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  1. Lee Morgan - Live at the Lighthouse

    Oh and I think Bennie Maupin is an exceptional saxophone player
  2. Lee Morgan - Live at the Lighthouse

    Yes, there is reason to dispute Bob on this account. I might have a clue as I "co-produced" the Blue Note re-issue of this material and also recorded for Fresh Sound Records and produced new recordings for them and have been to their offices in Barcelona and have some knowledge of their operations. Let me lay it out this way without relying on my inside knowledge. Yes, the group was at the Both/And the week before the Lighthouse. Yes, it's possible that there was a radio broadcast from the Both/And. But how does anyone know that this is the material that is on the Fresh Sound CD. Does Bennie remember what he (or Lee or anyone) played that night and when he heard the Fresh Sound CD (if he ever has heard the Fresh Sound CD) said oh yes I remember playing that lick the night of the radio broadcast 30 years ago. Now, the Fresh Sound release says original recording produced by Howard Rumsey and there are other Live at The Lighthouse recordings released on Fresh Sound. Now just on these facts, where do you think the material on the Fresh Sound release was recorded? The band was at the Lighthouse for two weeks and the Blue Note material was recorded towards the end of the engagement. I still firmly believe the Fresh Sound material was recorded at the Lighthouse earlier in their run at the club. By the way, there is probably 3 or 4 more CDs worth of material from this date still in the Blue Note vaults. We put out one version of every tune they recorded but there are 3 or 4 versions of many of the tunes recorded. Picking the strongest performances of each tune was easy in most cases except for a couple of incidences. I had about three or four bootleg LPs with the strange titles and all this stuff is the stuff that's on the Fresh Sound CDs.
  3. Lone Hiill Reissue Program

    There is also a chance that the majors will eventually make all this stuff available through ITunes or some other downloadable format as the costs would be minimal and it would be just adding more titles to the list as it where. I think at the moment there are still some difficulties with this, some hurdles to get over but at some point in the future this will probably be the way all this stuff becomes available (My idea would be downloads and vinyl re-issues for people who still like to own things and hold it in their hands)
  4. Lone Hiill Reissue Program

    Finally someone is beginning to ask the relevant questions. To begin with, Is anyone here really certain who owns these companies? Could it be possibe, the "legits" and the " non legits" are actually owned in whole or in part by the very same folks? I am sure that is something they may not desire to reveal, but is anyone on this Board privy to the vast corporate ownership of all of these various entities. Most of these huge international corporations have so many various corporate subsidiaries and sister corporations it would take a forensic accountant to trace where all the nickels go. Has anyone tried to trace the nickels? It probably would remind you of a giant pachinko machine!. Don't mean to be cynical here but I sure don't know who owns these corporations. I think there are folks here that are presuming some things that may not be true. And about the 50(Eur) vs. 70(US) year copyright law that seems to trouble so many here. Since in the majority of cases the artist is dead by the time the material goes into the public domain, are we not really arguing about whether the public gets the continued benefit of his/her art......vs. some corporation, and to a much lesser degree, his/her heirs. Part of that discussion should include your views on the social relevance of an Estate Tax and should any society allow wealth( of any nature) to be continually passed from one generation to the next or should society expect its citizens/heirs to go out and create their own art and their own wealth. Just a question. I raise these issues because they would appear to be germaine to any discussion regarding the posted topic. These companies are villified on a regular basis on this Board, but does anyone really have all the facts? Do we even know who owns them? If it should turn out that at least some of the legits and non legits have some type of common ownership then I ask you, who is the real villan then? If you owned one company that had to pay royalties and another that did not....well....???? Be careful what you presume. Until all the facts are determined I think I will just be thankful someone is keeping this great music alive !! Well, I have some knowledge of these companies and I can answer some of your questions for certain as you bring up some troubling things. First off, these companies have no, none, zero ties to any major labels or the corporations that run them. These companies are small operations, 2 or 3 people tops usually. Fresh Sound probably has 3 people working in the office (including the owner) and maybe a few more working in the warehouse where the CDs are stored and shipped from. They do not license anything from any major labels. The only perhaps legitimate thing I know of with a major label is that Fresh Sound/Absolute Distribution might legitimately distribute RCA product in Spain and legitimately license RCA recordings from BMG. Other than that, anything that was on a major label that is released by these guys are not legitimately licensed . They do have the copyright law on their side if it's over 50 years old (or 35 years if it's Andorra I'm told) but that is just for that country. The companies selling this product in the US are probably technically more guilty. I don't know why the major labels don't go after these people. I guess they just don't think it's worth their time. It would probably be difficult to track them down, sue them in their country etc etc. They don't even have addresses on their CDs so we don't really know what country some of these labels are operating out of. If the majors really wanted to go after people, their best bet again would be the places selling these products in this country. The Miles Davis estate goes after these guys all the time and the stuff disappears from the shelves. That said, Fresh Sound has legitimately bought the catalogs of some labels and has legitimately licensed some stuff. They do do a great job with some of these re-issues and come from a place of love and knowledge when putting some of these things together. They have also bought live tapes from people and released them but just because they bought the tape from someone doesn't give them the right to put it out without clearance from the artists or their estates. As for the estate issues you raise. Are you suggesting that a shady record label should benefit more from an artist's recordings then his or her heirs? At least if it was released legitimately the estate would see some money. And since a lot of these artists didn't make a lot of money, there's a pretty good chance that the wife or children of these artists could use the money. Do you have children Morganized? Will you cut them out of your will and tell them to create their own art or wealth or would you like them to be taken care of? Most major labels don't think it's worth the effort to re-issue most of their jazz catalog. They are part of major corporations that have a philosophy that they have to make a huge profit on everything they do. Most jazz titles don't fit this model so I guess it's good someone is making this stuff availible but it doesn't make it right. It's a wrong but there are much bigger wrongs out there to keep you up at night or distract you enough from feeling guilty about enjoying some great music released by a questionable label.
  5. Music in the Herbie Hancock "Headhunter's" vein

