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  1. Why I Love Chopin

    Oh. Very obvious in Jobim.
  2. M.F. Horn 1 and 2

    The Bill Holman/Bill Russo correspondence course. Someone told me I could meet girls that way. Do you think they were pulling a fast one on me? I paid a lot of money.
  3. M.F. Horn 1 and 2

    Wearing a powder blue polyester tux, with greasy hair parted to the side, mutton chop sideburns, and David Koresh aviator frame glasses? Maybe you slept with them, but my standards may be a little higher than yours. Not much, but a little.
  4. M.F. Horn 1 and 2

    Here is a superior version of the Keith Mansfield tune, with a different title, by the master himself:
  5. M.F. Horn 1 and 2

    From the same period: I am getting lessons in aesthetics from aging white male celibates who listen to a genre that can't get them laid in a French whorehouse. Now I've seen everything. Neither record cover is that sexy.
  6. M.F. Horn 1 and 2

    I posted a link to a video, Albert. I did not create the video.
  7. Jack Jones - Bread Winners

    Sometimes, when I'm with my special lady, I just can't put my feelings into words. That's when I depend on the poetry of David Gates, as sung by Jack Jones.
  8. M.F. Horn 1 and 2

    First, don't call me "dude," and second, I can't help what image someone posts on the InterTubes.
  9. M.F. Horn 1 and 2

    As you may know, I am a connoisseur of the Now Sound: Late 60s and early 70s records by aging jazz and easy listening artists turning on and tuning in to the styles, feelings, and vibrations of today. There are several sub-categories of the Now Sound, and one of them is exemplified by Maynard Ferguson's early M. F. Horn albums, especially tracks like Keith Mansfield's "El Dopa" and the raga-influeced "Chala Nata." These albums capture the vibe of the era much better than anything that the "kids" were producing or listening to. They are like the counterculture as filtered through the pages of "Playboy" and "Vogue." Anyway, these albums - along with Jim Beam Pre-Prohibition rye - are helping to get me through our current reality. Enjoy!
  10. Why I Love Chopin

  11. Give It Up For Booker!

    That's what vague thread titles get ya!
  12. Bill Withers, R.I.P.

    Watched the doc last night. Interesting story. RIP. I like his term "blaxperts."
  13. Give It Up For Booker!

    Big Booker T fan!
  14. Why I Love Chopin

    Chopin's music sounds like scores from 70s Euro erotic films. I file him in the Now Sound section, and not the classical section, for this reason. I wonder what he may have accomplished had he been born in, say, 1925 or 1930.
  15. Joe Pass "Sounds of Synanon"

    I can has the Neal Hefti album. Except my copy is MONO, LRP catalog number, and not stereo LST. Does anyone know why I filed this in the Now Sound section and not the Crime Jazz section? Seems like a weird choice, but I can't really remember the music.