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  1. BFT 198 Link & Discussion

    All great music!
  2. BFT 198 Link & Discussion

    Thanks! Pretty sure everyone has IDed the tune on #1. #7 is going to be a big stretch for some listeners. Glad you dug it! #9 might be based on a standard. But, to the bet of my knowledge, it is an original/contrafact. #12, not Duke, but there's a conceptual connection (?). #13: I think some folks have IDed the other horn, but no one has drawn a bull's eye on the trumpet player. Let's just say those two soloists have a history together. Ha! Not the Grubbs Bros., but those Visitors records are great sources for BFT tracks. Ditto the Catalyst stuff, to keep things Philly-centric for a moment.
  3. Nice! << As we began to transfer the reels and sift through the paper, the picture got fuzzier. Vic Gargano had multiple labels: Inferno, Indigo, Magenta, Lavender, Invicta, Condor, and Blue Fin, and an equal amount of silent partners. By nearly every account of the artists we spoke with, there was most certainly a criminal element in the background, but few were willing to go on record. “We were in the middle of a session and these guys showed up,” said an off-the-record source. “Vic went outside with them and came back ten minutes later with blood all over his face. He walked into the recording booth and said, ‘Back to work’ like nothing had happened at all.” >>
  4. RIP Stanley Crouch

    Reading through those comments, I kept thinking about Ellison's "battle in the bucket of crabs" (from INVISIBLE MAN). Ironic, given how much Crouch worshipped Ellison. But he could not see — more likely, IMO, chose to ignore/compartmentalize/rationalize — his own trollish tendencies.
  5. Miles Post-Sabbatical Columbias

    Arranged by Gil Evans!
  6. RIP Stanley Crouch

    I mean, it all depends on who you are and where you come from. My formal jazz education, such as it was, was anything but Kenton-centric. This was in the early 90's. My teacher — a good one, IMO — was always conscientious about placing the music in a sociopolitical context and foregrounding the Black men and women who made lasting aesthetic contributions. I think the key word here is "institutional." As Everson points out early in his write-up, the living, breathing history of the music never really happened in institutions, at least not until the 70's. Crouch was a complicated man who leaves a complicated legacy. And I agree: had he continued to pursue the same rhetorical strategies that brought him fame/infamy in his heyday in the era of social media, his legacy might be even more complicated.
  7. RIP Stanley Crouch

    The pugilist is now at rest.
  8. BFT 198 Link & Discussion

    Thanks! Looking forward to reading your thoughts/impressions!
  9. Yes, this is great stuff. Kind of a more energetic GNU HIGH.
  10. Essential John Gilmore?

    I forgot about that one! Thanks!
  11. BFT 198 Link & Discussion

    Thank you for these comments! #4 I chose precisely because I have played this performance for friends before and they have also heard Corea and Jarrett in it. But it's not Chick or Keith. I don't believe 11 has ever made it to CD, FWIW. But maybe in Japan?