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  1. Tim Berne

    Got the newest Snakeoil in the mail yesterday. Really great. People who liked the 3 Torn-produced albums on ECM will definitely enjoy this one too. Guy
  2. So good hearing Pharoah Sanders and Joe Henderson side by side, even if it isn’t either dude’s strongest performance.
  3. I've been listening to the June Fillmore East box recently, and am enjoying it, but these March gigs with Wayne are SO MUCH BETTER
  4. I love the breadth of suggestions on this thread!
  5. Soft Machine

    I've been listening to quite a bit of SM over the past few weeks and here's my current read. First, the original run of albums, at least the early ones, is really great. Albums 2-4 in particular are wonderful to listen to. Second, the archival releases I have (Noisette, Virtually) show that as a live unit, they weren't in the same tier as the top American jazz-rock contemporaries that were mining similar terrain (esp Weather Report and the Miles Davis bands). That's not surprising because the caliber of improvisers/visionaries was so exceptional in the elite American units, i.e. Soft Machine does pretty well if you bracket it with the next tier of Americans. Also worth adding that they definitely brought something new and innovative to the table. There are flavors in the SM gumbo that you don't get when you listen to WR or the MD bands.
  6. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Definitely not my favorite pianist and I don’t love everything he did (nor am I interested in exploring his catalogue in depth), but he was on a lot of classic records and provided a lot of value added to my ears. Would rather listen to 5 min of OP than 5 min of Bill Evans. I think the comparison of OP to AT is off, maybe Freddie Hubbard is a better analogue? I think Ethan Iverson’s post on him is pretty useful in terms of explaining why OP has raised such hackles over the years:
  7. Cannonball's Rhythm Sections

    Zawinul is the clear #1 I’d probably put George Duke #2. Víctor Feldman #3. (Though if studio appearances count, I’d put Wynton Kelly above Feldman)
  8. Late 60's Early 70's Blue Note Lesser Known Gems

    IMHO this is a phenomenal album and arguably would have qualified as a classic in any BN era
  9. Cannonball's Rhythm Sections

    Yes It may have to do with Cannonball’s playing gaining depth as the 60s went on, but imho this isn’t one of their best albums. If I ranked Cannonball pianists/keyboardists Timmons would be in the bottom half of the list.
  10. The Lost Quintet -- Rotterdam Nov. 9, 1969

    It’s a different concert than the ones in the bootleg series and imho a notch above them (though they are all great). Isn’t the item on amazon and Spotify just an unauthorized bootleg? (With wildly incorrect track names....) Why not just download the widely-available recording? BTW I don’t think Felser meant to imply that Tony Williams plays on this recording but... the drummer is Jack DeJohnette
  11. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    No... the 25 minute length of “Sanctuary” is due to the fact that the track names and timings are wildly incorrect relative to the actual music It’s extremely well documented! There are hours upon hours of concert recordings, albeit not by Columbia
  12. Coltrane on Bethlelem

    Agree w/Larry. I’d listen to all the Prestige stuff (+ Blue Train) before this, but if you’re hungry for more after that you won’t be disappointed. Love this characterization
  13. Billy Harper

    He’s on the July 1970 bonus tracks to the CD edition
  14. Billy Harper

    I love Gary Bartz’s playing with the 1970-71 Miles bands. And he sounds great on the McCoy albums I’ve heard him on, Expansions/Extensions/Asante/Sama Layuca