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  1. I'm not talking about how rare these tracks can be, or whether the set was way cheaper than to reassemble the original recordings or the story about how you ended up having a particular set or any wet dreams this gave you by giving you the whole span of recordings for such musician. Just about the pure pleasure of chilling out and listening to the tracks and say wow that's great stuff and have a wide grin on your face, so what's your favourite ?
  2. I know we have some fans of the beautiful game, so why not starting a thread about what's going on in the world of soccer or football. If there is enough action maybe we can make a poll to have a section of the forum dedicated to it. Anyway, anybody following the Copa America competition. The prelims were little lame playing 18 games to eliminate 4 teams out of 12, sounds like the CFL regular season to me. Quarter finals were a succession of strong teams trashing weaker teams, scores were 4-1, 6-1,6-0 and 4-0 but things started to pick up with the first semi yesterday between Brazil and Uruguay Here's an account of that quite exciting game. Tonight the other semi between Argentina and Mexico will take place For the Yanks the games are broadcasted on Univision.
  3. We talked about it in another thread so i elected to take the bull by its horns and start a thread about the world of Italian jazz. To get things rolling, i'll start with two subjects Subject number 1 Are they other Italian Instabile Orchestra cd worth going after. For my part i already own Skies of Europe which i would recommend strongly, Litania Sibilante who was the first cd i found after seeing them live, for my part i thought it was underwhelming after the live act. And more recently the one with Cecil Taylor who was disappointing as Taylor did not mix very well with the group. Subject number 2. Andrea Centazzo Mitteleuropa Orchestra The Complete Recordings: 1980-1983 I'm thinking a lot about buying this set, but i'd like to hear more about it by the fine people writing on this board. So here you go.
  4. How about some Sonny Criss ?

    Big fan of this gentleman. From him i own the Complete Imperial sessions that made me fell him in love with his beautiful alto sax sound. In my dreams i sound exactly like him. Also acquired a few Original Jazz Classics such as Rockin' in rhythm, The beat goes on ! and This is Criss. I noticed a few 32 Jazz of him, are they worthwhile, iis there any other stuff that i could find that is worth the time and the money.
  5. Anybody Heard From Jazzmoose Lately?

    Very sad to hear this,he was one of my favourite members of the bunch here. RIP
  6. Geri Allen Has Died

    Devastated , she was one of my faves among the current crop , saw her almost every time she came here, the most memorable gigs were once as she was working with Charles Looyd in his quartet, which is among my greatest concert I ever witnessed at the old Spectrum and another highlight was when she played wiith Esperanza Spalding and Terri Lynn Carrington as part of the Wayne Shorter anniversary bash a few years ago.
  7. Classical music bargains

    There's this huge Karajan box available for 60 Euros, a bit on the fence about this one.
  8. Am a big fan of Mosaic's work but , the shipping fees combined to the exchange rate made them way too expensive to support them, truth be told except for marketplace sellers who are offering stuff on our local Amazon, I haven't bought anything from the USA since many years.
  9. Singer Sharon Jones Diagnosed With Cancer

    Saw her before she became really big in a small place, less than 500 places in the early 2000 . too young to see the previouis generation of soul singers , she gave us a hell of a catch up ride that night. RIP Sharon. What a miserable year that was.
  10. Leonard Cohen, RIP

    As a Montrealer I feel doubly the pain of the loss as much as the lost of a major artist and as one of the proudest representative of my city. Musical arrangements were never the strong pouint of Cohen but with lyrics like his, you could have listened to them with a vacuum cleaner in the background and it still would have been relevant. What a lousy news to learn before going to bed.
  11. Beware getting the Cds out without scratching them is almost a feat , I ruined a CD of this set because the sleeves are way too tight.
  12. All Music Guide

    Are you a paying subscriber ? If in the morning I wasn't able to access the site now I'm able to but after disabling adblock.
  13. All Music Guide

    Used to work but I'm not in the same boat than John L. , And their help click does not work .... And there seems to be no direct contact with the people running the site.
  14. RIP Guy Nadon

    A very well known character of the Montreal jazz scene passed away recently. , tried to find a more expansive text about the man who nicknamed himself Buddy Poor but couldn't most of the litterature about him is in French. A web site devoted to him can be found here
  15. Classical music bargains

    The Boulez Complete Columbia Album Collection at 89 Euros goes around 120 $ in Canadian Dollars not bad at all.
  16. RIP Bud Spencer

    A favourite of my youth passed away, never saw his films afterwards so can't say if they hold the test of time, probably not but who knows . Back in the days (late 70s) when a Hill-Spencer flick was shown on the telly we (schoolboys) would inform each other and talk about it the day after. Pardon the cliché he represented a throwback to simpler times. Most recent memory of him is during a documentary on Italian westerns shown at a festival, , they of course talked about the Hill-Spencer duo and the fight sequence shown as an example of their art made everyone in the audience laugh their ass out. In a way these two were to my generation what The Three Stooges were to my previous generation Adios Bud
  17. Apocalypsis R. Murray Schafer

    Not sure if it fits in classical or elsewhere but there's a recording that's worth checking out , unfortunately the visual aspects have not been offered to the public no DVD or Bluray yet , nonetheless the musical by itself sure made an effect on me, enjoy or hate. Here are a few youtube links and the Deezer link to the whiole album, One thing for sure, it is kinda appropriate with Easter coming along.
  18. Classical music bargains

    If you don't already have it Bernstein Sony Box number 2 at 70 Euros
  19. Montreal in August

    With the new board I miss quite often threads where I could deliver a proper input, here's a fine example. Probably way too late to give you tips but as you'll probably know by now, you should have skipped Archambault they are pretty useless music wise and they are way too expensive for stuff outside mainstream. CD shops have fallen on hard times in terms of quality as less people buy CDs so of course it means less people are getting rid of them. Your best bet, and it's been a while since I went there so not so sure if it's still reliable, guessing from what you were looking might have been Cheap Thrills Hope you enjoyed the trip nonetheless.
  20. Classical music bargains

    For those who still have a strong currency (It means no Canuck allowed) the huge Brendel Phillips set goes arond 142 Euros on Amazon Germany , it means 114 cds for about 160 US bucks.
  21. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Two words Leicester City
  22. Classical music bargains

    , I know the feeling, maybe not with a boxset but i have stopped counting the times where i was on the verge of buying or did buy a CD I already had
  23. Where is the "what classical music" thread

    Also with the search function not working properly trying to locate specific comments about certain subjects in these huge threads is a pain in the butt...
  24. 1.5 billion dollar lottery here in the US.

    Well the first two are way out of question for physical reasons I better practice ducking and avoid water at all cost