    Eddie Henderson Realization and Sunburst are closet I think
  6. vote for your Blue Note Desert Island Discs

    Sonny Rollins A Night at the Village Vanguard Sonny Rollins Volume 2 Wayne Shorter Speak No Evil Wayne Shorter The All Seeing Eye Jackie McLean It's Time Joe Henderson Our Thing Joe Henderson Page One Larry Young Unity Andrew Hill Black Fire Herbie Hancock The Prisoner Herbie Hancock Empyrean Isles I know that 11 but it's impossible to remove one Horace Silver Further Explorations by the... Lee Morgan Search for the New Land Lee Morgan Live at the Lighthouse Art Blakey Free For All Freddie Hubbard Blue Spirits also deserve mention and to cheat ever further how about the best of the records that were originally rejected and released later Wayne Shorter The Soothsayer Grant Green Solid the Tina Brooks date with Johnny Coles the Freddie Redd date with Benny Bailey Stanley Turrentine Mr. Natural Lee Morgan Tom Cat Lee Morgan The Procrastinator the Hank Mobley date with Kenny Dorham and Sonny Clark Andrew Hill Pax
  7. When Horace Silver started his Silveto label (late 70's early '80s I think), he sold his records at the gig. He would sit at the side of the stage after the set and sell LPs and sign them and chat with the patrons. This is how I met him while still in college. Three of us chipped in to buy the live record he put out with Joe Henderson. It did cause a bit of a dilemma when Horace asked who he should sign the record to
  8. Wayne Shorter- Alegria

    I'm a huge Shorter fan but never really thought that much of this CD. I love Angola and a few other snippets here and there but to me, some things don't work very well and some of the shorter tunes and interludes don't come off at all and I've wondered why they were included.
  9. Booker Little

    This assessment is pretty much dead on. I'd say I'm about 95% sure it's Booker and now is the only record that Booker is on that I don't own.
  10. Charles Tolliver Big Band - "With Love" (due Jan. 16th)

