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  1. Happy, happy!! gregmo
  2. Lee Morgan Film

    Just saw it yesterday. I thought it was pretty good, and like several others here, I enjoyed Wayne Shorter's stories the most. gregmo
  3. Sets you wish Mosaic would do

    Sony owns all the RCA Victor material, and that has appeared on cd, most notably in the mammoth Duke Ellington Centennial set but also in a compilation cd issued in the early 90s called "Early Ellington." Sony also controls the post-1933 Brunswicks, but I assume you're only asking about the very early stuff.
  4. RIP

  5. RIP

    Not to me. Keep posting. If people don't want to read a thread, then, wonder of wonders, they don't have to click on it, do they? gregmo
  6. RIP

    I don't mind 'em. Jazz musicians often pass away without much notice, and the least we can do is remember them here. As for celebs, that's what the Miscellaneous category is for. gregmo
  7. The Fabulous Dorseys

    Yes, well, I don't think anybody ever thought of it as a potential oscar winner!! Tommy and Jimmy weren't bad musicians, and their bands were pretty good, but great actors they definitely were not! gregmo
  8. Sets you wish Mosaic would do

    It would be nice to have all the Okeh material with alternates in GOOD sound. We've had to put up with that old "Okeh Ellington" cd set for a long time. French CBS did issue the 47-52 Columbia things years ago in a 5-cd set (the fifth cd encompassed "Liberian Suite" and "Masterpieces by Ellington," the others all singles), but that was masters only, no alternates. I came across the set in Paris's wonderful Jazz Corner store, but good luck finding them now! gregmo
  9. The Fabulous Dorseys

    There is a jam session in the movie with Art Tatum, Charlie Barnet, Ziggy Elman, and Ray Bauduc as well as some of the hits by both bands ("Marie" and "Green Eyes"). It's been available on DVD for some time as well as being on youtube (above): Fabulous Dorseys gregmo
  10. Ellington Treasury Shows

    Well, *that's* a drag! Hope it comes soon! I'm listening to the Ellington "An Intimate Piano Session" cd right now. Very nice.
  11. Sets you wish Mosaic would do

    The two-cd Frémeaux set is pretty comprehensive, at least for the 1939-50 period: Summit Meetings. gregmo
  12. Ellington Treasury Shows

    Listening to disc 2 of the new Treasury Shows set (vol 23), and I like it very much! For some reason, the sound seems even better on this one. Mind you, it's always been good on these!
  13. Don Rickles, RIP

    Pretty sure he was the only guy who could insult Frank Sinatra in public and get away with it. He could be very funny. (love the scene where Sinatra passes by his table and actually says hello--he seldom did that--and Rickles answers "Can't you see I'm eating?" Sinatra thought it was hilarious.) RIP gregmo
  14. Horace Silver - Live 1964.

    Hi Jack! Haven't seen you in a while. Nice to see you back! gregmo