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  1. I feel vindicated

    I think those of us that grew up with albums will always refer to them as such. My guess is those who didn't have never, and will never refer to them as such. More generational detritus. Anyone feeling old yet?
  2. I feel vindicated

    Either that, or he’s simply highlighting his inability to focus and pay attention, which the medical industry now refers to as ADD. It’s an extremely absurd comment not matter how you try to dress it up.
  3. I feel vindicated

    Yeah, as I said, I concede the point. I’m sure you’re right. Those few I know that mostly listen to albums are all at least my age (47) or older. I’m perfectly content with being out of touch. A trend I’ve noticed, especially with newer artists, is that they tend to release 4-5 song EPs these days, so they seem to have proactively taken your advice.
  4. I feel vindicated

    Absolutely. I personally never use it, but I can see it's usefulness.
  5. I feel vindicated

    I’ve never used Spotify and have no idea how to make a playlist on Apple Music, so maybe it’s just me and my ignorance at work. So I’ll concede the point. I’ll listen to a playlist every now and then, it’s mostly full albums for this boy.
  6. I feel vindicated

    It's really no different than buying a greatest hits comp. I guess it could be a generational thing, but myself and the few others I know that stream all listen to full albums at least 95% of the time. Also, Pandora plays a bunch of artists similar to the one you initially choose. So that's really a whole different animal.
  7. I feel vindicated

    Odd,that you’d think that. Streaming an entire album is far easier. Creating customized playlists on streaming platforms is almost as big a pain in the ass as dojng the same using physical media.
  8. Do you mean fatuousness?
  9. That made up word means...?
  10. Selling CDRs on eBay. Legal?

    Unless it were sent to me straight from a musician, I wouldn’t order/purchase one. Though I guess the lone exception would be for something that is OOP that the company agreed to seend me a copy of.
  11. Very interesting! But it seems credible, as most “compact” cars these days are the size of mid-size cars from a decade ago.
  12. Selling CDRs on eBay. Legal?

    That's some serious piracy shit, Allen! Especially if they're using low bitrate mp3's!
  13. WTF Bill Cosby!!!

    Hmmmm...I don't recall that one. Though in fairness the story Valerie told in that thread I swore came from Chris when you asked about it earlier. So my memory certainly isn't the best on this subject.
  14. WTF Bill Cosby!!!

    Chris never gave details, but Valerie did.