    Thought I'd take a moment to clear up a few things and add my two cents.... I have to admit that the cover was a bit of a shock to me when I first saw it, I thought they would go with a more classic Blue Note look. Don't have much to add about the Mosaic/Blue Note thing except to perhaps suggest that kind folks at Mosaic had a lot to do with getting the ball rolling on this project. For more complete clips (and a video clip of us at the Pori Jazz Festival in July 2004......sorry about the sound) of the record go to Charles' MySpace page. Sorry there are no clips of Billy Harper's solo on Mourning Variations, it's killing. http://www.myspace.com/charlestolliverbigband I don't think all this has much to do with the Mosaic/Strata-East thing mentioned in the Mosaic booklet. As I've mentioned before, a lot of the titles have reverted back to the artists so it's on them to release their CDs. I think all of these that are mentioned above "Sonny Fortune - Long Before Our Mothers Cried, Charles Sullivan - Genesis, Ron Burton - The Waterbearers, Shirley Scott - One for Me. " have reverted back to the artists. That said, there are still enough things left in the catalog to make another interesting box set or two. We'll be at IAJE January 13 and the CD release party will be at the Jazz Standard January 30- February 3. Enjoy!
  11. Night of the Cookers

    Up as we are doing this again The Cookers Charles Tolliver- Trumpet James Spaulding- Alto Sax Billy Harper- Tenor Sax David Weiss- Trumpet George Cables- Piano Cecil McBee- Bass Gene Jackson- Drums This coming Wednesday and Thursday at the Jazz Standard 116 East 27th Street Sets at 7:30 and 9:30 pm Hope you can make it out....
  12. Just a little heads up for those in the New York City area, I've started a new band and we are going to take up residency at Fat Cat every Thursday in July. See below for details. Hope you can make it out. Fat Cat presents David Weiss and the Point of Departure Quintet David Weiss- Trumpet J.D. Allen- Tenor Sax Nir Felder- Guitar Luques Curtis- Bass Kendrick Scott- Drums Fat Cat 75 Christopher Street (between 7th Avenue and Bleecker Street) (212) 343-0612 www.Fatcatjazz.com Every Thursday in July July 6, 13, 20 and 27 Shows at 10 pm and 12 midnight $10 Cover Charge with this invite http://www.davidweissmusic.com http://www.myspace.com/davidweisssextet The late 1960's were a turbulent but exciting time for jazz. The music seemed to simultaneously get more complex and simpler at the same time as a variety of influences infused the music. Some were experimenting with soul, rock and exotic rhythms from the India and the Far East. Others were carrying on the innovations of the second great Miles Davis quintet, using the groups ever shifting rhythms and harmonic complexities as a springboard to new compositional ideas. Some somehow combined both to create some new, exciting music. The Point of Departure Quintet is re-examining some of the most innovative music of the period, some of it neglected, some, perhaps, never quite as developed as it could have been as things seemed to move at a pace during that period that left some music from being fully realized as they quickly moved on to the next new thing. Among the composers being re-examined and re-imagined are Andrew Hill, Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson and music from the unsung Kenny Cox and the Contemporary Jazz Quintet (who recorded two seminal but under appreciated records for Blue Note in the late 1960's). Known for introducing many of the finest young musicians to the jazz world for the past 10 years through his sextet (Marcus and E.J. Strickland), the New Jazz Composers Octet (Myron Walden, Jimmy Greene, Greg Tardy, Xavier Davis and Nasheet Waits) and as a producer (first CD's by Robert Glasper, Jeremy Pelt and Marcus Strickland), Weiss introduces some more of the finest young musicians on the scene today, Bassists Ameen Saleem and Luques Curtis, Guitarist Nir Felder and Drummers Jamire Williams and Darrell Green. I also wanted to tell you guys that I've finally launced a web-site, please check it out. http://www.davidweissmusic.com and in trying to keep up with the times, I have a page on MySpace. There are some clips and complete tunes from my last couple of CDs for download there if you care to check them out. http://www.myspace.com/davidweisssextet Thanks
  13. Up, as this is still going on. Every Thursday at Fat Cat, 10 pm start There's some great new young talent in this band Hope some of you can make it out at some point... David Weiss and the Point of Departure Quintet David Weiss- Trumpet J.D. Allen- Tenor Sax Nir Felder- Guitar Luques Curtis- Bass Jamire Williams- Drums
  14. CDs for sale

