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  1. George Shearing Mosaic

    And if the Mosaic is out of your price range, you can get the original albums in mint condition for a buck a throw at a thrift store near you.
  2. Copyright

    Understood. I guess I meant that in certain situations there can be a practical difference between the two terms, depending on who is telling you what is unlawful. Does that make sense?
  3. Copyright

    But a corporation will use a liberal interpretation of what is and is not permitted under law, to protect their product (and profits). If it were as cut and dried as you make it appear, we would not need lawyers, and you would be out of a job. In other words, the party that is telling you what is "unlawful" may have its own agenda and may be misleading consumers. For example, record companies have made the claim that you can't keep legally extracted digital files if you sell the original CD. To my knowledge, this has not been tested under US law, and US lawyers do not universally accept this interpretation.
  4. Copyright

    Don't forget the difference between "illegal" and "unlawful."
  5. Monk Debunked

    Monk would have known "Powerhouse," and they both have this mechanized, futuristic sound. I'm sure "Powerhouse" was an influence, but I have no direct proof, though.
  6. Nelson Riddle & Les Baxter 101 Strings Albums

    Can't see the image, Jasper!
  7. Nelson Riddle & Les Baxter 101 Strings Albums

    I just thought that the family connection to Henry Mancini may have given him a genetic predisposition for succeeding with The Hustler. I am an optimist at heart.
  8. Mal Waldron

    Thank you, my Big Beatster! I shall!
  9. Mal Waldron

    I have one Mal Waldron LP filed in the Spy/Private Eye section of the LP accumulation: A mono copy of Sweet Love, Bitter on impulse! It is filed alphabetically between Ken Thorne's Help! and Franz Waxman's Crime in the Streets. I have never seen the film, but it appears to be right up my alley. I assume the LP was a re-record, as was common at the time? Has anyone seen the film? Is it any good?
  10. Stan Kenton´s piano style

    I just learned that Duane Tatro, who scored the Quinn Martin series The Invaders, was a Kenton alum. Who knew?
  11. Nelson Riddle & Les Baxter 101 Strings Albums

    Maybe the Nash kid could pull it off?
  12. Jack Sheldon

    I've seen that top one, but I can't see the other images. I take it that these pre-date CTI - let alone that 80s album with the horrible cover where Sebesky looks like an annoyed golfer.
  13. Jack Sheldon

    Never heard 'em! I can't know everything!
  14. Jack Sheldon

    Like many in my age group, I was introduced to Jack via his gig with Merv Griffin. Now, Jack and Merv have been reunited, along with Zsa Zsa Gabor, Truman Capote, and Orson Welles.
  15. Stan Kenton´s piano style

    The notes to the Wagner album were pretty funny IIRC, but that is one that I re-imprisoned at the thrift store after briefly liberating it.