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  1. Motor on my Nitty Gritty LP Cleaner Has Died

    Yes, truly amazing customer service. The repaired my unit free of charge, and said, in the e-mail, essentially, that the problem should not have happened. "Let's just chalk it up to weirdness," she said in the e-mail. I told her that I would sing Nitty Gritty's praises to anyone who would listen. I think I influenced a lot of people over the years to buy one.
  2. Motor on my Nitty Gritty LP Cleaner Has Died

    I used to communicate with Gayle Van Syckle. Was this the owner? They were very helpful when I had trouble with my unit about ten years ago.
  3. Herbie Mann: Memphis Underground -- which CD remaster is best sounding?

    You never realize how noisy our world is until there is a power outage, and you're in dead silence. It's scary. We're surrounded by all these humming, whirring, buzzing pieces of equipment, and we are oblivious to them until they stop working. You know, with classical music, I much prefer older analog recordings on CD than I do digital recordings.
  4. R.I.P. Glen Campbell.

    Yes. Beach Boys alum Gary Usher was behind the project. I have the album but have not spun it in a while. Did you see "Guess I'm Dumb" that I posted above? Written and produced by Brian Wilson.
  5. R.I.P. Glen Campbell.

    He also played guitar on some of their backing tracks.
  6. R.I.P. Glen Campbell.

  7. Irwin Chusid is a really amazing guy. He did so much for the catalogs of Esquivel, Raymond Scott, and now Sun Ra. Having all those Evidence CDs from the 1990s, I knew many were lifted from vinyl. It was of course better than nothing; good luck finding an original. Still, I am so happy that many of the tapes have survived and we are finally hearing cleaner versions of these albums.
  8. New Thelonious Monk album

    I especially love the versions of "Panonica" on here. They have an introspective, poignant quality that doesn't quite come through as much on the Riverside or Columbia versions.
  9. Roy Ayers - West Coast Vibes

    Lots of records are one or the other. The ones that are both are my favorites.
  10. New Thelonious Monk album

    In my opinion, they should have made a "listening edition" that fit on one disc, under 80 minutes, and a deluxe set that had all the breakdowns and studio chatter. Creating an incomplete two-disc, 83-minute version doesn't really accomplish either. Still, the price was right, so it's a minor point. The cover art bothers me the most.
  11. aloc

    Bumping this thread. Anyone talk to alocispepraluger102 lately? I see he has not visited since 2014.
  12. Basie Swingin' Voices Singin'

    I know what you mean. When Chris Montez sings the song, he almost sounds desperate, like he's sitting at home hoping she'll call. Sinatra is letter her know that, yeah, he's available, but he has other options.
  13. Basie Swingin' Voices Singin'

    I'm talking about the rhythm sections on both the Sinatra and Basie records. My point is that I think the tune works better as a bossa than with a swing or quasi-swing feel.
  14. Basie Swingin' Voices Singin'

    I don't like Sinatra's version either. I don't think it works with swing rhythm.
  15. Basie Swingin' Voices Singin'

    Here is a similarly kick-ass hi-fi moderne vocal jazz album from 1966: