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  1. Yusef Lateef RIP

    Sadly, it doesn't look like it is! But the album with Ricky Ford is, so I might as well spring for that one
  2. The situation on the mac is difficult (I vastly prefer it and don't know why I switched, but this is a weak area for the platform). There doesn't seem to be a decent Access-like (in terms of being a consumer product) option in general (this includes reviewing most of the suggestions on a Stack Exchange thread I started..Filemaker is a pseudo-SQL db, other options are very "proprietary" in their approach). That has left me with, for building my own, a bunch of MySQL based tools...which is fine, but I'm OK with leaving my developer/programming days behind in exchange for a few missing features. I just don't have it in me to build my own system right now (and if I did that, I'd need to do one for my fountain pen collecting...and then one that indexed and had photos for my origami book collection, etc). Ultimately, building something myself would certainly meet my needs for customization, but since I'm just one man I am evaluating products that already exist Beyond Category is interesting and I may go that way. Music Collector remains a decent product. Nothing is going to take the pain away from the cataloging, so who knows...maybe I'll just continue to let perfection remain the mortal enemy of the good! PS "Cataloging" is a common American-Englishism. I can't win...when I use British English terms (whether they really are or whether they just seem to most to be), I get accused of being pompous. So it goes. I highly recommend David Crystal's astounding book _The Stories of English_ if you think about such things at all, though I warn you that you'll likely come out of the experience a changed person when it comes to how you think about such linguistic divergence and evolution, including in the form of constructions "those damn kids and their texts and tweets" use. I know I did!
  3. Yusef Lateef --Autophysiopsychic ?

    Great link, thanks. It was Csikszentmihalyi's book _Flow_ that I was thinking of and which is important to that book (based on the introduction). Csikszentmihalyi's book is actually fascinating and far easier to read than his name
  4. Yusef Lateef RIP

    Speaking of: what do you think of the Lateef/Von Freeman album. I'm keen to listen, but it's not cheap to procure...a good investment?
  5. BFT 118 signup

    I would like to participate via ye olde downloade please.
  6. Yusef Lateef --Autophysiopsychic ?

    Thanks for the link. I still don't understand Lateef's position. Or I should say, I don't agree with it. But I wonder: do other musicians talk of Autophysiopsychic music? Is this a theory that other musicians work with?
  7. While I own a number of discs featuring Yusef Lateef, it was only after his passing that I read much about him. Is his idea of "Autophysiopsychic" music one that has gained traction among musicians? It's the first time I've heard of it. Based on my reading about it at <>, I'm not sure I completely understand it (for instance, the notion that saying a musician was really "cooking" being a statement that is "at best ... a way of saying that the musician and his music be given no aesthetic or intellectual admiration" doesn't work for me, generally), but it does make me wonder if Lateef if ever read anything about the psychological concept of "flow states," which might have alleviated some of the skepticism of descriptors like "cooking." Anyway, I was just curious about this idea!
  8. I am wondering if any of you have recommendations for good software for cataloging my CD (and a few LPs) collection on a Mac? I am not a historian looking to capture and create discographies. My primary reason for the catalog, beyond just knowing what I have and browsing (which iTunes and other music playing software with library capabilities does fine), is to be able to find performers across discs/tracks. I once used Music Collector from -- it worked OK and I might go back to it -- but I want to weigh my options first!
  9. Dave Brubeck - RIP

    I'm surprised at the proportion of ambivalence toward - dislike of Brubeck's music!
  10. Rush, like Springsteen, is a bad I can never get into but I keep trying every few years. I do not get it; based on all the music I listen to of "that" variety, I should. But it leaves me cold. Springsteen's music leaves me cold; Rush is at least abstractly more interesting, but Geddy Lee's voice? ARGH. It's a shame about Deep Purple.
  11. BFT 105 Signup Thread

    After many years, I have returned. A BFT seems like a good way to jump in. So if it's not too late, I'd love to download!
  12. Ed Bradley Dies

    No-- I think some are saying that Jimmy Buffet is too black though...
  13. Ben Folds

    I'm a fan of both the old Ben Folds Five (which was a trio, as noted) and Ben Folds solo work. His last solo disc (Songs for Silverman) wasn't as strong as his first... my favorite of Ben Folds Five has to be Whatever and Ever Amen... I describe him as piano-pop-rock in the style of Elton John meets the Barenaked Ladies
  14. Again, as in another thread, the problem is conceiving of intellectual property as exactly the same as physical property. Copying a CD is not just a physical replication of an object, but an act that effects the valuation of a piece of intellectual property. There's no reason that we HAVE to treat the two kinds of property as if they are the same, even if the physical property metaphor is the nearest to hand when we talk about it... The problem is that in the digital age, the two rights are so obviously different and so unbound from one another that what has always been an issue obscured by other factors is now an obvious issue on its face. We've ALWAYS been, essentially, renting intellectual property when we "purchase" it-- it just hasn't been so obvious...
  15. She may not be coasting on her Dad's reputation, but she has a ways to go before she has any real claim on being a *jazz* singer, which is part of the problem...