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  1. Ted Curson/Don Cherry

    Doesn't Donald Byrd play pocket trumpet on FUEGO? Recording date: October 4, 1959. The "toy instruments" were part of the whole Ornette Coleman Quartet package at the time. I can imagine those visuals might have made the music sound even more disorienting / alienating to someone like Mingus whose avant-garde roots were more Third Stream.
  2. All the Centro-matic.
  3. I'd almost call it revelatory! Excellent stuff.
  5. Spotted on the YouTubes. Some fun anecdotes here. There's a follow-up video in which the host shows off a few items from the collection (since pushed to Ebay). He's also promised to do more show and tell in future videos.
  6. Previously unreleased Sheila Jordan. 1960 (!!)

    More Herbie Nichols? That is very enticing. But I somehow doubt his involvement.
  7. Closer to AMM than I recall (joking not joking). Beautifully recorded, and a nice showcase of the incredible rapport these musicians had.
  8. You remember Ships Lounge on Lowest Greenville? That was a beer and set-ups establishment. Might still be. Interesting jukebox, too, back in the day.