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  1. Trip to the Mars - Roland Kovac (MPS/SABA)

    [K3986-15] Roland Kovac Trip To Mars: Roland Kovac (p) acc by unknown big band incl. Jimmy Deuchar (tp) Cliff Hardy (tb) Derek Humble (as) Karl Drewo (ts) Francis Coppieters (p) Johnny Fischer (b) Jimmy Pratt (d) Stuff Combe (perc) Koln, spring 1968 Space station 1 Saba/MPS 15165ST Service 1 - Heat - Sound barrier - Marssonde - Northern lights - Service 2 - The green star - Munich on the Mars - Power start - Milky way - Colossus - Service 3 - Computer - Moon crater - Blue dance - Space station 3 -
  2. Let's Talk About Afro Cuban Jazz Suites

    Here are the details Cat# MPS / UIniversal 06025 2759201
  3. As it looks the Shorty Rogers was only issued on Discovery vinyl cat # 843 (see my listing the blue one above) or Chuck's listing + another LP.
  4. Let's Talk About Afro Cuban Jazz Suites

    Have to look up the details and will report
  5. Let's Talk About Afro Cuban Jazz Suites

    Yes it is a CD
  6. Let's Talk About Afro Cuban Jazz Suites

    Count this one in
  7. Very helpful for my research. Much appreciated. W
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yes he has several albums on MPS. All here
  9. Thanks for that cover. There is one with the Cat# DS 843 in my 1983 catalog. I have the Reprise edition shown above Here is a listing from Albert Marx' 1983 catalog. But there must be another and later edition A good part of those are reissues from other labels Thats is good Information. Can you supply some scans pref. the most recent one. I am very interested. Thanks
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    A nice bargain for € 17,50 from Germany
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    An interesting reissue label and an alternativ choice if some vinyl original Blue Notes originals/reissues are too expensive which is the same also with the Tone Poem vinyl reissues. This is "The Intense Media" issueing 10 CD boxes at a very reasonable price containing 20 original Lp's in very good sound quality. Have just bought this one at "Zweitausendeins, Frankfurt". Have 4 such boxes. Even considering that I now have 2 duplicates on vinyl & CD this deal was real something.
  12. Blow, Brother Konitz, BLOW!

    You are correct. My fault. I had Namyslowski in my thoughts .
  13. Blow, Brother Konitz, BLOW!

    Komeda is a great euopean altosaxophonist
  14. Blow, Brother Konitz, BLOW!