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  1. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    I came to Morrison's music for ASTRAL WEEKS. It's still a favorite. I mean, "Madame George." It's transcendent. But I think I've stayed with his music the many years since because of VEEDON FLEECE. PS: somewhat in the same vein, in case you've never heard it... Terry Reid's RIVER...
  2. Anthony Ortega

    Re: EARTH DANCE. It appears to be a reissue of Ortega's Bethlehem sessions. No evidence as far as I can determine that it includes previously unreleased material. This record, from later in his career, is definitely worth hunting down:
  3. The Music of the Legendary Hasaan

    Intrigued. Thanks for the heads-up!
  4. Today's tenor players

    FWIW, I like what I've heard of Wayne Escoffery -- mostly in Tom Harrell's group. The expected influences (Henderson, Shorter, Trane), but, like Mark Turner, he's not confined by them. Unlike Mark Turner, he tends to play with more muscle more consistently. I'm hesitant to mention Shelley Carrol, as he doesn't really qualify as younger these days... but mention him I just did.
  5. Interesting. Kinda Don Friedman-esque, mostly in harmonic approach.
  6. Kenny Dorham

    Another excellent KD sideman appearance that often gets overlooked. Maybe his finest work with the Roach band. (BTW, that's George Coleman on this track, not Hank.)
  7. Kenny Dorham

    It's not nitpicky when you're correct! Thanks for untangling that.