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  1. I think the first one I bought was the Mingus Candid set followed by the Mulligan. Was the Mingus offered on cd from the get go?
  2. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    So sorry to hear that. Condolences.
  3. That's often on back of photos that have been sent to a magazine for their use. The magazine pays for publication rights not for the actual photo.
  4. A New (to me) Mingus performance on YouTube

    I wonder if there's footage of any other numbers.
  5. I thought it was worse than that. However if you have time check out that episode and see if you recognize the tune. He sounds more like Bird in the show. I thought it was a pretty good imitation of early 1950s bebop.
  6. Musician friend of mine said that on the Sundance Now streaming channel he watches a Swedish series called "The Restaurant" and in one episode Bird (i.e an actor playing Bird) shows up and performs a number that my friend didn't recognize. So I checked it out (Season 1 episode 9). and I didn't recognize it either. (BTW Bird was in Sweden in 1950 when the episode is set but I doubt he ever played a venue as fancy as the one they show.) Anyone here subscribe to Sundance Now? (You can get a free week of it.)
  7. Edison Disc 50754-R matrix 7734 A-3-7 NOBLE SISSLE- “CRAZY BLUES”

  8. Listening to and enjoying the SteepleChase release of Stan's Party. Notes claim that 2nd song on first cd is "Lady Sings the Blues" by Alec Wilder. This is not the Holliday/Nichols song and I don't think Wilder wrote a different song with that title. Does anyone know what this cut is? (I did check online but can't find anything.)
  9. I've never heard Kenny Burrell's Midnight Blue before (believe it or not) but when it came on the radio this morning I thought I was hearing the intro to Van Morrison 's Moondance! Some of the changes seem the same too. Midnight Blue was released a couple of years before Moondance and since Van has always been a jazz fan I presume that he (unlike me) had heard it. Seems to me that Kenny has as much of a claim as Horace Silver has against Steely Dan.
  10. I'll ask Mark Cantor. Here's his reply: I am not sure who the tenor sax is. Not Stafford Simon. Millinder's band was in a state of flux in 1940. He had taken over Bill Dogget's band, then incorporated some of Jimmy Mundy's men. When the dust settled the tenor soloist would be Stafford Simon, but this is not him. A mstery at present.
  11. Are you saying that all pre-1962 recordings are pd in Europe?