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  1. Cover Art Books Jazz & other topics

    Yes, that's been discussed here too. As far as record covers and related ephemera go, the "High Fidelity Art" should supersede just about all of the rest (the author actually hints at this in his inside cover text)
  2. Apostrophe

    Ouch ... I had hoped this was not going get even worse ...
  3. Mingus at Birdland 1961-62

    Something that the above-mentioned Uptown label (said to set standards) can be faulted for too. On the occasional release by them the booklet (including the texts) is a HUGE letdown compared to their usual (excellent) standard. Not to mention that even the "big ones" don't always go overboard in their pictorial efforts for their reissues either.
  4. Cassette tape production revival?

    MCs must have been around and about all the time, and the "below 25-year old" mention in the Grauniad article does seem to nail it. I remember my 20-year old son (who is very much into Heavy Metal - but also more and more 70s classic rock) has told me for a couple of years now that it is fairly common for local newcomer/youth bands in the Metal genre to put out their first recorded and self-published efforts (for use as demos or sale/giveaway to their local fan base) not on CD (though I imagine self-produced CD-Rs really cannot be a cost factor anymore these days) but on cassette tape, of all things. (As confirmed by the Grauniad story) And the format seems to be much appreciated. To the point of the youngsters drooling over cassette finds, such as when my better half dug out some prerecorded rock cassette tapes from her teen days in the 80s and passed them on to our son. Made a hit among his friends when he put up pics of his finds on the social media ... Very niche-y but surprising anyway ...
  5. Savoy label question

    It may well be that they at one moment unearthed a box full of 78s from that Collet's stock that had been forgotten for years and then put it up in the shop. I noticed that cache of 78s in one of the racks in the basement (Blues & Roots dept. IIRC, not far from the "Rare as Rocking Horse Manure" crate with the pricy items) during my visit in 1998. But though I regularly made the rounds at the London record shops each year from 1992 to 2000 but I do not really recall having seen those 78s at Ray's before 1998.
  6. Savoy label question

    And DeeGees too. Their stocks lasted: I bought a handful of mint 78 rpm Savoys and DeeGees at Ray's Jazz Shop as late as in 1998. They must have been the last bits of that same stock. A bit of the story behind it is told somewhere in "Going For a Song" by Garth Cartwright IIRC.
  7. Savoy label question

    No doubt, but since the question was about the 50s, isn't it so that the Savoy discographies show that the BULK of the gospel releases on Savoy occurred from 1958 ONWARDS? I.e. gospel as a money earner rather concerned the 60s?
  8. Savoy label question

    Excellent for sure, but again - how did these jazz recordings do revenue-wise compared to the actual chart hits that the label had? I have a feeling excellence is too easily equated with (absolute) big sellers (wishful thinking?) whereas in fact the relative sales (though good by jazz album standards) may still have been small compared to chart successes which did bring in the money. "Must have been big sellers" just appears a bit vague to me when it comes to QUANTIFYING sales revenue.
  9. Savoy label question

    True, but didn't this start in earnest only in the LATE 50s?
  10. Savoy label question

    But what was their REAL money making performance compared to the Savoy R&B chart artists (at the tirme of their recordings)?
  11. Savoy label question

    Offhand, I'd say the chart hitters' list included Johnny Otis and Little Esther in the early 50s, and later on Varetta Dillard, Big Maybelle and Nappy Brown, And no doubt there were more but that would need some more research. Remember Savoy was primarily a R&B label, not a pure jazz label.
  12. Well, here is one, for example: And here ... Never had heard of him either but your post made me curious and some quick googling brought up more hits than I'd have imagined after your post ...
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Indeed ... But I am still trying to figure out if this ACTUALLY is cartoon of Flip Phillips. Somehow the likeness isn't there. A cartoon is supposed to exaggerate the visual features and proportions of the subject, not to totally CHANGE them ... Another one of those bungled-up cover "art" drawings ... (Is this a Japanese reissue?) Anyway ... I suppose your CD (set?) includes a LOT more than the LP shown by BillF (which I also have, and the Flip Wails CD alone - which is not a "Complete" reissue either - already has more than this LP).
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    A "cartoon"? Look out- if this is the one I am thinking of ("Flip Wails") then you are on the verge of getting into hot water with some cognoscenti - that "cartoon" is a high-art cover drawing by the eminent David Stone Martin. (Yes, opinions on DSM covers CAN vary, but still ... )
  15. 2019-2020 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Are you sure this comparison is in the very best of taste?