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  1. Happy Birthday, J.A.W.

    Happy B-Day, Hans! Wherever you are!
  2. Frank Zappa

    Three and a half hours! Wow! I may have to grab that one. Uncle Meat was brilliant.
  3. Frank Zappa

    The Flo & Eddie era was by far his worst. I found them neither funny nor entertaining. The Fillmore date is the least listened to Zappa album I own. I'm not even sure I've ever listened to the entire thing in one listening. Listened to it until I couldn't take any more, and tried the rest another time in hopes that it would get better. It didn't.
  4. Is WAR (baseball) utter nonsense?

    FIP is also very useful.
  5. Is WAR (baseball) utter nonsense?

    VERY well said, Paul!
  6. Is streaming technology saving the music industry?

    And I was the last person to buy a compact disc player 10 years later.
  7. Rudy Van Gelder interview from 1995

    Yeah, I've had grain and potato based shine which were like gasoline, just not as tasty. But the plums? Oh man... It was, hands down, the tastiest and smoothest shine I've ever had.
  8. Rudy Van Gelder interview from 1995

    Ah, I never said anything about remastering or making something "sound better". That is completely subjective. One man's EQ settings are another man's garbage. Or something like that. This conversation isn't about that. It's about the playback media. I believe Kevin mentioned earlier about doing needle drops. If you record a needle drop at CD quality (16/44.1) and play it back, it's going to sound no different than what you heard on the record itself. Furthermore, if you recorded that needle drop at 24/48 and played the digital version's going to sound no different than what you heard on the record itself. Well, as long as your method of transfer is sound. Boy, do I ever! A former neighbor of mine cleaned out his father's house with his brother after the father passed away. In the basement they found shine they had helped him make when they were younger. They used white plums for the base, and by his accounting it was somewhere around 40 years old. Man, that stuff was smooth as silk, and went down like ice cold water on a 100 degree day. BUT, you had to be very, very careful...
  9. Rudy Van Gelder interview from 1995

    That's great, because I'm not looking for it to "matter" to you. All this has ever been about is separating belief from fact. You want to believe in Noah's Ark? Do it, brother! But, fact will show that penguins didn't swim thousands of miles across the ocean to the Middle East. And Noah wasn't running a fucking ocean top taxi service. I do not care what anyone believes. What I care about is when they try to represent it as factual. You want to believe your nose hairs are doing the Macarena to some 96kHz frequencies? Be my guest. I guess that's why I keep mine trimmed.
  10. Rudy Van Gelder interview from 1995

    Right, and that's how hearing works. From the eardrums, through the series of bones in your inner ear. The average youthful ear hears from 20-20k. I'm not sure how that is open for debate, as it's been scientifically proven time and again. As for where the sound waves "go"? Grab yourself a 22kHz tone off the intertubes, crank it up and tell me what you "feel". Maybe it excites your nose hairs and makes you sneeze, or something. But it's not going to do anything for the sound being played back. There is nothing vague, nor anything being taken away. It's just settled science until other scientists feel they can bust it. So far none have taken up the challenge. What's vague is when people say "they just hear it", or some other subjective and unfalsifiable nonsense.
  11. Rudy Van Gelder interview from 1995

    So you believe that humans, or hey just one, can hear 44,100 individual samples of sound per second? And 22kHz, or higher?
  12. Rudy Van Gelder interview from 1995

    Actually, no it's nothing of the sort. It's just another storage media that contains the same frequency response and dynamic range as any and every master tape ever made. And...then some. Which is of no consequence. But, I do appreciate your enthusiasm.
  13. Rudy Van Gelder interview from 1995

    Not by seeing or hearing shit that doesn't exist. BTW, Charlie Parker says hello. So does, Monk, Miles, Coltrane, Diz, Duke and all the legends of the Jazz world that didn't need the imaginary sound of 24 bit audio (and that elusive analog "warmth") to create shit anyone has yet to touch. I don't give two fucks what anyone plays. Unless/even if they're hitting notes above 22kHz, 24 bit ain't doing shit for them, OR the listener. (because, you know, that's beyond the range of human hearing, and whatnot)
  14. Rudy Van Gelder interview from 1995

    Not really. OK, OK. That's a lie. Not at all, actually.
  15. Rudy Van Gelder interview from 1995

    Actually, that part of the conversation had nothing to do with Allen. You were quoted from when you and I were debating the art/commerce thing. Allen's only contribution to this thread had to do with him prosthelytizing about 24 bit unicorns recreating the "warmth" of analog, telling me to shut up, and Kevin to fuck off for telling him 24 bit unicorns didn't really exist or recreate the "warmth" of analog, and remaining completely silent when a contemporary told him exactly the same thing.