this point! edit - Captain Howdy, yeah we call it (with pineapple) a Hawaiian pizza here as well.
  5. Controversial Food Opinions

    Aussies think it's perfectly normal to top a pizza with Pineapple and/or Bacon & Egg!!! Granted the quality of (takeout) pizza base is so awful that any topping might improve it, but bacon & eggs? Then again, this from the country that proudly ingests Vegemite! Vegemite is basically road asphalt with insane levels of salt added. Yum. Vegemite on pizza, perhaps?
  6. Sorry for taking so long to reply SP. I've been away from home (still am) and will see what I have for the Kent/Ace reissues when I get back. I just did a quick search on the nets to refresh my memory but it looks like there's quite a few releases out of print? But 100% YES to your choices - great call on "When a Man Cries" and Heart of Sothern Soul 2". Thanks for the reminder and thank you for posting the other 2 (Eddie & Ernie and Barbara & The Browns). I did not know about these!! Will order when I get back home. As far as listening I only have my ancient ipod but that's ok, I have a gazillion and one songs on it including this fine Richard & Linda Thompson album (prompted by felser's post above).
  7. Oh yes I definitely agree with you, the series is uneven. I've always assumed/accepted that these compilations sought to tap into the "collector" market. I know that market is strong down here but unfortunately many "collectors" equate rarity with quality. You know, it's rare/prev. unreleased and therefore a masterpiece!! Still, overall I really like this series. Going by memory, I don't recall anything terrible on here, but a few just ok. You got me thinking, so I'll dig these out tonight to refresh my memory. The strongest tracks are indeed superb, but not particularly rare. Artists most Soul fans would probably already have in their collections. Though Kenny Carter, Timmy Willis (and others) were highlights for me back in the nineties. The 5 volumes would make an unbeatable 2 CD set, no? Now playing - Taj Mahal for me this morning (The Natch'l Blues)
  8. I have the old cd of this. Must revisit tonight!!
  9. Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures, vol.5 (Kent/Ace)
  10. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Thanks anyway. To be honest I don't feel I need another version (already have several), unless I hear about something exceptional. At the moment I'm not even motivated enough to sample it Rather enjoy what I have. Now playing, the Pierre-Laurent Aimard recording (Teldec)
  11. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Yes! Reminds me, do you or anyone else have any opinions about his Messiaen disc? I haven't even sampled it yet, though it could be interesting. Sticking with lieder this morning, Ernst Krenek performed by Christine Schäfer and Axel Bauni (Orfeo)
  12. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Hindemith - Das Marienleben - Juliane Banse (soprano) (Alpha)
  13. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Trombone works from these 2 discs (Christian Lindberg) (BIS) Frank Martin (Sonata for trombone and piano), Paul Hindemith (Sonata for trombone and piano) and George Walker (Concerto for trombone and orchestra) are the standouts for me.
  14. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Frank Martin - In Terra Pax (rec.1963) & Violin Concerto (rec.1955) (cond. Ansermet) (Decca)