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  1. TTK's first Red Rodney Album

    That's it! OJC reissue!
  2. TTK's first Red Rodney Album

    It is on Fantasy, with Ira Sullivan. It has Laura, Taking a Chance on Love, and The Song is You.
  3. Lalo Schifrin

    Lalo Schifrin will receive an Honorary Oscar. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/honorary-oscars-be-given-cicely-tyson-marvin-levy-lalo-schifrin-1140136
  4. With Strings Jazz Albums

    OH YES! One of these tracks - forget the title - sounds like an outtake from Les Baxter's Que Mango!
  5. Howard McGhee - Plays Music from "The Connection"

    And then there is the LA production score by Dexter Gordon, some of which is on the Dexter Calling album. Someone needs to do a multi-disc set with all four versions!
  6. With Strings Jazz Albums

    I'm seeing a lot of question mark images.
  7. With Strings Jazz Albums

    I was working under the assumption that the Bird and Chet Baker records were cornerstones of the genre.
  8. With Strings Jazz Albums

    I am a Gary McFarland freak, and I completely forgot about this album! I need to revisit this. I have at least two of these. I love "Latin for Lovers." I can't remember "Warm Wave."
  9. Randy Weston compositions performed by other artists

    Those kind of unexpected covers by crossover artists make me wonder how jazz or pop may have evolved in different directions if they had caught on. I also wonder what jazz would sound like today if there had been books of Lennie Tristano's transcribed solos rather than Charlie Parker's!
  10. With Strings Jazz Albums

    Thanks all for the replies and suggestions! I guess these kind of records fall into a few different categories. I would consider albums such as those by Stan Getz/ Eddie Sauter and Gary McFarland/Steve Kuhn to be more adventurous jazz/classical/orchestral hybrids. I love these albums, by the way. I think of the "With Strings" albums as the jazz guy generally doing his (her?) thing with strings and perhaps woodwinds added for coloration. These albums tend to focus more on ballads and seem to going for more of a romantic/mood music kind of vibe. Of course, depending on what the artist, arranger, or A&R guy wanted to achieve, the results could land at various point on spectrum between the two extremes. Not making the distinction to limit the conversation or suggestions in any way, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  11. With Strings Jazz Albums

    If we have a thread like this, feel free to link to the other one. Two "With Strings" albums I really like for late night listening are the Sonny Stitt album on Verve, with arrangements by Ralph Burns; and the Phineas Newborn album on RCA with arrangements by Dennis Farnon.
  12. Randy Weston compositions performed by other artists

    Love that version!
  13. Randy Weston RIP. . .?

    Uhuru Africa is one of the great exotica albums!
  14. Songs We Should Retire

    It was called the Real Book, and it started circulating IIRC in the mid-70s. Yes, they are in the Real Book because Miles and others made them popular. My point was that the tunes were played by younger musicians over and over and over again out of convenience (and perhaps laziness), and the musicians may or may not have known that Miles did the songs. The Real Book perpetuated the songs' ubiquity by virtue of being in the Real Book.