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  1. Clean Feed Records

    This is a great record. As is this one.
  2. Charlie Rouse redux

    Strange line-up; strangely likable results.
  3. Saw Maria perform years ago at Austin's No Idea Festival. Cool to see what's she up to these days.
  4. Cecil Taylor RIP

    "Cecil Taylor (1929-2018), Frank O’Hara, Amiri Baraka" --
  5. Flow is Everything: Composer Henry Threadgill Dishes the 'Dirt' and More on The Checkout “Like a film, like a play, even a so-called static work of art, it has to move,” Threadgill says. “What advances the action? Everything has to advance to the next action. Every act has something in it that advances to the next moment.”
  6. Twilight Zone Jazz

    Surprising to me that we've not yet mentioned Joel Forrester's work, with and without The Microscopic Septet. Some of the reference points are pre-bop, but if you're looking for something equal parts Raymond Scott and Thelonious Monk...
  7. Cecil Taylor RIP

    Re: Taylor's poetry, check out Fred Moten's work... Also:
  8. Who was Patti Bown?

    Patti Bown can also be heard on this somewhat obscure James Moody date (from which I pulled a track for a BFT some time back): (See also: Not to mention...
  9. Who was Patti Bown?

    Some of my favorite Ammons. On CD, she can be heard with him here: here: and here:
  10. Most interesting/favorite 'Herbie Hancock' BN

    Along those same lines: the Hancock / Workman / Chambers dynamic on ADAM'S APPLE
  11. Most interesting/favorite 'Herbie Hancock' BN

  12. Cecil Taylor RIP

    89 years is a good run, and, if anyone deserves peace from here on to whenever, it's Cecil. Would still take another decade of his presence and intensity, though.
  13. Billy Higgins