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  1. Nat King Cole

    The King Cole Trio certainly influenced a lot of singers. Amongst them: the previously mentioned Charles Brown, Ray Charles (who was also inlfuenced by Brown) and-- according to an interview I heard with him-- Frankie Laine!!!
  2. Which of these LP's should i buy?

    I'd worry that given the dates it's probably not the same song as the one sung by Percy Sledge which didn't (I think) come out till the '60s.
  3. Blues, Boogie, and Bop

    I admit it: I bought it because I liked the box so much. I justified it by telling myself I had to have the Cootie Williams, Rex Stewart and Roy Byrd.
  4. Yes. the last time I saw him he was trying to do a complete Robert Altman collection. I was in the UK at the time as was Altman. Met Mark though Laura Mulvey who does the commentary track on Peeping Tom.
  5. Anthony Braxton

    How about the the record he made with Dave Brubeck! (He's not on all the cuts-- Lee Konitz is on the others). That and his Sackville record are the only ones I have. I've always enjoyed him more in person than on record. . Saw him do a great solo concert in Toronto years ago. Once approached him on the street in Paris. He waved me off thinking I was going to hit him up for change. Was sort of shocked when he realised I was a fan. I suspect he doesn't get recognized on the street that often.
  6. Booker Little

    Wierdly enough this turned up on the i-tunes music store today!
  7. James Joyce

    I've always thought that if I got on one of those Desert Island Disc radio shows, Ulysses would be the book I would choose. Now If I could just come up with a list of only 10 discs.... And ex-student of mine tells me I once gave an assigment where the students had to read 100 pages of Ulysses. I didn't care which 100 pages. I have no memory of this but I hope it's true.
  8. I was one of the founders of the Criterion Collection when it was a Lazer Disc company. In fact I claim I came up with the name-- though my wife says it was her idea. I haven't been involved with them for years but used to get some free DVDs including Paolini's Salo, a film I despise. So when it went out of print and was seling for a couple of hundred dollars I traded my copy at Ameoba and got, amongst other things, The Art Pepper Hollywood Sessions-- which I love. So maybe Salo is my favorite Criterion DVD.
  9. I agree about the early stuff. My problem is with the first '40s stuff. I found Jack the Bear to be unlistenable. However i I was able to get hold of the 2 Dreyfus releases of that material which sound great.
  10. ClarenceGene Shaw on Argo

    I don't know about Lor but I've got a discography by Bob Weir that only lists the Mingus recordings and the 3 Argos. (In fact it doesn't mention the unrelased Dial.)
  11. I've never come across any one of the 3 records (Clarence) Gene Shaw did for Argo. He was called Clarence Shaw on some great recordings with Mingus in 1957 then after a 5 year lay-off did 3 records as leader under the name Gene Shaw . After that I don't know what happened. Sure like to see them released on cd but would be happy to buy/trade for them on Lp. Ditto for any Billy Butterfield Lp with Gil Evan's arrangement of Singin' the Blues.
  12. The great Kenny Dorham

    Didn't Dorham do some writing for Downbeat at one time? Reviews? Or am I having those acid flashbacks again? And did he ever pronouce his name "kinny"?
  13. First Jazz you ever listened to?

    Carl Stalling, who did the music for the Warner Bros. cartoons, often used pieces by Raymond Scott. Also I have a Jimmy Lunceford version of The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down which is the theme for the LoonyToons films. Merry Melodies used Merrily We Roll Along which is P.D. The writers of Merry-Go-Round get royalties everytime one of the LoonyTunes is on tv!
  14. The first Jazz LP you ever bought?

    I think I got that same Fats Domino as 3 Eps (Remember them?)
  15. The first Jazz LP you ever bought?

    Right on, Crown Records. My first jazz LP was a Crown. It was presumably, Stan Getz, whom, as a kid sax-player, I had at least heard of. Alas, I never found another Getz record that I liked as much. Then, revelation. Turns out it was actually Wardell Gray on that record. And I have ever since been a Gray-hound. Great story. Which Wardell record was it?
  16. The first Jazz LP you ever bought?

    Ditto on Goodman. Then Ambassador Satch and Brubeck's Red, Hot and Cool. Joined Columbia Record club's jazz division and got within one year (I think) KOB, Ellington Indigos, Hampton's Silver Vibes, and JJ Johnson Blue Trombone. Also got Ellington/Strayhorn Nutcracker. A very good year.
  17. I just saw this on the Jazzmatazz site. NEW Bunny Berigan - The Key Sessions: 1931-37 - 5 CDs (JSP) Jan? — with the Boswell Sisters, Tommy Dorsey, Bing Crosby, Glenn Miller, etc.
  18. First vocalese recording

    I just looked at the liner notes for the Verve re-issue of Sing a Song of Basie and in them Will Friedwald claims that vocalese has been around since the '30s. But he cites no examples. (I often find his liner notes to be lacking.)
  19. Cassandra Wilson/Traveling Miles?

    I listened to this a lot when it first came out. Really liked it and found that it increased my enjoyment of the original versions by Miles-- though she doesn't always reference those versions. Her recording stands on its own and seemed to me to be more of a piece than her more recent cds.
  20. Atlantic Sessions You Still Can't Find on CD

    Is this the one with Sonny Rollins?
  21. Art Pepper & Trane

    I've got The Hollywood Sessions. I think the problem with Stitt session is that Stitt blows Art away. I'll look for the Jazz Casual DVD and The Trip. I've been told that there are some recordings (bootlegs perhaps) where Pepper sounds like Coltrane playing alto. I've never heard them. The only recording I have from the mid '60s is Smack Up which I like very much but which doesn't show much Coltrane influence to me. Thanks everyone for all the help.
  22. Do you own a gun?

    Owned a .22 and a shotgun when I was a kid. My Dad had a .303. After I left home I think he got rid of them when they started some sort of gun registration in Canada. Where I come from we had a low murder rate but a high "hunting accident" rate. Not sure that the 2 weren't connected. Haven't wanted guns around the house while my kids were growing up.
  23. Getz-Barron People Time

    Ditto to all these recommendations. A great recording.
  24. Prez is here!

    What list are you refering to Brownie,?
  25. Prez is here!

    It's out of stock at Dusty Grove and when I tried for the Fresh Sounds site I got Blue Moon which charged a lot more for it. (38E vs $29.) Anyone know any other US sellers? And what's the correct Fresh Sounds URL?