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  1. Another "treasure" unearthed

    The LP in question was "Little Band Big Jazz," correct? Cool story Chuck! gregmo
  2. I like Peterson's Live at the Blue Note recordings on the label--some of his last really good ones before the stroke. (He also recorded for the label after it.) gregmo
  3. Ellis Marsalis R.I.P. (COVID-19 victim)

    No matter where one stands on them, the family he sired, taught, and encouraged has had a formidable impact on America's greatest art form. And he was a fine pianist. RIP. gregmo
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I was just listening to an intro to a set from Tubby Hayes "Couriers of Jazz," and Ronnie Scott mentioned they were going to play a tune from THIS album!! Scott apparently did pretty good stand-up back in the day! (At least I *assume* it was Scott talking!) gregmo
  5. “Jazz Omnibus” and Duke Ellington

    Interesting. I never bought that box since I had all the individual albums on cd. gregmo
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Enjoyed the Fontanas so much I decided to get this one. Listening to disc 1 now. It does not disappoint!
  7. “Jazz Omnibus” and Duke Ellington

    I don't see it on "The Complete Ellington Indigos" on Jazz Beat, though I guess that's not considered a "legitimate" release since it's not Sony? The only Columbia I find is the old 90s cd, and it's not on that either. Maybe there's a recent Sony release I haven't seen! Don't know those 56/62 comps. gregmo
  8. As Jimmy would say, "Fine! Fine!" gregmo
  9. “Jazz Omnibus” and Duke Ellington

    Both songs were issued by French CBS on an LP titled "Primping for the Prom," and "Cop Out" was also reissued on the 2-LP Columbia "World of Duke Ellington Volume 3." I'm not sure either of them have been issued on cd. You certainly found a couple of obscure ones! gregmo
  10. Wallace Roney R.I.P (COVID-19 victim)

    This is dreadful. What a wonderful talent he was! Tragically, I doubt he will be the last great musician we lose to this scourge. gregmo
  11. Why Dave Brubeck is the Coolest Jazz Artist Ever

    I'm not sure they make them anymore. Mine was a lawnmower with a standard metal blade. It drew air in under the engine and pushed it out around the inside of the shell, causing it to float. It was a mulcher and you couldn't adjust the height. You mowed by swiping side to side rather than going straight forward as you do with standard wheeled mowers. It didn't work as well on a flat lawn as it did on a hilly one, but it was definitely very cool!! gregmo
  12. I've always wondered the same thing about Buddy Rich's night club in New York. I read somewhere years ago that performances there were taped. I saw Dizzy there with a big band (Milt Jackson as a "special guest") back around 1975 or so. Would love to have a record of that! gregmo
  13. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Disc 3, some of the best Rosolino on record:
  14. Why Dave Brubeck is the Coolest Jazz Artist Ever

    I had one of these when I lived in West Virginia. Very good for hilly lawns!!! gregmo