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  1. Arthur Blythe R.I.P.

    You are correct. The live concert that was released as two LPs The Grip & Metamorphosis (later combined on one CD) was recorded in October of 1977, while Bush Baby, being his first studio session, recorded in December of that year.
  2. Louis Sclavis - recommendations please

    I like "Sources" (Atlas Trio) & "Silk & Salt Melodies" (same trio augmented by percussionist). Great music to listen to when I'm on the move (driving, walking, etc.)
  3. Lee Morgan Film

    It only runs until April 6th in NYC. Will try to see it this weekend.
  4. Arthur Blythe R.I.P.

    RIP, Mr. Blythe. Spinning this LP right now- the first recording under his name i believe. Good folks uploaded it on Youtube.
  5. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Nimal- Voix De Surface
  6. Today's clarinetists

    Beside Ken Peplowski & Anat Cohen (and, perhaps, Don Byron, who's not much active recording nowadays), the rest of the players mentioned are pretty obscure, working mostly in free jazz & similar esoteric idioms. Looks like there is not much enthusiasm for "licorice stick" in jazz anymore.
  7. Claus Ogerman

    I wish Ogerman's arrangements on this album could be completely removed (like it was done with Wes Montgomery's Willow Weep For Me, brought back in its original quarter form on Smokin' at the Half Note re-issue), leaving just Joao Gilberto's voice and guitar.
  8. Jenny Maybee and Nick Phillips - Haiku

    I really enjoyed that one. Another one I'd recommend is Nick Phillips duet with pianist Cava Menzies "Moment to Moment". Got both of them in Reader's Corner. That store is a local treasure and a regular haunt of mine.
  9. Mood music?

    The best of Nils Cline that I heard is on this album It's a song by song interpretation of Willie Nelson classic, and, imho, it's more interesting listening than the original (sorry, Willie, but you might agree). Could be one of my desert island picks- it's that good. I also like his side work with Tim Berne (7-X & The Veil), not that much his solo work. I have his Andrew Hill tribute but won't ditch any of AH albums for it if bound for space. Willing to trade it if anyone is interested.
  11. Chet Baker was an underrated MF

    2-1/2 hours of prime late period Chet on this album- with only piano & bass accompanying.
  12. Miles Mono Box- $32.16, incl. shipping, brand new.*Version*=1&*entries*=0
  13. Kulu Sé Mama

    Dear Luciano, To the best of my knowledge, that's the only published text of this poem. What Juno Lewis sang in some kind of Creole patois could be an improvisation. Hopefully more knowledgeable veterans here will shed some light on the subject.
  14. Tessa Souter

    I gave her two chances. She hasn't disappointed me yet.
  15. Kulu Sé Mama JUNO SE MAMA came to me through my father. He taught me about what it is to be Man, Self, Strongness, It is a ritual dedicated to My mother. Upon this earth, I want her to see. I had to understand my father's house before my mother's house. JUNO SE MAMA is a prayer for all those Who have suffered the after effects of Slavery. Who are we? It is also a spiritual for the sick and poor, light for the blind, comfort to the young and old, Cradle song for babies, Wind...for birds in trees, The sound of thunder and lightning that BURST out over the earth. It is a rhythm of virtue. When you are all alone, Many songs the night, I am a moon child. I come from New Orleans the surge of the bayou. In my young life I worked And dreamed. I wanted to sculp, to squeeze the earth With my hands. I talk with my hands. Who teach one. I left my native home, New Orleans. My people were not popular with the Afro-arts. I wanted to build, to say. A first Afro-American art center. Young boy, with a Man's dream, "and a child shall lead them." JUNO SE MAMA. While they were running the streets, I was listening. I JUNO a drummer born. American. My father a tuxedo drummer, "once a tuxedo drummer, always a tuxedo drummer." My mother's father was a captain's drummer, F Company, 84th Regiment, Union Army during the Civil war, 1863-6. For the past 12 years I have been a maker, designer, a Son.....of drums. My Afro-American Art Center will be a home for the homeless, Future sons of drums. Coltrane moves in that direction A man who knows Directions for the future depend On how we artists of today cut the road. Francis de Erdely, the famous artist Made his contribution to my art center. His sketchings of me see into and understand Rhythm and Afro art. The ritual, JUNO SE MAMA, begins in a Mighty cloud burst And the rippling of the water drum begins beating against the air cups of the world. Moon children...ready to be born. Signs of sky, earth, water. One is born called JUNO. His father's house is the bird. You can hear him teaching his son how to fly. Fly, till you reach the sky, Float, Fly, Float till you make a boat Be strong my son and show your arm. I'm going to show you your MAMA's home She lives in the sea. There is birth in the water in my mother's house. No matter what has happened to us, we have to sing. There is always land ahead. Earth is where it is happening, It's where we go from here. We have to sound the cry of the conch shell. Blow the shell... blow, blow till you see. And JUNO blowed and blowed till he grooved and grooved. JUNO LEWIS, December 1966