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  1. Give It Up For Booker!

    Yes ... strange ...before accessing the thread I was unsure between Booker T and Booker Little but did not think of Booker Ervin either.
  2. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    Snip? You're talking about CROPPING a picture? Is that it?
  3. “Jazz Omnibus” and Duke Ellington

    Bought it minus cover at a fleamarket for a token sum about 20 years ago and I think I never pulled it out again after a first listen. This thread prompts me to remedy that ...
  4. “Jazz Omnibus” and Duke Ellington

    Great and underrated LP, BTW. You tend to overlook it because it appears to be a haphazard compilationn of odds and ends but it does make for interesting listening. (GIven the "vibe" of the music on the LP i can see why TTK went for that music). The LP isn't all that rare once you take note of it. Actually I have a second copy of "Primpin" sitting in my "duplicates for fleamarket" crate (bought without remembering i already had it -. both are Dutch CBS pressings)
  5. LF: Donald Byrd/Pepper Adams Mosaic set

    I've heard a story like you described from a friend too (a case of allegedly faulty goods with they definitely were not) and your caveats are all appropriate. But - in all fairness it needs to be said that for many, many years the pendulum swung heavily in favor of the SELLERS, with Paypal just shrugging and leaving the buyers to work it all out for themselves, claiming that Paypal was just an intermediary platform for transferring the funds and nothing more. It only changed when buyer caveats vs Paypal became that widespread that Paypal saw their entire business model in danger. And things HAVE swung backwards in other ways too because many sellers now only ship by certified mail, which inflates the shipping costs too. This is understandable (to avoid claims of alleged no-show items) but no doubt this hurts their business too if they are being honest to themselves. The problem in "our" field unfortunately is that grading is such a can of worms that it is very hard to please everyone every time equally at both ends. And let's be honest there too - overall the unscrupulousness about grading did not originate at the buyers' end.
  6. Your music cataloging "system"

    I've been pondering this matter for some time (with some 7,500 LPs and a 4-digit number each for CDs, 45s and 78s some action os overdue - mistake duplicate buys 'n all). However, I'd prefer to keep the setup strictly on my PC and am hesitant about Discogs et al. What I'd need and want is relatively basic, i.e. artist (leader), LP title (or tune titles, see below), and catalog no. (plus another field for the original release,maybe), recording date/period, plus track listings for records originally issued on LP (the titles might all go underneath each other for each record in one column of the table and would not necessarily have to be sortable), plus one or two "wildcard" or "Notes" columns where I can enter equivalent issues/reissues (it has too often happened to me that I have bought an LP and then found out I already had all the tracks on a single or double LP - even in the same order - but with totally different cover artwork, different label and number, different (re)issue country, etc.). One particular aspect is that I have TONS of reissues from the pre-LP era and in these cases would not so much be interested in LP titles but in the artist, song titles, original issues, recording dates and a Notes field to reference the reissue(s) I have the tracks on. So pure listings of LPs (such as the two recent examples above) are of minor use to me and would only be relevant for those recordings that were FIRST issued on LP. Anything else would have to be sorted by artist and tune title, not by artist and LP title. I am not so much interested in being able to check I have this or that compilation reissue LP but in checking if and where I have the individual tracks on any LP or CD. I.e. Count Basie's Roulette LPs would go under their LP title (insofar as what I have are more or less the original couplings) but his Decca, Columbia and RCA recordings would go under the tune title and recording dates. The LP title and cat. no. are of secondary importance for that latter kind of recordings. I must add that I HATE Excel. I have to use it regularly in my job and find it extremely inconvenient (compared to a Word table) if I have to start the table from scratch. I am currently working with a Word file to record and catalog data of roughly comparable complexity in my other hobby. The file consists of tables with 11 columns in all and can of course be sorted by any of these 11 columns. Which is all I can imagine I ever need. It has some 500-600 entries by now and for MY needs is dead easy to handle and sort in all directions. So I wonder about adapting a similar WORD-based setup for my records "database". I know all this sounds "old fashioned" to some around here but any suggestions on how to proceed further on THIS basis?
  7. LF: Donald Byrd/Pepper Adams Mosaic set

