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  1. Joshua Redman - Still Dreaming

    I may check this out!
  2. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    I still have SANKT GEROLD in the "listen-to" pile, but can vouch for TIME WILL TELL. I really like Evan Parker's versatility and range as a player. It elevates him above many of his peers and acolytes. Using late Trane as a jumping off point, he went in a wonderful and creative direction.
  3. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Yes, but in my experience they nevertheless tend to get underrepresented in this context for a variety of reasons
  4. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    LPs didn't exist for the first 31 years of recorded jazz; a lot of the greatest recordings by Louis Armstrong, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins and Duke Ellington were not made in the "album" format and any list like this would eliminate them.
  5. Essential Solos

    Keith Jarrett's unaccompanied piano introduction to "Roads Travelled, Roads Veiled" (FORT YAWUH, 1973); also, his introduction to "InFlight" (BACKHAND, 1974)
  6. Essential Solos

    Some favorites: John Coltrane, "Blue in Green" Wayne Shorter, "Message from the Nile" (McCoy Tyner's EXTENSIONS) - probably my favorite solo on soprano Wayne Shorter, "Directions" (2nd set March 7 1970, released on Miles Davis's IT'S ABOUT THAT TIME) Wayne Shorter in the first few minutes of Weather Report's LIVE IN TOKYO Charlie Parker, "Ko Ko" Ben Webster, "Cottontail" Ben Webster, "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning" Charles Lloyd, "Durga Durga"
  7. John Coltrane and Red Garland

    I never really thought about it but Red really did record almost exclusively for Prestige and its sibling labels during the 1950s. The Miles Davis recordings are the big exception, there’s also the 1 Art Pepper album, something on Status. That’s it. More generally - did listeners kind of forget about Red after he left Miles’s group? His style might have been too quirky for many.
  8. Tomasz Stanko R.I.P.

    I like it a lot. The first track (“Svantetic”) is harder hitting than what I would expect on an ECM Stanko album. RIP.
  9. John Coltrane and Red Garland

    McCoy was influenced by Red, wasn't he? I have to imagine that appealed to Coltrane.
  10. Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth

    Depends on what you call straight-ahead. You're right - there isn't a lot of hard-core avant-garde stuff on there. But there also isn't a lot of stuff that would have been considered "mainstream" in pre-1960 jazz.
  11. Clean Feed Records

    You guys are amazing. Thank you.
  12. Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth

    About 20-25 years ago, people were having 100% this same debate about Medeski Martin Wood. Their music had genuine and obvious links to the jazz tradition (including some relatively adventurous strands) but was perceived by many hardcore jazz fans as being watered down. They definitely reached out to non-jazz audiences which was viewed as a mixed blessing. What do people think of their albums now that the controversy has melted away? When I revisit their albums I find them very enjoyable; I think they stand the test of time as very good music. It's hard to fairly assess KW's albums right now because of the hype, especially for hardcore fans. That said, I think long run assessments will probably be positive.
  13. End Of Truth

    If you go back and read the history of media/propaganda/news... this is a recurring feature of human existence. Technologies facilitate misinformation and fuck up our ability to discern the truth, then we eventually "evolve" to filter through it. (Though at the cost of tens of millions of lives during the 20th century...)
  14. Steve Coleman Corner

    Are Coleman's Label Bleu albums available anywhere? I love RESISTANCE IS FUTILE but am also interested in the other 3 (LUCIDARIUM, WEAVING SYMBOLICS, ON THE RISING OF THE 64 PATHS).
  15. Clean Feed Records

    Hi all, I'm interested in recommendations on this insanely prolific label. I know it's been discussed in the Funny Rat threads but those are challenging to wade through. So far I've picked up: Tim Berne, INSOMNIA And I am definitely planning to pick up the two Chris Lightcap records (DELUXE, EPICENTER) and the Sclavis/Taborn/Rainey album. Any other recommendations?