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  1. Jerry Lewis films

    Don't think that film will be released, certainly not in Lewis's lifetime (though, given that he is now 91, may not be that much longer). He has said repeatedly that he really hates the movie, is embarrassed by it, and thinks it's his worst work. Some jazz musicians have felt the same way about bad work of theirs that they mightily resisted seeing released. gregmo
  2. Jazz In Paris

    Cool. Thanks. My daughter lives in France, so I think I'll try to get her to haul this latest batch back with her when she comes to visit! gregmo
  3. Jazz In Paris

    Did you order them straight from, Lon? gregmo
  4. I was being silly above, though that Teagarden performance is magnificent. This list will be as long as the number of people on the Board! gregmo
  5. Shorty Rogers Mosaic At Last!

    Oh, mish-mash is an excellent term for them. It took me a couple of years to amass all the RCA stuff, spread out in all kinds of ways on all kinds of small budget sets or European issues. You can get them, but the effort does virtually define the word "challenge." gregmo
  6. That's easy. Jack Teagarden's version of "St. James Infirmary" with Satch live at the Town Hall Concert in May of 1947. gregmo
  7. Tony Bennett

    Well, I plead guilty on Tony--I have the "Complete Collection" box he put out. Of course, he's continued to record since. The man really is quite amazing. gregmo
  8. Tony Bennett

    Yep, and I passed the four digit figure...a while ago. gregmo
  9. Selects for sale at Reckless

    While we're on this topic, a wonderful little store in Sydney, Australia called Birdland has a large number of Mosaics from an estate for sale. Shipping to other parts of the world would probably be prohibitive, but I visited the store recently on a trip, and its owner, Keith, is cool. Anyway, here's the url. If you go by record label, choose "M" and click on Mosaic, you'll see what he has: Birdland gregmo
  10. Tony Bennett

    For me, what matters is the development of the artist, and in that sense, I think strict chronological order of her/his work is what matters. Tony Bennett recorded the album then and not later. His song selection, the quality of his voice, his accompaniment--those were all decisions made at a specific point in time, and I think the album belongs with others made at a similar point in time. Compilation albums are tough. I usually shelve them chronologically based on when *most* of the selections were recorded. If they cover a huge period, then I shelve them by the earliest selection. Of course, what those of us who actually care about this kind of thing are demonstrating is the kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder that might well merit counseling! In other words, we are, in fact, crazy. gregmo
  11. Jerry Lewis films

    Well, Tati was definitely *heavily* influenced by Lewis. I think he said that more than once. It is true that the French love Lewis, but then, they've always had a soft spot in their hearts for physical comedy. gregmo
  12. Ellington Treasury Shows

    Me too, but they seem to be coming fast and furious now. I wouldn't be surprised if all 25 weren't out by the end of the year! gregmo
  13. Tony Bennett

    In the complete set, it's located between "Mr. Broadway" and "Left My Heart in San Francisco." gregmo
  14. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    I don't think Tatum was human. He was some kind of piano deity who visited us for a while. gregmo
  15. Jerry Lewis films

    Many think Lewis was (is? He's still with us) a certified genius. Not only did he write his films, he directed, starred, edited, and even did the music for them. He really was a one-man movie machine. He's also widely credited for first using "video assist"--videotaping what he was filming so he could view it immediately and make changes. gregmo