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  1. Eddie Duran: 1925-2019

    Here are some albums under his name https://www.discogs.com/artist/360474-Eddie-Duran
  2. Norman Granz jam sessions

    Have that CD box as well as most of the vinyls too. But have also some more of these JATP concert recordings. Was that track within the "Jamsessions" or on a single vinyl? Here is my JATP stock: CD JATP The complete JATP on Verve 1944 - 1949 1944-49 Verve (10) JATP Norman Granz J.A.T.P.- 1940s 1944-49 Verve(jap) (3) CD JATP Jazz at the Philharmonic - the first 10 years 1944-53 Proper Box (4) JATP Jazz at the Philharmonic '40s - '50s 1944-54 Verve (jap) DSM (2) JATP Jazz at the Philharmonic Vol 2 1946 Verve (jap) DSM JATP The new Vol. 5 DSM 1947 Clef Records JATP The new Vol. 6 (formely 8/9 & 10) 1947 Clef Records JATP JATP Allstars Perdido 1947 VSPS JATP JATP Allstars How High The Moon 1947-55 VSPS JATP The Challenge 1949 Verve JATP Midnight Jazz at Carnegie Hall 1950s Verve(2) JATP Carnegie Hall Concert 1952 Columbia(EMI) CD JATP The complete Norman Granz Jam Sessions 1952-54 Verve Box (5) JATP Jazz At The Philharmonic - 1950s 1952-55 Verve (jap) (3) JATP Trumpet Battle 1952/09 Verve JATP The 1950s 1953-56 Verve(3) DSM JATP Hartford, 1953 1953/05 Pablo JATP One o clock jump 1953/09 Verve CD JATP The Exiting Battle Stockholm `55 1955/02 Pablo JATP Blues in Chicago 1955/10 Verve JATP JATP in Europe 21.11.1960 1960 Verve box(4) JATP Norman Granz Presents JATP in Europe 1960s Verve JATP J.A.T.P. in Tokyo 1963 Verve(3) JATP JATP at Montreux 1975 1975 Pablo(jap)
  3. Cover Art Books Jazz & other topics

    Big Taschen Coverart book [ 2 Volumes in a slip case] Volume I Volume II
  4. Cover Art Books Jazz & other topics

    Have the 2 Manek Daver & California Cool with a different front cover. Dont now the "Jazzical Moods". Is it still available? Some more here incl. a Vol II of Blue note
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Keith Jarret in Art Blakeys New Jazz Messengers
  6. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    He played in several Mike Vax big band recordings and in a Joe Pass group.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    ... with that great signature tune for Willis' Conovers "The Jazz Hour" on VOA The earlier hous started with Coral Reef by Neal Hefti. These were the times. Agreed! One from the "Cool Era" ---> NORGRAN Records MG N-1082 [reissue from Japan 1992]