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  1. Gil Evans. And Van Morrison.
  2. This reminds me: anyone here read "Lost Chords" the book about White Jazz musicians?
  3. Rainbow Theatre in London

    I think I saw Ziggy Stardust there. The opening act was Roxy Music and Eno was still with them. (I mean I know I saw the show, but I'm not certain it was at the Rainbow.)
  4. Who had the hippest, coolest stage manner?

    Gotta go with Duke. But I do remember seeing Gerry Mulligan once in a large theater in Montreal and he was so casual it made it seem like a small club.
  5. Don't underestimate yourself. A degree in computer science is a great asset in almost any job nowadays. (Wish I was more computer literate.) And obviously a dgree in music is an asset for this job.
  6. I felt the same way. Actually I can't remember much about the Deveaux except his point that Hawk doesn't get enough attention as a bebopper. And that the writer probably knew too much about academic jargon. I learned more from the Proper box sets Hawkins: The Be-bop Years and their Be-bop Box (the title of which I forget right now) which had a lot of material I'd never heard, or even heard of, before.
  7. Show yer collection! Be not afraid

    Right you are. I had all of them though the EKE and lady Day sets were on cassette. I didn't order those 2 originally because I had all the cuts elsewhere. I eventually saw them remaindered somewhere and got them just for the booklets. Then someone from Australia on the RMB newsgroup pleaded for 3 of the box sets and I sent them to him. (He sent me some Aussie jazz cds and the Dylan" Masterpieces" box in return.) I can't remember exactly which Time-Lifes I sent. One was Frank Teschemaker (Sp?) in which I had no interest. But just yesterday I went to look something up in The Coleman Hawkins box and realized I know longer had it. BTW What I was looking for was pre-1929 Hawkins material. Maybe something with Mamie Smith (I'm reading the Chilton bio of Hawkins.) Any suggestions?
  8. Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue

    The Milestones material on the Miles/Coltrane box set got me to thinking about alternate takes. It seems to me that in this case they made the right choice everytime. Is that just because they're the ones with which I'm most familiar?
  9. When do you have too many records(CD's)

    Has anyone besides me cut down on their cd buying because they're buying some things via downloads and keeping them on their computers and i-pods? I know the sounds not quite as good but I rarely get to hear things under optimum conditions anyway. And my hearings shot because of age, too many rock concerts and too much time spent on mixing stages. The concept of everything being available all the time really changes the concept of collecting, be it music, literature or films.
  10. Show yer collection! Be not afraid

    So for my birthday my wife bought me this narrow cd shelf that sits beside the book shelf. I've also saved space by putting cds I just need for work (soundtracks) behind the box sets. I've also taken cds out of those large holders they used to use for double sets and placed then in the newer narrower ones.
  11. Show yer collection! Be not afraid

    Ditto. I'd put all these in one post if I knew how.
  12. Show yer collection! Be not afraid

    And my wife got tired of me taking up all the space on the bookshelves.
  13. Show yer collection! Be not afraid

    So this one got full.
  14. I saw it last night too. Afterwards I was arguing that I liked it but didn't love it. (Too long, didn't need as many out of focus shots etc) but I was discussing it today with my wife and I have to admit it sticks to your ribs. Certainly worth seeing.
  15. Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue

    I believe Bill Evans shared your opinion The opening chords/vamp are the same ones that Evans used for Leonard Bernstein's "Some Other Time" which developed into Peace Piece. I think Blue in Green is the one he claims authorship of. I actually like the Gold CD version better than either of the SACD versions. (Good thing Greg isn't on this board.)
  16. Obscure album covers, by well-known artists

    It may just be a sign of my age but I think of this one as being quite common. I remember seeing it around a lot-- even in remainder bins. (And was this music once released in Europe one one side of an Lp with Miles's Elevator to the Gallows music on the other side? Or was that another European jazz score paired with the Miles?)
  17. Valuation of Mosaic Collection

    Not really. They're both mastered by Jack Towers. (Who did the original recording.) I got the new one when it came out and a/b'd them just in case it wasn't as good. The new one seemed very lttle improved to me. (But then my ears have been burned out by too many nights at rock concerts and too many days at sound mixes for films.)
  18. Joachim Kühn

    There's a cover story on Kuhn in the latest issue of CODA.
  19. Duke Ellington on DVD

    At 55 minutes it should (I think) have all of "Black &Tan" and "Symphony". If these are good quality prints this is a great package. And believe me you don't want to see anything except the EKE part of "Check and Double Check".
  20. Jim Hall

    Is this OOP!!!??? I've always thought that the reason I could never find this on cd was that I didn't know under who's name to look. Or under what title (Is it called "Grand Encounter" or "2 Degrees East/ 3 Degrees West"?). I guess the true reason I can't find it is that I'm an idiot. And what's "the BFT disc"?
  21. In an earlier thread on "Jack Johnson" I had 2 queastions: 1) How was the music used in the film. I found the answer to that on Peter Losin's excellent Miles site. But I've never found an answer to my 2nd question: When did those involved know that this particular music was going to be used in the film? Or to put it another way: Does anyone know if Miles recorded this music specifically for the film? Or was he making music for a record that just happened to be used in the film?
  22. Jim Hall

    Hell I WISH this was available still! That track on the BFT disc is great! Is this OOP!!!??? I've always thought that the reason I could never find this on cd was that I didn't know under who's name to look. Or under what title (Is it called "Grand Encounter" or "2 Degrees East/ 3 Degrees West"?). I guess the true reason I can't find it is that I'm an idiot. And what's "the BFT disc"?
  23. Hockey reaches a new low...

    I was just talking to a friend of mine who was at the game. (I'm in Vancouver right now.) One thing I haven't read in the press: he says the crowd cheered when the Vancouver player made the hit.