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  1. RIP Johnny Mandel

    YES! Both album combined on a single CD by Rykodisc!
  2. An excellent set at a great price. I already have one.
  3. Tito Puente in the 1940' and 1950's

    It's incredible that RCA would release TWO box sets and randomly spread the tracks from individual LPs over the two boxes. You wonder why they would go through the trouble to do the box sets in the first place and then organize them in such a haphazard fashion.
  4. RIP Johnny Mandel

    While we're talking about Singers Unlimited... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfcpcIujsjY
  5. RIP Johnny Mandel

    Enjoying the 3-CD FSM Johnny Mandel set with The Americanization of Emily, The Sandpiper, and Drums of Africa. Easy to forget what a huge influence Henry Mancini was on film scores at that time. He really created the template for this kind of thing,
  6. Yeah, the colors are wrong. And as we know, album covers are the reason we love music. If they had done the cover correctly, I would have been tempted, even if the music is sub-par. But I think I'll pass on this.
  7. RIP Johnny Mandel

    You could do a compilation album of Herb Alpert knockoffs that appeared as source music in 1960s films. Lalo Schifrin's "Music to Interrogate By" is another example.
  8. RIP Johnny Mandel

  9. RIP Johnny Mandel

    It is an incredible album, especially if you have the mono version. I wish Frank would have done more with Johnny, but then, we might not have gotten Harper, The Sandpiper, or The Americanization of Emily.
  10. RIP Johnny Mandel

    I consider "I Want To Live" to be the greatest jazz score ever. RIP.
  11. Gabor Szabo

    I guess with Gabor, I check out before he would even dream of writing something that sounds like "Breezin'". The Gabor that I know and love is all about sitars, vespas, and 1960s international jet set grooviness.
  12. Why Music Remains Unreleased - Ask The Artist

    Ask the labels.
  13. Gabor Szabo

    Why the hell are we talking about George Benson in a Gabor Szabo thread? They have nothing to do with each other. George Benson's aesthetics, or lack thereof, have nothing to do with Gabor's contributions to 1960s grooviness.
  14. New Ella Documentary

    Any ideas where one can watch this? We searched for it last night on the Roku machine but could not find it.