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  1. Billy Higgins

  2. Buell Neidlinger RIP

    You will be missed, Buell Neidlinger.
  3. Ira Sullivan

    Long live Ira Sullivan!
  4. Now reading...

    I think DEM might still be available via Coffee House...
  5. Now reading...

    A marvelous book.
  6. Jan Garbarek

    His work with George Russell merits attention. THE ESSENCE OF, TRIP TO PRILLAGURI, the original ELECTRONIC SONATA FOR SOULS LOVED BY NATURE, and ESOTERIC CIRCLE.
  7. Robert Sunenblick RIP

    Thank you for your service, Dr. Sunenblick. RIP.
  8. Jazz pianist with amazing left hands.

    Horace Silver.
  9. Mystery Lennie Niehaus LP

    So this was meant to serve as library music? Not familiar with this recording, but intrigued!
  10. Tom Rapp (1947-2018)

    A sad loss. Underrated songwriter and apparently a fine person.
  11. Muppet Jazz

    Diz, Courtney Pine and several other musicians of note also make cameos on FAFFNER HALL. Thomas Dolby seems to be having quite a bit of fun here.
  12. I do remember. This was true even after they moved to NW Hwy (the old building that was decked out like a ship). My father did lots of business with Ken and Pat. Some of my earliest memories are of the old flagship store on McKinney Ave. (only their second location, IIRC) and flipping through boxes of comic books there. HPB and Texas Bookman were "disruptors" long before Silicon Valley made that a thing.