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  1. Spinal fusion surgery

    I’m a candidate for fusion surgery as well. Lumbar region. For me the surgery is scary. My future spinal surgeon told me “don’t get the surgery unless you’re screaming in pain.” It is risky. Was told 30% of the surgery ends in failure as the pain is worse or remains the same, and/or that there are mobility issues. Would assume cervical is similar. Diet and exercise help me a bit. I’ve managed to avoid the surgery for 10+ years, but at times, it gets pretty painful and is getting harder to get relief. Part of the problem is knowing what questions you should ask. Use a physician relative or friend to help with what you should be asking your surgeon and neuro person. Good luck. See you at the Hungry Brain?
  2. Bob Koester RIP

    Condolences to his wife Susan and his kids, Katie and Bob.
  3. Norman Simmons Has Passed Away

    Sad news. I was lucky to hear him live a few times as an accompanist. Last time I heard him was when he led his own trio at the Chicago Jazz Fest. Nice set. Like so many other significant jazz musicians out of this city (Chicago) he was a DuSable High Grad, and Capt Walter Dyett was his band teacher.
  4. I do a lot of lurking on this forum.  I notice your last post that says you’re doing a Tito discography.  I also do a lot of lurking at another group/forum, Latin Jazz.  Maybe someone there can help. Some of the people who post on it have worked with Tito (e.g. Dandy, Sonny B).  Like this forum the group can at times be educational and at times tedious.  It used to be a yahoo group but it was forced to move to google, specifically a google io group.  Try: LatinJazz@groups.io 

    Good Luck,


  5. Before I forget, thank you Dan for doing this.
  6. Covid vaccination: poll

    Finally got my first vaccine shot on Friday. Since January on daily basis I went to 6 websites. Walgreens, CVS, Jewel-Osco, Mariano’s, City of Chicago and Cook County. Same result every time. A local State Senator and State Rep heard the same complaints from constituents over and over again and decided to do a Covid vaccine event. Bless them. Civics lesson: state legislators control a lot of pursestrings.
  7. Eddie Harris Corner

    In the mid 70s to the late 80s I worked in a record store in Chicago. Eddie used to drop by when he was in his former hometown, visiting relatives and friends. One of his friends was the store manager. Eddie was a pretty good pool player, at least better those of us who worked in the store. The player who got him to pick up the sax in the first place was Earl Bostic. “You think I started by listening to Charlie Parker?” Eddie asked. He was a great storyteller. His band teacher in high school was Capt. Walter Dyett, subject of a few of those stories One scene that is etched in my mind was Eddie asking (begging?) the owner of the store (who owned a label) to record him. Eddie was willing to finance the session. It was the late 70s, a real difficult time for jazz and the owner. He was turned down to my disbelief.
  8. Johnny Pacheco (1935 - 2021)

    Loved his charangas. As Rabshakeh points out the Celia Cruz stuff he did was wonderful. R.I.P.
  9. Malachi Favors - website

    Thank you Chuck.
  10. The USPS SUCKS

    Very sympathetic to everyone posting. The USPS lost only two packages for me last year. (One was books the other cds.) That doesn’t bother me as much as it is ten days since I received my regular mail. Junk mail, bills, tax statements, letters etc. Nothing. I live in a 3 flat in Chicago and nobody else in the building has received anything either. Same with six flat next door. They are making the case to go paperless. Emailed USPS, and only got an automatic response. Having good results with packages by getting them sent to a relative in the suburbs.
  11. Booker Ervin

    Both Billy Harper and Booker Ervin were from Texas. It is good to see his art discussed decades after his death. Saved from obscurity.
  12. Junior Mance RIP

    Last time I got to hear him was in the 00s in his hometown of Evanston with a quintet. Had a lot of long time friends in the audience. I liked the Lp he recorded for the BeeHive label.
  13. Howard Johnson - RIP

    Last I heard him live (on tuba) was at the New Orleans Jazz Fest in the early ‘00s. Never got to Chicago enough. R.I.P.
  14. RIP Ira Sullivan

    I feel lucky to live in Chicago. I got to hear him yearly when he hosted the afterfest jam sessions at the Jazz Showcase. This is the first year in a long time he didn’t host. RIP
  15. Joe Segal has passed at 94

    I began going to the Showcase in the mid 60's when I was still in high school. He had all ages matinees. Mother Blues, a nightclub rented him some space. I got to be a regular at his various locations. God bless him for bringing a lot of incredible music to Chicago.