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  1. I am offering for sale my copy of the Verve Stuff Smith Mosaic set. This is set #186, #1,912. Box, booklet and discs are all in excellent or like new condition. I am looking for $100 for this set, preferably in the form of an Amazon gift card. PM if interested! Set is sold, thanks for looking!
  2. Update. Just a few sets left. Nobody wants the Gal Costa set? it's spectacular if you want to get into Tropicalia and Brazilian music.
  3. Bump...these are still available.
  4. Bump with additional Sun Ra and Weather Report sets.
  5. Added a sealed Billy Cobham box set.
  6. Final price drops. PM if interested.
  7. Updated with three of the Bix Restored box sets.
  8. I just signed up. But yeah, I can't see it.
  9. I'm not on the Hoffman forum. What is WTB?
  10. Shortcut to the Grave and MIngus are gone. If anybody has any interest in the Islamic music box or the Gal Costa box, let me know. Both are fantastic sets if you want to get into Brazilian Tropicalia music or the music of North Africa and the Middle East. Here is a bit on the Music of Islam box: http://www.harmonies.com/releases/19907.htm
  11. Charles Mingus -- The Complete Columbia and RCA Albums Collection sold!  Let me know paypal. Thanks Jay

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      you can email me directly jhw59 at hotmail.com

  12. New additions and price drops on the Islam and Gal Costa sets.