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  1. Synthesizer Patch Settings Sheets

    I have a Moog Prodigy 336A, and I used to have a bunch sheets showing the various knobs, where you could write in your own preferred settings for different sounds and different tunes. I am trying to find some blank sheets on the interwebz. I am finding some for other models, but I have not yet found any for the 336A. Does anyone know if there is a Website or forum that may have these? Thanks in advance!
  2. Songs You don't want requested

    I used to do a lot of solo cocktail piano gigs, and someone once requested "Love Shack" by the B-52s! That is the most memorable request I ever received at a gig. The two requests I always dreaded were "New York, New York" and the insufferable "Memory" from Cats.
  3. Bud Powell: "The Lonely One"

    Thanks. Since my post, I went to Discogs, and it looks like about 2/3 of Lonely One ended up on Genius Volume 2. I had Japanese Verve reissues of Piano Moods and 57, and I think I unloaded them. With Bud, the only albums I've revisited in recent years are Genius of Bud Powell - the first volume - and the two Amazing volumes on Blue Note. And the Roost album.
  4. Bud Powell: "The Lonely One"

    I don't know the Bud Powell album referenced. I am assuming that some of it wound up on The Genius of Bud Powell, Vol. 2, the Verve twofer?
  5. stereo system rack

    You realize that visual aesthetics affect perception of the sound?
  6. Can We All Stop Wishing “Happy Birthday” To The Dead?

    And Happy Birthday Jesus! Oh, wait... I say, Sonny Jim, that you are over-thinking this. Ironic that we are discussing this as some of us celebrate the birthday of a guy who was born 2017 years ago.
  7. Lee Konitz Is 90!

    He told Lee that he studied with Billy, and Lee replied, "All of my friends are dead!"
  8. Lee Konitz Is 90!

    My friend, who studied guitar with Billy Bauer, just saw Lee live, and they shot a game of pool between sets!
  9. Mundell Lowe RIP

    When I interviewed Mundell, I asked him if he still has the charts from that album. He said he kept the title tune but none of the others. Musicians are notoriously terrible for keeping and archiving their own music.
  10. Mundell Lowe RIP

  11. Keely Smith, RIP

    I realize that I am completely out of touch with what constitutes popular culture in 2017, but am I the only one who feels that Keely's checking out isn't getting the attention it should? She and Louis made Las Vegas.
  12. Mundell Lowe RIP

    When I interviewed him in the 1990s, he had positive things to say about that album. This tune is killer:
  13. Jo Stafford R.I.P.

  14. Standards In Unusual Forms

    Looking back at "Begin the Beguine," I think the final section is 20 rather than 16 bars, making it a 100-bar standard, if I'm not mistaken.
  15. Standards In Unusual Forms

    I would characterize it as A-B-A, each section being 16 bars.