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  1. I think that it was in a simpler cover but now I have another (vague) memory that it was later issued in The States. John could have had some influence on the Canadian Columbia because of his work at Sam the Record Man.
  2. I have a vague memory (many of my memories are vague) of Columbia Canada issuing a 2 Lp set of Wilson sessions that was never issued in the US . I think John Norris had something to do with it (or maybe he was the one who told me that it was only issued in Canada). I've always regretted not buying it so I'm making up for it now by pre-ordering.
  3. One of the times the bandstand was so full that Hiram Bullock sat at a chair at my table. Also I met the owners of the club who told me that the records were coming out but I didn't hear about the "complete" set until years later.
  4. I'm jealous. But I can console myself knowing that I saw the band there a couple of times.
  5. Not unheralded here. In fact I'd love to have the big box with a couple of cds worth of music I don't have.
  6. Bob Dylan corner

    He definitely made the right decision. They're great.
  7. Bob Dylan corner

    Do you mean the Toronto and London shows when you say "bonus 2cd live show" or is that something I missed. If so where can I get it. Also I bought the 2cd set but dowloaded the "deluxe" set to get the rest so I don't have notes for the extra 6 discs. Where was the Toronto concert? Massey Hall? I like the horns he rehearsed with but doesn't seem to have used after that. Otherwise I find the rehearsals a bit desultory. A couple of the unreleased songs are great. And was "Let's Begin" released before? I think it's lovely. Because I pre-ordered I got a couple of downloaded songs before the official release but with no notes. One was the live The Groom's Still Waiting at the Alter. After I listened a couple of times I told my wife (a guitar player) she had to hear this guitar solo though I didn't know who it was by. It's really good. When I got the cd, I discovered it was Carlos Santana.
  8. Roswell Rudd - Nov. 16 CD release party

    Wow that show sounds great. If I was in NY I'd definitely be there.
  9. Has there ever been anyone with more class than Sonny?
  10. Louis Armstrong Hot 5 and Hot 7

    IIRC there are some tracks on the JSP not on the Columbia that aren't strictly Hot 5 or 7.
  11. Happy Birthday jeffcrom!

    Happy b,day!
  12. Jazz and Baseball: Chuck Mangione and Doc Ellis

    I've told this story here before: at a Jimmy Smith club date I told my wife Sonny Rollins was sitting near us. Then Jimmy introduced Don Newcombe.
  13. Sonny Rollins - Night at the Village Vanguard

    This was great. I love Sonny's analysis of his own playing.
  14. Your 3 Favorite Ellington LPs

    I agree. though "The Complete" has a couple of cuts that aren't on the Gold disc they aren't all in the mood of the rest of the record. The "Gold" disc is great.
  15. Muhal Richard Abrams - RIP

    RIP. He seemed full of life when I saw him in Ojai this Spring with Roscoe Mitchell.