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  1. John Carter

    Finally listened to SEEKING - so great. Next up - FLIGHT FOR FOUR and SELF DETERMINATION MUSIC.
  2. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    that would be amazing
  3. Keith Jarrett recommendations

    “Common Mama” and “There Is a Road (God’s River)” are among the best things KJ recorded in his entire career bar none but... I think overall TREASURE ISLAND is a more focused sequel that covers the same based.
  4. Most interesting/favorite 'Herbie Hancock' BN

    Also, as this book describes in detail, improvisation on the quintet's studio recordings were almost universally form-based. So the claim that the quintet was discarding tunes on albums like MILES SMILES, SORCERER, and NEFERTITI isn't a matter of taste - it's *factually incorrect*.
  5. I like recordings around 45 min, and beyond 60 min it's pushing it. BUT... It's an unfair presumption that artists releasing a collection of music (album, EP, playlist, whatever) expect listeners to absorb it all in one sitting.
  6. To each his own, obv, but that track is one of my favorite by DG.
  7. It's actually the opposite - Beethoven-era performance speeds were generally faster than 20th performances, so would have fit easily into a 79 min (or whatever) disc.
  8. Lee Konitz LIVE AT BIRDLAND on ECM

    I've been revisiting this recently. A great set that has aged very well. "Oleo" is magnificent; I am hit-and-miss on Mehldau, but Motian pushes him deliciously on that track. Wasn't this one of Paul's final recordings? So sad that he and Charlie are gone.
  9. I thought AB's Arista albums were already available on Spotify? I've listened to Fall 1974 on there.
  10. I was thinking of soloists, actually - folks like Pharoah Sanders who were uber-radical in the mid-60s but were already mellowing out by the late 60s and are now comfortably ensconced as straight-ahead players. I realize that might not be a great analogy.
  11. Swing Bands: Who should I listen to next?

    Love this thread. Thank you.
  12. The Eberhard Weber appreciation thread

    I wish I'd discovered CoC in college, when I was really into prog rock. by the time I first heard it my prog rock days were in the rear view mirror and the music didn't really resonate. but I imagine I might re-evaluate in the coming decades. YELLOW FIELDS and SILENT FEET are brilliant, however, and LITTLE MOVEMENT also has its charms.
  13. I feel vindicated

    Yes, it is a relic of technology that we think of 40-45 or 75 min blocks of music as the norm/benchmark. No particular reason to imagine they'll persist indefinitely during the streaming era. Also, not clear we'll keep calling collections of music "albums", maybe they'll just be "playlists".
  14. Wouldn't you say this was pretty common among a lot of 60s radicals (musical and otherwise) - they mellowed out a lot in subsequent decades. Or are you arguing that Carla's mellowing happened faster & more rapidly than her peers?
  15. I feel vindicated

    I’m sure that among older listeners, recognition/enjoyment of GAS standards is a selling point. Rod Stewart is a testament to that. So if jazz musicians’ aim is to cater to that audience, sure, why not. That said, it might just be they aren’t that interested in this audience? My sense is people like Spotify/pandora-generated playlists? That doesn’t require much playlist creation.