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  1. What's next for Mosaic

    It does seem like every time anybody thinks they've issued everything, some new alternates turn up, but all that said, the JSP box and the 2cd big band set are pretty damn good. I assume those other alternates are on the Frémeaux boxes?? By "vocalist sessions," do you mean the blues singers? Affinity reissued those on a 6-cd set. Hard to come by, for sure! gregmo
  2. What's next for Mosaic

    The JSPs are pretty complete for the Okeh material, and the Victor set above reissues his earlier recordings for that label. Did he record for Columbia in this early period? gregmo
  3. The King Oliver Thread

    Thanks, medjuck!
  4. Difficult week

    Yeah, I told a friend that it's a hell of a note when I get to the point in life that the only time I put on a tie is to attend a memorial service. And I'm putting it on a lot more than I once did. We just keep on keepin' on--and listening to great music. gregmo
  5. Mosaic Wish List

    I know Mosaic contemplated seriously doing a Hi-Los set way back when but dropped it for some reason. Then Jasmine and Collectibles came along and screwed the pooch. gregmo
  6. What's next for Mosaic

    The live things, yes (Town Hall Concert), the studio things, no. Victor reissued those.
  7. The King Oliver Thread

    As I was looking "back up" this thread, I enjoyed the Ellington version of "St. James Infirmary," so I went looking for it, and I don't seem to have it! Which "big label" swallowed up the old Perfect label? Have all those by Ellington been issued in one place on cd?? gregmo
  8. Yeah, I agree that the "Big Short" stuff mostly failed here, though I actually kind of liked the Shakespeare moment and the "credits" scene. I think it's because the film tried to do two things at once--be a standard biopic AND sort of a hit-piece on Cheney during the Bush Admin. If it had aimed only for the second, it might have been a bit more effective. but that's just IMHO. Bale was amazing, though. gregmo
  9. What's next for Mosaic

    Not many! The Verve recordings, the late stuff (post-1960), and the Mobile Fidelity things that the Andorrans put out. I'm also curious whether there's much of anything new on this upcoming set. As I mentioned on another thread, they may be hoping for some good sales on this one to beef up the budget a bit. gregmo
  10. Mosaic Wish List

    I'm with Jim on the Hi-Los vs the FF, but most of the Hi-Los things have been reissued on Jasmine and Collectibles. I was interested to hear that the FF set sold well. I have no idea which Mosaic sets have sold well. Maybe that's why they're contemplating that Louis Armstrong Columbia set? About the only post-'59 "jazz" artist I can imagine who might "sell" would be, maybe Cannonball Adderley's Capitol stuff?? I suppose some kind of 70s Fusion set might sell, but most of that material is still in print, isn't it?? gregmo
  11. Just played mine as well--no issues. Bunny does play an interesting "stop-time" solo on that track that might sound a little like there's a skip or two, but it's just Bunny playing. Thanks for getting me to get this one out. It's been a while since I've listened to it. gregmo
  12. Urbie Green, 1926-2018

    Listening to this one. A fine, fine trombonist:
  13. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    My, my--do you find yourself changing all those things fairly often? That would seem to make listening to the records just a bit...time-consuming?! gregmo
  14. Mosaic Wish List

    Lonehill did at least do that, along with reproductions of the original album covers and liner notes (and even added liners on the "bonus tracks"). I'm not endorsing it, but if one wants the music...... And yes, we've had this conversation about a zillion times. gregmo