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  1. Thanks for posting; great conversations in this video.
  2. Interviewees in the I CALLED HIM MORGAN doc claim Lee started wearing his hair like this to cover up scars from a drug-related injury. They also show quite a few Frank Wolff photos of Lee with his head bandaged due to that same injury. Wayne Shorter's commentary on how he's looking at Lee in those photos alone makes that film worth watching, IMO.
  3. REVEAL BFT 200

    A most enjoyable BFT, featuring some of my favorite musicians. Can't believe I could not place the Khan Jamal track.
  4. BFT200

    Track 2: At first, I thought: Gil Melle. Alto defintiely Phil Woods. But then... Benny Golson? OK no question that's Golson... So now I'm woindering who is baritone player is. Not Pepper Adams, not Cecil Payne. Guessing it's someone who doubles/triples on that instrument. Love his entrance on his solo! Lovely piano solo. I may be crazy, but it sure sounds like early/pre-hunched-over Bill Evans... Track 5: this is an early Wayne tune, I think; maybe from one of his Vee Jay dates? I feel like I just heard this somewhere. Maybe this is from one of Brian's Lynch's "Unsung Heroes" dates? Track 7: George Adams and Stephen Sondheim! OK; works for me! Interesting to hear all those Adams-y gestures at work within this compositional framework. It's a respectful treatment, but still all Adams. Track 8: the drummer is... energetic. Trumpet sounds a bit like Ahmed Abudullah. Might not be his record/gig, though. Track 9: Just has to be one of those Prestige Swingville dates. Red Allen on trumpet? Both players are idiosyncratic traditionalists. The tenor solo is almost postmodern in its references/homages to the tenor traditions associated with "Body and Soul." As Jim Sangrey would say: "Character!" Track 10: M'Boom in a quiet moment? Track 11: Billy Bang and Frank Lowe. I believe this is from the live date they put out in the early 00s. Fantastic work by two of my favorite musicians of that generation.
  5. It is certainly a contender! AS LONG AS THERE'S MUSIC is up there for me too.
  6. The first Hawes session I ever heard, and still a favorite.