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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    How do you add a thumbs up emoji because I want to and I'm digitally illiterate? You go to edit and the emoji roster shows up.
  2. Miles Davis--Kind of Blue live

    Aren't live versions of everything always faster? (Anyone have suggestions for tunes that got slower when played live? And I'm not just talking about Miles here.)
  3. httpIs:// Am I the only one who didn't know about this record? (Of course I've now ordered it.)
  4. R.I.P. Pharoah Sanders

    And this is one I always thought of as "Pharoah Dances". So glad I got to see him live. Saw him a few years before with McCoy Tyner but it was great to see him with his own group. Is it possible that "Promises", his last recording (the one with Floating Point) was his biggest "hit"?
  5. Leonard Feather Presents: A Battle Of Jazz

    Thanks. I've been traveling and not always online. (And by "elsewhere" I just meant not on Lp-- I no longer have a turntable.)
  6. R.I.P. Sue Mingus.

    Sad. I just read her autobiography Tonight at Noon.
  7. R.I.P. Pharoah Sanders

    Photo I took at a rock festival in 2018. And this is one I always thought of as "Pharoah Dances". So glad I got to see him live. Saw him a few years before with McCoy Tyner but it was great to see him with his own group.
  8. Louis Armstrong - Uncollected Singles 1955-1961

    Does it include "Cheesecake"?
  9. Tony Bennett Covered James Moody in 1967

    I still like his album with Basie-- especially Lost in the Stars.
  10. Leonard Feather Presents: A Battle Of Jazz

    Is the Dizzy session available elsewhere?
  11. Teddy Charles

    How come nobody's mentioned Gil Evans's arrangements for Tentet?
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Ditto. And a couple of the later cd reissues too. (I think I own 3 different versions-- and I'd go to the mat for all of them.
  13. Jean-Luc Godard 1930-2022

    Hard to overemphasize the impact of Godard on filmmakers and audiences in the early '60s. For most people it was Breathless but the first one I saw was Bande a Part (when it was just released) and it rocked my world. I once drove from Toronto to Montreal to see a Godard film. Like Coltrane he wasn't afraid to move on even if he left his audiences (including me) behind.
  14. Anything that adds to very limited amount of Clarence (Lee) Shaw we have on record is fine by me.
  15. Happy Birthday, Sonny Rollins

    Oh right. I forgot.
  16. Happy Birthday, Sonny Rollins

    All his choices are great and he doesn't even use anything from Saxophone Colossus.
  17. According to the liner notes "at the artist/producer's request, the original multitrack recordings were remixed to digital tape...." Little Wing from the original album is on the Jimi Hendrix Evans album. Aftermath:the Fourth Movement... was on a strange cd that was half Evans and half Mingus. The Meaning of the Blues is 14 minutes longer on the cd! Joy Spring, So Long and Buzzard Variation are not on the original. The only thing you can't find on any cd I know of are the "short portions" of Comes a Time that were deleted. Is this a cd?
  18. Now reading...

    I'm a huge Chandler fan. I think I've read everything by and about him except his laundry lists but I'm a heretic amongst other Chanderphiles because I believe he began to deteriorate half way through The Long Goodbye. (Playback is hardly worth mentioning.) And I think the ending of the Altman/Leigh Brackett movie is better than the ending of the book even if the ending of the film is partially stolen from The Third Man. (Go ahead-- throw things at me. )
  19. How's the weather?

    Where are you!?
  20. I've never heard Kenny Burrell's Midnight Blue before (believe it or not) but when it came on the radio this morning I thought I was hearing the intro to Van Morrison 's Moondance! Some of the changes seem the same too. Midnight Blue was released a couple of years before Moondance and since Van has always been a jazz fan I presume that he (unlike me) had heard it. Seems to me that Kenny has as much of a claim as Horace Silver has against Steely Dan.
  21. Billy Cobham

    I saw him in Amsterdam in 1975 with (I guess) his band of the time. I've always appreciated that he was involved in producing a Gil Evans concert video in 1983 as well as playing drums on it.
  22. The First Jazz Albums We Owned

    Not much interest in football there. (We only played rugby in high school.). Big decision was whether to root for Habs or Toronto.
  23. The First Jazz Albums We Owned

    Fredericton, NB. Went to McGill in 1961 and saw a lot of great live jazz.
  24. The First Jazz Albums We Owned

    Does it count if they were really your parents' and your older sisters'? If so, Benny Goodman Carnegie Hall Concert, Ambassador Satch, a 10" Goodman Trio, and a 10 inch Ellington. No one in my family was a jazz fan but these were popular records at the time. First jazz Lp I bought (after I'd bought Harry Belafonte, Elvis and Fats Domino) was Brubeck: Red Hot and Cool because I'd read about him in Time magazine and I loved the record's cover. There were very few jazz Lps in the only record store in my home town and I bought the next one i saw; Sonny Rollins and the MJQ at Music Inn. So I joined the Columbia record club in 1959 and the first Lps I got were KOB, JJ Johnson (forget title), Lionel Hampton (Silver Vibes), Mingus Ah Um and Ellington Indigos. Good year to join. For reasons I've never understood my oldest sister gave me The Hawk in Hi Fi for my birthday when I was 14. I still love it, but I have no idea why she got it for me. I'd never heard of Hawkins at the time and I'm sure she hadn't either.