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  1. Best Jazz Clubs in New Orleans?

    Snug Harbor is great, Tom McDermott is great. Don't know the others.
  2. I may be wrong (I often am) but I believe that though the recording may be pd in Europe the composition is not and the Arlen estate is owed money from the European record company. Good luck with collecting that.
  3. I wish I had this signed photo.

    Sort of the way I remember the Club Saint Germain. (I saw Wingy Manone there.)
  4. I just got a note from Facebook saying it's Chuck Nessa's birthday. they wouldn't lie would they?
  5. Happy Birthday Chuck!

    75! A mere child. (Says the 76 year old.)
  6. I don't seem to even have the free service but if you do try that link I gave and see what happens. Actually I just clicked on that link and without my logging in (not that I'd know how) I've just heard three Bill Evans cuts in a row-- though one was with Jim Hall.
  7. Huh? Maybe I wasn't listening to Pandora (I thinkI was) but they were playing 3 or four Evans tunes in a row.
  8. I recently discovered that a couple of my friends usually have their Pandora tuned to "The Bill Evans Station" (or something like that). It's mostly, but not just, Evans's music. They keep it on almost constantly. These people are not big jazz fans so presumably others have also found this station. Does this mean that the Evans estate now gets meaningful income from Pandora?
  9. IIRC he played bass clarinet when I saw him at a rock festival a couple of years ago.
  10. Reading the history of the band and the rest of the lyrics I on't think that's the case. Wow: how old is she now? I saw her a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it.
  11. Saw The Cowboy Junkies Tonight. I loved them. No jazz content but they do have lyrics that go: Lunchtime. I start to dial your number then I remember so I reach for something to smoke and anyways I'd rather listen to Coltrane than go through all that shit again
  12. Abusive and violent jazz musicians

    Juan Tizol pulled a knife on Mingus while they were both with Ellington.
  13. I don't remember much about it except that I thought it was real, real good.
  14. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    He sent me a pm during that contretemps thanking me for defending him when Jim literally threatened him. I didn't really defend him, just responded to Jim. Didn't seem to be a moderator there.
  15. BFT 182 link and discussion

    KATANGA! (I needed to shout.)
  16. I just read on-line that he had "come out" and was bitter about how some of his former friends reacted. I had a couple of pleasant e-mail exchanges with him and he was very forgiving about my obvious ignorance of the matters I was asking about.
  17. Kenny Burrell

    I just gave. Is it political to point out that the health care system in the USA is insane? I was criticized for pointing this out when there was a similar campaign for Barney Kessel.
  18. I hope that someone or some organization takes over "archive" and keeps his name on it
  19. He was a true scholar of, as well as a participant in, the music. RIP
  20. Since this doesn't mention sound recordings here's a good summary of where we stand with them: (And it's not good.): It basically says almost no recorded music is pd in the USA.
  21. It's a beautiful box too.
  22. I think (I don't really know, though I do know how it works on DVD releases) that the owners of the original material do not own the new masters if they're done by Mosaic or whomever else. To change the subject, the new copyright laws mean that record companies and artists now get some payment for streaming whereas only publishers and writers got anything from radio play. I don't know the cost of preparing music for release on streaming but I'm hoping that this will encourage rights holders to make almost everything they own available.
  23. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    There are some airchecks with Prez on clarinet in the Savory collection.
  24. I presume that it was the only way they could get the deal. I like the way we all presume we're smarter than they are.