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  1. J.S. Bach: Suites 1-6 for Unaccompanied Cello

    Does anyone know if they ever corrected the mastering problem with the Starker Mercury Living Presence CDs? For a while, the LPs were selling for insane amounts of money on eBay, because there was something wrong with the CDs.
  2. Hungarian Conductors

    Thanks for enlightening me. I would not of known this.
  3. Hungarian Conductors

    Oops, wrong forum, I was talking about inexpensive electrical conductors manufactured in Hungary and sold by third-party sellers on Amazon.
  4. Hungarian Conductors

    For symphonic music, I go for Debussy and Ravel and later; and I tend to gravitate toward the conductors who were active in the early days of the LP era. I was recently surprised to learn that many of my favorite conductors from that era were Hungarian, including Eugene Ormandy, Antal Dorati, and Fritz Reiner, who I would have assumed were American, Italian, and German, respectively. I guess I should have known this, but my limited knowledge of classical music tends to center around the composers rather than the players or conductors. Not sure what any of this means. I will root for Hungary next time they are in a soccer match.
  5. Alan Hovhaness

    This is a nice track. I have Andre Kostelanetz's version, but here it is by the Seattle Symphony:
  6. The "Construct a Song Title Sentence" game

    Hey Pete, Let's Eat More Meat.
  7. Stan Kenton - City of Glass

    No one can answer my question? The liner notes of the CD indicate that there was an earlier orchestration of City of Glass that did not include strings. Was this version ever recorded? Is it on the Gunther Schuller CD?
  8. Nature Boy - E minor, D minor, Eb minor

    No, I have some Spike Jones stuff, but I never heard that! "A little shy/On account of that one bad eye." Hysterical.
  9. Nature Boy - E minor, D minor, Eb minor

    That Red Ingle track is amazing!
  10. Nature Boy - E minor, D minor, Eb minor

    Thanks all. (Both.) I am writing an arrangement, and based on the instrumentation, I think that D minor or Eb minor will be best. I have seen sheet music in both E minor and D minor.
  11. Nature Boy - E minor, D minor, Eb minor

    I hear you, but d minor is related to F major, hardly a strange key to jazz.
  12. Cal Tjader

    Does anyone here have the second Playboy After Dark collection that includes Cal Tjader's performance on Playboy's Penthouse, circa 1959 0r 1960? I have the first volume with Cy Coleman, Lenny Bruce, Ella, etc. The second volume seemed to go out of print quickly. If I had known Cal Tjader was on it, I would have hopped on it immediately. Can anyone tell me which and how many songs he does, who was in the band, if he talks to Hef between songs?
  13. Nature Boy - E minor, D minor, Eb minor

    No one?
  14. Nature Boy - E minor, D minor, Eb minor

    In playing situations, I have encountered this tune in these three keys. They are all close, and the harmonies to this tune are fairly straightforward, but does anyone know if one of these three keys tends to be favored?
  15. Les Liaisons Dangereuses

    Have you listened to the OST? It is KILLER!