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  1. Hi Nike,

    the Holman thread is continued

  2. What happened to Bill Holman thread?

    Pausa PR 7180 - Charlie Shoemake / Bill Holman " Collaboration" - rec. January 1985 - Engineer: James Mooney
  3. Your music cataloging "system"

    It were my own scans (.jpg files) inmserted as images from an URL Here is one of the samples again and I hope it arrives at your screen. It shows the collection in form of a"report" with the important data and sorted aplhabetically and re rec. date. For track titles I have a separate data file in cluding the data below so I can sort the track titles alphabetically and per record number. Works fine for me. Name of the DB = PARADOX ( former Borland product). Thank for the reply. W. Yes thats correct.
  4. Your music cataloging "system"

    Yep but look at this one = different title and different label but same content [r8576870] Discogs # [r8576080] Discogs #
  5. Your music cataloging "system"

    Here is the tableau one for the Items (CD / LP) Looks like my scans have Covid-19 and are vanished Looks like my scans have Covid-19 and are vanished
  6. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Here is a concert from the Free Trade Hall, Manchester [Info for the location from Lord's] - rec. April 1959. Did you see this concert? Must have been a great event acc. Steve Voce's notes.
  7. Your music cataloging "system"

    Here is a random page from my very fast Paradox DB you can print out various reports. This is the standard report with the main & important data for rach Item in the collection. The head of this report is wrong however and has to be changed to "various". Arch # runs fron 0001 to 9999 / bigbands have an assitional "3" and can be sorted accordingly. BTW ACCESS is another easy to handle DB for such projects
  8. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Thanks for the Into. Excellent research BTW Manchester (as you mentioned it): Have here a Kenton Tribute from the times when BBC did such broadchsts of such events via Internet. Have recorded it and made my own CD cover. Here is this event. These are the drafts before I cut them for the plastic shell. The music is really phantastic. W.
  9. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    The liner notes do not mention Manchester. Writer was Frank Gibson. But this LP is the only 'live" documentation of this group available.