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    I've watched Fed Ex packages do the same thing here. One day they'll be in Kansas City, the next day they'll be in Earth City, which is next to St. Louis. We live right in the middle of Missouri between both of those cities! So it started out two hours west of here, and ended up two hours east of here! Bizarre...
  2. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    Ah, OK. I definitely get that! Kudos to you for how you are raising your son.
  3. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    Fair enough. Let's start with, is it truly any different?
  4. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    I disagree, this will indeed be a dumb question: If you're streaming via Airport/Apple TV, this particular item adds no enhancements, correct? One off the reasons I ask is that I've been looking at network audio players wondering if they'll accomplish anything more than my current setup of iMac with iTunes library streaming to my Apple TV and into my main system. So far my research isn't showing any benefits of one over the other. But I'm really just not familiar with the "NAS" things. Is my current setup essentially the same thing? *edit* Also, I can do Apple Music through the Apple TV directly, and/or through my phone/pad via Bluetooth to the ATV unit.
  5. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    I'm intercepted in the answer, too. I do a search on both and all I find are essentially printed circuit boards with ports connected to them. ???
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Listening to this classic for the very first time. How bizarre is that?! Brilliant album. And I usually don't care or electric guitar in Jazz.
  7. Interesting! I'd love to know what the reason was. Haven't listened to it in forever, but weren't some of lengthiest solos on Bird With Strings?
  8. Well, I have to say that keeping my expectations low concerning the sound quality of this set must have really worked wonders, because while a track every now and then might be a bit noisy (All The Things You Are from disc one is particularly bad), I'm finding the overall sound quality to be FAR better than I was expecting! I'm loving this set as much, or even more than I thought I would.
  9. I've said for many years that more expensive doesn't necessarily equate to better sounding. I just wish this cat would name names.
  10. That's cool. But it's really not a big enough deal for me to bother with, honestly. I have the discs ripped to my iMac now, so once I figure out where I'm going to put the box, there's a good chance I never touch it again.
  11. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    I had the pleasure of seeing Gerald Wilson at the Chicago Jazz Festival in 2007(IIRC). Cat was 90-something at the time, but he bounced around that stage like he was a teenager!
  12. Mine wasn't necessarily packaged poorly, but it still sustained some very minor damage to the box. Whatever. I care about the music more than the packaging. It would have had to have been really fucked up in order for me to make a stink about it. Sounds like a friendly email is in order. I never received a shipping number.
  13. Chris Cornell (1964-2017)

    The best vocalist to come out of the Grunge scene, hands down. Wasn't a huge Grunge fan, but Soundgarden did have some pretty amazing tunes. Outshined is one of the best to come out of any recent genre. Rest peacefully, brother.
  14. Speakers with built-in Airplay?

    Interesting. I wonder how that works. Bluetooth crosstalk? Are you going to get a second one and try it?