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    I only have a vinyle-L.P.. where Don Byas plays the music of… 'Cannonball' Addelrley..'s.,but the strange things is no one tune played comes from the 'Adderley 's-tunes+book,.?!,.-

    Bravoo.., Bravooo…!!. I do like every words of this your comment about the 'sax-style' of Don Byas.. Yes.,!! Don Byas could play with a pleasant sound+tone the so ''called'' Be-Bop-tunes without ''play'' those ..hard-notes/music/scales.. like the real ''hard-boppes sax'' used to play,.!!. We can say that Don Bays 's-style was a bit close to the other ''main+great' sax->Lester Young,.!!,.-
  3. Help ,,drummer,, * Skeets * March..,( Duke Ellington..

    OOhh .. I see coming quite some good news, and informactions about this ''not now'' unknown drummer.. At this point I have to think that I have to ''pay'' some cappuccino ,&, cakes for all of these helps.,!!,.- -
  4. Help ,,drummer,, * Skeets * March..,( Duke Ellington..

    WOOWOOhh..!!., YES , YES the drummer is the one seen with Basie+Peterson in Prague,1974, and then the same from Sweden 1974,.!. Thanks once again for all of your.help..!!(* aiuto,.. As ''WE'' can see/hear Mr. 'Skeets' Marsh as drummer ''drives'' the big band in the right ways. Surely he is in the line with all the other drummers that have been seated with the big bands,.!!,. Sorry, but Elvin Jones had NO , NO , experiences at all in Orchetras.,.- -
  5. Help ,,drummer,, * Skeets * March..,( Duke Ellington..

    Mistakes ,,errori,, are always around the human-beings,.- -
  6. Help ,,drummer,, * Skeets * March..,( Duke Ellington..

    .. Sorry,.!!''scusate'' for my spell-words mistakes. Sorry to Mr. JSngry if with..: March(??not a ploton..) I have drived you to a R,&,B drummer,. Look, dear Mr. Lipi, there is a Live video-concert of Count Basie Orchestra with 'guest' Oscar Peterson in Prague ,1974. The name of the Basie-drummer was listed..: Butch Miles, but on the video there is all another drummer,. Similar fisionomy to..:Grady Tate, (* mustaches), but he is NOT both Miles, or Tate. There are ''storyes'' about having Elvin Jones in the Duke 's-Orchestra.!!. Quite all the Duke 's-musicians weren 't agree, or satisfied of the ''keep time'' of Elvin Jones, too muck ''out'' for what it has to be played in a Big Band.!!. The (too)modern style of Elvin was for small-groups.,5t , trio , 4t ,NOT AT ALL to be played in a Big Bands,.- -
  7. Help ,,drummer,, * Skeets * March..,( Duke Ellington..

    Thanks ,,Grazie,, dear JSngry for the -Links- that I will open and see/reads later..- Yes the name of the drummer..:*Skeets* March seams totally unknown,!!, his name is listed ..ONLY.. on these two Live Jazz festivals, here in Milano, and in Parigi on 1966, then ''all unknown'' about him..- -
  8. ' WE ' all know the drummers of Duke Ellington, starting with Sonny Greer, then from the 50's-years with Louie Bellson, Sam Woodyard , Jimmy Johnson , Dave Black.. Rufus*Speed*Jones..- In the year..:1966 Duke in his European jazz-festivals tours (*one in Milano ,Italy, and in Parigi ,France..) used to have 'two'-drummers in the Orchestra..:''Skeets'' March with Elvin Jones,.!!..- Well, ''WE'' all know Elvin Jones.,but surely no-one of us know, or have seen ''Skeets'' March,.?!?,. Is possible to have an ..HELP.. from someone that posts some photos??,.- -
  9. Jo Jones

    Clifforf Thornton '' There's no problem in searching old threads. That's absolutely fine -- better than starting 16 new threads about the same topic..''- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..Dear Mr. Clifford, surely I have posted my threads/Clips every where WITHOUT think to the ''page-Forum'' where I was..!!,. This is the story..: As new-member , to me ''everythngs'' were new and I wanted to see, reads some of the main Forum Topics..: Artists , Live concerts, Festivals, Offerring, Looking for, Sell, Buy..Musicians forum.,Hammond-Zone(*Artists+Recordings).. I happen to read on page,167 of..:Artists forum a thread/post of drummer..:JO JONES, where some members talked about vinyles L.P's-discography of Jo Jones.. Right soon I have added-posted my photos-Clips of my Jo Jones Vinyls-L.P's-lists..- YES , YES., I do understand now, that I DID a 'mistake', having posted a reply-thread in the ''WRONG'' Forum-page,!!(*Artists),. Confess to have totally forgotten that I had already open a thread+topic myself on the ''right-page'' Forum..:Offering , Looking for..posting my photos-Clips of the vinyles,LP..of Jo Jones.. It has been like when a father takes children in a biscuits-shop, candyes-cake..!!WOOWOWOO.. the poor childrens get ''mad'' whatching all around ,,cakes.,.- -
  10. Jo Jones

    This thread of..: Jo Jones by Paul Secor was at page,167 totally ''dead and forgotten''. I replyed at this thread and soon I 've received a complain of NOT to go back in the years.. Now I see that due to my 'mistakes' some other Furom members have replyed, posted comments, shared informactions, found Jo Jones records,L.P..Please, don 't .,claps hands,.!!.- -
  11. Joe Morello

    To write an intere comment of a football game is surely much more complex then write a simple reply-answer made of few frases,. The Italian Grammar, and verbs are NOT so easy and simple to learn because of the ''Latin roots passed into the new Italian languge. The English verbs in compare, are easyer.,!!,. -
  12. Joe Morello

    Dear Mr. Brad, this means that I have to write first in Italian what I want to say, and then with ''Google Traslate'' post my comment traslated-(->*although not perfect-)-> in English,. I will try once, just to see what comes out,.- -
  13. Joe Morello

    O..K.. , O.K.. dear Mr. JSngry , I am sorry for having ..replyed.. to ''old'' threads listed on other Form-page like..: Artists..). I do know ''NOW'' to only post and follow the threads on this Forum - page of..''Offering , and looking for'' without, never uploads Clips. The same rules, to follow the 'new' posts+threads in all the other Forum and reply, answer to them,.- -
  14. Jo Jones

    … Sorry once again dear Mr. Gould..!!. O.K.. I do understand a bit better now your oppinions and the lines of this ''Organissomo - Forum''.. From now,(*Wednesday 12*septb..) I won 't post long lists of Items to sell..- -
  15. Joe Morello

    I have this Vinyle-L.P..:'' Joe Morello ''a compilation produced by John Snyder by BlueBird9784.- The strong drumming-style of Joe Morello hasn 't to be confused with Buddy Rich, or Bellson…!!. The Joe 's-style is for small-combos(*Trio , 4t, or jam ..). To me, the drumming of Joe is ..far-away from the Be-boppers..:Roach, Haynes, Elvin.. just to name few,. To me, Joe ,plays too much ..musically..!!, clean beats on the snare-drums,, taking out a beautiful ''drums-set-sound''. Similar to Joe, are drummers..: Mel Lewis, Shelly Manne, Jack Hanna,..and few Others,. Ciao fabio .,.- -