    The bank is the intermediary. You send money from YOUR bank account to the bank account of the recipient.
  8. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    If the LP had a "neutral" promo cover of the type I described it may just have gotten thrown away. It cannot have looked like a keeper to anyone. What puzzles me more is that the BN LP on eBay does not have any indication of being a promo. How did BN promo LPs from that period usually look? BTW, I noticed the "r" runing off the label too (it's like that on my Orgy in Rhythm LPs too).
  9. LF: Donald Byrd/Pepper Adams Mosaic set

    DD, sems like you haven't come across any American yet who more or less accused you of robbery, larceny and mugging in one generalizing swipe as soon as you asked him/her to provide you with their bank account details so you can send them a bank transfer of the kind you correctly described. It's been a couple of years when this happend to me more than once on US eBay. They must have thought I wanted to rob them of all their worldly goods by merely SUGGESTING that they'd give me their bank account number so I can SEND them the money due (bank fees borne by me, BTW). (Actually I did send international bank transfers occasionally in the 80s and early 90s to the US and to Australia when there was no such thing as Paypal and no fee-less IBAN yet either - and it worked, though the bank fees were to be reckoned with, but US eBayers in the 2000s often just balked) (No, and now don't ask me about what all this old-fashioned cashiers' check vs personal check matter is all about. Checks have largely been a thing of the past for some 25 years over here by now). BTW, I do find Paypal convenient too. In my early eBaying days in the early 2000s I even used the Western-Union-related Bidpay system occasionally (as some US eBay sellers insisted on THAT, probably because they'd be given a CHECK for the amount due and wouldn't have to fuss with bank account transfers ) and it always worked fine, Though I later on came to learn that Western Union transfers CAN be a scam.
  10. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    This also might be an explanation for the missing cover (though this is a wild guess and I do not have any definite proof). Back in those days it seems to have been customary in Germany to issue promo copies (e.g. to radio stations or wherever ..) without the actual covers but in neutral, white covers. During my fleamarket rounds through the years I bought a couple of late 50s 10" jazz LPs as German promo pressings (on the Mercury and Odeon labels - Odeon being German Columbia) that came in recycled white covers (and I have seen quite a handful more of these white-cover promos that were of no interest to me). Looking inside the covers you can see the front cover of the actual LP cover that they had just turned inside out and recycled for these promos, with a center hole punched in the cover to show the label. OTOH these LPS do have white promo labels - which is not the case of that BN LP.
  11. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    On the German Liberty pressing of "Orgy in Rhythm" that I have the "Made in Germany" stamp also is a lot deeper than the "RVG STEREO" stamp (in fact the "STEREO" is just barely legible).
  12. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    I am no expert at all on the finer points of the various pressings of BN LPs (a science unto itself, isn't it? ) but I did a quick comparison anyway. I have the two Art Blakey "Orgy in Rhythm" LPs as German Liberty stereo pressings inside a US LIberty jacket (combinations that seem to be not so rare, i.e. using up jackets form one source for vinyl from another). If this is a boot of fake then whoever reproduced the label did so with extreme diligence as the fonts and even the minor grammar errors of the copyright statement round the edges of the genuine German label were duplicated very acurately. I cannot judge the colors as the digital photos might falsify these anyway. And the catalog numbers are pen-engraved in the dead wax of my LPs too. However - the RVG in the dead wax of my copies does not read "VAN GELDER" but "RVG STEREO". Have both texts been documented for real by the experts?
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    TV series??? Concert series, rather ...
  14. Unless there are several surviving versions with an intro talk by "The Stomach That Walks Like A Man" - yes.
  15. Vinnie Burke

    I am not sure if this can be called a "reissue" in the proper sense of the term. BCP-6 was released by Bethlehem (as a sort of second pressing, I'd say) back during the period in the 50s when everthing shifted from 10" LPs to 12" LPs. So they used these two sessions to fill one 12" LP. I don't think the Burke session ("East Coast Jazz No. 2" - originally on BCP 1010) would have been forgotten all the way. It was reissued as a facsimile LP (though in 12" format) by Fresh Sound in the 80s. Measly playing time but nice and well-presented reissue - and full sound. And at the same time the Pettiford session from BCP-6 (originally on BCP 1019) was coupled by Affinity in the UK with the Pettiford 10" session from BCP 1003 on the "Quintet and Nonet - Oscar Rides Again" LP (AFF 160).