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  1. LF: Abdullah Ibrahim: Ekaya on CD

    I believe it was never issued on CD in US, but there is European import issued by Bellaphon. The compilation CD "Mountain" has all but one track from the aforementioned album.
  2. Blue Train (Deluxe Edition)

    It's a Blue Gravy Train edition.
  3. It was used, as it is still out of print.
  4. Actually, it's easier to find Plugged Nickel set at decent price now, than, say, 5-7 years ago- unless you mean a Mosaic vinyl copy. I got a sealed copy of CD set for $80 on Amazon last year.
  5. Perhaps you're right, Scott. Most likely the drop in Mosaic prices is a part of a broader trend of people bailing on CDs as medium, transferring their music to ephemera of computer files. Well, I remember 90's being a golden time for second-hand LP hunters. Not anymore. Maybe something similar will happen to CD. Maybe not. I've never thought about buying music as investment- discovering a lot of various interesting music in affordable ways is what I'm after.
  6. It sure feels like a "buyer" market in Mosaics. I got long coveted Jimmy Giuffre Atlantic set for $72 on e-bay yesterday, along with Buddy Rich and Basie Verve sets also well below the original prices. There were about a dozen of other sets (mostly pre-bop) from that seller that didn't bid up to original price. One of the reasons could be that the seller misspelled it "MOSIAC" on all his listings. But even ones with correct description are not getting as much attention as they used to years ago. I wonder if there might be some resurgence in 5-10 years or so, as hipper millennials might get into Mosaics, as they do into vinyl in general now.
  7. Lars Gullin

    Somehow I doubt that's the case. Why would they change the order of tunes to sessions chronology? Also the Japanese releases don't have any alternate takes- but do they have them on Dragon re-issues?
  8. Lars Gullin

    Has anyone an idea what the provenance of this release can be? It sounds pretty good to my ears, doesn't sound like it's a needle drop and the order of tunes is as they occurred during the session, not as they were placed on the albums. It's on one of those "Catalonian" labels, this one called "Phono". Could they possibly got a hold of master tapes? Or do they just "remastered" this music from Dragon issued CDs? Thanks.
  9. The Basso Valdambrini Sextet

    Formerly extremely rare item (being recorded for radio music library, it was never released commercially), the re-issue can be obtained now for a mere $15 or so. The vinyl (2LP) comes with CD enclosed.
  10. Crazy sale at Leo Records

    Leo has such a sale every year for quite some time, yet every time it is "Sale of the Century". It serves best those of us who are into Euro free improv, Soviet/Russian jazz or Anthony Braxton various endeavors. Ganelin Trio is an obvious choice, but I assume you either have it all already or do not care. I got Braxton Standards CDs couple years ago and enjoy them. Sainkho Namtchylak is a singular artist, but, imho, her best performances are found elsewhere (FMP, Aura). Lots of Russian artists you may never heard of (Evgeny Masloboev / Anastasia Masloboeva; Russian Folksongs in the Key of Winter, Sadness, Rhythm, etc, as an example). Golden Years of New Jazz (looks like Leo Feigin is one who likes to stroke his ego), tempting as they are, mostly live performances by the artists whose work is better documented elsewhere (again). Seriously, how many versions of Sun Ra Arkestra chanting "Space is the Place" one has to hear? Then there is Perelman/Shipp-palooza, which might be a gift to some of you. Two rather obscure albums from that sale list that I'd recommend: CD LR 635 4-tet Different Song; Step into the Future; CD LR 662 Yang Jing, Christy Doran; N. 9;