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  1. Art Tatum

    The Tatum tracks were issued on Classics (Art Tatum 1945-47) in case some out there (like me) don't have the old Camden album! gregmo
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That's always been your problem Larry--no appreciation for really FINE music!!! gregmo
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    You sort have to be in the right mood.....
  4. Interesting--thanks for the link! gregmo
  5. Interesting that "KInd of Blue" never charted. Despite that, it's still the best-selling jazz album of all time, right? Better than Goodman's Carnegie Hall Concert? gregmo
  6. Frank Sinatra

    I've had "Lush Life" for years on a boot. If you listen carefully, you can hear the problem with the arrangement, and as Miller said, Riddle wasn't there to fix it, and they never got around to doing it again. I think the notion of the song being "too complicated" for Sinatra is complete nonsense. gregmo
  7. Buddy Rich Big Band

    Every time I watch Buddy on one of these film clips, I wonder how many drum heads he smashed through on any given evening. gregmo
  8. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    Soooo, a fun detective story! As I read your post, I did remember that Teagarden and James recorded for the label (those have been reissued). So, none of those Varsity 7s were reissued on Classics, huh? I love this obscure label stuff. Thanks for the response!
  9. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    I just returned from a trip and am only now catching up. I've never heard of the "Varsity Seven." Who owns the Varsity stuff now? Jog my poor memory--didn't some of the Big Bands record for the label? And were there other hidden treasures? gregmo
  10. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    There are also the six volumes of "The Indispensable Benny Goodman" on RCA's European Black and White series, and that label's Complete Small Groups set. gregmo
  11. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Yes, that's what I heard about the Goodmans from Loren Schoenberg when I talked to him a few years ago. He said the Estate wanted way too much money. gregmo
  12. Groovemaker is one of my favorite Basie albums. Only issue with this idea is that most of them have been issued on cd (even Basie's Beat, though only in Japan on a limited release), but pulling them together in a set would be very nice! gregmo
  13. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Most of BG's Victors have been reissued on cd before. When that's the case, Mosaic tends to be a lot more hesitant, but I guess it's always possible--maybe a Savory set of Goodmans, assuming they could ever get the Estate to clear it. I think this whole business of trying to be sure they had enough preorders to do the Herman set was an improvisation, and my guess is they didn't know when they started it that 700 would be the magic number. I agree with those who argue that if they're going to do this in the future, they need to give us a number from the gitgo. I have the distinct sense, though, that this has been a learning process for them! gregmo
  14. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    I think "Blue Horizon" is the best jazz clarinet EVER! I've listened to it countless times, and it still sends tingles up and down my spine when I hear it. gregmo
  15. Songs We Should Retire

    Well, that's how we'd know--because the artists talk about it! gregmo