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  1. Bob Dylan corner

    It's quite the barstool trivia. He plays harmonica on Warren Zevon's "The Factory" from the 1987 album Sentimental Hygiene. So his doing 3 covers or so on the tour after Zevon died make more sense.
  2. 2013-14 Hot Stove League

    It's gotta be the hair that's keeping him out.
  3. Jolene, Dolly Parton, 45 Slowed Down to 33

    Brokeback Mountain would have been a much better movie had they started with that and written the movie around it.
  4. King Crimson - Road to Red

    When they started this project Steven Wilson did not remix Red as he thought it was perfect the way it was. However 2 things happened since then. 1 is that Wilson has a huge following for his good taste in remixing & remastering. So he did a remix to complete the set. Secondly is that once the KC series was underway (about 3 releases a year) the Pink Floyd Immersion sets and other boxes with marbles & scarves & crazy packaging sold well so Crimson went beyond just doing one for the debut album but put one together for Larks. It apparently sold well enough that they've now done one for Red. As always if one doesn't like this stuff one doesn't have to buy it.
  5. King Crimson - Road to Red

    The variation of setlists isn't as great as with the Dead but the improv sections (anywhere from 1 to 3 per show around this time) can vary a great deal. There can be differences in solos within the songs. The Great Deceiver box does a great job of illustrating the way the improvs can differ and some get dark. (Just look for the amusingly named tracks). So this box is great for those of us who have outgrown (or rather played to death) the The Great Deceiver and want more beyond the kcccs and downloads. I'm looking forward to having 6 of the shows as blu-ray audio too. It certainly isn't a necessary set but I'm happy they're going whole hog including finding shows that weren't even bootlegged. It's getting to the point where I have so many hi-rez discs that also happen to be 5.1 discs that I should probably buy a home theater amp and a few more speakers.
  6. King Crimson - Road to Red

    From Amazon UK it's around $160 for Americans. Remember that they don't subtract the VAT until you provide your US address when it's in your cart. I passed on the Larks' box as the lo-fi Zoom Club kccc gets played only every couple of years so I couldn't imagine having a whole lot more lo-fi live shows, but this is different! Even if for '74 I already have 5 of the preceding live Europe downloads & kcccs plus the Great Deceiver, Asbury, and Central Park. Looking forward to it!
  7. MLB 2013 Season

    I'm very impressed with the week the Dodgers had w/ 4 in STL and hosting TB at home. Hell of week vs. 2 high quality teams. The NL playoffs could have a very old ring to it.
  8. Eydie Gorme, RIP

    Nicely done all. When I was growing up I just thought of Steve & Eydie as too frequent "square" guests on Carol Burnett and Johnny Carson. Thanks for the great clips showcasing her talent. R.I.P.
  9. Oh, I guess you weren't here then. Here's one example of his feeling about FB.
  10. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Sorry, this is what happens when posting by phone and on the run. I meant yes, or no on should I buy it since it doesn't fall under my unscientific theory about Dark Star? Investigate whether or not you enjoy "The Other One." If you do then you may not need "Dark Star." Really, I know this sounds scandalous or absurd, but it's quite possible. This works for years '69 thru '74 to some extent, although some nights you got both or you might not get either one. Some nights there was a Truckin> and other stuff instead of Dark Star or The Other One. For some it's not about any of these songs but whether they get (Morning) Dew'd. Not to mention the massive Playing In The Bands you'd get from '72-'74 which might have been the greatest thing they ever did, were it not for the beauty of "Bird Song" (fall '72 on) or the purdy (full) "Weather Report Suites" in '73-'74. I'm leaving stuff out too (Pigpen favs, Help>Slip>Frank, and so on) to keep this semi-brief. Think of '77 (or at least May) as sunnier and not necessitating Dark Stars, though I reckon they would have been nice had they tried. And while I'm certainly a Dark Star admirer (to put it mildly), it was not a requirement for a great show.
  11. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I got the blu-ray too as I got over my initial griping very quickly. For curiosity's sake at some point I'll play the better of my boot copies on a laptop at the same time as the blu-ray to see how they're different. Consider it the Dead version of playing Dark Side Of The Moon to The Wizard Of Oz. And the DVD/CD package of Sunshine Daydream is showing up on Amazon for $30.34. Yesterday the pre-order had a wrong disc count (2) and now they have a proper DVD package. No blu-ray package yet. http://www.amazon.com/Sunshine-Daydream-Veneta-3xCD-DVD/dp/B00E34A9FU/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1375895828&sr=1-1&keywords=sunshine+daydream
  12. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Heck . . I still have only listened to DaP's 6 one time all the way through, let alone May '77. I've barely touched the surface of Spring 1990 as well. Since this is not going to be limited edition, I will wait a while before I purchase Really? Dead.net says it's an "individually numbered, limited edition of 12,500." Will there be a more general release? That would be good; I just want the music. I would recommend getting a 2nd opinion for confirmation, but I'm fairly certain that it's just the tie-dyed slipcase, book and individual number that is limited, or a "dead.net exclusive." A version without these features will be available from other outlets later on.
  13. MLB 2013 Season

