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  1. Remembering my Dad on Veterans Day with a Song He Wrote

    It was standard for the publisher and artist to receive a piece of the action on a recording by a new or unproven songwriter. That happened a lot back then.
  2. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Will the 60s Quintet Plugged Nickel box ever be reissued?
  3. Is it possible that Cal didn't like the track and wanted it buried after the 45 came out?
  4. Remembering my Dad on Veterans Day with a Song He Wrote

    Gordon was the publisher. Neither he nor Ellington had anything to do with the song. It was written by McNeely and Farmer.
  5. My Dad fought in WWII in Europe. He would be over 100 were he still alive. Here is a song he co-wrote:
  6. No, unfortunately, can't help you there. Is "I Waited So Long" presumably the same tune as "I've Waited So Long" on the Black Orchid album? (I realize it may be a different recording.)
  7. OK, happy to help. I think I have more Cal Tjader than any other artist, with the exception of Sun Ra and Ennio Morricone.
  8. OK, I have a ton of Cal Tjader. Let me know if I can help.
  9. What are you looking for? LPs, track listings, catalog numbers, or something more?
  10. Let's Talk About Gary McFarland Now!

    I have wondered this too. It is so obviously bad, how did no one in the chain catch this? Even if the multi-track masters exist, would there be enough of an audience to buy this album even if it were fixed?
  11. The musicians here, what drew you to the instrument you play?

    It was there and so I played it. If there had been another instrument there, I would have played that other one instead.
  12. Let's Talk About Gary McFarland Now!

    Well, you're talking to someone whose music accumulation is primarily film scores. I think 13 plays very well as an album on its own terms, and for a guy who scored only two films, Gary shows that his dramatic instincts were dead-on. He also eschews many of the gothic/macabre/supernatural cliches.
  13. Let's Talk About Gary McFarland Now!

    What don't you like about "13?"
  14. What was the first Jazz Lp you bought?

    My parents worked in NY. The album was never made, but I still have the demo. I need to digitize it.
  15. My Favorite Jazz Albums of 2019 (so far)

    If I illegally listen to it on YouTube, I might get yelled at by Chuck Nessa!