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  1. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    Several of these titles, as well as the Mosaic box, are inexpensively available as lossless downloads from Qobuz. That may be a better route.
  2. Montego Joe

    Just spun Wild and Warm for the first time in a while. This, IMO, is the money cut.
  3. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    If it is indeed a digital clone, I don't really care. Then again, I have so many of his LPs as it is, digital is probably not high on my priority list.
  4. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    Maybe the Spanish label is cloning the Mosaic set. If so, this option is cheaper than buying a second-hand box.
  5. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    Are they legit? Were the masters for any of these albums lost in the Universal fire?
  6. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    Thanks. Would have made a great twofer CD, assuming both would fit. EDIT: I see there is one of these. I'm assuming it is a grey market release?
  7. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    Jazz piano trios had a real audience between the late 1950s and late 1960s, if all the cheap second-hand LPs I've found are any indication. Anyone know if Live at the Pershing Vol. 2 is from the same sessions, or was it recorded later as a follow-up?
  8. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    Great record! I found this and a lot of other Ahmad Jamal albums for a dollar in the 1990s.
  9. Montego Joe

    The liner notes to Prestige 7413 (Wild and Warm) correct an error in the notes to Prestige 7336. It says he arrived in the US from Jamaica in 1939, when he was nine or ten years old. Apparently the previous album (which I don't have) states something different. For whatever that's worth.
  10. A Random Gordon Jenkins Memory

    It is impossible. It exists in the player's head, but if believing this makes them play better, who are we to judge?
  11. A Random Gordon Jenkins Memory

    My Dad told me that in Gordon Jenkins arrangements, when Gordon would play those single-line counter-melodies in the medium-low register of the piano, he would rapidly shake his finger back and forth as he held the final note, as if to give it a vibrato. Obviously, this is impossible to achieve on the piano, but it must have worked for Gordon, at least in his head.
  12. Where is Jazz Most at Home?

    Jazz is most at home in the home.
  13. Post a pic

    Meet Molokai!
  14. "There's no such thing as a perfect jazz solo"

    On the other hand, music recorded at home can have a relaxed, offhand quality that you don't always get when the studio clock is ticking. This is why home demos are sometimes much better than the finished product.
  15. Bernard Herrmann

    Technically, "birthday" applies to the living" and "anniversary of birth" applies to those who have shuffled off this mortal coil. I took a middle path approach in seven words.