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  1. #NP:Make It Up!

    The Slime Mold Orchestra — Hold That Vacuole Dookie Coleman Plays The Green Day Songbook
  2. Gil Melle

    I've always assumed this is a tribute to / portrait of Herbie Nichols. Even if it's not, a nice tune given a fine reading by this BORTH OF THE COOL-sized ensemble.
  3. Tell Us How Much You Love Ernie Henry

    I like Ernie Henry very much. Wish there was more of his work to be heard. Also, am I crazy/wrong, or is Henry one of the few boppers to play with vibrato? Listening to "Gone With the Wind" from the PRESENTING LP now and I'm definitely hearing something like at the end of some phrases.
  4. Mal Waldron

    News to me; please pardon any duplication. Searching In Grenoble: The 1978 Solo Piano Concert is a previously unissued recording of jazz icon Mal Waldron's mesmerizing performance at the "Five Days of Jazz" series in Grenoble, France on March 23, 1978. Waldron was Billie Holiday’s final accompanist, played on classic sessions with John Coltrane, Charles Mingus and Jackie McLean among others, and recorded dozens of solo albums as a leader before his passing in 2002. Originally produced by the legendary André Francís and transferred from the original Radio France tapes, this is the first official release of this music in cooperation with the Mal Waldron Estate and Ina (The Institut national de l'audiovisuel). The beautifully designed, deluxe 2-CD set includes photos by K. Abe, Brian McMillen and Raymond Ross; an extensive 24-page booklet with a heartfelt statement by Mal's daughter Mala Waldron, plus essays by producer/"Jazz Detective" Zev Feldman, journalist Adam Shatz and Ina's Pascal Rozat; and interviews with modern jazz piano luminaries Ran Blake and Matthew Shipp. Searching In Grenoble features classic Waldron originals such as "Soul Eyes" and "All Alone," and jazz standards "You Don't Know What Love Is," "It Could Happen to You" and "I Thought About You.” The 2CD set will be available worldwide September 23rd on Tompkins Square (TSQ5906), and was produced for release by Zev Feldman and Josh Rosenthal. credits releases September 23, 2022 Produced for release by Zev Feldman and Josh Rosenthal Associate Producer: Zak Shelby-Szyszko Sound restoration: Gary Hobish Mastered by Gary Hobish at A. Hammer Mastering & Digital Media, San Francisco, CA INA: Digitization in High Resolution, restoration and mastering – Quentin Geffroy; Documentation- Annie Lauzzana & Sophie Rielland; Coordination -Christiane Lemire Front and Back Cover Photo by K. Abe Art Direction and Design: Darryl Norsen Photo research: Zev Feldman and Zak Shelby-Szyszko
  5. Gil Melle

    Ah, Keith Fullerton Whitman continues to do his thing! Interesting musician in his own right.
  6. Gil Melle

    In case anyone missed this recent reissue... perhaps the first official CD reissue of all of these rare titles? Gil Mellé; The Andromeda Strain, Tome VI, Waterbirds + May 2022; due to numerous requests, and in the spirit of celebrating Creel Pone's 17th Anniversary with a bang, here is a completely revised replica edition of this time-tested title, with the original Kapp 10"/LP issue of "The Andromeda Strain" OST augmented with Melle's two other relatable issues of Jazz-Electronics from the vinyl era: "Tome VI" & "Waterbirds" across two discs (plus a short bonus track of a "Demo" of the Percusotron III!) Creel pone of one of the most legendary Early Electronic music film scores (right up there with Bebe & Louis Barron’s “Forbidden Planet”, Bernard Hermann’s “The Day The Earth Stood Still”, and Oskar Sala’s Trautonium sound design for Hitchcock’s “The Birds”) - mainly due to the scarcity & production values of the original release: a Hexagonal 10” record housed in a six-fold flap-system affixed to the cover of a metallic 12” sleeve which opens up to reveal a set of photos from the film & the liner notes. All well & good, but the attraction for me to this suite of pieces by jazz composer Gil Mellé has always been the bizarre invented electronic instrumentation (like the Percussotron III - a primitive drum machine) and lo-fi / distorted Musique Concrète techniques (the first piece alone consists of ten tape-transformed piano parts and the ambience of a bowling alley). For early 70s Hollywood film-score material, this stuff is pretty damn far out ... most of it sounds like a more free/European take on the Patrick Gleeson collabs on Herbie Hancock’s “Sextant”, other parts sound like the weird Finnish jerry-rigged electronics of Erkki Kurreniemi or even the more far-out segments on the first two Kluster records. No matter how you slice it, this is an important set; rife with sound-research oriented takes that situate it well within the Creel Pone canon.
  7. Health report

    Sending you healing thoughts!
  8. Sam Sam Gendel, SUPERSTORE Interesting miniatures built around Gendel's (often electronically modified) saxophone when not built on (usually J Dilla-esque) beats
  9. Name Three People...

    Fish Yemana Wojo
  10. Name Three People...

    Benjamin Britten Benjamin Button Sir Benjamin Benjamin