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  1. what can you tell me about this Basie acetate and Columbia univ. jazz archives

    Savoy Ballroom broadcast.
  2. I did meet several people who worked in Hollywood in the '40s but they tended to tell personal stories and anecdotes rather than give overall views. Stories were great but not sure I could confirm or deny McCoy's views. Also, having just read the most depressing book of all time (A Fine Balance) I'm not sure I could take another one.
  3. I know who Horace McCoy is, but I don't know this novel. Is it worth reading?
  4. I recently watched as many musicals from the era as I could find. The 3 WBs from 1933 with mostly the same cast are all great. 42nd St., Gold Diggers of 1933 and Footlight Parade (which may be my favorite).
  5. Now that they're down to 4 box sets is it ghoulish to bet on which one will be the last one to go? (I realize they have 2 more in the works.) BTW If you don't have the Savory box you're missing out on some great music.
  6. I'm loving this release. Both concerts-- though I played 1975 first since I've heard so many of the '64 concerts. (I think I have most of them on DVD). Just as I was thinking that Johnny Coles was really sounding like mid-'50s Miles on" Meditations on Integration" he quoted both "Bye Bye Blackbird" and "I Got Plenty of Nothin'".
  7. Vibes and trombone(s) struck a chord. Made me remember an Lp I got from the Columbia Record Club in 1960.
  8. LF DVD Robert Altman's Jazz '34

    I looked at my copies. Belafonte is the narrator but it's mainly performance. I think the Discogs description is wrong: It's only an hour long and the picture they show is of a VHS tape not a DVD.
  9. LF DVD Robert Altman's Jazz '34

    I thought it had never been released on DVD. I think I've got a couple of DVDrs made from the video tape so the definition is not too great. . (IIRC got one of them via Altman estate.) PM me and I'll send you one. Also I don't remember Belafonte's narration, just the performances.
  10. Joe Albany

    Gotta watch that film. I bought a jazz photography book at Dutton's in North Hollywood many years ago and the young woman at the checkout (whom I had seen there often) said that there was a picture of her dad in it. I asked who and she said "Joe Albany" to which I replied "You mean the legendary Joe Albany." She laughed and took my money. I guess it was A.J.
  11. The USPS SUCKS

    Probably everyone else here knows all this but I didn't: I'd always presumed that it cost the same to send something anywhere in the country and cost was based on weight or size only. Not so: except for letters, the further away something is the more it costs to mail it. However, media mail is an exception: you're charged by weight only no matter where in the States you're mailing to. I found this out when I went to mail a Mosaic set to Rooster and it only cost a little over $3 to go from Santa Barbara to DC. Even more amazing: I sent it Tuesday and it arrived today!
  12. I'll bite: What was the new sin sweeping America?
  13. Weird crazy-high price. Why?

    It's because of Ben Webster completists. (OK I'll shut up now. -- But one last thing : it's not listed in the 300 page "Ben a Discography by Langhorn & Sjogren" )