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  1. 2017 NFL Season

    They made a big push to get her to be league commissioner when Tagliabue retired.
  2. Bargain Audio Equipment

    I don’t personally know anyone that owns one, but I’ve seen nothing but raves about them. Never even knew about their alarm clock. Seems like a bit much.
  3. New server and increased cost...

    We certainly are. That’s why I wouldn’t want anyone thinking they are an outsider. Perhaps it’s just me.
  4. New server and increased cost...

    And what does it mean if you don’t have that little $ Donor thing under your name?
  5. New server and increased cost...

    OK, that’s what I was thinking, too. poundsignthetagmustgo!
  6. New server and increased cost...

    *smacks head* I coulda had a V8! Fair rebuttal. But it still strikes me as a Scarlet Letter, nonetheless.
  7. New server and increased cost...

    I’ve always been wary of donating to a message board that I thought I’d be booted from at any given moment, and where I was hated by most members (bed made, and uncomfortably slept on). But Jim Alfredson always showed me friendship, and welcomed me, even in my worst of days. Many apologies for not donating earlier. Though, respectfully, even though I just earned the honor, could we shitcan the ‘donor’ tag? There are other very respected members that have not, or cannot, donate. It just seems belittling, IMO.
  8. RIP Roy Clark

    Grew up watching Hee Haw, so this one kinda hit home. Cat could play. Rest in peace, dear old childhood friend.
  9. iTunes problem when upgrading my Mac to macOS Mojave

    While it's playing on your car stereo? I have no clue, though I'd think not. But with all the fancy gee whiz shit they build into cars these days, I wouldn't be shocked. My newest car is a 2011. It still has a boring old CD player.
  10. iTunes problem when upgrading my Mac to macOS Mojave

    Gee whiz feature more than anything, I guess. But sure, why not? It's not like you're going to sit there and study it. But maybe a tune comes on that you can't remember which album it is from. Glance over, and bingo.
  11. iTunes problem when upgrading my Mac to macOS Mojave

    If you have a newer car, the album cover shows up on the display screen for the stereo/entertainment control center.
  12. Is streaming technology saving the music industry?

    When Lois shut down the forums at Jazz Corner all of that went bye bye.
  13. Stan Lee R.I.P.

    I was never a comic book person, though I did love The Dark Knight material, but it’s impossible to not acknowledge what a powerhouse, and pioneer, he was in the industry. A true titan has been lost.
  14. iTunes problem when upgrading my Mac to macOS Mojave

    Seems like every other version of Windows is a disaster. Because XP was great, Vista was a dumpster fire, 7 was supposedly really good, and 8 was nearly unusable unless you were on a tablet. Mojave for Mac does not support my iMac, which is a 2011 model. 8 years old! I can’t a PC ever making it half as long.
  15. iTunes problem when upgrading my Mac to macOS Mojave

    I’m still on the previous OS X, and I’ve also noticed the glitch that doesn’t allow you to add album art. iTunes is truly it’s own Schroedinger’s software app. It it both great and horrendous at the same time. I thought Windows 7 was one of their best operating systems? Vista was the train wreck that caused me to switch to Mac.