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  1. Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul. All rock bands should have a horn section like this. (The girls too.) . This was last Monday. It took me this long to figure out how to post the photo.
  2. What do you pay on a federal loan? The government is borrowing money at about 2%. They should be lending it for things like this at about not much more than it costs them.
  3. WTF! Those rates are usurious.
  4. No value?

    I got a car that didn't have a cd player (not offered) and solved the problem buy buying a small player and a cheap transmitter that plays it through my radio. Not as good as having it built in but it works.
  5. Clora Bryant, R.I.P.

    I first heard of her because of "Central Avenue Sounds" the fine book she co-edited along with (amongst others) Buddy Collette.
  6. Placement of the cymbals.

    Sabian cymbals are made in my home province of New Brunswick Canada. Must be something about the North East.
  7. Duke Ellington - Uppsala 1971

    It's a mistake I once heard a CBC announcer make when he saw the song credited to Mercer Ellington (not Mercer-Ellington). A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
  8. Artificial Vinyl scarcity

    Don't believe the hype. Physical sales are only 12% of revenues for music. However that's even more than downloads. Most of the money is made from streaming. And Vinyl hasn't yet equalled cds-- though it may soon.
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    No, I'm sorry. this one. Funny I just got the Timon of Athens. Too bad EKE only recorded a couple of tracks from it.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Hey where you get that? More important , where can I get it? (Though I think most of it is on Youtube)
  11. John Coltrane - Blue World

    They wouldn't need a stereo tape for a film in 1964 so they may not have made one. Very few movies were in stereo in 1964- in fact I doubt if any Canadian films were. Even in the US, Columbia released Stripes in 1981 in mono only. We had to do a new stereo mix for later video releases.
  12. Booker Ervin

    I think I read/heard that Andy was only used for part of the song in To Have or Have Not but Bacall does a fine job with Kenton's "And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine" in The Big Sleep so I'm sure Hawks is being truthful.
  13. "Claude Thornhill: Godfather of Cool"

    The Heps (I believe) are all transcriptions. If you get them all you'll get different performances of the same arrangements. If you have any choice make sure you get one with The Troubadour on it.
  14. "Claude Thornhill: Godfather of Cool"

    It was once available on cd. I have it. I think it does have all of the released Evans instrumental arrangements but is missing some arrangements with vocalists and a few arrangements that were only issued as transcriptions.