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  1. Any *early* Pink Floyd fans? (67-72 era)

    Because I think someone older than ~60% of Americans might not be a great authority on what is dated/non-dated
  2. Now reading...

    Per what @Brad and @Larry Kart said, the legacy is simultaneously more nuanced and more ugly than merely going along. The Vichy gov't had its own policy priorities and had some leeway to defy and/or supplement German initiatives when it wished to do so. They (or at least many of them) viewed murdering of Jews as a feature, not a bug, of Nazi domination - hence much of the subsequent revulsion and shame. Also, the early Furst books *are* highly recommended if you like high quality fiction.
  3. Ravi Coltrane signs with Blue Note

    This album is quite good.
  4. ECM Press Releases for New Items

    ECM is apparently issuing a late 1990s gig of the Bley/Peacock/Motian trio. Woohoo!
  5. Branford slams Miles

    To circle back to the original post, Branford Marsalis’s comment re Miles was dumb as f—-
  6. Branford slams Miles

    Exactly, having a cardboard cutout of John Coltrane in your living room doesn't mean John Coltrane is actually standing in your living room
  7. Branford slams Miles

    Not only that, he aggressively edited their compositions.
  8. Branford slams Miles

    Perfectly written. The marketing pitched the guy as some sort of demigod but the boring truth was that he was just really, really, really good. BTW one weird thing with Branford’s assertion is that the albums Wayne, Herbie and Tony recorded during that period without Miles are out there, they’re public record! Miles’s albums sound quite different. (And FWIW, more adventurous than Wayne and Herbie’s.) Regardless of whether you think the Miles or sidemen album are better, it’s pretty clear he wasn’t just coasting on their contributions.
  9. Branford slams Miles

    I think this is a case of BM taking a genuine fact the Miles mystique sometimes downplays (that after 1955 he had the luxury of hiring THE best talent), and twisting it into something 100,000,000 times more ridiculous than the mystique.
  10. How Big Was 'Trane, Really?

    bad e-manners
  11. Andrew Hill

    I'd put GRASS ROOTS ahead of DANCE WITH DEATH, if we're talking AHBN Phase 2
  12. Any *early* Pink Floyd fans? (67-72 era)

    I'd be curious (if you're willing to share) what your age is, relative to the median ages of the US (~38)
  13. Any *early* Pink Floyd fans? (67-72 era)

    I think most people, listening to it, would almost certainly say "that's old people music" or maybe "that's old white people music" (not to say Anglocentric!)
  14. How We’ll Forget John Lennon

    When I was a kid I was into Transformers (the 80s animated show + Hasbro toys) and got really mad at my mom when she told me that they would eventually be forgotten by our culture.
  15. Any *early* Pink Floyd fans? (67-72 era)

    My guess is both sound equally dated to most listeners today. An 18 year old when The Wall came out is 58 years old today. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