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  1. I don't really know, but I suspect that Lps are more expensive to manufacture. Chuck, weigh in here.
  2. Worth buying for the Royal Albert Hall concert on the 2nd disc but I like the remixed and newly ordered first disc as well.
  3. Covid vaccination: poll

    Is it time to update the poll. (I guess that happens in a couple of days anyway.) Several people here seem to have had both doses.
  4. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    This is not unreasonable, but statistically (I think) most of the people who have died have been over 70 by a large measure.
  5. Covid vaccination: poll

    Got my second shot yesterday. I don't feel bad though I'm tired. Then again I'm often tired.
  6. I get e-mails from Mosaic advertising theses things all the time. Something they call a "Mosaic Newsletter". Got the last one Feb 17.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    And what about the Mingus/LaPorta record on which he plays?
  8. The bass clarinet

    I've read these posts quickly so perhaps I missed it, but no mention of Harry Carney!!??
  9. RIP Claude Carriere

    I just heard that Claude Carriere a broadcaster, record producer and all-round great friend of jazz has died. I first met him in New Orleans at his son-in-law's house and we had all gone to see Henry Butler at Snug Harbor. Next met him at an Ellington conference in NY. Last time I saw him was in Paris but we kept in touch via the internet and I was often surprised to find his name on cds of great classic jazz.
  10. How's the weather?

    70 degrees, blue skies and a small breeze. But before you begin cursing me, we're in a draught (though the foliage still looks pretty good).
  11. British Big Bands and Large Ensembles

    See below. Yes! Thank you. "Aug. 26/71 'Country Club' Hampstead, England (UCS Benefit) ". Though I don't remember seeing this when I looked a few months ago. I was living in West Hampstead at the time. I used to joke that it was really East Kilborn.
  12. It's interesting to hear his side of the story re: Chan. He has nothing negative to say about her.
  13. British Big Bands and Large Ensembles

    I have a memory of seeing a Mike Gibbs band with Jack Bruce on bass in Hampstead but I found a site that lists every gig Bruce ever had and though it does show some gigs with Gibbs it doesn't show one that was in Hampstead when I was in London. I'm hoping someone here might know about it.
  14. How's the weather?

    The Wall Street Journal's editorial was contradicted by its own reporting. Meanwhile El Paso is fine because its power company prepared for this emergency. I've also read that you can winterize wind turbines but in Texas they chose not to. (I'm too lazy to look up whether the turbines are publicly or privately owned but in California, privately owned power companies look to short term profit not long term safety. )
  15. The index in my copy says Ken Hopkins can be found on pages 98 and 135.