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  1. Terry Teachout, R.I.P.

    I agree. If anything, Ellington's piano style was one of his more original contributions. Monk certainly paid attention to him. The Armstrong bio was good. RIP. gregmo
  2. Edison Disc 50754-R matrix 7734 A-3-7 NOBLE SISSLE- “CRAZY BLUES”

    Sounds very good Chewy. Those Edison records often had excellent sound. Red Nichols recorded for Edison. I assume you have most of those? gregmo
  3. Storing Mosaic Booklets?

    Ditto. gregmo
  4. Just saw this (traveling for the holidays). I'll be interested in your take on the La Barbera book. gregmo
  5. It'll get here at some point. Always takes a little longer to get out here to the "Best Coast"! gregmo
  6. I can't remember the last time i *didn't* preorder one. Never been a problem yet...knock on wood! gregmo
  7. Looking at other books in this series I saw Michael Sparke's book on Kenton. Larry, I think you may have mentioned it before. What's the assessment? Worth getting? gregmo
  8. Barry Harris RIP

    A pianist who could be counted on to make any session he was on outstanding. His recordings with Sonny Stitt are still among my favorites of all time. He lived long and very, very well. RIP. gregmo
  9. Cannonball's Place In The Pantheon

    Cannonball did the liners for a few of the original Vee Jay hard bop records which I think he might have produced. And of course, he did a lot of work for Riverside. He really was active on that score. I suggested that Mosaic do a Cannonball Capitol set, but I guess it would be too big. gregmo
  10. Me neither, not because I'm on the other side of the pond, but because I'm on the other side of the country! Appreciated this article. Like Lon, I hope they're around as long as I am. gregmo
  11. Just saw Branagh's "Belfast." Excellent movie. Highly recommended! gregmo