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  1. I only got to see him once, on his last tour of the West Coast and am so grateful I did. A real class act, in every way. gregmo
  2. Favorite Mosaic Selects?

    I pull the Herman Philips down now and then. Also like the Brookmeyer. gregmo
  3. Did they also find the cylinders? gregmo
  4. Ebay craziness

    Now that is definitely a fair chunk of change!! gregmo
  5. I like the pic. Somebody obviously just said something funny.
  6. Forum upgrade Sunday, Feb 11, at 8pm EST

    Good luck!
  7. Good music on this one: gregmo
  8. Ah, Jim, one of my very favorite lousy movies! I *think* some of the music was by Don Hewlett, who was an electronic composer, and I'm pretty sure it did come from the 1963 original, but there was definitely stuff added in the 70s that definitely does sound "Rhodes-ish"! They Saved Hitler's Brain
  9. Sam Most, Schildkraut, Mettome

    Well, they need to!! gregmo
  10. Sam Most, Schildkraut, Mettome

    Neither "Flute Talk" nor "Flute Flight" have yet seen the light of day on cd, have they? Even in the recent spate of reissues? gregmo
  11. Kenton!

    Always liked "Adventures in Blues" and wished Roland had done more writing for the least more that got recorded. gregmo
  12. Saw "Call Me by Your Name," and think it the best film I've seen yet this year (including "Three Billboards," which I liked a LOT). It's a beautiful movie, with a particularly wonderful speech late by Michael Stuhlbarg, one of my favorite actors. Highly recommended. gregmo
  13. New server and increased cost...

    And me. gregmo
  14. To me too, though I'm not sure the Mosaic sounds better than the Heps. gregmo
  15. Kevin Mahogany R.I.P.

    Oh my--way, way, WAY too young. And such a beautiful voice. RIP. gregmo