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  1. Where Is Carlos Ward?

    Some nice footage of Carlos Ward with Rashied Ali, Dave Burrell, and Sirone, circa 1972.
  2. Herbie Nichols - Love, Gloom, Cash, Love

    That is my recollection.
  3. Herbie Nichols - Love, Gloom, Cash, Love

    I'd forgotten about those unreleased tracks. They are also listed in the Mosaic booklet of Nichol's complete BN recordings. But I could swear someone on the old BN board debunked their existence?
  4. Gabor Szabo

    Or Mike Bloomfield.
  5. Gabor Szabo

    Dude could groove. Articulation! The way we would alternately snap notes off, let others ring out/sustain, even flirt with feedback. Not many other jazz guitarists of his generation explored the electric qualities of his instrument like he did.
  6. Whither Moms Mobley? With an "O"?

    In the words of Mark E. Smith, I am Damo Suzuki.
  7. Somehow, I am just now learning that you can listen to this interview from the WFMT archives. 35 minutes of conversation from May 1971.
  8. Paul Horn Corner

    Was aware of the Judee Sill connection (pun intended) but not the rest of this story. Also, not sure of their availability, but the two volumes of Jazz Corps archival recordings Cadence put out several years back are worth hearing.
  9. Paul Horn Corner

    We're a long way from Tommy Peltier's Jazz Corps here... or are we?
  10. Ned Goold

    You know what's really strange... I spent part of the morning trying to remember Goold's name, the deal with his Smalls recordings. That is, he came to mind for some reason (maybe I was just thinking about obscure/weird contemporary tenor players) and I finally tracked down his THE FLOWS on Spotify. What's up with that?
  11. Joe Gordon