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  1. Barney Wilen

    The reference is Columbia SL-5007-AX. I said it was reissued in 1972 but i don't find the date anymore on the record. Maybe did i dream ? My nose says that's an old reissue
  2. Barney Wilen

    Well, i could make that record. If someone has a place on a server to store it, it could be shared over the network ? dont't know... By the way, the movie is in french language, no subtitles !
  3. Barney Wilen

    Do you mean "Le Nouveau Jazz" with François Tusques ? I have this record (a japanese reissue of 1972) that belongs to the "free" period. great record.
  4. Barney Wilen

    Here's another link: in french in english Did you know that the Osaka concert was recorded on video ? There's an extract in the movie. It is not supposed to be edited on DVD too
  5. Barney Wilen

    Hello, This is my first post at organissimo. I like Barney's music very much. A movie was made by Stephane Sinde and diffused at french TV recently: (Stephane Sinde is the boy-friend of Marie Möör) Unfortunaltly, it is not supposed to be distributed in DVD but it will be diffused at the TV channel "Mezzo" on September, 22 (cable, satellitte):