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  1. Ditto. Somewhere back in this thread I suggested seeing the very sweet Clark Terry documentary, "Keep on Keepin' On" as an antidote to the dreadful abuse in this film. And I especially agree about J. K. Simmons, who is one of my very favorite actors. gregmo
  2. Got my set yesterday and finally got to listen to the first disc today. I am LOVING that disc. Tubby reminds me of Sal Nistico (a favorite of mine) in his ability to move on fast tunes. This is all entirely new to me as I had *none* of the Fontana albums before this. Really looking forward to listening to the rest of this set! gregmo
  3. Mosaic Q: why no complete Capitol Jackie Gleason set

    There was this one:
  4. Jack Sheldon

    I remember a snippet from the notes to Art Pepper's Hollywood Sessions box in which Laurie said simply, "Art loved Jack!" It seems he was one of those universally beloved characters. RIP. gregmo
  5. John Coltrane - Blue World

    No problem. We have a lot of possibilities for "those things" here in Oregon!
  6. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    "Kent" Records?? Where on earth did that come from? Was it a sub-label of some kind?
  7. Vinyl that you sold but regret that you did

    Sold this one years ago because I thought I had it on cd. I didn't. Took me several years to rectify that error!
  8. John Coltrane - Blue World

    Ah, Lon, remember what Sinatra liked to say about people who don't drink: He felt sorry for them, because, when they got up in the morning, that was as good as they were going to feel ALL day!
  9. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Me too. Did get a shipping notice on this one, but it takes them a while to get it across the country to the Left Coast. gregmo
  10. A bit more sobering to think about the fact that WE'RE ten years older!! gregmo
  11. Donde Esta, Bev Stapleton?

    I retired several years and enjoy every single second of it. I travel a good deal and have plenty of time to listen to and read about the music, see movies, hang with friends, and sometimes do nothing at all. I do volunteer on several boards, but they don't require too much time. BIG fan of retirement! gregmo
  12. I agree that Rogue One is the best of the recent ones I've seen. Have yet to go see this one. If you really want some scathing reviews (some of which are pretty funny), have a look at what reviewers are saying about "Cats"! gregmo
  13. I took a long look, and I think you're right, Steve. It looks more like Max than Bobby.