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  1. Wayne Shorter

    there once was a short audio clip of Wayne playing soprano saxophone online. may have been on N2K Encoded Music's Jazz Central Station (jazzcentralstation dot com). this must have been late 1990s. just playing a few notes solo. today I realized those few notes may very well have been this motif from High Life the composition on High Life the album: or at least fairly similar. wish I could find the original clip...
  2. Bob Belden - RIP

    r.i.p. he posted here as notme.
  3. Cyndi Lauper

    For me "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" is like "So What", "Footprints", and "A Night in Tunisia". They're classics but I would be happy never to hear them again. Covers of "Tunisia" are the most egregious offenders.
  4. Cyndi Lauper

    John: Assuming the three of the five are in fact new to you, there's something to like or love in each of them IMHO.
  5. Cyndi Lauper

    Cyndi is the best!!! To me, she is the Miles of what she does. Long varied career, always doing something different, rooted in the blues, don't take shit from nobody on the outside but as human as anyone inside. Not to mention they're both native Noo Yawkers.
  6. Miles' Bitches Brew

    This is my Bitches Brew effects review, comparing some aspects of the 1998 boxed set re-creation with the original as heard on the 1996 Japanese Master Sound. It's a bit delayed getting out due to the editing involved. I'm hoping it will reverberate with folks here. Maybe someone will echo my findings. Feedback is appreciated.
  7. Eden Atwood

    She's a knockout. Fwiw: ABC News - Women With Male DNA All Female
  8. Freddie Hubbard in ICU

    Given that the last post on this thread was a week ago and assuming that those in the loop would have posted something here already if Freddie's condition has changed one way or another, I would like to add that I hope Freddie is comfortable and that any number of white jive motherfuckers he wishes will please kiss his black ass.
  9. Miles From India

    Definitely. Studio chatter clearly shows that Teo wanted Miles to give him a sock. Furthermore, Miles totally misunderstood why Wynton went onstage unannounced that one time. Wynton really admired Miles's socks from down on the audience floor and was just eager to find out where he could get a similar pair. He should have taken a cue from Teo. And why do you think the Messengers left Japan in tears? Cuz they knew they wouldn't be able to get those great Japanese socks in the States. But again, they should have just asked Miles.
  10. "Eartrip" looked like "Fart rip" to me at first, and I thought "what the hell kind of magazine is that?". We see what we want to see...
  11. "Bitches" was recorded for three days starting the day after Woodstock. This fact not contended, is there reason to conclude that Woodstock influenced the album? Was there, for example, a live television broadcast of the festival that Miles and/or crew might have been watching?
  12. Miles From India

    I haven't heard the record yet. Some thoughts about the NYC concert. The music desperately needed direction -- a leader to give focus to what was going on. I am not necessarily saying that the music needed Miles. Trying to imagine what he would have done would be pure speculation. The KoB arrangements were not clever. I came away with a greater interest in Badal Roy and tabla, as a result of his solo. At one point, Roney and White really dug in together, which was nice. In the balcony, the sound sucked. The sprawling ensemble made matters worse. Of course, live sound is rarely good. It looked like Belden wasn't wearing socks.
  13. Wayne Shorter's most personal album

    Although I am serving mainly as a mere troll for '80s Wayne here, I am happy to instigate. What constitutes "most personal album" is certainly open to interpretation. All I'm saying is if I shrunk myself and boarded a microscopic spaceship and flew into Wayne's ear and brain, "Phantom Navigator" would be playing on the ship's speakers.
  14. Wayne Shorter's most personal album

    For as long as I've been tired of "Footprints" the composition, I have believed that Wayne Shorter's most personal album is "Phantom Navigator". The soundtrack for a voyage into his mind. Also, it's the only record with the vocals of Wayne and Ana Maria!
  15. The White Stripes - Icky Thump

    Right on. Good questions for a chick.