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  1. Savoy label question

    I saw them there in 1964. In stacks on the floor. And I think it was Collets.
  2. When Jazz populated NYC

    LPR? What's that?
  3. I have a (probably false) memory of seeing Bill Goodwin play with Tim Hardin in Montreal in the late '60s. Can anyone confirm that this is just a hallucination?
  4. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    New to me was what happened to Hank in his last years. Makes me despair for mankind.
  5. I've stopped buying books about Dylan or Miles (between them they fill a shelf ) but I'm still buying Ellingtonia.
  6. Playing music in the car

    I thought I 'd posted about this, but can't find it: even though I'm inept at this kind of thing I was easily able to jerry rig a potable cd player with a cheap device that plays the music through an unused frequency on your fm dial.
  7. I probably read this when it was first published.
  8. Copyright

    I believe that the Canadian company Naxos were sued (and lost) for importing such cds into the states. Too bad, since they have a great series of Ellington cds which include some cuts that aren't available elsewhere. Unfortunately my son is getting tired of answering my copyright questions. ( I think he's going to start billing me for his time.) . But I'll bug him about this anyway. Huh?
  9. Copyright

    Don't think it was ever that but it was more than the 50 years after publication that used to be used in Europe. Also I'm curious about who the author of a sound recording is or are they all "works of corporate authorship".
  10. Retired U.S.P.S.

    I guess that would be Mount Allison. (Is it still called that? Have I spelled it correctly?)
  11. Retired U.S.P.S.

    What?! I grew up in Fredericton. Where did you live in NB?
  12. Dolomite is My Name... which I loved and which features the Bihari Brothers as well as The Dunbar Hotel.
  13. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    What's the rational for that gap? (I haven't finished reading the booklet yet, so maybe it's explained there.)
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    14:57 2 Body & Soul Written-By – Ben Webster, Johnny Green 20:25 3 How'd Ben Webster get the writer's credit on Body and Soul?