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  1. "Man's Favorite Sport?" with Rock Hudson (1964) For one reason or another, it showed here several times on TV through the years. You do or don't like her role in that movie but it certainly sticks in your mind.
  2. Hey I was just poking fun (a little). I had read about the death of Roger Moore before seeing this post and way before Soulpope started HIS Roger Moore RIP thread. And since you had at one time IIRC been promoted to the "unofficial resident RIP thread starter" role around here one thing led to another ...
  3. Roger Moore 1927 - 2017 R.I.P

    His presence on "The Persuaders" was priceless. Though, probably not least of all because of the ab-so-lutely congenial synchronization work for the German version that made both Moore and Curtis that much, much, much more lively (German speakers who've seen the series will know what I mean ). Impressed me much more than "The Saint" (which for its period flair isn't bad at all either) but compared to "The Persuaders" he is just a bit repetitive in his role and acting there IMO. An impression you could not fail to notice here when episodes from both series were rebroadcast one after another (The Saint first, The Persuaders directly afterwards) on Sunday evening on one of the TV chains here.
  4. By now, yes ... FWIW, over here films such as "Operation Petticoat" and "Butterfield 8" were known and are remembered, but her name probably would mostly elicit just a "who??", except from extreme cineasts. One of those names that somehow never stuck, maybe because that ONE standout role on international screens (or late-night TV repeats) never happened. Contrary to others who would be long forgotten too, such as Tippi Hedren or Paula Prentiss a.o., if it had not been for .... Or maybe it was bcause in the 50s there were quite a lot of female actors cast (literally?) in that (visual) mold?
  5. So ... when are you going to post a RIP thread for Roger Moore, then?
  6. Maxwell "Lockjaw" Davis?

  7. You've gone to the wrong place, it seems. There ARE liner notes/booklets out there that are in dire need of having their contents tidied up, but no - pride wins out, even if this pride ridicules itself as soon as those "in the know" come across the items in question. Happens with bilingual books too - and makes you cringe sometimes if you consider some of these books were done as a "labor of love" by the author, only to have some sub-par translation (or sloppy proofreading of the foreign-language version) appended to it.
  8. Great Finds

    Erik Tuxen? A big band leader with many aces up his sleeve, it seems, and in this capacity he was one of the pioneers of early Danish jazz ("hot dance") too. To bring things full circle, you might go looking for his early jazz sides too, then.
  9. Great Finds

    Amazing ... When I browse the bins (that always are in total disorder) at the local record clearout sales twice a year I always am on the alert for stacks of 50s 10" LPs and pull them out first. I've come up with quite a few goodies (mostly classic jazz and 30s swing, very, very little modern jazz) form the 10" stacks but classical music 10" LPs, including "light classics", of course, usually are quite plentiful, and some would be worth the 1 EUR (that often is the going rate) just for the cover artwork but as I am not realy into classical music you just have to draw a limit somewhere so I skip them. Had no idea these are considered finds to some by now too ... BTW, the Caceres brothers LP is nice indeed. My copy came from one of those clearout sales too.
  10. Conte Candoli set

    Good to see the pros confirm this way of thinking. I guess this is the main reasoning for buying this series of box sets. I bought the Tal Farlow set for the same reason - the final three of the LPs in that collection so far have eluded me steadfastly though I was on the lookout a quite a while (and I cannot recall having ever seen any copy (least of all a reissue) of the "Harold Arlen" LP anywhere in any shop or at any fair I'd been to at the time I searched). So the box set was worth it at that price even for only 3 out of 7 LPs. Anyway ... if those three LPs show up one day at a good price I'll pick them up and this box set can go to feed the car CD player. In the meantime, it will serve VERY well as listening copies.
  11. Charlie Parker - Dean Benedetti Mosaic

    No, IIRC the books were on a shelf in the front space ahead of the main vinyl room upstairs. This set was inside the vinyl room upstairs, up on the top of a shelf in one of the corners (IIRC the rows of records underneath were filled with records by artists who were represented by HUGE quantities of records - Basie, Ellington, Kenton, etc.).
  12. Charlie Parker - Dean Benedetti Mosaic

    Folks, you make me feel doubly sorry for not picking up that secondhand copy of the Benedetti set I saw at Mole Jazz some 20 years ago (my, how time flies ...). I was more than tempted at the time but the stack I had pulled from their bins was huge enough already and while certainly affordable that copy was no steal so I figured along the "only snippets" line (that others have mentioned) too and gave it a pass ... oh well ... And now with overseas shipping rates and customs duties ... no go ...
  13. Conte Candoli set

    Ah, so the grey labels now "shade" each other too. I bought the Cool Gabriels reissue CD several years ago on the Blue Moon label (a subsidiary of Fresh Sound) - on a whim (and did not regret it - very refreshing music ;)) and because I figured this was unlikely to be reissued anywhere else (cannot recall having seen a reissue of this among the avalanche of RCA modern jazz vinyls from the late 70s and 80s, for example) . As for "affordable" original copies, I may have come across figures similar to yours somewhere.
  14. Jimmy Bunn

    I'd wager a guess that Alden Bunn and Allen Bunn are one and the same (Tarheel Slim - see entry in Leadbitter/ Slaven). That makes them one less Bunn but that don't change much ...
  15. Jimmy Bunn

    John Chilton's "Who's Who of Jazz" does not mention any relationship in the entry on Teddy Bunn, although Chilton often mentions family members who also were musicians, and in fact he does mention a brother named Kenneth who played the violin. No mention of any link between them in the Teddy Bunn entry in Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia of Jazz either.