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  1. Yeah, I remember that's when Steely Dan stopped playing Don't Take Me Alive during their concert because that was what he had playing on the cassette deck in his truck. We saw them in either '94 or '95 and they still weren't playing it.
  2. No, and yes. Hell, the steam shower alone accounts for around a fifth of that.
  3. Isn't Luby's thew place that got shot up a couple of decades ago?
  4. Nah. World's Oldest People dying is overblown. I mean, it only happens to 1 out of every 7 billion people.
  5. My ambivalence concerning this veiled RIP thread is registered.
  6. New track and video "Truth" from Kamasi Washington

    I agree about the drumming. That was the strongest aspect of the track. And Washington may not be the strongest player, but I found his solo enagaging and enjoyable.
  7. New track and video "Truth" from Kamasi Washington

    Eh, musically it has a moment or two. Nothing I'd return to, but pleasant enough for a single listen. The video was somewhat boring.
  8. RIP

    But what a horrendous inconvenience it is to them!
  9. RIP

    Talk about thinking outside of the box!
  10. RIP

    Um, no. There are no true "editions" in the intertubes age... 24/7 news cycle, FTW! There's an absurdly simple way of avoiding them. Would you like me to tell you what it is?
  11. RIP

    Probably not since the mid 20th century, I'd think...
  12. How to redeem an I-tunes gift problem solved, just to create another one. Sorry, brother. At least you got the Basie, I guess. As much as I love Apple products, I'll be the first to admit that iTunes can be a real motherfucker. I wish I could help you further, but without being on your machine, it's hard to know where to start. Uninstall iTunes, and repair WMP? Maybe? Sometimes when you have multiple media players, they tend to not play nice with each other. "Default program" and whatnot... Are there any preference options in WMP that allows you to set it as your default media player?
  13. Bad jazz art.

    He was there when I attended in 2007. I spent most of my time up in the balcony, so I never got a good look at what he was drawing. It looked rather complex from my vantage point. I wonder if it was the same artist?
  14. I grew up listening to The Beatles. They were my first musical "love". Not too long ago I would have agreed with your opinion of Sgt. Pepper. But I actually sat down with it, through my headphones, some time last year and it struck a chord in me that it never had before. I always "liked" it, but now it has reached the level of masterpiece.