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  1. The Riverside Monk & Coltrane compilation will get you some Hawk too, but though I know it's not a compilation I would start someone with Monk & Coltrane at Carnegie Hall. If you don't like Monk after that you're never going to like him.
  2. Freddie Webster

    BTW I played these again yesterday and got intrigued by the sax player on the Bud Powell dates. According to the site the recording were actually made under the name of the saxophonist, one Frankie Socolow. A search of the web led me to believe he was only on a few recordings though he played with several (white) bands. I quite like him here.
  3. I've been told (by a fairly reliable source) that there's no print in circulation right now. I think Francis Coppola may own US rights.
  4. Freddie Webster

    I thought I got my copy from Ghost of Miles. Whoever it was thanks.
  5. Yes. The tinted print is probably closer to the original release. (E.g. night scenes were often tinted blue.)
  6. Freddie Webster

    Wow. Thanks.
  7. People who are able to get one love the car but I think what might really help the company would be to deliver on the roof top solar tiles they've demonstrated but haven't been able to produce en masse yet. (And the stock is wildly over-priced but market value often has nothing to do with the actual value of a company.) Personally I'd be interested in both the Tesla 3 and the tiles but worry that they won't actually be available in my lifetime.
  8. Big Jay McNeely R.I.P.

    This was in the NY Times obit: "Mr. McNeely’s breakthrough record, however, had come a decade earlier: “Deacon’s Hop,” a growling, percussive instrumental released on the Savoy label. Based on Lester Young’s tenor saxophone solo on the Count Basie Orchestra’s 1940 recording “Broadway,” “Deacon’s Hop” spent two weeks at the top of Billboard’s Race Records chart, as it was then called, in 1949." Never knew that. Ooops just read the obit in the LA Times which tells a different story: 'Said McNeely to biographer Marc Myers: “A kid I knew in Watts had a record shop. He gave me a record by Glenn Miller that opened with the drummer playing the sock cymbal. I can't remember the name of the song, but I built a blues [riff] off of it called ‘Deacon’s Hop.’”' B TW that obit reminded me of the DJ who mc'd the LA R&B concert I saw: Hunter Hancock.
  9. Big Jay McNeely R.I.P.

    Yes. around then. I think the tv host was Ian Whitcomb though the concert mc was a local dj from the period.
  10. I just heard about this: "A new streaming service devoted exclusively to classical music has launched in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Called Primephonic, the platform claims to have nearly all classical music ever recorded, with over 1 million tracks available at the push of a button." Are there more jazz recordings extant than classical recordings? If not would it be possible to have a jazz streaming service with nearly all jazz ever recorded?
  11. Big Jay McNeely R.I.P.

    I saw him once as part of a concert featuring LA R&B: Big Mama Thorton, Joe Liggens and the Honey Drippers, Lowell Fulsom, Screaming Jay Hawkins etc. IIRC it was being filmed for the BBC.
  12. Kenny Dorham

    Was he sometimes called "Kinney"? I thought this was one of my usual false memories but then I noticed that his real name is Mckinlay.
  13. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    Ahhh. It was they "vinyl" that confused me. (I'm often confused.)
  14. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    Was it originally on 78?
  15. Bob Dylan corner

    Gotta admit I've been waiting for this one.