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  1. ambrose akinmusire

    Larry, how do you feel about other Steve Coleman trumpet alumni like Ralph Alessi and Jonathan Finlayson? (Should we put Graham Haynes in this bucket too?)
  2. John Coltrane - Blue World

    I was "eh" on BOTH DIRECTIONS... I mean, even 3rd tier 1963 Coltrane is better than a ton of other music, but would rather listen to Live at Birdland or a 1963 boot. This one is definitely intriguing because of the choice of material and the vintage, but odds of me reacting the same way as I did with BDAO are high
  3. ECM Press Releases for New Items

    I am excited about the Sclavis too.
  4. Beatles Abbey Road 50th anniversary reissues

    One of the greatest rock guitar albums of all time... GH is magnificent on this one.
  5. Collections

    Spotify is probably bad for music in many ways but this thread exemplifies one huge benefit
  6. Warne Marsh on Schoenberg

    One day historians will look back at this thread as the turning point leading to evil tyrant Arnold Schoenberg’s downfall
  7. Warne Marsh on Schoenberg

    I will never get over Schoenberg yelling “hiyo silver!”
  8. Warne Marsh on Schoenberg

    Good, I’m glad Warne Marsh was able to settle that.
  9. Favorite Track on Bitches Brew

    I assume you've heard the original, 2nd quintet+1 version of "Sanctuary", from early 1968? Davis completely reimagined it (and IMHO, significantly improved it) during the BB sessions. Re "I Fall in Love too Easily", it's incorporated into the intros of the August 1969 studio version (or rather, versions), not just the live versions. I view Bitches Brew (the 6 tracks on the original album) vs. the other post-August tracks on the box as being fairly distinct. The latter are certainly very interesting and contain some gems, but the average quality level is lower.
  10. Favorite Track on Bitches Brew

    This monumental music is almost 50 years old!!!!
  11. ECM Press Releases for New Items

    I’m interested in the Rava-Lovano album, will skip the others.
  12. Finally got around to listening to this (disc 1) so far. Coltrane’s playing is GLORIOUS. Barely paying attention to anything else.
  13. Wayne Shorter clip from youtube

    The 1966 date can't be right... Wayne was with Miles's quintet in the US during early August 1966, according to Losin: Early/mid November 1967 seems probable:
  14. Charles Mingus Sextet, Live at Cornell U 1964

    I finally listened to this! Soooo good. A really nice treat to have this group playing “Jitterbug Waltz” and “A Train”.
  15. What Are You Watching

    I don't think it was only, or even primarily, a "descent to madness" - it was actually a conscious strategic choice to rule by fear, to strike fear into her enemies and possible rivals by showing she was willing to use extreme means. "Hama Rules".