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  1. Now reading...

    Just finished "The Night Watchman". Going to the library to find some more Erdrich.
  2. I would add some albums by the wonderful pianist (in my opinion) Steve Cohn to the mix; " Ittekimasu" with Therman Barker and Fred Hopkins, "Arts & Crafts" and "Shapes Sounds Theories".
  3. Thanks for this topic. Took a look at my collection and found more favorite albums from this decade than I would have thought. Richard Grossman - "Solo Piano Improvisations" Henry Threadgill - "Rag, Bush And All" Michael Moore's Available Jelly - "Available Jelly" Antonello Salis - "Orange Juice/Nice Food" Sean Bergin - "Kids Mysteries" (first CD I ever bought) Kahil El'Zabar/Lester Bowie/Malachi Favors - "The Ritual"" Quintet Moderne - "Ikkanan Takana=Behind The Window" Ganelin Trio - "Jerusalem February Cantabile" Walt Dickerson - "Life Rays" Dave Burrell - "Windward Passages"
  4. I very much enjoyed following your blog this whole year. Thank you. Even though the 1970s was when I first started really listening to jazz, there were quite a number of things I didn't know. The first two jazz LPs I ever bought were included, "Fanfare for the Warriors" and "Crystal Silence".
  5. RIP Jerry Jeff Walker

    Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother!
  6. Very much agree with your recommendation on "Stengam". I had looked for another solo album called " 7 CC IN IO" for a long time finally broke down and made an international purchase from Discogs in July. As it turned out it was shipped to me 2 days before Mr. Fuhler was called home. It is pretty darn good as well but hard to find.
  7. LF Olivia Block

    Thanks for the suggestions. The last two I honesty had not thought about. I reached out to Ms. Block, will see if she responds. I've listened to the album on bandcamp and love it. The art work is pretty cool also, which is why I would kind of like to find a copy of the CD.
  8. LF Olivia Block

    Thanks for checking, Michael. mjazzg, I do know about the download option and I will go that route if I can't find a CD. Thanks.
  9. Might someone here have a copy of this CD to sell. Olivia Block (Another Timbre)
  10. Is this worth looking for?
  11. My skills at putting what I hear into words are limited. I bought it from Bandcamp, . You could listen to a couple tracks.
  12. I haven't followed the forum much for a while, so take my opinions with a grain of salt. The best things I've heard recently: Pat Thomas, Dominic Lash & Tony Orrell - “BleySchool” Tyshawn Sorey & Marilyn Crispell - “The Adornment of Time” Evan Parker - “As The Wind” MMM Quartet - “Metz Arsenal” This one is a little older but I only heard it recently. I think the above would be considered free. Not sure if “Fly Or Die” by Jamie Branch is exactly free jazz but it is absolutely one of the best pieces of music I've heard for a long time. I will be interested to see what responses you get here.
  13. I had looked at Discogs but international shipping has become pretty expensive. I have also heard shipping time is pretty long right now. I think I saw that on this forum. I also have more trust in folks here than I do Discogs sellers. Thanks for the reply. I may change my mind.
  14. Might someone here have of copy of this CD they would consider selling or trading?
  15. Scott, I tried to leave comments on your blog but for some reason it didn't work. Just wanted to thank you for your efforts. I started listening to "jazz" in the 70s (my 20s) and this is a lot of fun. Sadly I don't know anything you've posted so far, so I must not have been paying attention back then. I am looking forward to following along and maybe I will even recognize something along the way. :O) Nick S.