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  1. Arthur Blythe

    I've been working my way through Blythe's Columbia albums via the 2 BGO reissues. LENOX AVENUE BREAKDOWN is easily the best of the 5 albums I've heard so far, though they're all worthy. One question: the track that opens ILLUSIONS, "Bush Baby", sounds a heck of a lot like the music Miles Davis was making in the mid-1970s with the Pete Cosey band. Is this a case of influence, or convergent evolution?
  2. October Revolution in Jazz 1964... Any recordings?

    underrated album!
  3. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    Some gross stuff spilling out into the open within this thread
  4. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    Perfectly stated.
  5. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    yeah. though once you look past shock value, i'd say that some of the most awful offenses described in the piece are described by people who didn't agree to be interviewed
  6. Greg Osby

    More generally I loved the interview...
  7. Wynton Marsalis

    Zoom in on a map and there are always new, interesting geographical details to be discovered, but you probably won't find new continents
  8. Let me reword my question - If you were going to invest record company $$$ in more WR reissues with an eye to maximize ROI, is this box set what it would look like? Is there still a lot of demand for recordings from the MR GONE or NIGHT PASSAGE period? I have no idea, but one thing for sure, that demand has shrunk a lot more than demand for recordings from the SWEETNIGHTER or BODY ELECTRIC periods (though given a higher base, maybe there's still more hunger for live versions of "Young and Fine").
  9. Wynton Marsalis

    So I'm not sure I would make this argument in those words. But yes, I think people who are pretty deep into one corner of something will tend to overestimate how meaningful variation/details within that corner are to the world at large.
  10. So here's a serious question. 35 years ago, maybe even as recently as 20 years ago, the audience of people defined by "I like Weather Report" preferred the group's Jaco Pastorius period. People that preferred earlier work were almost certainly a minority. A WR archival release program, if it had been around then, would have thought the 1978-81 "legendary live tapes" to be a no-brainer. As the group fades into history, is that still be the case? Or does whoever is in charge of the WR reissue program have a misconceived notion of what the fanbase looks like? Maybe the fanbase has atrophied/matured into "music geeks who like esoteric, retro music + people who like flashy bass players"
  11. Wynton Marsalis

    We should rebrand energy music as "the old thing"
  12. Wynton Marsalis

    So sure. But I think you could say this for pretty much every style. I think it's pretty clear that Wynton Marsalis for instance, was also exploring directions in which the art form can/will go. Even mature art forms - whether straight-ahead or free or whatever - aren't necessarily creatively exhausted.
  13. Muhal Richard Abrams - RIP

    RIP. A giant. I discovered a lot of his music over the past two years.
  14. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series Vol. 3

    This is the show released officially as BLACK BEAUTY