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  1. Bill Evans - Behind The Dikes

    On the website of the Dutch Jazz Archive: https://www.jazzarchief.nl/product/bill-evans-behind-the-dikes/ there is more info. The website is in Dutch but you may read the tracklist and recording info in English.
  2. Summer songs

    Sarah Vaughan & Jimmy Rowles 5: That Sunday, That Summer
  3. Jazz musicians that have cameos in films.

    Herbie Hancock in "Indecent Proposals"
  4. Misha Mengelberg RIP

    Misha Mengelberg, Dutch jazz pianist and composer and co-founder of ICP Records has died in a nursery home in Amsterdam according to dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. Here's the article in Dutch: http://www.volkskrant.nl/muziek/jazzpianist-misha-mengelberg-81-groot-dwarsdenker-van-de-nederlandse-muziek-overleden~a4469680/
  5. third Dexter Gordon box-set

    Fourth Box Set? Dexter in Radio Land Vol. 1-7
  6. James Clay, Tom Kirkpatrick, Rein de Graaf Trio

    The bass-player is Koos Serierse and the drummer is indeed Eric Ineke. Here's another YT-video with the same trio:
  7. Clare Fischer Discography

    According the Blue Note Label Discography compiled by Michael Cuscuna and Michel Ruppli (1988): Moacir Santos - Carnival of the Spirits, LA, March 17, 19 and 20, 1975, Clare Fischer piano, BN-LA463-C. BTW: mentioned in the discography as Fisher!
  8. Here's another interesting book: I'm The Beat (of De Korte Beentjes van Art Blakey) by Max Bolleman, Dutch jazz musician, engineer & producer. See this website: http://www.draaiomjeoren.com/boeken/imthebeat.html
  9. Here are some more Dutch jazz biographies: Rita Reys - Lady Jazz https://www.bol.com/nl/p/rita-reys/1001004002097532/ Ann Burton - Blue Burton https://www.bol.com/nl/p/blue-burton/666851877/
  10. Some more (I think): Chan Parker - My Life In E-flat ISBN 1-57003-245-9 Lorraine Gordon as told to Barry Singer - Alive At The Village Vanguard - My Life In And Out Of Jazz Time ISBN 978-0-634-07399-1 Sue Graham Mingus - Tonight At Noon - A Love Story ISBN 0-375-42115-7 Flora Purim & Edward Bunker - Freedom Song The Story of Flora Purim ISBN 0-425-05455-1
  11. Overlooked pianists

    Milcho Leviev Larry Willis George Arvanitas Peter Beets Rob Franken
  12. Bert van den Brink

    BV Haast has issued a cd of Boy's Big Band and I think it is still available on their website: http://amsterdam.digicity.nl/Muziek/BV_Haa...47422424id.html BVHAAST 9901 Boy's Big Band NOW'S THE TIME! + FINCH EYE Now's the Time (C. Parker, arr. B. Edgar), Solitude (D. Ellington, arr. B. Edgar), Competitive Challenge (B. Edgar), Blues Minor (J. Coltrane, arr. B. Edgar), Blue Monk (T. Monk, arr. B. Edgar), Return (T. Loevendie), Black Sea (T. Loevendie), Plain Blues (B. Edgar),2128 (W. Breuker, B. Edgar, arr. B. Edgar), I Remember Vienna (B. Edgar), Finch Eye (T. Loevendie) Wim Kuylenburg, Jan Vleeschouwer, Jan van Hest, Ado Broodboom (tp), Wim Kat (tp, mellophone), Rudy Bosch, Marcel Thielemans (tb), Cees Smal (vtb, flhrn), Eric van Lier (btb), Tinus Bruyn (as), Piet Noordijk (as, ss, ts), Herman Schoonderwalt (as, bs, cl, ss, ts), Theo Loevendie (as, ss), Harry Verbeke (ts), Joop Mastenbroek (bs, ts), Toon van Vliet (bs, ts), Cees Slinger (p), Jacques Schols (b), Dick van der Capellen (b), John Engels (d), Nelly Frijda (v), Chris Hinze (fl), Leo Gerritsen (bs), Willem Breuker (as, bcl), Boy Edgar (cond) Recorded October 19 and 20, 1965 and September 7 and 8, 1966 at Bavohuis, Amsterdam Barcode: 7 86497 33432 2