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  1. I’m really not a fan of ballot stuffing. I’d prefer he were voted in by his fans, and not people completely unfamiliar with him.
  2. Couldn’t agree more. And the unexpected grooves they occasionally slide into from out of nowhere are pretty astonishing. I’m spinning it for a second time now. This one ranks right up there with The Selva, IMO.
  3. Paul Simon

    Did they sue him for copyright infringement?
  4. Steve, I’m listening to Disorder At The Border now. I think Giovanni Maier might become my new favorite bassist! This cat is absolutely fucking amazing!
  5. Ah, didn’t notice my own typo. So maybe you DID have the right cat! Now corrected. Eric Alexander.
  6. I don’t believe you’ve got the right cat. Not that he’s the wrong cat. Just not the right cat.
  7. I'm definitely going to check out more of Alexander’s material. He really stood out on the Mabern album you suggested to me last weekend. Strong player, no question.
  8. High blood pressure!

    That's really saddening to hear. And yes, I'm not afraid to say that "it's a male thing". We think we are invincible, that we don't need no stinkin' doctors, or medications. Been there, done that. Spent seven hours in the ER as a result of showing just how "invincible" I was... I'm very sorry to hear about your friend, Brad. I'm sure he was otherwise a very intelligent and thoughtful person. It's too bad that we can't somehow, collectively, overcome our pretensions. If we could, I'd think we'd all live far longer. I got INCREDIBLY lucky. He didn't. I hope his fate informs all those who knew him so that they think twice about putting things off. Shit, brother! I've given YOU different perspectives?! Give me a fucking break! Compared to you, I have ZERO perspective on pretty much ANYTHING in this life! I mean, I truly appreciate the kind words, but when I get anywhere near the things you have dealt with in life I'll give you a call. Which I actually look forward to doing again, since it was such a effortless and enlightening conversation the last time we spoke. Seriously, keep up on your BP meds. You are the kind of people we need more of in this world.
  9. Next to Wooley, most would sound like amateurs.
  10. Ohhhhhh! That Zlatko set sounds amazing! Did you order it straight from Not Two? I still need to pick up Mad Dogs On The Loose, too.
  11. I'm pretty sure I've heard all of the Lisbon Improvisation Players albums. Liked all of them. Not sure if I've heard him in a smaller setting, though. Will check out The Freedom Principle next. Have you gotten around to A Quietness Of Water yet?
  12. Yeah, I think If push came to shove i’d give Evans the slight edge, but both are insanely talented. I also agree that Evans own projects aren’t terribly exciting. Though they are still pretty good. I’ll definitely check out that Ochs date. Have you heard The Selva yet? That album is an all-timer.
  13. High blood pressure!

    Yes, I was prescribed HCTZ by the ER doctor that treated me. I agree with all of this! Pretty much all insurance companies pay for annual wellness checks. There is really no logical reason not to take advantage of that.
  14. High blood pressure!

    IIRC, the statistic is that 1 in 3 people have, or will have high blood pressure. I also feel like the fast food age played a big role. It’ll be interesting to see if the new movement towards healthier eating eventually changes the numbers. There will always be folks like myself who have it passed on genetically, but I seriously doubt we’re the majority. Thanks, I’m honestly working on it.
  15. Hmm, now you're making me re-think my Wooley vote.