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  1. Anthony Braxton Plays Standards for Lovers

    The Sonny Rollins with Cecil Taylor is a scream. If you start them both at about the same time, Cecil is going apeshit at the final chorus of "I'm an Old Cowhand."
  2. Anthony Braxton Plays Standards for Lovers

    There were a few times when things matched up remarkably well!
  3. Anthony Braxton Plays Standards for Lovers

    It is a Cageian approach, I didn't think about that! Although the results do not sound like Alexander Courage's score to The Cage. Sonny Rollins "I'm an Old Cowhand" with Cecil Taylor on piano!
  4. Anthony Braxton Plays Standards for Lovers

    I was really struck by how perfectly certain things lined up. If I had hit the play button on one or the other a second earlier or later, it wouldn't have happened that way, but another fortuitous combination would have occurred. I'm a Grand Prix guy, not Nascar. Gran Prix is all about European elegance, champagne, Anouk Aimee, bossa, and Steve McQueen.
  5. Environmental impact of recorded music consumption

    This is one of the reasons I bought used LPs and CDs. I'm keeping unwanted things out of the landfill.
  6. Anthony Braxton Plays Standards for Lovers

    Here is a fun activity: Open up two InterWebz tabs and go to YouTube on both of them. On one, open up an Anthony Braxton solo album. (I go for the 1979 solo alto improvisations.) On the other tab, open up any one of many ubiquitous, polite Music Minus One jazz soloist tracks. Play them together and adjust the volume of each accordingly. The results are sometimes hilarious, but also, things eerily match up from time to time. It is pretty funny when he keeps playing after the tune ends. Have fun, and you're welcome!
  7. Andy LaVerne - Metropolis

  8. Andy LaVerne - Metropolis

    How does it compare to Michael Daugherty's?
  9. Perez Prado

    I realized yesterday that I have all these Perez Prado albums, and that I've hardly listened to him in years. I need to correct that. Now listening to an excellent Rhino collection on CD.
  10. Dick Hyman Interview and Upcoming Shows at Dizzy's

    I have a lot of Moog and electronic records, spanning the spectrum from "serious" to pop cash-ins. Dick's first (aforementioned) Moog album inhabits a very interesting space someplace between those two extremes. It is probably my favorite Moog album from that post-Walter/Wendy Carlos period. "The Moog and Me" is a real fave. And the beautiful "Evening Thoughts:"
  11. RCA Above-Logo Phrases

    Perez Prado - Pops and Prado - LSP 2028 - "A Latin Goes American."
  12. Dick Hyman Interview and Upcoming Shows at Dizzy's

    My wife interviewed him for NPR in the 1990s and they talked about the Moog record. We did not know of Moon Gas at that time. Do you know this album? It is unbelievable. My parents were in the biz and they worked with Dick Hyman in the 1950s and 60s.
  13. Dick Hyman Interview and Upcoming Shows at Dizzy's

    Did you ask him about either of these two albums: Moon Gas, with Mary Mayo, on MGM; or Moog: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman on Command?
  14. I hear you. They are very much of their time, which is part of reason I love them. My favorite Gerald Wilson track is "Ravi" from Portraits, which I used to include in my Eastern-tinged DJ sets.
  15. Those are among my favorites, of course.