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  1. What would you hunt for?

    Ditto for the Billy Eckstine band.
  2. Cat Stevens: Good Guy - Bad Guy?

    I agree. Name calling isn't appropriate. The "nut" word wasn't in reference to his religion, but rather, that he may have supported the murder directive of Rushdie. Frankly, it was always my understanding that he agreed with the "fatwah". So, it's good to know that he didn't and, moreover, that he apologized for any confusion he may have caused. Thanks for the article, John. Maybe Yusuf wouldn't mind making a little cash? I happened to be in London and saw that interview. I thought it was a good example of the difference between US & UK interviewing styles. (Well, some anyway.) AsI remember it the interviewer didn't argue with him. He just let him hang himself. (Even though there was an audience the interviewer didn't seem to need to show that he was on the side of the righteous.) And (again as I remember it) the artist formerly known as Cat, agreed with the fatwah but said he wouldn't necessarily carry it out himself even if he had a chance. Wierdly enough the other day I found myself arguing about this with a woman who turned out to be Rushdie's ex-wife. She thought he'd made too much of the fatwah and had played into the hands of UK racists.
  3. Outstanding Alternate Takes

    Big Stuff! Bernstein kept bringin her back into the studio to get it "right"!. They all sound pretty good to me. Interesting to see the results of his work here and listen to him talking to Miles Davis on the recordings of "Sweet Sue" on the Miles/Trane box set.
  4. Outstanding Alternate Takes

    Right on. I'm not sure, but I think Take One was released first. Usually it's a later take that becomes the "master" take. Which getes confusing since they'e often now sequenced chronoligically. Which makes the "alternates" the earlier takes. (Or maybe I'm just easily confused. )
  5. One More Hi-Los Question

    I remeber having this on Lp and it was my introduction to Jack Sheldon. I think I'd better get it on cd.
  6. Heard the new Ellington/Blanton/Webster cds?

    Another vote for the Dreyfus sets. I only have the 2 Ellingtons and hear that there is another on the way. I guess I should start looking for some of the others too.
  7. Gil Evans-inspired rock songs?

    I think she meant the part that goes "Come along and light my fire" or something like that. It does sound like final phrase in "Jambangle". However right after I read that, I was listening to something recorded earlier than "Jambangle" which used the same phrase. But now I can't reember what it was. ( I was listening to both some early Basie and some Claude Thornhill at the time. ) Gil was not above borrowing. I once hearad a radio program where the dj played something from an Lp of Spanish music and pointed out that it was pretty much the same as one of the Evans "compositions" on Sketches of Spain.
  8. Maybe it's "grey market" but I have a Japanese Sony cd of the "lost quintet" called 1969Miles-Festival de Juan Pins. It's a live recording from Antibes July 25 '69. It includes notes in English. I think I b ought it in Toronto at HMV or Virgin. No reason for Sony not releasing it here. But they probably won't.
  9. I think Miles was still recovering from an illness when the week began. It seems to me his playing gets better in the later discs.
  10. Central Park lake at 103rd Street

    Wow. I used to have an office righ there: about 1/2 way to Barham Boulevard. Did you ever find out where they came from?
  11. Buddy Collette

    I've seen him a couple of times at L.A. Duke Ellington Society events. He seems to be a true gentleman as well as a great musician. I think there's a cd available of him discussing the history of jazz in L.A.
  12. When I was growing up, Bostic's version of Harlem Nocturne was the closest thing to jazz they played on our one and only local radio station. Mainly they played country (even the show they called "Western Swing" didn't play Bob Willis). That was all I knew about Bostic so I was really surpised when years later I heard an interview with Benny Golson and he declared that Earl Bostic was the greatest sax player he'd ever heard. I think he qualified it by adding "technically".
  13. How about the Lionel Hampton RCA all-star small groups? There was once a 6 Lp set but I don't know where to get them all on cd.
  14. Maria Schneider - forget looking in your CD shop!

    Actually "Days of Wine and Roses" came with 2 bottles of wine. I think I checked out half the supermarkets in California before I was able to find it. Good wine. Better cd.
  15. Jazz for July 4th

    What's some good patriotic jazz one might play in honour of July 4th. I never get tired of Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful but th only other thing that comes to mind is Ornette's Skies of America.
  16. Outstanding Alternate Takes

    On the off-chance that the Apple music store might have the alternate take from some Columbia collection (OK so I'm a dreamer) I searched for "Shoe Shine Boy". Numerous versions of Chatanoogie Shoe Shine Boy, Goodman, Armstrong and Basie's KC Seven (Impulse) doing Shoe Shine Boy and what I presume is the master take (they're all 2:58 long) from 3 different cds and-- get this-- "Lester Young's Solos On Shoe Shine Boy (Takes 1 & 2)" by The Richard Tabnik Trio. I bought it. It's pretty good. Not much information. Anyone ever heard of Richard Tabnik?
  17. Outstanding Alternate Takes

    What's a good cd source for the alternate?
  18. Name-dropping

    I wrote the liner notes for the Lazer Disc release of Ron Mann's "Imagine the Sound"-- a film about Cecil Taylor, Paul Bley, Bill Dixon and Archie Shepp. Unfortunately it's now about as obscure as those musicians. (I think it's the only one of Ron's films not available on DVD.)
  19. audio of Billie Holiday talking about her life?

    There are some interviews with her on ESP broadcast cds. I'm not srue that I'd call them autobiographical.
  20. Another mystery jazz photo.

    I saw Joe Harriot perform once and that picture does remind me of him. However that was almost exactly 40 years ago so-- to say the least- I can't say for sure.
  21. Mulligan & Teagarden

    Wow. Is that on the same cd? If so, where can I find it?
  22. Run to your Local News Stand!!!

    I just got the last (only?) copy at a nearby Borders.
  23. Spell check

    How do you use spell-check in postings? I once activated it by accident but can't remember how.
  24. Spell check

    I think I was posting something once and highlighted a word for deletion when some spellling options came up. Maybe I'm just having another acid flashback.