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  1. Pete Cosey

    Nope. Roy, Smith and Khalil Balakrishna left the band just before the 1973 Japanese tour. The photo would have been from a US gig between January and May 1973, during which the 10-musician lineup existed.
  2. Sean Connery (1930 - 2020)

    It was a good movie, and I enjoyed Connery/Slater, but it was much worse than the book, which is brilliant. Re Umberto Eco and Dan Brown, at some point Eco was asked about The DaVinci Code and he said:
  3. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Dan - masks aren’t perfect. Being in an enclosed space with an infected person over an extended period of time is a high risk even if both people are wearing a mask. (And wouldn’t they take off their masks to eat?) can you get a different caretaker, at least for a short span of time? Have you considered offering the caretaker a $$$$ bonus not to attend that gathering? If not... make sure you get them both KN95 masks. Have them spend as much time as possible outside. Leave the windows open to the outside. Might be a good idea to get both tested daily until the 2 week window is over.
  4. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    This kind of thing is as American as Apple Pie:
  5. Agreed on the 1st one being a classic, but the next 4 are not far behind. An impressive body of work!!!
  6. Cowell, Harper, Workman, Hart - Such Great Friends

    SUMMIT CONFERENCE with Workman, Sam Rivers, Julian Priester, Andrew Hill and Pheeroan Aklaff is really good. IMHO Jazz at Massey Hall is good but falls far short of any participant’s best work.
  7. Miles Davis- Paris Olympia Theatre March 1960

    Also interesting that once Wayne joined, this duality became much more fluid. both horns could wear both hats
  8. I strongly agree w/JSngry's thesis that race in America and our attitude toward it has a lot to do with soul jazz getting overlooked in most jazz discourse. It was music closely connected to 1940s-1970s African American popular music that was either ignored, or looked-down-upon, by the people writing about and talking about jazz (now and then). Some artists like Horace Silver, Jimmy Smith, Herbie Hancock, Cannonball Adderley achieved crossover success within "straight ahead" jazz and have been treated more kindly, but these are relatively rare. (For that matter, think of the "white" artists drawing upon this style since 1990 - John Scofield, MMW, Soulive, etc... interesting story in itself.) I really liked the Gerald Early interview. I wonder how much of Baraka's reaction reflects Cannonball's genesis. He was from a relatively middle-class, Episcopalian background, right? Haven't read this book but seems indicative of how "mainstream" jazz historiography approaches the style - "soul jazz was something straight-ahead jazz musicians dabbled in"
  9. Clean Feed Records

    Have listened to these 5 so far. I'd score them: Dresser, Nourishments 5/5 (great quartet, great compositions; love Denman Maroney's prepared piano) Dresser, Sedimental You 4/5 (I thought this one was a little lethargic relative to Cyber Coup) Dresser, Cyber Coup 5/5 (love the Arthur Blythe tribute that opens the album) Ehrlich, Frog Leg Logic 4/5 (nice but didn't grab me) Ehrlich, Trio Exaltation 5/5 (really great playing by Ehrlich and his trio)
  10. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    In general I'm pretty supportive of strong public health restrictions but IMHO we had the opportunity to safely reopen in-person schools (especially for younger and at-risk kids) and screwed it up - either by doing it unsafely, or by not doing it at all.
  11. Andrew Hill

    I was a little underwhelmed by Eternal Spirit but really enjoy Shades.
  12. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    In Israel the 2nd wave was definitely initiated by schools but... was that also the case in France? In Spain, from what I understand, there are just a lot of bars and restaurants open... i.e. they're getting a 2nd wave for the same reason that Florida/Georgia/Texas got hammered.
  13. Andrew Hill

    This wonderful album and a lot of other items from the Palmetto catalogue were just added to Spotify.
  14. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    We also do exclusively delivery (and occasional pickup) rather than restaurants, but worth noting that eating outdoors is MUCH safer than eating indoors. And bars seem to be a lot riskier than restaurants.
  15. Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    Doh. Of course! Can't believe I forgot about that.