    Cleaning house a bit and have the following CDs for sale All NM (played once or twice at most) unless otherwise noted Eric Alexander “Heavy Hitters” Alpha Japan (w/Harold Mabern) $15 Sold Eric Alexander “Extra Innings” Alpha Japan (w/Harold Mabern) $15 Sold Freddy Cole “Merry-Go-Round" Telarc (w/Cedar Walton and Eric Alexander) $4 Grant Green Jr. “Jungle Strut” Venus Japan (w/Reuben Wilson) $10 Winard Harper “Trap Dancer” Savant (cutout corner on booklet)(w/George Cables) $4 Sold John Hicks “Cry Me A River” Venus Japan Sealed (w/Victor Lewis) $20 Sold Lee Konitz “Brazilian Rhapsody” Venus Japan $10 Lee Konitz “Brazilian Serenade” Venus Japan (w/Tom Harrell) $10 Steve Kuhn “Love Walked In” Venus Japan Sealed (w/Buster Williams and Bill Stewart) $12 Manhattan Trinity +1 “A Love Story” M & I Japan (w/Cyrus Chestnut and Eric Alexander) $15 Sold Manhattan Trinity +1 “Make Me A Memory” Baybridge (w/Cyrus Chestnut and Lewis Nash) Japan $15 Manhattan Trinity +1 “American Meditation" Baybridge Japan (w/Cyrus Chestnut, Antonio Hart) Sold Bernard Purdie “Soul To Jazz II” ACT (w/Stanley Turrentine and Hank Crawford) $6 Archie Shepp “True Blue” Venus Japan (w/John Hicks) $10 Jeffrey Smith “Down Here Below” Verve (w/Rodney Kendrick, Dianne Reeves and Regina Carter) $4 Sold Lew Soloff “Rainbow Mountain” Enja (w/Joe Beck) $4 Sold Drew Gress "7 Black Butterflies" Premonition (w/Tim Berne and Craig Taborn) $7 Sold Abbey Lincoln "Over the Years" Gitanes French Sealed (w/Joe Lovano) $7 Graham Collier "Down Another Road" Discoforme (w/Harry Beckett) $7 Sold Miles Davis "Black Beauty" At the Fillmore West 2 CDs $8 Dave Kikoski "The 5" DIW (w/Seamus Blake and Jeff Watts) $10 Sold Dave Kikoski "Almost Twilight" Criss Cross (w/John Patitucci and Jeff Watts) $7 Sold Donny McCaslin "Give and Go" Criss Cross (w/John Swana and Gene Jackson) $7 Sold Donny McCaslin "Soar" Sunnyside (w/Luciana Souza, Ben Monder and Orrin Evans $6 Sold Herlin Riley "Cream of the Crescent" Criss Cross (w/Wynton Marsalis)promo sticker and cut out corner) $5 Sold Steve Lehman "Demian as Posthuman" Pi (w/Vijay Iyer and Meshell Ndegeocello) $6 Bill Bruford "Earthworks Underground Orchestra" Summerfold (w/Tim Garland and Robin Eubanks) $6 David Sancious "Cinema" (w/Will Calhoun and Tony Levin) $4 Simon Nabatov Octet "A Few Incidences" Leo (w/Frank Gratowski) $10 Sold Univers Zero "Live" Cuniform $7 Sold Hatfield and the North "Cheap Philosophy" Live in London 1973 $7 Sold Graham Haynes "Tones for the 21st Century" Antillles $4 D.D. Jackson "Suite for New York" Justin Time (w/James Spaulding and Dafnis Prieto) $6 Sold Robert Hurst "Robert Hurst Presents" Columbia (w/Branford Marsalis and Kenny Kirkland) $6 Sold Manhattan Projects "Echoes of Our Heroes" Evidence (w/Nicholas Payton and Mark Turner) $5 Sold Manhattan Projects "We Remember Cannonball" Evidence (w/Nicholas Payton and Nat Adderley) $5 Sold Eivind Opsvik "Overseas II" Fresh Sound (w/Tony Malaby and Craig Taborn) $6 The Jinga Quintet "A Day Gone By" Fresh Sound (w/Miguel Zenon and Avishai Cohen) $5 Carlos Garnett "Under Nubian Skies" High Note (w/Russell Gunn) $5 Sold Guillermo Klein "Los Guachos III" Sunnyside (w/(w/Miguel Zenon and Jeff Ballard) 2 CDs $9 Sold John D'earth "Restoration Comedy" Double Time (w/Mulgrew Miller and Jerry Bergonzi) $5 Sold Alex Sipiagin "Images" TCB (w/Chris Potter, Dave Binney and Adam Rogers) $6 Sold John Ellis "One Foot in the Swamp" Hyena (w/Nicholas Payton and John Scofield) $5 Sold Miles Davis "Transition" Magnetic (w/Mobley, Kelly, Chambers and Cobb) Live 1961 $10 Carl Allen "Testimonial" Atlantic (w/Nicholas Payon and Mark Whitfield) Promo stamp on booklet $4 Michael Brecker, Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman “Gathering of Spirits” Telarc $6 James Williams "Classic Encounters" DIW Japan (w/Nicholas Payton and Billy Higgins) $10 Sold Bill Carrother "Duets" (w/Bill Stewart) Dreyfus $5 Francisco Mela "Melao" Ayva Sealed $7 Jeremy Steig and Vic Juris "Improvised" Office Moon Beams Japan Sealed $8 James Williams "Classic Encounters" DIW Japan (w/Nicholas Payton and Billy Higgins) $10 Sold Herbie Hancock "Dis is Da Drum" Mercury $4 Eddie Henderson "Dreams of Gershwin" Keystone Japan (w/Kevin Hays and Joe Locke) $12 Sold Victor Lewis "Know it Today, Know it Tomorrow" Red (w/Eddie Henderson and Christian McBride) Drill hole $6 Sold Jim Snidero "Urban Tales" Ken/Square Discs (w/Tom Harrell and Marc Copeland) $5 Sold Craig Wuepper "The Returnsman" Double Time (w/Eric Alexander and Ryan Kisor) $5 Sold Chris Potter "Vertigo" Concord (w/Joe Lovano and Kurt Rosenwinkel) $5 Donny McCaslin "The Way Through" Arabesque (w/Luciana Souza and Dave Binney) $6 Sold Jane Ira Bloom "Like Silver, Like Song" Artist Share (w/Mark Dresser and Bobby Previte) $8 Jimmy Cobb's Mob "Cobb's Groove" Milestone (Promo) (w/Peter Bernstein and Eric Alexander) $4 Joe Chambers "Urban Grooves" Eighty-Eights Japan (gatefold mini LP) (w/Gary Bartz and Eric Reed) $10 Ralph Peterson "Art of War" Criss Cross (w/Jeremy Pelt and Jimmy Greene) $6 Sold Ellis Marsalis "Ruminations in New York" Elm Solo Piano Sealed $5 Bob Cunningham "Walking Bass" Nilva Sealed $5 Ralph Alessi "Vice and Virtue" RKM Sealed (w/Shane Endsley) $6 Sold Jean-Michel Pilc "Welcome Home" Dreyfus Sealed (cut-out notch on spine) (w/Ari Hoenig) $6 Sold Marc Copland and Greg Osby "Round and Round" Nagel Hayer $6 Larry Goldings "Sweet Science" Palmetto (w/Peter Bernstein and Bill Stewart) $6 Sold Edsel Gomez "Cubist Music" Zoho (w/Don Byron,Greg Tardy and David Sanchez) $6 Sold The Sun Ra Arkestra "A Song for the Sun" El Ra (Directed by Marshall Allen) $6 Sold Charles Davis "Blue Gardenia" Reade St. (w/Cedar Walton) $6 Sold Leroy Williams "Time Is..." Jazz Child Sealed (w/Richard Wyands) $6 Lalo Schifrin "Jazz Meets the Symphony 6" Aleph (w/Christian McBride) $5 Mark Elf "Liftoff" Jen Bay (w/Lewis Nash and Dave Hazeltine) $4 Mark Elf "Live at Smalls" Jen Bay $4 Pete Malinverni "Of One Mind" Resevoir (w/Dennis Irwin and Leroy Williams) $5 Andy Narell "The Passage" Heads Up (w/Michael Brecker and Paquito D'Rivera) $4 Babatunde Lea "Level of Intent" Motema Sealed Drill-hole (w/Kenny Barron and Jon Faddis) $5 Roger Kellaway/Red Mitchell "Life's A Take" Concord (cut-out corner on booklet) $4 Jed Levy "Mood Ellington" SteepleChase Sealed (w/Jack Walrath) $5 Sold