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  1. Checked your hearing lately?

    I honestly can’t recall if they explain that or not. But here’s the article.
  2. Checked your hearing lately?

    Or a bat.
  3. They weren't bad, but I thought the Go-Go's were the better of the all girl bands at the time.
  4. Happy Birthday George Coleman. 84.

    LOVE me some George! His stint with Miles is some of the most sneaky great tenor I’ve ever heard.
  5. Checked your hearing lately?

    Fortunately you're not missing much of anything as only a few instruments rolloff any higher than 10kHz. This is the number one reason why "high resolution" digital audio is a farcical money making scheme with absolutely no audible benefits.
  6. That was actually quite interesting to watch you walk your way through your thought process, but your conclusion is 100% correct. Presidents aren’t the ones bringing in the whale donors. It’s Alabama football, Duke basketball, etc. And those presidents know they are far more expendible than the coaches running those programs.
  7. Turnabout is fair play!
  8. The A+ program here in Missouri pays for two years of school for qualifying students. My son is going to trade school this year, and all he’ll have to buy are his tools.
  9. What about if we find out three or more of them are Republican? Will you change the label to right wing evil-doers? Exactly. A friend of mine's son ended up with something like a 4.3 or 4.4 GPA. At the time I didn't realize it was possible either.
  10. And BTW, this wasn't given a "-gate" nickname. IT's now being referred to as Operation Varsity Blues.
  11. Speaking of full of shit, can you explain how Desperate Housewives, the show Huffman is most famous for, teaches everyone how to do good?
  12. Sonny Stitt - The Champ

    Is anyone else seeing three identical posts of this?
  13. Entering the world of type 45 tube amp sound

    Where is the fifth tube? Im only seeing four in the picture.
  14. OBJ

    Yeah, that defensive line, on paper, is far and away the best in the NFL at the moment. Richardson may be a bit of a wildcard, but if he plays up to the way he is capable, that pass rush is going to be ferocious! As for OBJ, yes, you are absolutely right. Though, in fairness, his antics never really hurt his play on the field, so there's that, I guess.
  15. OBJ

    If true, this is the offseason of the diva WR being traded. AB, and now OBJ. Also if true, the Browns may now be the scariest team in the NFL. And good for them!