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  1. Cafe Zimmermann

    I thought this was going to be a Bob Dylan thread.
  2. Thank you both. I will have to look for that French version.
  3. Not to derail the thread, but has there ever been a decent digital release of the RCA album?
  4. What's the difference between a sopranino sax and a soprano sax?

    Voices and instruments produce different types of waveforms and overtones. It is pure science. Some of us simply don't like the waveforms and overtones that particular voices and instruments produce. I personally hate the sound of the soprano sax, and I can only imagine how much I would hate its bastard cousin, should I ever have the misfortune of hearing it.
  5. Nat Cole: Rumba a la King

    That was my first thought also, given the year.
  6. Boy Raaijmakers (1944-2018)

    And one of the Tom Dissevelt/Kid Baltan tracks when released in the U.S. was given the very sci-fi title "The Ray Makers." It was a very fortuitous last name for an electronic music pioneer. Dick Raaijmakers left us in 2013. RIP.
  7. Boy Raaijmakers (1944-2018)

    Any relation to Dick?
  8. Boy Raaijmakers (1944-2018)

    On the contrary, great minds!
  9. Boy Raaijmakers (1944-2018)

    It seems we stood and talked like this before...
  10. Boy Raaijmakers (1944-2018)

    Any relation to Dick?
  11. Are these the ones where they just recorded Bird's solos?
  12. What's the difference between a sopranino sax and a soprano sax?

    As if the soprano sax isn't annoying enough...
  13. Urbie Green, 1926-2018

    The cover art admittedly made it hard to unload these. Most of the Command albums for me lack a certain X factor that distinguishes the best space-age bachelor pad albums. In general, I find that they lack the kind of harmonic and orchestration depth you hear in the best stuff. I do think that many of the Command albums contain one or two standout tracks, and someone with more patience than I could probably assemble a very good compilation. But I have only so much time and so much shelf space.
  14. Urbie Green, 1926-2018

    Thanks for the reminder. Ages ago I picked up a huge haul of pre-recorded reel-to-reels, and included in the haul is Urbie Green's Persuasive Trombone album. I agree with you that most Command albums are lousy, which is why I unloaded many of them years ago. However there are some real gems on Command/Project 3, including The Private Life of a Private Eye, Strange, Interlude, the Dick Hyman Moog and organ albums, Spaced Out, Permissive Polyphonics, and of course everything by Free Design. EDIT: Just finished Persuasive Trombone and it is very good for that kind of album.
  15. Urbie Green, 1926-2018

    Love his work with Jobim. RIP.