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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Disc 3, after Prez left. From the golden age of big label cd reissues:
  2. VIDEO: Miles w/Barney Wilen

    Nice! Loved Miles in that period! Who are the pianist and bassist?
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    So sorry to hear of your loss, Lon. Jarrett's Koln Concert is a lovely performance. gregmo
  4. What's next for Mosaic

    I caught that too. I was *completely* unaware that Mosaic was preparing such a set. Has it been mentioned here before, and I just missed it?! What *other* rumored sets have I managed somehow to miss?! gregmo
  5. No problem here, either. It's in town, and I'm hoping to go see it sometime this week. gregmo
  6. Andrew Luck Retirement

    I think so, that, and the risk of CTE. I remember a line from columnist George Will, who loves baseball and dislikes football, that the sport--I'm paraphrasing here--combines the two worst aspects of American life: excruciating violence punctuated by committee meetings. gregmo
  7. Duke Ellington - Uppsala 1971

  8. Artificial Vinyl scarcity

    The only thing I miss about vinyl are the larger format covers with easier-to-read liners, and a good pair of reader glasses takes care of THAT problem! For me, vinyl will always be about scratches, pops, and clicks that I have to try to ignore. *Modern* cds are, to me, so obviously superior in sound that I find this recent fixation on vinyl to be nothing more than hipster nonsense. gregmo
  9. Duke Ellington - Uppsala 1971

    Is this one on that second Duke Storyville box? gregmo
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Larry Kart's recent exploration of this music caused me to go back and listen to this one. Niehaus was "well schooled" and did write lovely ensemble passages. I also like his Konitz-inspired alto. Certainly, director Clint Eastwood shares this affection. I think Niehaus has scored most of his films since "Bird."
  11. Are CDs Still Worth Selling Online?

    Yet another thought is to find a music program at a college or university and gift them to their library, then take a tax deduction. You won't make much money, but it will get rid of the cds, and you'll save some money on your taxes, depending on whether or not and how you itemize. gregmo