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  1. Paris Jazz Corner

    Ouch. I should have known that. Last week I came back from 12 days of holidays about 50 kms west of Montpellier. Not an impossible distance from Sommières (in fact I even drove through that place in May last year one Saturday morning when I was near Nimes for another event during our holidays in the region!).
  2. Juke In The Back: R&B from 1946-1954

    Very nice! Thank you. Pretty much up my alley. A nice contrast (and addition) to the NiteLites shows by Ghost of Miles.
  3. I'd say he was totally zonked out by CC's playing. Unnecessary reaction, maybe ... but still ....
  4. "Daddy-O! Father-and-Son Teams in Jazz"

    I know you cannot accommodate everything but just maybe to reduce multiple features of one and the same father/son duo (and offer some instrument contrasts), wouldn't there have been room for a track featuring Jimmy and Doug Raney?
  5. How about Keith Jarrett? I find the kind of grunts you allude to rather more annoying with certain others (such as Oscar Peterson, in fact) but have come to accept them as part of the game. And ther are others that I cannot single out right now but no doubt will come across their recordings one day again. No, to me Hamp's exhortations are just part of the performance that propel things along. Nothing wrong with that IMO. As for making his presence felt - who else would there have been to play the vibes like THAT at that time? Red Norvo? Adrian Rollini? Yo' kiddin'? Sometimes you just get carried away and it all finds its way onto the final recordings. Sometimes even when you are not actually part of the band. I remember some blues recordings from the 50s where in the line-up one "participant" and his "instrument" were listed as follows: Roosevelt Sykes - encouragement and zest See what I mean? As for actual "Tourette's syndrome", I am certainly not one overly impressed by P.C. (or even insisting on it) but this is not an affliction to be treated lightly. I know of one (amateur) musician around here who does suffer from Tourette's. He has got things pretty much under control but if you see him offstage (in front of the stage during a concert) you might think every now and then he is about to explode, and maybe it is only the fact that his instrument is the harp (he is a pretty good blues harp player) prevents him from the kind of on-stage "vocalizations" that you allude to. Maybe in those moments on stage his foot stomping (in perfect accentuation, mind you, so the band he appears with at times might almost dispense with their drummer) provides the outlet for him to let off steam? Not something unknown elsewhere without it being attributable to Tourette's - remember John Lee Hooker? And even in much more "serious" settings - it was written once that "Jimmy Giuffre blows a mean foot". Don't you think this stomping can get on some peopel's nerves too? Different tastes and expectations, that's all ...
  6. Ellington Treasury Shows

    When accessed from here, the listing quotes an INTERNATIONAL shipping price of some $108. This would work out at just over $4 per LP to buyers from here and would even be tempting at that price per item (even if you'd have to allow for customs duty on top of that total - 20% or so). But I am VERY wary of that shipping figure being correct for a bunch of FORTY-NINE LPs.
  7. Lars Gullin

    I cannot add to what others said of the Dragon CD series as I have only one of them to fill specific gaps (I already had three of the four Gullin LPs on Dragon - the Moretone Singers are less essential to me - as well as the old Metronome 2-LPs sets which got me started on Gullin etc.) but another session you might like to get (no idea if it is part of the Dragon CD series) are teh January, 1956 recordings with Lee Konitz and Hans Koller done for the (Italian) Carisch label.
  8. Buck Clayton Buckin' the Blues (Vanguard)

    A bit late to the game (holidays ..) but as the Vanguard mainstream jazz series from the 50s (all artists) has for a long time been one of those favorites that I tended to pick up unheard-unseen ... ... the above description reads a bit like an earlier (70s) vinyl reissue on (French) Vanguard (double LP VSD 103/104, i.e. basically same catalog number, and also titled "The Essential Buck Clayton") distributed by Musidisc, except that the only "haphazard" aspect of it is that the tracks are not in the session/original LP order but alternated at random. But it has ALL the music from the three original LPs (Buckin' The Blues, Buck Meets Ruby and one with Mel Powell). So everything is there. The original Vanguard 10" LPs released on those mainstream swing veterans or newcomers (of which I have some, either UK pressings or Austrian Amadeo-Vanguard) have been reissued at least twice in the UK on vinyl, first in the 70s on a Vanguard reissue label (labeled "Recordings for the Connoisseur", like the Musidisc-Vanguard of Buck Clayton above too) distributed by RCA and the on UK Vogue (distributed by Pye) around 1980. Haven't bothered checking Bruyninckx but the Buck Clayton recordings might have been reissued there too. To me those vinyl packagings looked relatively comprehensive and seemed to make sense the way they were compiled (as for the nondescript Vogue sleeve "art"work - oh well ... signs of the times ...). Liner notes of those UK reissues were by Albert McCarthy and Raymond Horricks so I guess theys got the lineups correct too.. Maybe those vinyls would be the way to go for those not dead set on CD and looking for a specific Vanguard artist and who cannot find the original 10" releases?
  9. History of British jazz - recommended book(s)?

    I'd vote for this pic of his: Not sure if this reminds me of some druid from the highlands or of the reincarnation of that Catweazle character from the TV series (the Catweazle actor died not long ago, BTW). To take two extremes, let Setright and Max Jones take the podium together and they'd be sure to grab the audience's attention by their visual presence alone.
  10. Jazz record label names

    Well, would you consider a band that came on like this (see below - "The Joystrings") to be the ultimate in 60s hipness, relaxedness and coolness?
  11. History of British jazz - recommended book(s)?

    Yes, a very good read. Brings that era to life to us later-borns ... That description of Ralph Venables wearing white gloves when junking had me smile ... I remember happening upon such a chap in white (then slightly dusty) gloves upstairs at Mole Jazz during one of my visits sometime in the 90s. Cannot have been him, though - he was younger (but very much "out of this world" too). BTW, I never knew Ralph Venables later made his mark in motoring journalism - knowing his name I think I would have noticed, particularly since the motoring writer's faction of that era had its share of "characters" too - L J K Setright, to name just one ...
  12. Jazz record label names

    The "77" label name is something of a code word or "insider's joke" for those in the know only, though? I doubt it would have the same connotations outside the UK and outside the ranks of those who've strolled along Charing Cross Road at the time? As for Regal Zonophone, the first time I ever came across this label name was in connection with the recordings of some 60s British pop/beat band recruited from the ranks of the Salvation Army (no joke!), so this label has held some very odd connotations of utter stiffness to me ever since.
  13. Jazz record label names

    Honestly, I did not know at all. That's why I was asking. And I would not have seen anything wrong with it. I just did not instantly think of "mosaics patterns" either because the script logo did not remind me of anything like that at all.
  14. Jazz record label names

    Archeophone is the perfect name for a reissue label of early jazz. Others that I find quite evocative: Saxophonograph Jazz West Blue Note (of course ...) Fresh Sound (yes, them too - when it came to their West Coast Jazz reissues) Old Timey Arhoolie ... One label name that had me wondering every now and then is MOSAIC. Is this "Mosaic" as in "Jewish" or "Mosaic" as in "Mosaique/Mosaics" or still something else again?
  15. Maxwell "Lockjaw" Davis?

    This album was reissued with added tracks (16 tracks insteadof 12) in 1989 on the Official label (6064). 11 of the 16 tracks (including "your" Blue Tango) are on the above 3-CD set on Fantastic Voyage.