Bill Cunliffe "Live at Bernie's" Groove Note $4 Phillip Catherine "Meeting Colours" Dreyfus Sealed (cut-out notch on spine) (w/Brussels Jazz Orchestra) $5 Ted Rosenthal "Threeplay" Playscape Sealed (w/Dennis Irwin and Matt Wilson) $5 Steve Kroon "Senor Kroon" Azica Sealed (w/Ron Blake and Ron Carter) $5 Manhattan Saxophone Ensemble "The Dogwalk" GPC Sealed (w/Steve Wilson and Tim Ries) $6 Sold Benny Golson "I Remember Miles" Alpha Japan (w/Eddie Henderson, Curtis Fuller and Mulgrew Miller) $10 Dexter Gordon "One Flight Up" Blue Note RVG (w/Donald Byrd) $7 Sold Cedar Walton "Three Sundays in the Seventies" Label M (w/Bill Hardman, Clifford Jordan and Billy Higgins) $6 Various Artists "Montery Jazz Festival" Warner Brothers Great Live Tracks Monk, Mingus, Dizzy, Blakey, Freddie Hubbard, Dexter Gordon, Bill Evans, Cannonball etc 3 CDs $12 Randy Weston "Monterey '66" Verve (w/Booker Ervin and Cecil Payne) $6 Sold Alto Legacy "Alto Summit" Keystone Japan (w/Phil Woods and Vincent Herring) $10 Jason Lindner Big Band "Premonition" Stretch $5 The Paris All-Stars "Homage to Charlies Parker" A&M Promo copy (Live in France w/Dizzy Gillespie, Jackie McLean, Phil Woods, Stan Getz, Milt Jackson, Percy Heath, Hank Jones and Max Roach!!!) $7 Herbie Nichols Project "Strange City" Palmetto (has a few scuffs, doesn't effect play) $4 Marc Copland "Softly" Savoy (w/Micael Brecker, Joe Lovano and Gary Peacock) $7 Sold Dafnis Prieto “About the Monks” Zoho (w/Brian Lynch) $7 Sold Pete McCann “Most Folks” OmniTone $5 Chet Baker Sextet Pacific Jazz (w/Bob Brookmeyer and Russ Freeman) $7 Sold Kurt Rosenwinkel “Deep Song” Verve (w/Joshua Redman and Brad Meldau) $5 Additions Joe Henderson “The Milestone Years” The Complete Joe Henderson on Milestone w/bonus tracks mostly from Live at the Lighthouse. Incredible stuff. 8 CDs $60 Sold The Adderleys “Cannonball and Nat” Savoy (when owned by Muse. Released in 1990) Seems to consists of “That’s Nat” and alternate takes from “Presenting” and “Bohemia After Dark” $8 Joshua Redman Special Limited Edition (#78 of 1000) Warner Brothers Recording for French Virgin Megastore. 4 Tracks “Straight Ahead” and Groove X with Brad Mehldau, Larry Grenadier and Brian Blade and “Soul Dance” and “Sophisticated Lady” Duets with Brad Mehldau. Recorded in 1994. Sealed $10 Sold Billy Drummond “The Gift” Criss Cross Promo Copy (Small sticker and small hole punch in booklet) (w/Seamus Blake and Renee Rosnes) $6 Sold Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra “The Montreal Tapes” Verve (w/Joe Lovano, Tom Harrell and Paul Motian) $6 Arcana (Tony Williams and Bill Laswell) “Arc of Testimony” Axiom (w/Pharoah Sanders and Byard Lancaster) $7 Sold Andy Laverne Quartet “Four Miles” (w/Randy Brecker and Al Foster) $4 Eric Dolphy “Other Aspects” Blue Note $7 The Birth of Hard Bop with Hank Mobley, Donald Byrd and Lee Morgan Savoy Consists of “The Jazz Message”, “The Jazz Message No. 2” and part of “Introducing Lee Morgan” with alternate takes and bonus tracks 2 CDs $15 Blue Note “Yule Be Boppin” Your favorite Blue Note artists playing your favorite Christmas Songs including tracks by Joe Lovano, Dianne Reeves and Pat Martino $5 