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  1. Jimmy Smith

    Japanese cd reissues seldom include bonus/alternate tracks. gregmo
  2. Yep, absolutely. One little thing: That Armstrong JSP 2-cd set is 1930-32, not 1930-42! gregmo
  3. The Savory set finally arrived, and I opened it to find that I have booklet number "2." There's proof positive that Mosaic sets really are random. I'd have thought that Cuscuna or Wenzel would have gotten the first numbered booklets, but I guess not! Lacking any of the self-control some of you exercised, I went straight to the first Basie disc (V), because the Old Testament Band has always been my favorite big band, period. The magnificent exuberance of that band comes through loud and clear, and I came as close as I ever have to one my earliest and most exquisite listening experiences: the first time I put the old Decca 2-record "Best of Count Basie" disc on my old "portable" stereo turntable nearly 50 years ago. Jimmy Rushing in full shout, Lester Young unloosed, Herschel Evans before early death robbed us of him. I am *really* going to enjoy this set!!! gregmo
  4. Anthony Bourdain, RIP

    I'm with Larry on this one. He always struck me as a particularly melancholy man. I did love his shows on Vietnam, but that profound sadness was always either just below the surface or ON the surface. gregmo
  5. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    So, I got to thinking, what Mosaic have I not played practically since I got it? This one. It's actually pretty good:
  6. Mine was charged back on May 29. Still no sign of the set. Patience....patience....... gregmo
  7. Johnny Hodges/Wild Bill Davis Project 4 Volumes/5 CDs

    The fact that Lonehill put this out probably explains why Mosaic is so hesitant to do a Hodges 60s Verve box. Sigh. gregmo
  8. What's next for Mosaic

    No, no, no--it was in the Mosaic Buddy Bolden set. You guys need to do some memory exercises! gregmo
  9. Sets you wish Mosaic would do

    Didn't Hammond produce all of Rushing's output for the label? It was reissued on 2 cds. gregmo
  10. This one looks like fun. I assume it's pre-Perry Raymond Burr? Is he the bad guy?! gregmo
  11. Dukes of Dixieland

    I wondered what had happened to you, Jeff. Haven't seen any of those way cool 78 posts in a while! gregmo
  12. Dukes of Dixieland

    I'll second what Jim said. I've always thought the records Satch made with the Dukes were his last really good records, especially as far as his trumpet playing went. They're well worth hearing. gregmo
  13. Jazz In Paris

    Thanks Ubu. I'm away from my collection right now, or I'd check on the Alhambra material. Sure wish they'd continue with that series! gregmo
  14. Swing Bands: Who should I listen to next?

    I had been listening to the bands for a while (this was many years ago) when I discovered Fletcher Henderson's mid-30s band that recorded for Decca. It swung like crazy and mostly recorded instrumentals. Try this one: