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  1. Rest in peace, fair lady. You and I never got along famously, but did find common ground at times. And I'm grateful that we did. You will be missed.
  2. Sorry, brother. It is absolutely true, and I know this for a fact from first-hand experience. Neither of us are saying it's that way with 100% of Hospice patients. But I'd easily put it at 95%, and still feel like that's lower than it should be.
  3. The most important aspect being they are usually in their homes, and not a hospital or nursing home. So surrounded by family and friends rather than nurses and beeping machines. It's hard. I delivered DME (durable medical equipment) all over Missouri for Hospice patients. So many good people, so many grievous losses...
  4. Unfortunately, Hospice is pretty much the end of the line... Only the rarest cases make it more than a few days once they are placed on Hospice care.
  5. Any News On The Goodman?

    No doubt! And I've been listening to a lot of big band lately. Might need to strike while the iron's hot.
  6. No surprise, really. The shit pro wrestlers put in their bodies would have left most of us dead long ago.
  7. Any News On The Goodman?

    Pretty sure. I know I've heard Louie Prima's version, as well as a version Erich Kunzel conducted with the Cinncinati Pops. I may have heard the original and not known it...
  8. Any News On The Goodman?

    Very sad admission: I'm not sure I've ever heard any actual/original Goodman. I've heard covers, but not the real deal, as far as I know...
  9. Who are you just discovering?

    Been listening to a lot of Peter Evans tonight! First came across his playing on Scenes From The House Of Music with Parker/Guy/Lytton. What an immensely talented and exciting player! I've since listened to a couple of Only Other People Do The Killing albums, his quintet album Ghosts, and am currently "spinning" Carnival Skin, which is a different quintet. I haven't been this enamored with a player since, oddly enough, I first discovered Nate Wooley.
  10. Eric Dolphy on flute

    Hmmm... Well, I have the Complete Prestige box, so if you give me a week or so, I'll be happy to put together a list for you.
  11. Seriously?! I was honestly going to order it this evening...
  12. A buddy of mine told me about the Woody Herman set this morning. I may have to pull the trigger on that one.
  13. Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

    Yeah, Italian-style subs are my favorite by far. Nothing beats a well-made Italian dressing drizzled on a sub.
  14. Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

    Trust me, if you moved away from Florida to a town where you couldn't get Boar's Head meat, you'd be dreaming about that sub.
  15. Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

    One of the few things I miss about living in Florida is going to Publix and getting their Ultimate sub, made with all Boar's Head meats.