    It's been a hell of a "bridge year" for Boston. This isn't a comment about anyone here, but man, I guess the present & future for the Lakers is so inadequate that all of the sudden I know all these ex-LA people who have ignored baseball who now are excited about sweeping the Cubs. I know, I know, the road streak is longer than that. Maybe if they lose 3 or 4 this week this week (4 @ STL, 3 vs TB at home) it'll shake some of the bandwagon fans out until October (assuming they make the playoffs, which I don't necessarily do). The enthusiasm doesn't bug me at all for people who have been there the whole time but I swear I know at least 3 people who probably think Fernando is still pitching for them. The old pink hat Red Sox ilk now have LA logos on their caps.
  14. Prescription Lens Prices

    I had to get glasses 2 years ago at the height of the little frame fashion which I couldn't stand either. Being the practical sort I wanted more eye protection coverage from bugs when riding the bike, and having grown up in the '70s I gravitated towards metal frames only with the modern strong & light titanium frame (practical again). And I wanted something that just didn't seem fashionable. After having the glasses for a couple of weeks I realized mine were just about a perfect match for what the Walter White teacher-turned-meth-cooker character wears in Breaking Bad. In a DVD extra it was explained that his character wore that style for many of the same reasons I chose them. It's been a long time since chemistry class so I'll leave the meth manufacturing to someone better qualified.
  15. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    As this is a local show they had to open a 2nd theater as the 1st theater sold old. This caused some problems for people trying to meet up with each other. In the documentary before the film there were at least a dozen people in the room who were appearing on the screen (Nancy's yogurt folks and such) so it was funny to hear the reactions. Afterwards in the lobby I nearly had my foot (wearing sandals) stepped on by someone backing up to photograph a friend with Babbs. It was like a night at the opera only much more casual. It's been reedited* some from the last bootleg version that circulated. There's less Acid Test footage at the beginning, it returns some later which it didn't do. There's more "humor" interspersed between songs and perhaps a little more collage filler for those moments where I'm guessing that they didn't have band footage or perhaps they had a higher opinion of the art than I did. I'm waffling on whether to buy this too. I've had copies of the music on tape & CD and it's sounded great yet this isn't a show I visit very often any more. It's been that way for about 10 years where if I want post-Pigpen '72 (which might be my favorite era) I'm probably heading for September. And I have 2 different versions of the movie and it's something that I don't watch very often, and when I do invariably the laptop comes out. I'm guessing it will be available for viewing at the beer theaters around here for years to come so maybe that's how it should be handled. Not that any future showing would be as big of an event as last night around here. On the other hand I'd love to have the blu-ray just for "China-Rider," "Jack Straw" and "Bird Song" (and the "Dark Star" wouldn't suck either). Decisions...If they provided the full concert as blu-ray audio I'd jump at it. instead they mess around with vinyl and who the hell wants to flip a Dark Star? *edit - Actually not so much. The uh, artistic stuff in "Dark Star" that involves manatees with lipstick and such is in the circulating copy. (This is one of those things that I try to blot from my mind each time it's played). But I think some clips here & there are different. And most certainly there's been a lot of color correction work as you'd expect. The sky isn't as blue behind naked man on a pole in the bootleg copy. Gotta have naked pole guy clear as possible with a blue sky backdrop, so ordered.