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  1. Charles Lloyd Quartet - Swiss Radio Days Jazz 46

    Agreed w/Jim and others that Lloyd’s playing during the 1960s can be ranked as 1962-65>1966>1967>>>>>>1968
  2. Charles Lloyd Quartet - Swiss Radio Days Jazz 46

    Is this from the original recording (soundboard or otherwise), or just a rip of something shared on the site which must not be named?
  3. Horace Tapscott Live at IUCC

    Have only listened to the 1st Cd so far but the music is really, really good.
  4. One thing I vaguely remember Lewis Porter's book emphasizing is that Coltrane's grandfather was in a mainstream Protestant church (AME), *not* a pentecostal one. Does anyone have the book handy to confirm? Assuming that's correct, it's interesting to think about how Coltrane would have absorbed this influence.
  5. John Coltrane - Blue World

    Aren't all the tracks new? [Aside from the original soundtrack within the movie, which very few people appear to have heard or even heard of]
  6. Tim Berne

  7. Tim Berne

    The next Snakeoil album will be coming out on Intakt early next year! Marc Ducret will apparently be joining the band. (Also, Tim will appear on a Mike Formanek trio album coming out on Intakt in October, which also features Mary Halvorson)
  8. Anthony Braxton Plays Standards for Lovers

    This anecdote about two musicians I have never heard of CHANGES EVERYTHING
  9. Miles Davis’ lost album “Rubberband” set for release

    This is a bootleg, right? Unless they are paying the licensing fees, I recommend downloading a free copy instead. The Rotterdam concert was the last recording from the Lost Quintet’s fall tour of Europe and IMHO one of the best performances on that tour. Good sound quality for a “bootleg”. Wayne’s solo on “Directions” is phenomenal and “It’s About That Time” has lots of top-tier free improvisation. The tracks are clearly mislabeled or maybe it’s missing some music. The band played “Directions”, “Bitches Brew”, “I Fall in Love too Easily”, “Sanctuary”, “It’s About That Time” and “Masqualero”.
  10. Circle

    I probably read the phrase "Braxton and Corea don't mix" too strongly...
  11. Circle

    Possible something happened more recently to create antipathy, but worth noting that they have recorded together post-Circle breakup at least 1 time (1980).
  12. Circle

    Don’t you guys feel like the Holland album with Evan Parker, Craig Taborn & Ches Smith was also a nod to Circle’s music.
  13. Duke Ellington's Modern Modal Music?

    JSngry, you don’t like the MMW aversion?
  14. Some faves from ECM Charles Lloyd, LIFT EVERY VOICE and RABO DE NUBE (also: PASSIN’ THRU on Blue Note is great) Paul Motian, I HAVE THE ROOM ABOVE HER and LOST IN A DREAM Billy Hart, ONE IS THE OTHER David Torn, PREZENS and SUN OF GOLDFINGER Vijay Iyer, FAR FROM OVER Michael Formanek, THE RUB AND SPARE CHANGE Tim Berne, SHADOW MAN / YOU’VE BEEN WATCHING ME / INCIDENTALS Some more stuff I’ve loved: David Murray & Mal Waldron, SILENCE (Justin Time) BAD PLUS JOSHUA REDMAN ( Bunky Green, ANOTHER PLACE (Label Bleu) Ravi Coltrane, SPIRIT FICTION (Blue Note) Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green (Pi)
  15. The Threadgills on Pi are all great. If I had to pick favorites, I’d choose the two volumes of THIS BRINGS US TO as well as the big band recording DIRT AND MORE DIRT. I also really enjoy the Steve Coleman Pi Recordings - my favorite here is probably SYNOVIAL JOINTS. Also, can’t the superb INVISIBLE PATHS (Tzadik) and RESISTANCE IS FUTILE (Label Bleu). Lots more to add