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  1. Av Receiver Replacement

    I second the Onkyo and Yamaha suggestion, and would also throw Denon into the mix. For the money they are all pretty similar in options and performance. Marantz may be slightly better, but very slightly, IMO. Eiether way, you’ll definitely end up with a super nice AVR in that price range.
  2. Child Prodigy

    I have to say that I find the term “swing” trite, over-used, and barely understood. If it’s good to my ears, I like it. If it isn’t, I don’t. Couldn’t give two fucks as to whether it “swings” or not.
  3. Is this the era of women in Jazz?

    Listening to a great one right now. Tensegridad - Paula Shocron/German Lamonega/Pablo Diaz
  4. New server and increased cost...

    I do agree that the bulletin board format, in general, is a relic from the past, but there are tons of new releases out there. To me it seems the issue here is most of our regular posters don’t listen to much that was recorded after the 1960’s (I’m assuming that’s what Chuck was referring to with his “conservative” observation). I’ve been listening to a lot of great new releases as I’ve been going through this: I’ve never contributed here before, but count me in. I don’t understand how PayPal works, but I’ll figure it out.
  5. 2017 NFL Season

    Not really. Browns are hanging in there.
  6. Is this the era of women in Jazz?

    Interesting thought, but I honestly see no parallels there. I think it’s less nature vs nurture than it is a fact that the possibilities are simply running out. It’s not so much population growth, uness you want to argue that the more creative musical minds you add to the world are rushing us towards the “finish line” faster than ever, as it is there is a finite number of ways to compose, arrange, and play sounds. And the shelves in that store are looking pretty bare these days. BUT, back on topic, I find it impossible to listen to all these young and outrageously talented women and think to myself, “hey man, that’s been done already”, because it actually hasn’t! Now, the interesting part of that is what if I were listening to this in a vaccuum? Had no idea whether Jack or Jill were playing. Would it be the “same thing” again? I wonder.
  7. Is this the era of women in Jazz?

    I think you’re both right. Music has always been a reflection of society in a general sense. Just makes me somewhat sad to think that maybe there have been a lot of great female musicians in the past that never made it because of the things you’ve both pointed out. I mean, women didn’t just start getting talented...
  8. Is this the era of women in Jazz?

    Yes! I hadn’t even considered that. I think one of my favorite groups in the last few years is the Claremont Trio.
  9. Is this the era of women in Jazz?

    Good point. It’s been that way in Pop/ Rock for many years now.
  10. Is this the era of women in Jazz?

    Agreed. Mr. E has been m.i.a. for nearly a decade, it seems. Thanks for the rec, too. I’m going to see what I can find from her. Ha! That’s awesome! *edit* Currently listening to Nellie Bly Project from the Sam Boshnack Quintet. Quite good so far!
  11. Is this the era of women in Jazz?

    Yes, it sounds like a funny question. But this week I’ve listened to albums from Kris Davis, Tomeka Reid, Esperanza Spalding, Mary Halvorson, and Jaimie Branch, all of which were top flight! I can’t think of another era where female Jazz musicians were so plentiful. Does anyone else see this? Do you have any favorites of your own? Currently listening to Planktonic Finales from Ingrid Laubrock, Stephan Crump, and Cory Smythe.
  12. stereo system rack

    They most definitely do! It’s all about the second-order harmonics tubes add to the audio signal. A harmonic distortion that most people find pleasing to the ear.
  13. stereo system rack

    There is nothing "affordable" about Audioquest. $120 for a set of RCA cable is sheer lunacy.
  14. stereo system rack

    I misread GA's previous post thinking he'd already purchased everything. That said, I know jack shit about TT preamps, but WILL definitely second Kevin's recommendation of Monoprice and Blue Jean Cables. Great quality, low price, 100% bullshit-free. I went with similarly priced Emotiva cables for aesthetic purposes. But cables from either of those two companies will serve you perfectly and spare your wallet.
  15. stereo system rack

    Looks fantastic, GA! Please give us an update once you’ve spent some time with it all. I love that rack!