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  1. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    It might, depending on what you actually want to say ... "Rebuilt"?
  2. The one of the Australian Jazz Quartet of the 50s? Australian expat in Detroit?
  3. Complete Cuban Jam Sessions

    Out of curiosity ... Was the 5-LP set announced on various sites linked above actually issued? The clickable links in the texts that refer to the LPs then lead you to the CD reissue.
  4. “Nonbreakable”

    Interesting ... thanks ... styrene seems to have been used much longer than in the 50s only. If the statement below from your link is correct as a telltale identifier ... From what I've read somewhere once upon a time (maybe here), the easy way to see if you have a styrene 45 (instead of vinyl) is to look at the edge. It won't have any kind of "special" edge to it. It will be very straight & flat, and will be even height-wise with the rest of the record's "body" (for lack of a better term) across its entire edge. .. then some of those I'd inspected look like they should be styrene too. But I have my doubts (not only because it says "unbreakable" on the label). Of course i never tried to test their "flexing" either.
  5. “Nonbreakable”

    Just out of curiosity and trying to narrow down the time frame etc.: What label, what (number) series? And is there a way to clearly identify them visually? (Edge, dead wax, etc.?) I just checked a few 50s 10" U.S: Decca LPs that i have and they do look and feel like vinyl to me and all say "Long playing unbreakable microgroove" on the label. They all are from the DL series but the labels differ (red & gold or black with gold script or black with silver script which all seem to have existed in parallel). The only 50s 12" I was able to locate at a quick glance (50s black label, and it does not say "Unbreakable") looks vinylish to me too.
  6. “Nonbreakable”

    Yes you can indeed. E.g. if you ship a 50s original inside 2 flimsy covers of (coincidence?) polystyrene and expect it to survive a cross-the-pond shipment. Happened to me (as a buyer) in my very early eBay days with a Decca LP (rainbow-stripe label and therefore early 60s pressing, so definitely no "styrene" - I suppose these were early 10" LPs). BTW, I also have a (unfortunately rather battered and scratchy) white-label promo pressing of the abovementioned Bengt Hallberg LP on Epic. It does NOT say "Nonbreakable" on the label so it looks like the people at Columbia assumed that the men of the trade and DJs who'd get hold of such items would know anyway this was "non-breakable".
  7. “Nonbreakable”

    Am now playing my copy of this very record (LN 3377, yellow Epic label, deep groove). No problem on my turntable. It's just vinyl. Other Epics I have from that period (Bengt Hallberg LN 3375, Swedes from Jazzville LN 3309, Jazz on the Left Bank LN 3387) carry the same "Nonbreakable" tag on the label. Must have been a sales gimmick at a time (2nd half of the 50s) when vinyl was all there but 78s had not yet disappeared from the record shops). Never would have thought this was anything but vinyl.
  8. Norma Miller RIP

    RIP. She impressed many people here at lindy hop classes and conventions and related interviews and lectures where she gave first-hand "eyewitness of an era" accounts to a generation of swing dancer youngsters.
  9. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    Odejnar or Odjenar? The tune is commonly listed as "Odjenar". And the liner notes to the Prestige reissue LP indicate her name with this spelling too.
  10. I don't think this one below has been mentioned either (3/4 of the book are Wolff, the rest is Katz and while the Katz photos aren't bad at all they just somehow lack the sharpness of the Wolff pics). So if I got you right, Brownie, the "new" book promoted here had already been published by Flammarion in 2014 and about 25% of the contents have been around in other Wolff books?
  11. Ernie Andrews (early years)

    Wilbert BARANCO trio! Says so clearly on the label.
  12. Ernie Andrews (early years)

    At least they'd show again (by collating his early stuff) that they go where others can't be bothered. Is there unissued live material from these early days oout there? Wouldn't that (making up at least part of a CD) be a prerequisite for an Uptown release?
  13. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    Threatening or not ... having read that amputated thread since, I would have not seen that statement as being that threatening either, BUT ... In the same vein IMVHO there is nothing that offensive about that "certain type of American" either. Everyone following the discussion of guns and gun ownership in the USA (particularly when another madman has run amok again and killed inocent bystanders or some immature child has been let loose playing with loaded guns left unattended by a waaaay too dumb parent and killing his/her playmate) is that it is FAR from so that EVERY American is all out and eager to obtain, cherish and wield his/her gun as if his "Americanness" depened on it or even condone possession of guns. By all accounts and cutting ANY slack for possible exaggeration in what the news people write on that subject everywhere, it DOES look like there are plenty of Americans out there these days too who are all opposed to what the NRA and gun ownership advocacy stand for. In short, "one certain type of Americans" wants and cherishes their guns (of which the "stand your ground" approach may be fairly understandable and ONE reason why they cherish it - but just one) and another "certain type of American" does not approve of this at all and fears this will make things worse in too many situations. So what, then? Look at it any way you want, but OVERALL your country is quite divided about this. But that's a problem that will have to be solved within the country. Us others can only watch ...
  14. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    Indeed. I cannot even recall that "contentious" thread and have definitely never looked it up (the thread title must have held zero incentive for me to do so) so I have no idea what the fuss was all about. At any rate, the loss of Paul Secor's contributions would be a major one. I hope he reconsiders.
  15. Don't confuse Anti-Netanjahu and anti-semite. (I don't go for a lot of that unconditional pro-palestine stuff myself but this would not be the time and place here now anyway )