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  1. Happy Birthday Jim Alfredson?

    Happy, happy Jim!! gregmo
  2. New Thelonious Monk album

    Nice article--thanks for posting it Lon. It struck me again how well Monk has been served by his talented son. gregmo
  3. Thelonious Monk interview.

    Whenever I saw film of him, he always seemed like such a gentle soul. gregmo
  4. The Candoli/Rosolino sides appear to be new, not duplicates of the material issued on the 2-cd "Conversation" album on Gambit, so I'm definitely interested! gregmo
  5. I recently got the Threadgill and never got any kind of shipping notice either. I think they're a others have noted! gregmo
  6. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Disc II. Didn't like the first disc, but the second one is kind of a hoot.
  7. Six OOP Mosaic CD sets for sale

    Someone should grab that Teagarden Roulette set. Even without the booklet, there's some wonderful music there. gregmo
  8. Jimmy Bunn

    So, probably just a coincidence of names, then. Or they were fourth cousins, three times removed!! Thanks for the responses! gregmo
  9. Jimmy Bunn

    Was he related to guitarist Teddy Bunn? gregmo
  10. I'm not ordinarily into "out" or avant garde things, but this drama did cause me to order the rapidly disappearing Threadgill Air set (shipped) and the Clifford Jordan set. Whether that one will ship or not, we'll just have to see. As another poster wrote, if I get it, great, if not.... But I'm an unqualified Mosaic fan. I *really* don't want to see the label go. gregmo
  11. Hope springs eternal. I'd like to have that prospective Teddy Wilson Columbia set! gregmo
  12. Goodman had a bop band that recorded for Capitol. He loved Wardell Gray. The band wasn't a commercial success, though, so he disbanded it, saying of bop (as you indicate in your post) "I never liked it." gregmo
  13. The new Teddy Wilson Columbia set isn't available for pre-order, at least not anywhere I've seen, so I worry whether we'll see it. I'll really miss 'em if they go, *especially* if they don't get those 60s Johnny Hodges Verves out first!!
  14. Interesting Mainstream Records reissues

    Sarah Vaughn did some nice work for the label. The old Musical Heritage Society reissued some of that on its own labels, but not all of it. gregmo