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  1. Mark Turner

    Hey folks - earlier this year I heard that ECM would be releasing an album of Mark Turner/Ethan Iverson duets this fall. Anyone know any further details on whether this is still happening?
  2. And, on top of that, general ethical obligations/norms.
  3. I think JSngry's take is the right one. (Though I'm guessing it's hard to determine which "off-label" releases are nevertheless legit in the sense that they're paying licensing fees to the radio channel?) As fans, it's enlightened self-interest for us to subsidize the maintenance of archives like this, whether by state radio channels or by the artists' estates. That said, if you are pretty sure that a release is illegitimate (i.e. they just downloaded it from THE SITE WHICH MUST NOT BE NAMED and are charging money for it) I'd say the opposite is true. Download the music for free and then spend the money on a worthy cause like Nessa Music!
  4. Tim Berne

    So apparently this is already available in digital form on Amazon. And it's really good! David Torn plays guitar on a few tracks, along with Ryan Ferreira on all tracks
  5. Vijay Iyer Sextet, FAR FROM OVER

    So I've only listened to this a few times and I may be overreacting, but dang, this is a good one. Rhythmically it reminds me of Steve Coleman or Tim Berne's music at times (those pulsing, repeating ostinato rhythms), but the three-horn front line inevitably also recalls some of the inside/out BN efforts from the 1960s - Andrew Hill especially.
  6. Jutta Hipp

    LF! I think it's Ben Webster & Associates
  7. Jutta Hipp

    What about the liner notes where LP passively-aggressively trashes Coltrane?
  8. I felt like I'm a hypocrite here since I tend to think like Iverson, but that felt like a series of contrarian and often self-contradictory views slapped together as a gripe about post-1960 jazz. What's the core thesis?
  9. R.I.P. John Abercrombie

    RIP. "Backwoods Song", "Timeless" and "East Virginia West Memphis" are among my favorite jazz, period, and his playing is a core part of why.
  10. Muhal Richard Abrams

    What do folks think of this recording? I recently listened to it for the first time and found myself enjoying it quite a bit! I thought it might be a little too abstract for my taste, but I was wrong.
  11. What Are You Watching

    Yup. Amazing. (The show has in general gotten much better along all dimensions over the past few seasons.)
  12. *** John Scofield ***

    Great movie!
  13. New Thelonious Monk album

    I agree with Dan.
  14. Ornette Coleman reissues?

  15. Electronics in jazz.

    Yes. Like any other sound it depends!