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  1. what are you drinking right now?

    What...and how much...I'll be drinking in the coming couple of days will very much depend developments..... gregmo
  2. Harold Nicholas and his orchestra 1959--personnel?

    The Fontana number I listed was the only one I could find, and as Mike says, there's no personnel in Lord. Likewise, the only recording date listed was "1959," which is pretty unhelpful! The players behind Nicholas *sound* to these ears like they are the same throughout, but, of course, I guess it could be some kind of compilation. I wondered if the flute player could be Bobby Jaspar, but he appears to have been on this side of the water from late 1958 through early 1960. It's a fun set, and Nicholas sings with gusto. gregmo
  3. Sean Connery (1930 - 2020)

    i do love this one, though as much for Brian Keith's fine TR as for Connery! gregmo
  4. It may be the greatest movie ever made that made no sense at all. gregmo
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Local record store (Music Millennium) had a bunch of these Avid comps for sale, so I got a few, including this one. Gotta love Toots! Now, there's an artist whose stuff is spread out all over the place. I have some of this already somewhere, and I'll figure that out at some point, but I'm enjoying it right now!
  6. What is it Dirty Harry said? "Man's gotta know his limitations." That's a great story! I think Gitler did the music a great service as a chronicler, booster, and, yes, critic. gregmo
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Actually went to a *record store* and found this one in the used cd racks. Lots of fun!
  8. Bob Havens, anyone?

    Ok, I'm sort of embarrassed to say I had never heard of this very fine trombonist. I was in my study where I keep my vinyl, closed my eyes, and my fingers lighted on, of all things, a Pete Fountain LP, "Standing Room Only." I think I must have found it in an old cut-out bin years ago and bought it because Charlie Teagarden was on it. Anyway, on the turntable it went, and suddenly, this trombone solo came on, and I thought, what the hell? Is JACK TEAGARDEN on this record?? So I looked. Nope--made after Big T had died. It was Bob Havens, who apparently spent most of his career playing with Lawrence Welk. I looked him up and found a couple of cds. I don't think I've ever heard anybody so influenced by Teagarden. Anyway, I'm listening to this one right now, and there is some very fine trombone playing on it! Apparently, Bob Havens is still with us--90 years old and retired!
  9. For completists only....

    Yeah, radio broadcasts are the Achylles heel for anybody who wants to be a completist on artists who were active from the 30s to the early 50s. I have over 25 cds worth of Sinatra singing on the radio and an additional 30-cd set of him in speaking roles, and I'm sure there are more. gregmo
  10. Bob Havens, anyone?

    Apparently so, a group of musicians showed up to serenade him on for his 90th birthday in Quincy. Here's the report on a local news channel. gregmo
  11. Agreed! Saw it in the theatre and just watched it again last night. I do love Guy Ritchie's British gangster movies! Hugh Grant is especially good in this one! gregmo
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Playing this one as disc 7 of Wes's Complete Riverside Recordings box. Loved those great box sets from the wonderful period before Concord ruined it.
  13. For completists only....

    As I read through this it occurs to me there are different definitions for "completist." For me, it means having one copy of every track ever issued by an artist in some format. Thus one could have a track on LP or disc or cassette or MP3 but not necessarily duplicated in every format. But I have a friend who is what I call a "radical completist" for Elvis Presley. Not only does he have every track, but he has every LP and cd, even duplicates (including original vinyl pressings of all those 60s movies soundtracks). Given that many of us have duplicate versions of any number of recordings in the eternal search for the best version, are there any "radical" completists here?! I mean, I have all of Sinatra's Reprise recordings on cd, but I don't have all the LPs!! gregmo
  14. For completists only....

    I have the Bixology series which makes me pretty close on Bix. And like Jim says, JSP has done a nice job on Fats and Django. And over a fair number of years, I think I'm pretty close on Sinatra. And Ella. And Teagarden. And even Frank Rosolino. But Ellington? Nah, and I have more by him than any other artist! gregmo
  15. Ella Fiitzgerald - The Lost Berlin Tapes

    I'll let someone with far better ears than mine make that comparison! gregmo
  16. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I was lucky enough to get this one quite a while back. I think this Japanese cd reissue was available for about five minutes.
  17. Ella Fiitzgerald - The Lost Berlin Tapes

    I've been listening to the cd, and it sounds good to me--typical live recording--but Ella is really on fire in much of it. gregmo
  18. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Closed my eyes, and my finger landed on this one, an odd little bit of West Coast jazz:
  19. Bob Gibson -- RIP

    What an amazing pitcher he was. Intense and fast as lightning. There's a nice eulogy/analysis of him here by Steven Goldman. gregmo
  20. Ella Fiitzgerald - The Lost Berlin Tapes

    You're right. Jim was just being...Jim! Ella's 1960 version became so famous and successful, that, as Jim puts it, she remembered to forget the words from then on. gregmo