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  1. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Apparently not.
  2. Duke Ellington - Post 1960 Recordings

    Based on what I've heard (which is only a subset of what's listed here), the star scores above are very accurate. Can't go wrong with the boldfaced items.
  3. Tim Berne

    So I went on a binge and bought Fractured Fairy Tales, the Hemphill tribute, the first Miniature album, both Caos Totale albums, the three Bloodcount albums, and the first Big Satan album. 🤪
  4. I'm curious - once an individual is deceased, what's the lifespan of an estate's ownership of his/her likeness?
  5. Tim Berne

    Hey folks, any recommendions on Berne’s pre-ECM work? I’d love 3-5 LPs to check out. Guy
  6. Whatever happened to James Carter?

    Has this guy stopped playing?
  7. Female Jazz Artists

    weird that your list only includes singers.
  8. A Conversation With Ken Vandermark

    I think the comparison with Murray is apt. Each recorded very heavily for a while and I think to some extent exhausted the listener base. In retrospect I'm glad that the work was documented.
  9. Solo guitar

    I think it might be worth checking out some of the folk guitarists that influenced solo work by McLaughlin, Towner and others. People like Davy Graham, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn...
  10. Unissued Coltrane

    @mjzee this is an radio broadcast circulating online on various sites. l wouldn't be surprised if the mosaic clip actually comes directly or indirectly from Voldemort. The date is correct.
  11. Chet Baker, misjudged?

    Thanks @Late. Great poem.
  12. I dig Betty Carter!

    She wasn't performing with Miles, but maybe they were some sort of opening/headlining tandem?
  13. Unissued Coltrane

    I haven't done a thorough check, but I'd guess none of this is new - probably either already released and/or shared on the site which must not be named
  14. Chet Baker.

    I haven't really heard post-1960 CB, but the 1950s stuff is excellent. One of the best 2nd tier trumpeters of the period.
  15. Kenton!

    I like Kenton’s music but the Graettinger stuff is probably the only time it came close to living up to its own pretensions. Post-Graettinger, sometimes it’s hard not to laugh. Or groan.