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  1. I had looked at Discogs but international shipping has become pretty expensive. I have also heard shipping time is pretty long right now. I think I saw that on this forum. I also have more trust in folks here than I do Discogs sellers. Thanks for the reply. I may change my mind.
  2. Might someone here have of copy of this CD they would consider selling or trading?
  3. Scott, I tried to leave comments on your blog but for some reason it didn't work. Just wanted to thank you for your efforts. I started listening to "jazz" in the 70s (my 20s) and this is a lot of fun. Sadly I don't know anything you've posted so far, so I must not have been paying attention back then. I am looking forward to following along and maybe I will even recognize something along the way. :O) Nick S.
  4. I would like to try and sell a few things. I would pay for media mail shipment to U.S. addresses. Please PM if interested. Thanks for looking. Modern Jazz Quartet-The Complete Last Concert (Atlantic 7 81976-2) $4.00 SOLD Aki Takase-New Blues (ENJA yeb-7723) $10.00 Joe McPhee-In The Spirit (CIMP#199) $10.00 Achim Kaufmann/Mark Dresser/Harris Eisenstadt-Starmelodics (Nuscope CD 1021 $8.00 Mark Charig-Pipedream (Ogun OGCD 033) $8.00 There are some scuff marks on the CD that do not affect play. Mark Dresser-Sedimental You (Clean Feed CF385CD) $7.00 Myra Melford-Alive In The House Of Saints (hatOLOGY 2-570) $14.00 There are some scuff marks that do not affect Play. The Hat packaging with the slits sucks. Dans les arbres (ECM 2058) $6.00 Willem Breuker Kollektieff- In Holland (BVHAAST 0101) $10.00 Paul Bley-Annette (hatOLOGY 674) $10.00 SOLD Michiel Braam-Change This Song (BBBCD8) $8.00 Availble Jelly-Bilbao Song (Ramboy #21) $8.00 Josh Berman-There Now (Delmark DE 2016) $6.00
  5. This isn't rare or anything but I would be happy to send it along to someone in the U.S. Please sent a PM if interested. The Electrics - “Chain of Accidents” - Alyer CD-035.
  6. Just saw your post, I dont visit much anymore. Thanks but I already got one. I appreciate you remembering.
  7. peterintoronto, thanks for the suggestion but I had looked at discogs. Two of the U.S. sellers had a number of negative comments and the one that didn't wanted $50. The negative comments give me pause. On the other hand I never worry at all about the guys who sell on this forum. If I don't have any luck I may give discogs another look.
  8. Richard Grossman & Friends - "In the Air" (Nine Winds Records) This is likely a long shot but might someone here be selling this CD?
  9. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    Thanks mjzee. If I fully got into digital like Stefan, I can see the virtue of an inexpensive dedicated device. I don't think I have the assembly skills you and your son have, though. One more dumb question. You would need some kind of monitor, no?
  10. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    I hope you guys won't mind a dumb question. What is the benefit of something like this over just running your pc straight to your stereo? Thanks.
  11. The circus just moved into the White House. I know this is non-political but I had to say something bitter out loud today. Sorry.
  12. BFT 144 Discussion

    Thanks for the BFT. Track 1 is some pretty hot stuff. Also, I think I said this on your last BFT, I will never argue with some piano solos.
  13. BFT 143 ID

    Should be an easy one to find. I think I've even seen it in the sales forum. I wondered if anyone would like this track at all and I am happy you did. Thanks again for listening. As stated in the comments, I included a number of artists that were "new to me" as well. I feel like I am always behind the curve. Thanks for joining it.
  14. BFT 143 ID

    Thanks for listening and thanks for the comments. 1. Henry Butler/Steven Bernstein And The Hot 9 – “Viper's Drag” (Thomas Waller) from Viper's Drag (Impulse) 2014 Butler – piano; Bernstein – trumpet, slide trumpet, alto horn; Reginald Veal – bass; Herlin Riley – drums; Charlie Burnham – violin; Peter Apfelbaum – tenor/soprano saxophone; Erik Lawrence – baritone/soprano saxophone; Doug Wieselman – clarinets; Curtis Fowlkes – trombone; Matthew Munisteri – guitar. 2. Erik Friedlander – “A Closer Walk With Thee” (traditional) from Prowl (Cryptogramophone) 2006 Friedlander – cello; Andy Laster – alto saxophone, clarinet; Stomu Takeishi – electric bass; Satoshi Takeishi – percussion. 3. Harris Eisendtadt - “Dayourabine/Thiolena Diamono” (traditional Senegal) from Guewel (Clean Feed) 2008 Taylor Ho Bynum – cornet, flugelhorn; Nate Wooley – trumpet; Mark Taylor – french horn; Josh Sinton – baritone saxophone; Eisenstadt – drums. 4. Dave Burrell - “AM Rag” (Burrell) from Windward Passages (hat Hut) 1979 Burrell – piano. 5. Roberto Ottaviano - “Il confinato” (Ottaviano) from Arcthetics Soffio Primitivo (Dodicilune) 2013 Ottaviano – soprano saxophone; Emanuele Parrini – violin; Paolo Botti – viola; Salvatore Maiore – cello; Giovanni Maier – bass; Roberto Danni – drums. 6. Paul Bley/Franz Koglmann/Gary Peacock - “Cartoon” (Annette Peacock) from Annette (hatOLOGY) 1992 Bley – piano; Koglmann – trumpet, flugelhorn; Peacock – double bass. 7. Buell Neidlinger's String Band - “Jumpin' Punkins (Mercer Ellington) from Locomotive (Soul Note) 1987 Marty Krystall – tenor saxophone; Brenton Banks – violin; John Kurnick – mandolin; Neidlinger – bass; Billy Osborne – drums. 8. Bill Lewis/Khan Jamal - “The Vanishing Man” (Lewis) from The River (Philly Jazz) 1977 Lewis – vibraphone; Jamal – marimba. 9. ICP Orchestra - “Lavoro/Moten Swing (Sean Bergin/Count Basie) from East Of The Sun (ICP) 2014 Michael Moore – clarinet, alto saxophone; Ab Baars – clarinet, tenor saxophone; Tobias Delius – clarinet, tenor saxophone; Wolter Wierbos – trombone; Mary Oliver – violin, viola, vocals – Tristan Honsinger – cello, vocals; Ernst Glerum – bass; Guus Janssen – piano, organ; Han Bennink – drums, vocals. 10. Roberto Ottaviano - “Better Get It In Your Soul” (Mingus) from Mingus: Protrait In Six Colors (Splasc(H) 1988 Ottaviano – soprano saxophone. 11. Cooper-Moore/Tom Abbs/Chad Taylor - “The Fox” (Cooper-Moore) from Triptych Myth (Hopscotch) 2003 Cooper-Moore – piano; Abbs – bass; Taylor – drums.
  15. BFT 143 Discussion

    I kind of expected you to ID this one. Didn't you KC guys go up to Des Moines to see the ICP?