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  1. Arthur N. Rupe Foudation

    WOW. It's in Santa Barbara, where I live, and I've never heard of it.
  2. Could you explain the difference please. I guess you mean "transcriptions" were made at the club itself and "airshots" were taken at a remotes place having been sent over telephone wires-- which apparently Savory did for a living.)
  3. In '42 they were broadcast by NBC.
  4. There are several air checks of Ellington from the Hotel ShermanChicago.
  5. "Gone" from Miles Davis and Gil Evans Porgy and Bess

    IIRC (and I often don't) shortly after the film opened there was an article in Time or Newsweek citing all the P&B records that had been released and saying that the Miles/Gil was the best or perhaps that it was even the best selling.
  6. "Gone" from Miles Davis and Gil Evans Porgy and Bess

    I forgot. I have it too. It's interesting (I mean that in a good way.) Summertime by the Ellington band is out of place but otherwise it is a pretty good attempt at presenting the entire show with an a narrator and a variety of singers playing roles: there's Mel Torme and Francis Faye in the titles roles but also Johnny Hartman, Betty Roche and even (briefly) Bob Dorough.
  7. "Gone" from Miles Davis and Gil Evans Porgy and Bess

    I have Miles, Ella and Louis, Bill Potts, The Clark Terry doing Gil's arrangements, the Pete Jolly, and Ray & Cleo. Once owned Belafonte & Lena Horne-- didn't care for it.
  8. "Gone" from Miles Davis and Gil Evans Porgy and Bess

    Was there once a thread about all the jazz versions Porgy and Bess? I just found another: In the Charlie Parker Records box set that came out a few years ago there's a record called Pete Jolly Gasses Everybody where all of the songs are from P&B. I think that makes about the 6th version I have. I don't know if it counts as jazz but one of my favorites is the Norman Granz produced one with Ray Charles and Cleo Lane.
  9. Bob Dylan corner

    Hmmm. I wonder if they'll use any of Renaldo and Clare? And IIRC Joni Mitchell played more than one show. (I saw the Revue in Toronto and even saw Renaldo and Clare, though I don't remember much about it.) And BTW there's already a bootleg series box-- vol 5-- from 1975 and the Rolling Thunder Review.
  10. Bob Dylan corner

    Uhhh..... What Netflix documentary?
  11. Revisiting Oliver Nelson - Help Appreciated

    Creedance Clearwater couldn't have hurt.
  12. BFT 181 link and discussion

    Actually it became Feed'n the Bean which Hawkins recorded with the Basie band later that year. Then even later it became The Bean Stalks Again in The Hawk in HiFi. (Where Bean and the Boys became 39"-25"-39" I had much the same experience seeing him shortly before he died. I wouldn't have recognized him by his playing. (Though he did of course play Take Five.)
  13. Any *early* Pink Floyd fans? (67-72 era)

    Am I the only one here who was into Jazz before I was into Rock? As I said earlier I was a jazz snob when I saw Pink Floyd and The yardbirds in the '60s. I had liked Elvis when he made hi first Lps and liked Little Richard and Fats Domino but I didn't get Chuck Berry at all. I thought the duck walk was embarassing. As I said I was a teenage jazz snob. I finally got into the Beatles in 1966 or so but never understood my students who liked groups like The Kinks.
  14. Now reading...

    I was wrong: I have a "collected" short stories but not a complete short stories. I just discovered that you can buy a kindle edition of The Complete Writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald for $1.49! (I think most of his work is now PD despite the new opyright laws.)