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  1. The food is good at The Jazz Standard. (IIRC from a Danny Meyer's BBQ place next door.) Wish I was there this week to see the Mingus Big Band.
  2. If it is out of print it may be their smallest selling set: I got it a month or two ago and I got number 1704. BTW It's a great set.
  3. The Henry Threadgill is not listed as OOP but it's also not listed as being available.
  4. First Concert

    It was indeed Le Place.
  5. Paris is amazing. The audience hates Trane and he just ignores them. Wynton Kelly is on fire on this tour.
  6. First Concert

    Small club in Montreal. Can't remember name. I had just arrived to start McGill. My cousin, a jazz fan, took me. I remember John Gilmore but not the other horn (ir there was one). Just seemed like jazz to me. ( I already owned about a dozen jazz Lps : KOB, Ellington Indigoes, MJQ plus Sonny at Music Inn, and a couple of Dave Brubecks. I'd gotten most of them from The Columbia Record Club. ) The only thing that seemed weird about it was they played The Christmas Song and it was August.
  7. First Concert

    I think it might have been Gene Autry at the local arena. First jazz was Sun Ra with a quintet (summer 1961).
  8. Around 1982 I met with Jjean-Luc Ponty and he raved to me about how Jaco had revolutionized bass playing. I'm not sure I'd even heard of him at the time but Ponty was definitely convinced (and convincing).
  9. I've got a cd of the Zurich concert, April 8, 1960 (Swiss Radio Days Jazz Series volume 31) advertised as "Officially released for the first time". Actually I think I have cds of the entire tour. The packaging is going to have to be awfully good for me to get this one.
  10. BFT for September

  11. Name Three People...

    Bennie Moten, Benny Morton, Bennie Maupin (I'm always getting them confused.)
  12. BFT for September

    Are you Canadian? You got three out of 4 of the Canadian guitar players. And 4 out of 5 of the guitar players.
  13. What Is This Crazy Ellington (a.o.) Footage?

    I can't answer that but according to Stratemann the tv film was a shortened version of the 81 minute original.
  14. BFT for September

    You seem to know who it is but aren't saying. Most people on this board have this record. Yes. No Yes. Wow. You're good.