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  1. Jutta Hipp

    Actually, the article doesn't say so at all. She acknowledges that she was too late and refers to earlier reports by people who did meet her.
  2. Jutta Hipp

    Thanks very much, Niko. Much appreciated! Quite a bit of this one and of the Longreads article seem to have drawn from the same primary sources for the details, e.g. the roles of Evered and Leonard Feather. (Now where did Evered INITIALLY publish his account of how he contacted Jutta Hipp, I wonder?)
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Good idea. Guess I will spin them later this evening.
  4. Jutta Hipp

    Actually I asked about tjhe year only because about 12-13 years ago I was able to buy (at a good price) an almost complete collection of Jazz Podiums from 1953 to 1990 (1990 was when the orignal owner of the mags who was a teenager in 1953 stopped his subscription). I kept the issues up to 1966 and sold off the later volumes (including some via ads around here), and a few weeks ago I finally was able to pass on the final 5-6 remaining volumes (from the 80s). So too late to check now ... But prior to unloading the 1967-90 years I photocopied all the articles and reviews that were of interest to me and filed them separately. No Jutta Hipp interview, though (I should remember that and would have filed it separately)....
  5. Jutta Hipp

    Hi Gheorghe Actually I just wondered how much of a "scoop" of having tracked down Jutta Hipp the contents of the story linked above really were. It seems like several people tracked her down and contacted her separately so it is not easy to say who did so first after those decades of "exile". As for the interview you refer to, if it was run prior to 1991 I must have seen this but don't recall it at all. Anyway, her comments are understandable. I have no problems with Koller's 50s records (though I don't spin them often) but I do remember distinctly that almost all reviews of German jazz records published in Swedish jazz mags of that era described the German recordings (very often featuring Koller) as "mechanical" and "unswinging".
  6. Jutta Hipp

    Yes, a sad story. I wonder, though, who among the jazz fraternity at large tracked her down fiorst in her latter days. I remember reading a feature on her (and her latter-day paintings) published around the year 2000 in the German jazz mag JAZZ REALITIES (privately published by researcher and discographer M. Frohne) that gave a rather clear account of her later life after she had given up public appearances as a jazz pianist. So her whereabouts were known around that time.
  7. About those needle-nose pliers and removing individual teeth, I must admit I am a bit wary of this (which probably was what made me try the "sanding down" trick). I have every now and then had problems with CDs bought new through mail order that arrived here with several of these teeth broken off the jewel case hub, causing the CD to float around inside and the remains of the teeth somewhere inside the case. Annoying, particularly if it happens on multiple-CD cases ... On rare occasions this even occurred on sealed CDs (shoddy packaging?) but in other cases (new, but not sealed) I have a feeling this happened with sellers normally storing their CDs and inlay paperwork inside thin clear plastic CD envelopes and only puttng them back in jewel cases when mailing them out (I know one seller I ordered from has this habit - he also has a record stall at certain concerts/festivals and this is how he displays his goods). Apparently there are sellers out there who are rather heavy-handed when pushing the CD back on the prongs of the case and couldn't care less when some of them snap.
  8. It worked for me (you have to go easy on it and clean everything well afterwards) but if Rooster_Ties manged to accomplish the desired result just by breaking two of the individual teeth on this very same set then this might be the easier route for you in this particular case.
  9. Is this legit?

    Isn't there a saying that copying is the highest form of flattery in Asia?
  10. I am not sure I can visualize the problem accurately because I do not have these boxes (or other Mosaics incriminated for this before) but I have enocuntered similar problems with other boxes and jewel cases before where I had to press down like mad on the teeth (i.e. the center) with my thumb and at the same time forcibly pull up the CD to release it, bending it dangerously in the process (fearing indeed it might break). My method (if several removal and replacing operations did not improve matters): After having removed the CD I took some fine-grain sanding paper, held it with the tips of three fingers and rubbed down the teeth by rotating the sanding paper around the teeth. At certain intervals I checked impoved "ease" of removal using an old CD (or CD-R) that didn't matter. When the removal force was acceptable I cleaned up everything and put the actual CD back where it belonged.
  11. RIP Paul Oliver

    His "Story of the Blues" was an early read I soaked up from the first to the last page in my very early collecting days (borrowing the book repeatedly from the local Amerika Haus library), and browsing through it today I think I can stil feel the impression it made on me at the time (omissions 'n'all). RIP
  12. Lucky Thompson

    Talking about Vienna: Don't forget Hans Koller who was said by insiders to have been a difficult person to get along with too, including offstage when in fact people dealing with him went out of their way to accommodate him and yet it seemed to be not enough ...
  13. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Wow .. this ... I wouldn't have thought I'd see you go on a rockabilly binge. And then with such a connoisseur disc. Hats off to your eclectic tastes. (FWIW, if I am in the mood for Charlie, I pull out this one below - have seen the ZuZazz LP countless times in the record stall bins back in the day and thinking about it now don't even know why I passed it up - maybe because of duplicate alternates?)
  14. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Just curious ... In what way do you think it falls short or isn't what it might (could) have been?
  15. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I guess I'll treasure my UK original Vanguard vinyl (PPL 11002), then. It's a very nice one indeed.