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  1. Listened to this last night. It's enjoyable, and I love Wayne's playing, so I'll probably pick it up at some point, but not in a rush to do so.
  2. Mark Turner Meets Gary Foster

    I heard it. It's enjoyable! Whether beyond "enjoyable" comes down to how much you like this kind of thing. (I like Turner and have seesawed on whether to spring for a copy.)
  3. Terry Teachout, R.I.P.

    Sad for his family and friends' loss. I always liked the passion and enthusiasm of his writing, but had mixed feelings about the substance/content.

    I remember listening to My sense is that Turner has "more cred" among jazz critics than the other two, and that Potter might be in the middle between Turner and Brecker. (For that matter, critics seem to like Lovano, but are mostly silent about Liebman.)

    How do people think about Brecker's role in jazz music vs, say, Chris Potter or Mark Turner? All 3 seem to be "musician's musicians" in a way.
  6. Charles Brackeen RIP

    Great player. RIP!!
  7. Tim Berne Corner

    IMHO the ECM work is very good. I especially like the two Torns (Prezens, Sun of Goldfinger), the first Formanek (Rub & Spare Change), and the 2nd-4th Snakeoils. The Snakeoils on Intakt are great too.
  8. Tim Berne Corner

    We’ve had a few other threads about Tim’s releases and ensembles but they are scattershot, so I started this one and will link to the others. Recently I listened to Open, Coma for the first time - I believe this is the only large ensemble recording Tim has made. It’s really good. Lots of great Marc Ducret on this one. Previous Berne Thread 1 Previous Berne Thread 2 Previous Berne Thread 3
  9. “Ruby, My Dear” with Hodges-like alto

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to check it out - but my guess is no. This was some sort of playlist which was playing over and over, and had "legit" recordings (like Burrell's "Chitlins Con Carne").... isn't the 67 European tour bootlegs only?
  10. Hey all, I was in a public location and there was jazz playing on in the background. A version of “Ruby, My Dear” came on that featured a Johnny Hodges like alto. Any ideas what this might be? There was also a trumpet.
  11. Stan Getz At The Shrine

    Love this album. It’s probably my favorite pre-1955 Getz.

    Ornette’s music is full of walking basslines! He had Charlie Haden, one of the GOAT “walkers”, in his band!
  13. McCoy Tyner

    That’s the upgrade that Paul Motian and Gary Peacock got at the pianist rental agency!
  14. McCoy Tyner

    You could use Evans for good or for evil. Tyner was mostly just good
  15. McCoy Tyner

    Hmmm. I like McCoy Tyner waaaaay more than I like Bill Evans, but Evans’s influence was huge. Three super-significant acolytes (Hancock, Corea, Jarrett) and impact on everyone from Oscar Peterson to ECM