Stan Getz and Bill Evans Verve with unreleased tracks and alternate takes (w/Elvin Jones) $6 Additions Ryan Kisor “Power Source” Criss Cross (w/Chris Potter) $7 Sold Billy Drummond “Native Colors” Criss Cross (w/Steve Wilson and Steve Nelson) Booklet has a small tear from removing a promo sticker badly and a small cut-out hole $5 Sold Steve Wilson “Blues for Marcus” Criss Cross Promo Copy (Small sticker and small hole punch in booklet) (w/Lewis Nash and Steve Nelson) $6 Sold Steve Wilson “Steve Wilson Quintet” Criss Cross (w/Mulgrew Miller) $7 Sold Peter Apfelbaum “Luminous Charms” Gramavision $5 Melvin Rhyne “To Cannonball With Love” Paddle Wheel Japan Sealed (w/Vincent Herring and Carl Allen) $12 Ray Barretto “Taboo” Concord $5 Ray Barretto “Contact” Blue Note $5 Ray Barretto “Homage To Art” (w/Miguel Zenon and Luis Perdomo) Sunnyside $5 Kenny Wheeler “Greenhouse Fables” Santamo (w/David Friedman and Jasper Van’t Hof) $7 Sold Randy Johnston “Homage” J Curve (w/Eric Alexander and Nick Brignola) $5 Sold Nat Adderley Quintet “Good Company” Challenge (w/Antonio Hart and Jimmy Cobb) $5 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Impulse (w/Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter) $7 Ben Allison & Medicine Wheel "Third Eye" Palmetto (w/Ted Nash and Frank Kimbrough) $6 Ben Allison “Medicine Wheel” Palmetto (w/Ted Nash and Frank Kimbrough) $6 Yosvany Terry "Metamorphosis" Kindred Rhythm (w/Luis Perdomo and Jeff Watts) $7 The John Abercrombie/Lonnie Smith Trio “Afro-Blue” Venus Japan (w/Marvin “Smitty” Smith) $12 Vincent Herring “Change the World” MusicMasters (w/Roy Hargrove) $5 Richie Cole w/Brass “Kush” Heads Up (w/Carl Allen and Kevin Hays) $5 The Harper Brothers “You Can Hide Inside the Music” Verve (w/Ernie Andrews and Harry “Sweets” Edison) $5 Kenny Wheeler and John Taylor “Moon” Egea (w/Gabriele Mirabassi) $12 Sold Postage and packaging $2 for first CD, 50¢ per CD after. Free postage for $50 order. Free bonus CDs with $100 order. Didn't list everything, ask for more detailed list. Thanks. PM or davidweissmusic@gmail.com
  15. CDs for sale

    Up for a few final additions and price reductions. I'm probably going to wrap this up Saturday. Everyone who paid by Thursday afternoon has had their items shipped. Thanks
  16. CDs for sale

    up for more
  17. CDs for sale

    up for more additions
  18. CDs for sale

    more added and some price reductions
  19. CDs for sale

  20. Pip Pyle passes away

    A shame, great drummer. Heard him just a couple of months ago here in New York with Hatfield and the North. The band was great and Pip looked fine. You never know I guess.
  21. CDs for sale

    up yet again for more updates and additions
  22. Rare concerts coming to DVD this Fall

    I was given the sample DVD of these and they look and sound great and I'm told there are more to come after this batch including one with Freddie Hubbard (with Art Blakey, Nathan Davis, Jaki Byard and Reggie Workman!)
  23. CDs for sale

    up yet again for more updates and a few more additions
  24. CDs for sale

    up again for updates and a few more additions
  25. CDs for sale

    up for updates and additions