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  1. Just came back from seeing the Mark Morris Dance group and at the piano was Ethan Iverson who had written the original music for the evening and arranged the rest of the music which was by the Beatles.
  2. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    What are the late 40s Jazz Messenger sessions?
  3. WOW that all sounds great! I love Jazz Fest even though I didn't hear that much jazz the year I went.
  4. BFT 170 Discussion Thread

    This sums up what I think pretty well even though it's by Scott Yanow: I bought the Lp when it first came out and it was one of the first cds I ever owned. (Admittedly because, along with a couple of other Impulses, it was one of the first cds I ever saw discounted.)
  5. Idea for Mosaic

    They do own the Benedetti recordings and though I can understand them discontinuing the box set, perhaps they could release a single or double cd of some of the more or less complete numbers. And they could make downloads available of the whole thing since the sound isn't so great to begin with.
  6. Brownie Emarcy Box: 11th Disc???

    I have the three inch cd. I was going to ask how to play it but at least one of my DVD/cd players seems to have the indented area in which to fit them. (I have 4 other 3 inch cds: Frank Zappa, Bruce Springsteen, Sting with Gil Evans and Billie Holiday. Obviously haven't played them in a while.)
  7. BFT 170 Discussion Thread

    He seems to borrow from that arrangement on his album Further Definitions especially in the last chorus.
  8. BFT 170 Discussion Thread

    They join Fred Astaire about half way through this: I met Fayard at a Duke Ellington Society meeting in LA a couple of decades ago. Was that originally released as a Coleman Hawkins record? I always presumed it was under Benny Carter's name.
  9. Bob Koester sells Delmark

    Wow! I didn't know that. Always thought Bill Smith was still involved.
  10. And used to be the case with Errol Garner.
  11. Ellington Treasury Shows

    Wow I might get this before I get the Mosaic Savory set. Do you have this one?
  12. Ellington Treasury Shows

    I've thought of spending a couple of days doing it for myself on my computer.
  13. Bad stereo mixes

    It was sort of fun to have the vocals in one channel and the instruments in the other on the early Beatles stereo releases.