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  1. Blindfold Test #163

    That is all correct.
  2. Blindfold Test #163

    Yes, Track 12 is a track from Carla Bley's "Escalator Over the Hill."
  3. Blindfold Test #163

    Thank you for your close attention and listening. I expected that some listeners might not like the avant garde selections, so I put them all together at the end. You can just stop listening when it gets to the part of the Test that you do not like. It is Sam Woodyard of the Ellington band on Track 5, of the unswinging cymbals as you put it. I bought the Duke Ellington Jazz Party album as an LP in the late 1970s. The liner notes stated that this Hello Little Girl recording was an unplanned, spontaneous jam session in the studio. Duke is not on piano, but conducted the band as the recording unfolded. Jimmy Jones is on piano. Jimmy Rushing had always wanted to sing with the Ellington band and took this opportunity when it presented itself, according to the liner notes. I have always wondered how off-the-cuff this recording could be, because the band plays simple riffs but plays them very precisely together. Maybe top musicians can just do that as a group with no rehearsal or planning. I wonder what the musicians on this board would have to say about that. Track 1 is not early Sun Ra. I never thought of that. You are correct on all of the names that you have mentioned. Track 13 is Anthony Braxton with Kenny Wheeler on the album that you mention. Thank you for your close attention and listening.
  4. Blindfold Test #163

    I hope that you like it, or at least some of it.
  5. Blindfold Test #163

    Thank you for the welcoming artwork. It reminds me of how when we want someone to feel at home in St. Louis, we take them to Ted Drewes for a concrete. 1. You have not identified the artist. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9. You have identified everything correctly. Did you get straight A's in school? You are a high achiever. With that, I am a little bit surprised that you are not immediately familiar with 11 and 12. I thought that 11 and 12 would be the easy ones to guess. Since I just love the music, I included 11 and 12 anyway. You have the artists correct on 10 and 13. What are the albums? In St. Louis now, cutouts often go with a saw cut in the plastic case to Half Price Books. I love that Randy Weston album. I bought it when it was released.
  6. Blindfold Test #163

    I am responding to your comments. 2. It is Count Basie and Eddie Lockjaw Davis. I had imagined that maybe listeners would not think that it was Count Basie on piano, because he plays a lot more notes here than he often did in his later career. It is a Norman Granz album. You have not guessed the trumpet player. 3. You have guessed the song title. 5. Everything you have said is correct. I have loved this track for a long time. 7. The trumpet player is Rex Stewart. When I saw Lester Bowie live I remembered this particular track. It is Bill Evans' "Very Early". According to the album's liner information, there is one guitarist. Maybe overdubbed? I am not sure.
  7. Blindfold Test #163

    Here is the link which Mr. Thom Keith has provided to me, so that you can access this Blindfold Test:
  8. Blindfold Test #163

    That is funny. It was a different era of baseball, and Bob Gibson was one of the masters of the high hard one, inside. I remember how he would throw a fastball close on three straight pitches to someone like Frank Robinson, sending him sprawling into the dirt on each pitch. That would never happen today. The pitcher would be fined and suspended.
  9. Blindfold Test #163

    Thank you. I wondered if anyone would recognize that photo. Bob is one of my favorite all time Cardinals.