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  1. Hilarious spoof of the UK music show from Eric Idle's short-lived comedy show.
  2. Frank Foster

  3. Frank Foster

    It apparently is something that Wynton Marsalis wrote. I guess a broken clock is right twice a day.
  4. Frank Foster

    Not sure where it is from. It looks like some sort of introduction to jazz kind of book, but it is hard to tell from one page! We should probably move this to the "Jazz in Print" sub-forum. If you agree, feel free to move it.
  5. Benny Golson

    I love that album! A crime jazz classic!
  6. Benny Golson

    I've always liked The Compositions of Benny Golson on Riverside. It is a comp that hangs together well as an album. A few of Golson's Mission: Impossible scores were released on the 6-CD MI set that was released several years ago. The military drums were a real stumbling block for me on that set. As Groucho famously said, "Military intelligence is to intelligence what military music is to music." I need to revisit it, and burn some custom CD-Rs without the military drums. Golson's 1960s Verve album Tune In, Turn On, in which he reimagines TV commercials, is a real favorite. I love this track: and this one: and this one:
  7. Jazz LPs For Sale

    I wish I could have attended the brainstorming session in which they were trying to come up with a name for their label.
  8. Piri - Voces Querem Mate? Fantastic Brasilian Album

    That is crazy. Never heard of it. Did you check out the Piri album?
  9. From TV Action Jazz? I agree! Oh, I have to get the book just for that! Well, I file Streetcar in the crime/spy section, because it fits nicely there.
  10. Whither Allen Lowe?

    Sending positive vibes.
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Listening again to Bongo Madness. It is for the most part more minimalist, moody, and abstract than Jazz Heat Bongo Beat. It is kind of similar to Sabu's Sorcery and Safari albums. Buddy does a lot of extended solos over hypnotic patterns.
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Ralke later did The Savage and the Senuous Bongos for WB, and he did the arrangements for William Shatner's The Transformed Man, which I think is an absolutely brilliant album despited its irony hipster red.